25 Celeb Baby Middle Names That Are Beautiful Enough To Be First Names

From someone who doesn't have one, the world of middle names is indeed fascinating. Mommies-to-be might have scans and check-ups marking their pregnancy progress, but the growing bump comes with the biggest challenge of all– picking that baby name. Some new moms build up long lists and narrow it down to 5 or 10 names. Others don't want to see a thing and prefer to pick the name when they see the baby.

Kim Kardashian's middle name is Noel. Bella Hadid's middle name is Khair. Justin Timberlake's full name is Justin Randall Timberlake. Clearly, middle names are interesting. They're rarely used, they aren't something that people generally ask about, but for some reason, they can feel so important.

2018 has thrown out some pretty epic baby names from the celebrity world. Cardi B has named her baby girl Kulture. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcomed Chicago. With Kylie Jenner's Stormi, Hilary Duff's Banks, and Eva Longoria's Santiago, the baby name realm seems to have gotten wider than ever.

What's rarely looked at though, is which names celebs are choosing as middle names for their babies. Taking a look at just that, we've rounded up the best. Some of these names are definitely beautiful enough to be first names. Here are 25 celeb baby middle names that should have gotten way more credit.


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Kourtney Kardashian is one of the most high-profile (and dedicated) moms in Hollywood. While Kourt and Scott Disick aren't together anymore, they do share three beautiful children. For their second-born child, Kourt chose the name Penelope. Not many people know that Penelope's middle name is Scotland. The name was chosen as a tribute to Scott Disick, and was apparently chosen by Kourt's grandmother, Mary Jo. Scotland is the northernmost island in the British Isles. It's full of beautiful wilderness and moors, and the name is simply stunning.


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Ellen Pompeo is a name and face that we all recognize from Grey's Anatomy. While Meredith Grey has children of her own, the actress behind the character is a mom in real life, too. In 2009, Ellen gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, whom she named Stella Luna. There's a clever and beautiful meaning to this first and middle name, particularly since both center around the stars and the sun. Ellen is also a mom to Sienna May and Eli Christopher.

Stella means "star" and Luna means "moon." Beautiful, right?


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Mila Kunis grew up in the Ukraine. As this country forms part of the former Soviet Union, it makes sense that Mila chose Russian names for her children. The Family Guy actress moved to the US as a child. Together with Ashton Kutcher, Mila has two beautiful kids. Dimitri is the name of their first-born son. That's definitely Russian. Portwood? Ashton's step-father is named Mark Portwood, so we can only assume that they decided to choose a name from within the family.


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Scarlett Johansson spends most of her time in black leather catsuits. Black Widow has made this actress into one of 2018's biggest stars, but let's not forget that Scarlett is a mother. She also filmed one of the Avengers movies while pregnant. ScarJo's daughter is named Rose Dorothy. Both names are delicate, feminine, and light, but Dorothy is a real stunner. Dorothy is, of course, the main character from The Wizard Of Oz. Those ruby slippers can come in handy for baby name inspiration!


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Angelina Jolie is an actress who frequently tops lists entitled: "Crazy baby names." While Ange has chosen unusual names for her six kids, they're all beautiful in their own, unique way. Shiloh-Nouvel is Angelina and Brad Pitt's first biological child. This blonde baby girl inherited both her mother and her father's features, but it's her name we're looking at.

Shiloh means "Messiah," while Nouvel means "new" in French. If you put the two together, you get "the new Messiah." #Beautiful


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Gisele Bundchen once spent her days marching the Victoria's Secret runway. Now a yoga-centric, zen-loving mother of two, Gisele enjoys family life with her husband, Tom Brady. Their son is named Benjamin Brady. Here is Gisele in a Halloween pic with her daughter, Vivian Lake. Lake is definitely an unusual name. It's also gender-neutral. This nature name describes a lake, but we all know that there's so much more to it. A lake has depth, stillness, and beauty. Gisele picked well.


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Justin Timberlake comes as one half of a power couple that's adorable, inspiring, and happens to form great parents. Justin and Jessica Biel have a son named Silas Randall. To be fair, this boy has unusual choices for both his first and middle names. The Justified singer has the music executive, Silas White to thank for his career, although it's not clear whether Justin chose the name for this reason. Silas is also Biblical. Randall is Justin's dad's name. We love it.


In case you just did a double-take– wait, does Demi Lovato have a baby? No, she doesn't. Demi did, however, pose here with her music co-star, Christina Aguilera. Christina is a legend with one of the greatest voices in the history of music. She is also a mom of two. Christina might spend most of her time covered in makeup, but she chose a very natural name for her daughter: Summer Rain. Again, this is one of those names where the middle name works perfectly alongside the first name.


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Blue Ivy is easily one of the most famous Hollywood kids around. Her parents, Beyonce and Jay Z have been together for nearly 20 years, and their marriage is one of the most solid in the music industry. Bey and Jay are parents to Blue Ivy, Rumi, and Sir. Blue is a color name, but Ivy is all kinds of special.

Beyonce and Jay-Z find the number 4 very special. They married on the 4th, there's the "4" album, and Ivy forms the Roman numerals for the number 4.


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Chrissy Teigen is absolute #MommyGoals. This former model, cookbook author, and celebrity wife to John Legend takes a raw and realistic approach to motherhood– Chrissy isn't above posting nursing pics to Instagram. Chrissy and John have two children. Their 2018-born baby boy is named Miles Theodore. "Boy names are really tough," Chrissy said, admitting that she "[didn't] even think he'll have a middle name." The couple settled on the traditional, but very beautiful Theodore for their baby boy. He's already a celebrity!


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Kobe Bryant is a sports superstar who needs no introduction. The American basketball player is a daddy of three, and all of his children are girls. Their names are Gianna Maria-Onore, Natalia Diamante, and Bianka Bella, who is the youngest. Bianka is the alternate spelling of Bianca (which means "white"). Bella means "beautiful." Parents see so much beauty in their children, and it makes sense to choose a name that reflects that. Here is Kobe being an awesome dad with his beautiful Bella.


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With her glittering career, Vegas Residency, and film roles, it can be easy to forget that Jennifer Lopez is a mom of twins. JLO became a mother in 2008. Jen's twins gave her a boy and girl. Her boy is named Maximilian David, while her adorable little girl is named Emme Maribel. Emme might be a tad unusual, but it's Maribel that we're focusing on. Emme means "universal," while Maribel is a Hebrew-originated name that is also common across Spain. Makes sense with Jen's Hispanic roots.


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Gwen Stefani was always one of a kind. Grunge pop, red lipsticks, and platinum blonde hair have been Gwen's signature style for years, but there's a down-to-earth mother underneath the front. Gwen has three kids. Zuma Nesta is the name of Gwen's 2011-born boy. "They've continued their own place-naming tradition by naming their son after Zuma Beach in Malibu," The Huffington Post reported.

Nesta means "pure." Not many people know that Zuma is a beach name. Lots of nature and purity. Beautiful.


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With the announcement that she is expecting her third baby, Snooki is once again front-page news. The Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star and social media queen has gone from party girl to loving mother of two. "I am SO IN LOVE with my son Lorenzo Dominic!" are the tweets we now get from this mom. Lorenzo is an Italian name that honors Snooki's heritage. While Dominic is not unusual, it is a playful, elegant name for a boy. Dominic means "belonging to God."


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Sometimes, a name just explains itself. Ciara is a power music figure with an amazing motherhood ethos. Ciara has been married to Russell Wilson since 2016. Her children are named Future Zahir (shared with the rapper, Future) and Sienna Princess. Sienna is a beautiful Italian city, and we have to say, the addition of Princess makes this first and middle name pairing just perfect. Ciara has said that the bond she shares with her children is "awesome." Here she is with her little Princess.


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Alanis Morissette is a rock star that we remember all too well from the 90s. This singer and songwriter aired her views on love and life in often-poetic and deeply meaningful lyrics, and Alanis didn't hold back when it came to naming her kids. Alanis named her baby girl Onyx Solace. Onyx is a popular gemstone, believed to bring rejuvenation and balance. It's commonly found in Canada (where Alanis is from). Solace means "to bring comfort to sorrow." Alanis went through a lot of sorrow, but she finally found her joy.


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Much like her Jersey Shore co-star, Snooki, JWoww used to be known for a bit of a party lifestyle. Motherhood changes everything, right? Jenni "JWoww" Farley has faced many challenges as a mother. Nevertheless, this mom is rock solid, and the name that JWoww chose is beautiful. Her boy is named Greyson Valor. The name Valor has obvious meanings and a connotation of honor. Greyson Valor has an older sister named Meilani Alexandra. She is two years older than Grey. Greyson Valor suffers from autism. JWoww continues to impress us as a mother.


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Katherine Heigl is another Grey's Anatomy face that doubles up as a real-life mother. In 2016, Katherine gave birth to her first biological child. Joshua Bishop Kelley joined two adopted daughters. Their names are Naleigh and Adalaide. "The news was a little confusing for the girls because they'd be like: I grew in your tummy?" Katherine told EOnline. For her baby boy, Katherine said that she was "beyond thrilled" to announce the birth. Bishop is an unusual name, but it's definitely mighty.


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With over 60 million Instagram followers, Kevin Hart is an actor and comedian who knows a thing or two about success. Turns out, this guy's love life was just as lucky. Kevin has been married to Eniko Parrish since 2016. He is a dad to three children named Hendrix, Heaven, and Kenzo Kash. Kenzo is his youngest son. While Kenzo is an exotic name (and a Japanese fashion designer), Kash is more traditional. It's also super manly, strong, and definitely right for this spunky little boy.


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Kourtney Kardashian makes two appearances on this list, although she has three children. You saw Penelope Scotland right up at the top. Now it's time to take a look at Kourt's third child. Reign Aston was born in 2014. "I'm never certain with names until they're born," Kourt told People. "I actually had the name Reign on our list with Mason. Then with Penelope, I had it on the list but spelled R-A-I-N." Aston is Reign's middle name. It is an Old English place name that means "East Town."


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It's always adorable to see catsuit-donning actresses dressed-down in the park with their kids. Anne Hathaway is an A-Lister known for her chameleon roles. In 2016, Anna welcomed her first baby, a boy who is named Jonathan Rosebanks. According to E!, this middle name pays homage to both sides of Anne's family. Anne's paternal grandfather was named Roseline, while her husband, Adam Shulman's mother's maiden name was Banks. Talk about a clever conclusion! Rosebanks is unusual, but it's a stunning name.


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T.I. is a rapper who doesn't hold back when it comes to statement names. His six children are named Messiah Ya'Majesty, Deyjah Imani, Clifford Joseph, Major Philant, Domani, and Heiress Diana. While the first names are a #Statement, not all of the middle names are "in your face." T.I. regularly posts Instagram snaps of himself with his beautiful daughter, Heiress. Her middle name is Diana. This is a classic feminine name that has a lot of princess imagery– perhaps the reason why this dad chose it!


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There's a classicism to Renee that we wouldn't expect from a mom like Blac Chyna. With her eye-popping outfits and feuds, this celeb mom does come with a #Drama (but her motherhood comes with a #Love). Chyna shares a child (King Cairo) with the rapper, Tyga. She also shares a baby girl with Rob Kardashian. Dream Renee is the name that this couple chose. Renee is a French name that means "reborn" or "born again." It's elegant, classy, and perfect for a Kardashian baby.


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Angelina Jolie is one more celeb mom making a double appearance on this list. In 2008, Angelina and Brad Pitt brought twins into the world. These two girls were named Vivienne Marcheline and Knox Leon. While one has an unusual first name, the other has an unusual middle name. Marcheline is a beautiful French name with a meaning of "soldier, devotee of Mars."

Marcheline was the name of Angelina's late mother. It's beautiful that she chose this middle name for her daughter.


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And isn't she a total cutie. In 2018, Jack Osbourne welcomed his third child. This baby girl is named Minnie Theodora. While Minnie is cute (and shared with a very famous mouse), the middle name Theodora is more traditional. In this situation though, it comes with a touch of sadness. Theo was Jack's baby boy who tragically didn't make it before being born. It's wonderful to see Jack continue to be an exemplary father.

Baby lists might be all about the first names, but let's not forget the middle names. Scotland? Dorothy? Lake? They're gorgeous.

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