25 Celebs That Shouldn't Have Gone "Red Carpet" While Pregnant

We usually love to see our favorite celebs on the red carpet, showing off their adorable baby bumps and gorgeous maternity wear. Angelina Jolie, Blake Lively, Natalie Portman, and Mila Kunis are among the celebrities who critics hail as being the best-dressed pregnant ladies on the red carpet.

But, even they have their moments of looking downright awkward in their maternity wear. In fact, a couple of them made this list of celebs who shouldn't have walked the red carpet while pregnant.

It's okay, because moms know how difficult it is to put together a maternity look that's beautiful and stylish. Your enlarged breasts and swollen belly don't make it easy. Mix in the fact that you're tired, feeling fat, and can't seem to feel good in anything, and it can be a recipe for disaster.

And then there are those soon-to-be moms who obviously don't care, judging by their out-there outfits. Kudos to them for being bold and making a statement - but their maternity outfits are not quite red-carpet worthy.

25 Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson obviously wanted to really show off her baby bump with this bare-belly dress. But, it definitely didn't flatter this glowing mom and her pregnancy belly.

24 Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian gets a lot of criticism for her maternity looks, but this one really takes the title of "Worst Kim Maternity Fashion." It's almost as if she couldn't make up her mind about baring it all, so she added a strange trench coat over her lacy outfit.

23 Nandi Madida

This T.V. personality is usually so put-together with her maternity outfits, but this gown had just a bit too much going on, and it took away from her Mama glow.

22 Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling's dress isn't flattering for anyone, let alone a pregnant woman with a protruding belly. If she's not careful when she sits, her belly may lift the gown in places we don't need to see.

21 Drew Barrymore

Drew is an absolutely glowing pregnant woman, and this awkward Grandma-style gown just simply doesn't do her justice.

20 Busy Phillips

We are all for moms-to-be to show off their bellies in tight-fitting gowns, but this one hugs Busy Phillips in strange ways, making her baby bump look blocky.

19 Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington has had a few gorgeous maternity moments, and some not-so-wonderful ones, like this want-to-be-80's-style prom gown. It's a strange look, and the wrinkles in the back don't help.

18 Katie Price

We aren't sure where to go with this one. There isn't anything right about this red carpet outfit for anyone, let alone a mom-to-be.

17 Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis is often praised for her beautiful, glowing maternity looks, as she should be. But this silk dress makes her whole body shape look awkward. Even Mila seems to feel uncomfortable in it!

16 Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett's awkward stance perhaps mirrors the way we all feel about this maternity look. It wasn't her best pregnancy choice to date.

15 Fergie

Leave it to Fergie to feel comfortable enough in her pregnancy body to wear this ensemble. But, it definitely doesn't live up to the fashionable standards we've come to expect from the star.

14 Selma Blair

Selma Blair looks elated with her pregnancy, but this dress looks more like sleepwear than a put-together red carpet look. Maybe she can blame it on pregnancy fatigue?

13 Clémence Poésy

Clémence Poésy has such an adorable baby bump, but this gown's material and strange lines don't quite flatter her.

12 Christina Aguilera

In Christina's defense, this was several years ago. But, even then, black tights weren't "in," and her green velvet dress seems like a strange choice. It's almost as if it's hiding her baby bump, so she needs to stick it out a bit for people to notice.

11 Keira Knightley

Keira's dress makes the normally-glowing mom-to-be look faded and droopy. Poor Keira, it looks like she needs a good old pregnancy nap.

10 Marion Cotillard

If you can wear high-heeled calf-height boots when you're pregnant, more power to you. But, paired with this awful dress that hides Marion's adorable belly, the look is a disaster.

9 Elsa Pataky

Chris Hemsworth's wife, Elsa Pataky, looked absolutely thrilled with her soon-to-be addition and her beautiful bump. Unfortunately, this dress elongated her whole upper body and accentuated how the bump hangs, making for an awkward-looking bump.

8 Charlotte Gainsbourg

Ouch. This one is just painful to see. From the squeezing shoes to the weird, robe-like sheer dress with a lace bra showing - maybe the "Mom brain" thing is happening early for Charlotte.

7 Ginnifer Goodwin

Ginnifer's maternity choice made her look more like a "Little House on the Prairie" mom than a modern celebrity mom.

6 Halle Berry

Major kudos to Halle Berry for being daring enough to sport this outfit a few months pregnant. Although her bump is adorable, the strange webbing takes away from the overall look, not showcasing the glamorous Halle we know and love.

5 Nicky Hilton

Nicky Hilton's blue dress is adorable and shows off her pregnant belly beautifully. But, the coat makes it seem as if Nicky's uncomfortable and trying to hide herself.

4 Angeline Jolie

Another usually-perfect mom-to-be on the red carpet, this Angelina Jolie look fell flat. Normally one to showcase the bump, this gown hides everything and is reminiscent of a fancy bed sheet.

3 Laura Perlongo

Hmm. Why? Just why? Nev Schulman's fiancee is obviously comfortable in her pregnant body, which is awesome. But, for a red carpet look, this is going way overboard.

2 Heidi Klum

Now, let me say that Heidi Klum looks ridiculously stunning in this dress. This is possibly one of the most gorgeous red carpet maternity looks for a celebrity, EVER. However, she looks as though her baby could come out at any moment, and for that reason, we feel for her. Get yourself back in bed and relax, please!

1 M.I.A.

If rapper M.I.A. wanted to bring attention to herself and her pregnancy, she was definitely successful. But, this wacky outfit certainly doesn't showcase her beautiful baby bump well.

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