25 Celebs Rocking Mommy Sweat Pants Like A Boss (Even If They Don't Have Kids)

Celebs love to be the center of attention, except with one major difference. Sweatpants are all the rage now and celebs are rocking it wearing them all day long. Some wear them just to be comfortable, while others wear them to make a bold statement.

What's the major difference with regards to celebs being thirst traps? Whereas a thirst trap is technically defined as a flirty picture or message posted online with the intent of attracting others, celebrities instead have the luxury of being able to step out and have their picture taken for them.

Sure, lots of thirst traps are set by these celebs every single day on Instagram and Snapchat, but there is still something to be said about how they can just step out wearing nothing but sweatpants and a crop top, only to the stroll back home and happily see that their provocative pictures graced the headlines of all the popular tabloids for the day.

Wearing sweatpants as a fashion statement is super in now, with many celebs wearing them in ways that will have moms praising them for their fashion sense and others looking at something else entirely. Here are 25 celebs that rock the mommy sweatpants look, even if they're not even moms... yet.

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25 Rita Ora - Likes To Live Over The Top

Via: Vogue

Over the years since Rita Ora exploded in popularity, her style choices have continuously baffled the media. From over-the-top dresses, to camel jackets, oversized furry hats, all the way to wearing a bathrobe, complete with a towel on her head to the MTV European Music Awards.

Aside from many of her wackier fashion choices, she is also often photographed wearing regular ol' sweatpants, but with a spin to them.

In all of the sweatpants that she dons though, she still looks ultra-sexy, making all dads wish their baby mamas might copy her style. Even when she wears baggier sweats and t-shirts, she still pairs them with bold red high heels and a sleeked-back hairstyle.

"My style is not quite as girly as some of these outfits. I usually like to switch it up and mix it with a tomboy vibe—in a beanie or a cap and add color pops. I'm all about textures and details. Not just the overall look—it's how it feels. The little things that add to the look." she told Elle Magazine.

She also added a great fashion tip for all: "It's always great to have a pop of color. If you don't have time to put your makeup on, just a little red lipstick or a lip balm goes a long way."

24 Olivia Munn Still Looks Gorgeous With No Makeup

Via: famousfix.com

There's no doubt about it: dads undeniably love to see Olivia Munn in sweatpants. Who wouldn't? She may not be a mom yet, we can hear her biological clock ticking through our screens. Now that her three-year relationship with Aaron Rodgers is no more, it didn't take long for the former Attach of the Show! co-host to dive heart first into another relationship. Much to the disappointment of geeks everywhere, US Weekly exclusively uncovered that she is now dating actor Alex Gonzalez.

Pictures were snapped of the two of them running errands while she was completely make-up less and keeping it casual with a crop top and jeans. When a woman doesn't mind stepping out make-up less with her boyfriend, then that means it's the real deal, right? Then again, Olivia Munn is one of those extremely lucky beautiful people who require absolutely zero makeup to look gorgeous. Just as this pic of Olivia in turquoise sweatpants and a tight shower white tank shows, she looks beautiful in anything that she wears as well.

According to PopSugar, she maintains her physique by practicing a lot of martial arts, especially since, "she grew up doing taekwondo, and she even earned a black belt in the combat sport."

23 Rihanna Admits To Needing Them Sometimes

Just like Jennifer Lopez, there is no way to skip Rihanna when it comes to celebs that dads love to see in sweatpants. The only exception with the Bad Girl is that dads love to see her in any kinds of clothing options, especially if these involve a bikini. And even though some fans have been vocal in recent months in fat-shaming her, especially after her 2018 Grammys performance, she couldn't care less. It's exactly that kind of IDGAF attitude that continues to make fans drool over Rihanna; after all, confidence is sexy. Although usually quite tight-lipped about her personal life, she did open up to The Cut after some fans started saying that she was "getting thick".

She said,

"I actually have had the pleasure of a fluctuating body type, where one day I can literally fit into something that is bodycon, and then the next day — the next week — I need something oversized; I need a little crop here and a high-waist there to hide that part, you know?"

Yep, pretty sure any mom can relate to that, especially after one too many slices of cake the day of your kid's birthday party (followed by some much-needed glasses of wine, of course).

22 Ronda Rousey's Wardrobe Is Almost All Sweatpants

Via: Daily Mail

Although this isn't necessarily the most flattering pics of Ronda Rousey in sweats, dads all over totally love seeing such pictures. Why? Because they know that underneath the baggy tank and pants is a carefully crafted body that looks amazing in tighter clothes. If you have seen a picture of her wearing the tight low-cut jeans, then you will know what I mean. Having been the first American woman to land an Olympic medal in judo as well as being a former UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion and now making her transition to the WWE, Rousey is an athlete who carefully looks after her body and is proud to show it off.

While it might be easy to dismiss her transition from UFC to the WWE, it's evident that her commitment level is at top-level. She clearly applies herself 110% in everything that she does and stays motivated by avoiding all cheat meals. As Business Insider reported, she, "limits herself to greek yogurt, chia seeds, and agave syrup whenever she has a craving for a sweet treat."

Tough! But then again, it makes sense when you consider the fact that her intensive WWE training. As Men's Health uncovered, her workout consists of: "wide-ranging training session was filled with hard-hitting, mat-slamming drills in the ring [...] but that was just the start. Rousey and her partners also grappled using judo techniques [...] hit heavy bags to hone boxing skills, and wrapped things up with a full-body strength and conditioning regimen."

21 Cara Delavigne Makes Everyday Different

Via: Zimbio, Celebmafia & PopSugar

Who said that sweatpants aren't sexy? Cara Delavigne is a clear exception to the rule. Even when she steps out in the baggiest of sweats, complete with the messiest hair that a celeb would ever dare to step out in, she still looks absolutely fashion-forward, much to the fascination of all dads out there.

And before anyone pipes up about how it's inappropriate for dads to be finding her attractive, don't forget that she is well past her teenage years and is now closer to her 30s.

At 25 years old, Cara has crafted an IDGAF attitude when it comes to her style. If she feels like stepping out in sweatpants and no make-up today, then she will.

But if tomorrow, she feels like going the whole nine-yards with a pound of make-up on her face, the shortest and skimpiest dress and the tallest heels that you have ever seen, then she will do that too.

That's also totally in line with the statement she made to Esquire Magazine, "There are some girls who are beautiful all the time, that's just who they are. I'm not. I'm a weirdo, I'm a goofball". Dads all over can definitely appreciate a girl who can go from looking gross to glam in two seconds flat (a skill that all models collectively share).

20 Kim Zolciak's Mantra: "Do Yourself Up Everyday"

Out of all the Desperate Housewives, Kim definitely knows the importance of prettying up, even at home -- then again, it's probably because the cameras have been following her for the past ten years. Catching her without makeup is a rare sight though and it's also a contributing reason towards why dads all over love to see pictures of her. No make-up and sweatpants days are fine and all, but there is something to be said about a woman "doing herself up" and making sure that she looks her absolute best every single day and that's exactly Kim's mantra.

Back in 2013, another pick of Kim in sweatpants circulated around the web, but for all the wrong reasons. Although she looked absolutely gorgeous in a black tank and sweatpants combo, it was her choice of accessory that really put fans off. Appearing to be pregnant at the time, she was also caught lighting one up. After TMZ uncovered this detail, Kim's camp tried to claim that the pics had been taken a while ago and even went so far as to send a cease and desist letter, "accusing them of purposely deceiving the public." Nothing ever really came of this, but it's still shocking to see and read.

19 Julianne Hough Has Other Things On Her Mind

Via: Just Jared

Who wouldn't want to see Julianne Hough in sweatpants? The two-time Dancing with the Stars winner looks absolutely phenomenal in everything that she wears. Her husband Brooks Laich is one lucky man!

Unfortunately, she recently revealed to LATimes.com that she has been diagnosed with endometriosis. She revealed that at one point the pain got to be too much while she was dancing,

"I was trying to be OK. But the minute we cut to a commercial break, I made the decision to find out what was going on."

Her ultimate secret though? She has ditched the scale: "When I was younger, I used to weigh myself everyday. But now, the more I do that, the harder I am on myself. It's more about how the clothes fit, and how you feel when you look in the mirror." This advice is definitely great for everyone. Ultimately, the numbers on the scale don't matter as much as clean eating and regular exercise. Don't forget that it's 80% nutrition and 20% fitness.

We said that her husband is a lucky man before, but actually, she is lucky to have him! She also said, "My husband is adamant about making his own juices, so we have that every morning — ginger, lemon, celery, cucumber, kale, spinach, beets. I love soups and salads, Greek food, rice and chicken and hummus."

18 Jenna Dewan Is Back On The Market

We know, we can hear your heart breaking over that picture. Our hearts are breaking too! Much to the shock of everyone, Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum called it quits on their relationship at the beginning of April 2018. Although there have been many rumors about the reasons why, they have shut down every single one of them, simply posting on their social media accounts:

"We have lovingly chosen to separate as a couple. We fell deeply in love so many years ago and have had a magical journey together. Absolutely nothing has changed about how much we love one another, but love is a beautiful adventure that is taking us on different paths for now…We are still a family and will always be loving dedicated parents to Everly."

Cue the waterworks! But are dads crying? Not necessarily, especially not the single dads. She is technically back on the market, but she is probably too far located for most dads! You'll be shocked to discover that diet she follows to maintain her amazing appearance. She revealed to People, "I’m not a fan of dieting, which is why I choose to eat healthy most of the time. I keep it in balance, so I don’t have to crash diet. When I want to splurge I allow myself and don’t beat myself up — I just make a plan to eat extra healthy the next day or work out."

"I also choose to eat plant-based foods because not only is it healthy and yummy, but I feel ethically right," she added.

17 JWoww Wants To Get Rid Of The 'Mom' Look

Did we say before, who wouldn't want to see Julianne Hough in sweatpants? Sorry, we meant JWoww! She can obviously do no wrong when it comes to sweatpants, but Jwoww also pretty much looks fantastic in anything that she wears. Some people are just lucky that way.

She obviously can't stay away from the gym and although she used to pack on a few more pounds, the mom of two now looks better than ever. JWoww, whose real name is Jenni, confided to In Touch Weekly, "I've had my babies and now it's time for me to get rid of my mom look," she shared with fans. "I was going to wait until I lost a few more lbs, but I'm impatient and want a new look for the rest of the summer."

Losing the baby weight is never easy, but her hard work definitely paid off. It's clear that she hit up the gym any time that she felt guilty about any cheat meal. At one point, she even posted a picture of herself at the gym with the caption: "Working off Disney ice cream" and with #100squats.

Is that all it takes to burn off ice cream? I can't even do 3 squats over here, let alone 100!

16 Gigi Hadid's Go-To Choice Is Sweatpants

Via: Popsugar

Although she is one of the top "It" girls right now, it's possible that many may not even have heard of Gigi Hadid. Most dads may now even know her name, but they sure as heck know her by appearance. It does of course help that since she is one of the most sought-after models right now, she is appearing pretty much everywhere and making splashes in the headlines any time that she goes out anywhere or just pretty much takes a breath.

Sweatpants are pretty much the holy grail of fashion choices, the same way that it is for her best friend Cara Delavigne -- is it a generational thing? As Marie Claire pointed out, Gigi's viewpoint on sweatpants appears to be that you just need to:

"think of them as trousers" [...] combined with another takeaway: the importance of a good coat, which lets you get away with pretty much anything."

So basically, see sweatpants less as pants to binge-watch Netflix in or possibly hit the gym and more as an actual fashion staple. While this might sound weird to the older generation, dads are happy with it. There's just something about a woman sporting low-sitting sweatpants and a crop top. Heels aren't even needed at that point anymore.

15 Vanessa Hudgens Considers Everything A Performance

Although she has had a couple of fashion fails wearing sweatpants, most notably where her hair was a total hot mess, Vanessa Hudgens certainly deserves a spot on this list as she has had hotter than not moments. For reference, the picture on the left is of her from 2012, whereas the one on the right is from 2018. Her hair and shoe choice may have changed, but everything else is pretty much the same.

So how does she maintain her amazing shape that sends most dads going "goo-gaga"? One word that is on most celeb's minds: Soulcycle. She told Women's Health, "Put me on a bike in a room with loud music, and I'm happy. It's like dancing without the stress of worrying if you look good."

Not only that, but she also added, "I tend to ride for the teachers. I'm such a performer, I love being in front, because I'll push myself harder and I'll give the class energy too. So it's a win-win."

She has actually been knowing to hit up various classes during the week, costing her a pretty penny. "I'm really competitive when it comes to fitness. I like being around people so I can compete," she revealed to Women's Health as well.

14 Rachel McAdams Takes Her Workouts Very Seriously

While this pic of Rachel McAdams doesn't exactly do her justice, dads would instantly be drawn to her even in her workout clothes. Dads are used to the mom frump and this sort of get-up would actually be kind of sexy in their eyes, especially since it's clear that underneath the sweats rocks a toned body. Even though she barely ever talks about her workouts, her former trainer has confided to Shape.com that:

"She’s very athletic, moves very fluidly, and never needed a lot of correction in her workouts. We found a way to work out every day, even if we had to do it at 4 a.m.”

That dedication is clearly visible as she has been photographed many times by paparazzi on her way to yoga and other classes. But don't worry, she's not only private with the media. Her former Mean Girls co-star Jonathan Bennett recently revealed to the Daily Mail that he calls her a: "beautiful and mysterious unicorn. She comes and does the movie and she disappears and no-one hears from her again."

According to E! News, the insanely fiercely actress has reportedly given birth recently, but no one has seen her pregnant, nor has anyone seen her baby yet!

13 Heidi Montag Knows How To Make A Statement

All things considered, Heidi Montag (or should we say Heidi Pratt?) used to be all about the sweatpants. Since giving birth, she seems to have retired her favorite pink sweatpants and hoodie combo, but you can bet that she will bust it out the moment that her marriage to Spencer Pratt ends. Sorry to burst anyone's bubble, but Hollywood marriages rarely last -- just look at our former golden couples Anna Faris and Chris Pratt, as well as Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum (notice how we didn't add the "Tatum" to her name -- cry!)

What do Heidi Montag, sweatpants and divorce all have to do with each other, you might be wondering? Good question. Back in 2010, People reported that Heidi had filed for divorce and she subsequently posed for "I'm sad" pictures in her pink sweatpants and sweatshirt. Two months after filing, they admitted that it was a bit of a publicity stunt for financial reason, with Spencer telling Life & Style, "The divorce was real - just the idea behind it was different than most peoples."

That year was also a momentous one for her as she famously got 10 plastic surgeries in one day with the end resulting being one that made her look like a not so pretty Barbie doll. According to People, she has since removed her F breasts and despite her many mistakes, she still remains at the top of the hot list for many dads, especially since she is back to looking more normal.

12 Kate Hudson Makes A Living Off It

Having your own clothing line is definitely helpful when it comes to remaining at the top of the list in terms of hotness. Sweatpants or a beautiful dress on the red carpet, Kate Hudson looks amazing in anything that she wears. Does she even ever have a bad hair day? At just one year shy of hitting her 40's, she already has two kids and yet, you wouldn't be able to tell that just by looking at her.

The fact that she has been running after two little kids wouldn't be easy to guess either by some of the nearly naked pics that she has posted to her Insta in recent years. So how does she stay looking so fit?

She confided to Glamour,

"You just have to work out abs. For me, I think food too is huge. But I've been doing Pilates for so many years, my main workout is always focused on the core. It's mainly core. When everything starts from the core, I think that's where the strength comes from and that should be the center of everything."

On top of doing lots of sprints, she also shared her crazy diet, "I eat alkaline. That's my go-to. Yesterday I cheated because I was flying and there was food...but it's no dairy, it's no wheat, it's gluten-free no meat, and no sugar. I just cut all of that out. And no wine and no beer—only vodka and only tequila, straight up."

11 Jennifer Lopez Is Too Down To Earth To Care

Via: hollywoodlife.com

No matter how hard we might try, there is absolutely no way that J.Lo could be omitted from this list. Out of all the celebs that dads find hot, she is the epitome of not only a hot celeb, but also one hot mama who continues to look spectacular. The woman just doesn't age! If anything, she is comparable to the finest wines, only getting better with age.

Sweatpants have always been her pants of choice, which is likely due to the fact that with the right crop top or fitness bra, she gets to show off her toned abs. Out of all the celebs, she probably has some of the best abs in Hollywood and this is saying a lot for a woman who was pregnant with twins!

So how does the woman of the dreams of many stay so fit? Lots and lots of planks, squats, and reverse lunges. Her trainer confided to People Magazine, "It’s also very specific to celebrities but also non-celebrities. You’ve got mothers dropping their kids off, who’ve got a few minutes to get a good workout in and then feel great about the day."

She also practices meditation, which she also told People in a different interview, "20 minutes a day in the morning and at night … was necessary. It was almost like my brain, for the first time in my life, felt like ‘Okay, you bit off more than you can chew."

10 Carrie Underwood Can Go From Frumpy To Fabulous

Via: Just Jared

Yes, she is covered nearly head to toe in comfortable-looking sweats and most would be hard-pressed to find anything sexy about such a get-up. However, dads know better than anyone how easily a woman can go from frumpy to fabulous -- in their eyes anyways. It's kind of like a disappearing magic trick:

she goes into the bathroom looking like a slob who hasn't showered in a long time, only to re-emerge a couple of hours later looking like a completely different woman.

The same goes for Carrie Underwood. Despite milking her fans for attention for a nice couple of months since her face apparently looks soo different now, Carrie still looks as beautiful as ever. Dads love to see her in sweats because they know just how amazing she can look with a quick wardrobe. Plus, it definitely helps that even with sweats, she still puts a modicum of effort into her appearance with some make-up and a quick brushing of her blonde hair.

Speaking of her "traumatizing" accident to People, she recently said, "I was taking the dogs out to go pee one last time, and I just — I tripped. There was one step, and I didn’t let go of the leashes! Priorities! So that’s why my left hand’s fine. But I went to catch myself and I just missed a step.” Anyone else have trouble believing her little story?

9 Kylie Jenner Will Always Let Herself Shine

Via: StarStyle.com

Everyone has undoubtedly already seen the picture that she posted of herself in sweats holding her baby Stormi when she turned a month old, but here's another iconic pic of her in sweats. Unlike her sisters, Kylie really made a name for making sweats attractive-looking. For her, it's clear that sweatpants aren't just about comfort, but they are instead a way for her to show off her toned body. Although this picture of her wearing Adidas sweats was taken before her pregnancy, it hasn't taken long for her to show off her quick weight loss since giving birth to Stormi.

Then again, it's not all that surprising that she is already back to her previous antics. Not only does she have a fierce sisterly competition to keep up with, but she has also made it very clear that she won't be letting motherhood get in the way of letting herself shine.

After arriving to Coachella, she posted a picture of her pink hair to Instagram with the caption: "I'm not a regular mom I'm a cool mom."

Cool indeed, especially when you look at the other picture that she posted that same day. According to People, she was "wearing head-to-toe Fendi and pushing her daughter in a coordinating $12,500 Fendi stroller." That's one stylish new mama that dads just can't help but ogle.

8 Demi Lovato's Way Of Life

Via: Just Jared

Pulling off the sexy sweatpants look is no easy job as there's a fine line between looking put together and looking like a total slob who just rolled out of bed. For Demi Lovato, the style comes effortlessly, but that probably has more to do with the fact that it's just a way of life for her.

She told the NY Post, "I wear workout clothes for a majority of my life, even at night sometimes,” also adding that she even wears them for dates, “You never know! Just throw on a cute leather jacket or bomber and I’m good to go!"

"Mixed martial arts is my favorite type of workout. Not only is it body strength, but it’s also strategy," she added. Her workouts definitely pay off as the starlet looks absolutely amazing. She kind of has to though, doesn't she?

She recently also opened up about making sure to share body-positive pictures. She told E!, "I started comparing myself to these Instagram models. I just thought to myself ‘someone needs to show my fans, and anybody that’s looking at my account, that what you see isn’t always what’s real.' And so I decided to embrace my flaws -- and I don’t even like to call them flaws, it’s just a part of who I am -- and show the world that I’m imperfect, but that’s what makes me beautiful."

7 Elle Macpherson Defines The 'Mom' Look

Via: Zimbio

She may be 54 years old, but she definitely still got it! The former supermodel is frequently photographed looking absolutely flawless, but it's her sweatpants look that have dads in a hot tizzy. In this snap, for instance, she was on a school run, but according to her, the style that she opts for in no big deal at all. Despite being photographed on a number of occasions looking absolutely fierce and being dubbed the ultimate "yummy mummy", she told Radio Times,

"I find it amusing that so much is made about my appearance, especially when I'm dropping my son off at school. I'm often on the way to work, so I've spent two hours having my hair and make-up done, and I'm wearing 'work clothes'."

She also added, "It takes ten minutes to get ready otherwise - I don't wear make-up, high heels and leather trousers in everyday life."

No matter what she wears though, she always looks cat-walk ready and dads all over continue to drool at any new pic posted of her, especially since she literally never has a bad hair day. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that she isn't a grandmother yet. Her eldest son Flynn is 20 years old, so it shouldn't be much longer.

6 Hilary Duff Embraces It All

Despite the media's constant criticism, Hilarie Duff is one of the dads' top picks when it comes to their favorite celebs in sweatpants. It isn't all that surprising since she looks amazing in pretty much everything she wears!

Yet the hot mama also knows the importance of taking a night per week to herself. She confided to Shape.com, "I have a four-year-old, so I tend to go out one night during the week and maybe one night on the weekend. It's hard especially in New York City—you want to have a glass of wine or beer at lunch, and then you want to keep it going. I just make sure I eat healthy during the week and hit the gym to balance it out."

She's one of those stars that just effortlessly looks pretty without needing all that much make-up, but don't worry, she does have a few tips and tricks up her sleeves that contribute towards her youthful and radiant glow. "Keeping my eyes bright and alert and awake is a good trick for looking younger. Then obviously drinking water, and under-eye masks—those things are a dream. The cast has those on pretty much every morning in the trailer," she confessed to InStyle.

5 Blac Chyna Rocks Her Curves

She may not have garnered the best reputation since her relationship and subsequent relationship with Rob Kardashian, but dads couldn't care less. All dads care about is how amazing she looks in all the clothes that she wears (or opts out of wearing). Well, all dads except for Rob Kardashian, who wants nothing more to do with her, probably mostly due to his family's influence on him. A source recently told, People, “The family is just relieved Rob isn’t involved with [Chyna] anymore. Their biggest concern is that Dream is safe.”

This not-so-shocking revelation came on the heels of Chyna's stroller-wielding incident. After a fan wasn't all too nice towards her, she resorted to trying to use a stroller as a weapon. Obviously, the media were quick to latch on this fail mommy moment rather quickly.

Since last year, it's clear that Chyna has been very keen on working on her appearance. The Dail Mail was quick last year to share a Snapchat that she posted, showing that she went from "192 to 152.4" pounds, with the goal being 130. Did she achieve her goal? It's hard to say given the extremely obvious body modifications she has undergone.

4 Alessandra Ambrosio Looks Like Sweatpants Were Made For Her

Via: Daily Mail

Alessandra Ambrosio is one hot mama... quite literally! Although the Brazilian model doesn't look her age whatsoever, she is actually 37 years old and already has two kids! She started having kids as early as 25 with her partner Jamie Mazur and surprisingly, becoming a mom didn't stop the supermodel from continuing to be a Victoria's Secret Angel up until 2017. She even walked the Victoria's Secret Fashion shows while she was pregnant with her second child back in 2011.

Not only that, but according to Vogue,

"At two-months pregnant, Ambrosio donned 30-pound wings and body jewelry to the delight of the crowd."

Most two-month-old pregnant women can barely even make it out to walk the dog without getting out of breath and yet, she didn't skip a beat while walking the runway in high heels, skimpy lingerie and a ton of jewelry, which proves even further how much she deserves the supermodel title.

It's not too surprising then that in her spare time, Alessandra prefers to walk around in comfy flat shoes, sweatpants and a cute top. She actually told Net-a-Power's The Edit, "Your body will never go back to exactly what it was before pregnancy, whatever people tell you. It can't, but I think I have a better body now than before I had kids. It's partly because I work out, whereas before I didn't, but also to do with the shape—it just looks more formed now and I feel better about it than I did." Wow!

3 Brie Bella Looks Amazing In Anything

Brie Bella Instagram

This pic of Brie in sweatpants is just the tip of the iceberg and doesn't accurately show the WWE Diva in all her glory. There are many stunning pics of Brie Bella on her Instagram, but we just can't post them because they are a little too -ahem- explicit, and that's a shame. Whether in loose sweatpants, tight leggings, a glamorous dress or just home clothes, Brie looks amazing no matter what she wears. Having given birth to her first child last year, she likely has been very anxious to get back to her pre-pregnancy weight, but unlike most celebs, she is still super real and down to earth about the process. She recently posted a picture of herself in a sports bra and leggings, simply captioning it: "9 months postpartum BeeConfident," "#BeeYou" and "#LetsBeeBOLDtogether."

But what stood out about the picture isn't so much that she had obviously lost a lot of the weight already, but rather because her tummy wasn't fully back yet with some evident loose skin. She confided to US Magazine that losing the weight proved harder than she anticipated, "A lot more challenging than I realized! You’re so sleep-deprived, you’re just trying to find any ounce of energy you have left."

She elaborated that she has been achieving it slowly, "Power walking, then the bike and elliptical, anything that wasn’t too demanding because I was recovering from a C-section. It was weird, because you’re so trapped inside, it was the one time I was like, 'Yes, I’ll go the gym!'"

2 Shakira Was Born For It

Via: Pinterest

We probably don't need to explain why dads would love to see Shakira in sweatpants or any form or other clothing... or lack thereof! How does she stay looking as amazing as she does? Her trainer recently revealed to PopSugar that he tailors her workouts to match her performance on-stage in terms of intensity and cardio-level. More specifically, he elaborated, "We'll do my Happy Hour workout, alternating between cardio and strength intervals. For the cardio portion, we're dancing — we're keeping it nice and low impact. Nothing too high impact, so she can really use her muscles when she's dancing and tone at the same time."

He also added that consistency is key:

"As long as she continues with that [program] four to five days a week [while I'm gone] for maintenance, she's good."

Those are definitely some very good tips for everyone. In-between dropping off and picking up the kids from school, making food and drinking wine, it can be hard for moms to find the time to work-out. The importance of fitting in a couple of times of gym-time just can't be stressed enough though, not only for looking great but also feeling amazing. Just look at how radiant Shakira looks in every single picture!

1 Cheryl Cole Steals The Moment Even In Sweatpants

Via: Daily Mail

Although Cheryl has been keeping a low profile since giving birth to her son Bear in March 2017, there's no doubt about it that she will be fully back in the spotlight where she belongs soon! By now, it should come as no surprise that the baby's daddy is none other than Liam Payne, who is ten years younger than her.

Just like Khloe Kardashian, her birth didn't come without controversy as almost immediately, the couple was slammed with rumors that he may have strayed and hooked up with someone else. As Billboard.com reported, she was quick to shut those rumors down, tweeting, "I usually don’t bother myself to respond to stupid articles. But in my silence, they hold the pen. This is a stupid article, clutching at very small straws."

The couple is apparently still very happy together, but it doesn't change the fact that pregnant or not, Cheryl looks absolutely phenomenal in sweatpants! Then again, as the Daily Mail revealed: "she steals moments during Bear's nap times to throw herself into exercise routines - including swimming, boxing, yoga and Pilates - all in preparation for her 'big comeback'."

As a complete workaholic, there is no doubt about it that she will be back in full force soon.

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