25 Celtic Names With Eternal Beauty

Interesting cultures surround us everywhere; they each have things that are uniquely theirs, from styles of clothing to religion to language. And while they may seem vastly different from one another, there are plenty of similarities. For example, across all cultures, there is an emphasis on keeping loved ones close and near.

Each different culture across the world has a very interesting history. One great example of this is the Celtic people. People of Celtic descent are linked to fascinating parts of history.  Referred to as “Celts,” they are a rather large group of individuals that span across multiple countries: the Scottish, the Irish, and even some Brits and French people are considered Celtic.

One of the things Celtic men and women have been known for throughout history is their choice of names. In fact, many of the names we all know and love today originally had a Celtic origin. Read further to find just a few of the beautiful choices offered to M

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25 Cameron

This is one of those names that can be used for both girls and boys. However, the name Cameron is given to male children more than it is given to females. Cameron has a Scottish origin. Additionally, the meaning of this name is “crooked nose,” and a feminine version of it is Kameron.

There are a lot of similar variations: Ron, Cam, Kamrey, Camaeron, Camry, Camedon, Camron, and Camren. This is a very popular name in the United States of America. Cameron became extremely popular in 1991 and has remained at nearly the same spot on the list of popular baby names since then.

24 Jennifer

This name began as a Welsh name. However, the original version of Jennifer was not much like the one we know these days. This name came from one that is similar to Guinevere, which is Gwenhwyfar.

These days, this is a name that is heard all around the world. Some of the places where Jennifer is a popular baby name are Australia, the United States of America, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Canada, Spain, England and Wales, Scotland, France, Northern Ireland, and the Netherlands.

23 Evelyn

This is a very popular name for little girls. It has been around for quite some time. Furthermore, it has been said that this name has a Norse history, as that is where its’ roots came from.

There are a couple of meanings that have been known to be connected to this name. One of them is “wished for,” and the other one is “longed for child.” Also, Evelyn has not only been used as a first name. It has been used as a last name as well.

22 Brian

This name is a popular one that is most commonly used for little baby boys. Brian is a Celtic name that has a few meanings. Some of the meanings connected to this name are "high”  “noble” and “strength.”

This name is very famous, especially among the Celtic people. Brian was the name of an Irish king who went by the name of Brian Boru.

21 Quinn

There are a lot of names that originally came from last names. This is especially true when it comes to those who have a Celtic background.

Quinn is one of these names. Originally, the name Quinn was one that was derived from an Irish surname. The original version of Quinn meant “descendant of Conn.” Part of what adds to the eternal beauty of this name is the fact that it can be used as a first name for both little boys and little girls.

20 Evan

This name actually has a few different origins. Evan has a Scottish origin, as well as a Welsh origin. This name also has a Hebrew background as well.

Furthermore, there are a lot of different meanings that have a connection to Evan. “Young warrior,” “God is gracious,” “born of yew,” and “youth” are some of them.

The name Evan is also a shortened form of the name Evangelos. Evangelos means good messenger.” The Hebrew meaning of Evan is “rock.” Evann, Evans, and Owen are some of the variants of this name.

19 Alan

For the most part, many people know the history of the popular first, middle, and last names that have been used over time. However, there are still some mysteries, and this is where the name Alan comes in, as the origin of it is unclear.

Despite the fact that we do not know for sure where Alan originated from, it has been used by the people of England and Scotland. There are two possible meanings of this name, and they are “handsome” and “little rock.”

18 Chad

This is a name that is mostly chosen for newborn males. Chad has a very interesting background that is attached to it.

This name was derived from the Old English word “ceadda.” It is possible that this word came from the Welsh word, “cad,” which means battle.

Chad used to be a fairly uncommon name. However, it become more popular around the 1960’s. Additionally, Chad is also the name of a country in Africa. As a first name, Chad is very popular in America, Canada, and England.

17 Owen

This is one of many great Celtic names. Owen is another one that can be used for children of either gender, as it is fitting for both boys and girls.

This name has a Welsh background, and there are a couple of meanings to it. One of the meanings of the name Owen is “well-born,” and the other one is “young warrior.”

Owen is a pretty unique name. However, there are some other names that are very similar to it, such as Mason and Breton.

16 Erin

This name has both an English and an Irish origin. The original form of the name Erin came from Eireann. Erin has been used as a first name since approximately the 20th century, so it has been around a while.

There are a few very beautiful variations of it. Eryn, Arin, and Eireann are a just a few of the variations of the name Erin.

This is a very popular Celtic name. It has been used in many places, including America, Scotland, Ireland, France, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada.

15 Cara

This name does not just have a Celtic background. The roots of Cara have also been traced back to Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese backgrounds.

There are three meanings associated with the name Cara. They are “friend,” “dear,” and “face.” Cara is an extremely popular first name in many places.

In 2017, the name Cara held the 34th spot on the list of popular baby names in Ireland, the 856th spot in America, and the 94th spot in Scotland. In 2016, Cara held the 333rd spot on the list of popular baby names in Germany, as well as the 237th spot in England.

14 Donovan

The name Donovan is truly a fantastic Celtic name for little boys. This name originally came from Ireland, and the meaning that is connected to it is “dark.”

Donovan has been a very popular name in the United States for quite a long time. Throughout the 1900’s, the popularity of it had many highs and lows. But it has been consistently popular in recent years. In 2017, Donovan took the 321st spot on the list of popular baby names in America.

13 Brenna

This is a very beautiful name for those who wish to find a Celtic name for their new little girl. The name Brenna has a couple of different meanings, one of which is “raven or black-haired.” The other one is “little drop of water.”

There are a lot of variations of this awesome name for girls. Some of them are Brynnan, Brana, Breanne, Bryna, Breanna, Bryauna, Bryn, Bryann, Briny, and Briane. This name was very popular in America in the later half of the 1900’s, but it has lost a bit of its’ popularity recently.

12 Marvin

This name is usually given to newborn baby boys. It has an English origin, and it likely came from the name Mervyn.

There have been quite a few famous people named Marvin. One of the most well known ones is musician Marvin Gaye.

This name has been heard in quite a few areas around the world. It is popular in America, France, Canada, and Austria. In the United States, this name saw the most popularity between the late 1920’s and 1935.

11 Bryant

This name is a very unique choice when it comes to first names. Furthermore, it is a variation on another popular first name, which is Brian.

The name Bryant is primarily given to little boys. The roots of Bryant are Irish, and the meaning that is connected to it is “strong, virtuous, and honorable.”

Bryant is an awesome name that is not like many others. But, there are a few that are similar to it. Some of them are Delancy, Crosby, and Lenox.

10 Nelson

This name comes from an English background. Nelson is a very versatile name, as it is not just used for a first name. It is also used as a middle and last name.

The meaning of the name Nelson is “son of Neil.” This is a very popular first name in America, England, and Portugal. In the United States, Nelson was the 633rd most popular baby name in 2017. In England, the name took the 813th spot on the list of popular baby names in 2016.

9 Blair

This name is usually given to little girls. However, there have been a few occasions in which the name was given to a little boy.

The name Blair can be traced back to Scottish roots. This name means “plain,” as well as “field.” This is also a well known Scottish last name. There are a couple of variations of it, including Blayre and Blaire.

This name was very popular in America in the middle of the 1900’s. It had a small dip in popularity between the early 1990’s and the early 2000’s, but it has been gaining popularity again lately.

8 Roy

There are a lot of names that actually have a few different places of origin. That is the case for Roy, as it has English, Scottish, and Dutch roots. Another version of the name Roy is Ruadh.

Roy name is typically one that is given to boys. However, there have been a few girls who received this name in the United States. Roy is also used in Canada, England, Wales, the Netherlands, and Norway. It seems to be most popular in America.

7 Ronan

This is a very unique name for little boys. It certainly does not blend in with many other names. The name Ronan has Irish roots, and the meaning of this name is “little seal.”

Ronan has been heard in a few areas around the world in recent years. It is very popular in the United States of America, as well as England, and of course, Ireland, which is where it came from. In fact, this name took the 74th spot on the list of popular baby names in Ireland in 2017. In America, Ronan held the 296th spot.

6 Maddox

This is another great name that is a fitting choice for both female and male babies. However, Maddox has been much more popular among parents choosing a name for their little girl lately.

The roots of this name are Welsh. “Son of Madoc” is the meaning that is connected to Maddox.

There are not many names that are much like Maddox. However, that does not mean there are not at least a couple of similar names. Some of them are Leyda, Farley, and Evalin.

5 Donald

This is a name that has been heard in many places. After all, there some famous figures that have this name, including the fictional Disney character Donald Duck. Furthermore, there are some actors that share this name as well.

This is a name for baby boys. However, there is a feminine version of it, which is Donalda. The origin of Donald is Scottish, and there are two meanings to it. “World mighty” is one of them, and “great chief” is the other one.

4 Brendan

There are a lot of Celtic names that will be beautiful forever, and it seems as though the name Brendan is one of them. The meaning of this name is “prince.”

Brendan is a great name. However, some parents may want to choose a name that is different, while still remaining somewhat similar to Brendan. Names like this are Brennen, Brennon, Breandan, Brendano, Bren, Brenden, Brendon, Brendin, and Brendyn. Furthermore, Brenda is a feminine version of Brendan.

The name Brendan was quite popular in America in the late 1900’s. However, it has dipped a little bit since then.

3 Alanna

This is a beautiful name that is typically given to little girls. Alanna is definitely one of the most gorgeous Celtic first names.

The name Alanna is a form of another popular name, which is Alan. There are a few different meanings that are often associated with Alanna. Some of the possible meanings of this name are “stone,” “noble,” “fair,” and “harmony.”

This name also comes from an Irish background. Furthermore, the name was derived from an Irish phrase that was considered to be a term of endearment.

2 Glenn

When it comes to names that have a Celtic origin, Glenn is definitely somewhere near the top of the list. This name, which has Scottish roots, is usually given to baby boys.

There are a lot of first names that did not start out that way, but instead, they started out as surnames. That is what happened with Glenn, as it came from a Scottish surname. The original form of this name was Gleann, and it meant “valley.”

Glenn is a name that is used all over the world these days. It is popular in America, Norway, the Netherlands, Canada, and England.

1 Trenton

This is a great Celtic name for newborn boys. The name Trenton has been traced back to English roots, and the meaning of it is “Trent’s town.”

This name is pretty distinct, and it definitely makes anyone who has it stand out from the crowd. But, there are still a few names that are very similar to it. Some of them are Kenya, Ioan, Shannon, Baylor, Marceau, Maxen, Branson, Kayson, Lander, Preston, Laken, and Prescott. In 2017, Trenton took the 452nd spot on the list of popular baby names in the United States of America.

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