25 Charming Australian Names Parents Have Rarely Heard

Australia has a strange harmony in almost everything about it. The smallest continent but one of the largest countries. Australia is one of the flattest and driest of the countries, but it is surrounded by water. This country seems to find the extremes of everything and bring them into a balance. Australia is known for many things, beautiful beaches, kangaroos, vast outback and great people. However there is little known about the Australian language apart from some common slang words heard every now and then, "mate" and "barbie" to name a few.

Australia has two groups of native people, the Aboriginal Australians, and the Torres Strait Islander People. Both of these groups inhabited the Island before anyone else, and they each had cultures and languages that play a role in influencing Australia and the names on this list. There were over 200 languages spoken by the Aboriginal populations of Australia and the uniqueness of those languages can be seen in these names, each of which has a sound rarely heard in the English language. They're specific to the Australian sound, and any child with these names will be made instantly unique. Names that most people have rarely heard make a child instantly memorable to anyone that meets them.

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25 Araluen

Araluen is pronounced A-ra-LOU-en and is Aboriginal Australian in origin. The typical female name has a meaning that inspires beauty, “water lilies or place of the water lilies.” The image of water lilies is a beautiful thought to be the inspiration behind a name. The name has an extremely unique magical sound to it. The name has not gained popularity in the United States yet which means it remains a unique gem.

This name has been used as a place name for several sites. In addition, the name offers the possibilities for the nicknames or Ara, Lu, and Lulu. This is perfect for parents looking for a fresh new name with a nature meaning.

24 Bardo

Bardo is an Aboriginal name, which is the short form of Bardolph and is a boy’s name. The name has a meaning of, “water.” This short and bold name may have traditional roots but it has a modern sound. Having not gained much popularity in the United States the name retains its uniqueness and special sound.

The name Bardo has a strong, bold and masculine sound to that is sought after for little boy’s names. Nameberry points out that the name has gained recognition from its use in Lincoln a novel by George Saunders’. The name also indicates a state of suspension between life and death. Sandra Bullock even chose the name as her son’s middle name.

23 Elouera

This gorgeous looking name is of Australian Aboriginal origin and means, “a pleasant place.” As beautiful sounding as the name looks the name Elouera is pronounced El-lou-EHR-ah. All around gorgeous the name Elouera is relatively unknown in the United States.

This hidden treasure of a name has a fantastic meaning and an even better sound.Nameberry points out that this name would make a good alternative for names like Elle, Ellen, Eleanor or Ella. This is the perfect melodious girly name for someone looking for a beautiful name that is original and rare in the United States at least for now.

22 Aari

Strong and bold this boy’s name means, “mountain of strength.” This simple name has either an Australian or a Finnish origin and offers a surprising amount of versatility for such a small name. Aari offers the ability to switch out the A for many different options, A, Aah, Aar, Aer, Ahi, Ara, Are, or Arh.

Uniquely smooth for a boy’s name the name Aari is still bold and strong without being harsh or hard to listen to. This short and versatile name is a perfect balance. The versatility does not stop at changing the beginning, adding an -a to the end makes the girl’s name Aria. Aria became popular on the Television show Pretty Little Liars through the character Aria Montgomery played by Lucy Hale.

21 Merindah

Merindah is beautiful and has a sound similar to Melinda, or Merida, which have become more commonly known in the United States and lost some of their rarity. This name is sure to be unique to your child, however; it is not so different that it is impossible to say or overly complex.

The beautiful Merindah is Aboriginal in origin and means, “the person who is having an emotional admiration.” The meaning may be a bit vague on this one but the romantic and poetic quality of the name makes up for it. Meri or Merin would be fantastic nicknames for Merindah. You could also drop the -h ending or switch up the spelling to Merynda for some versatility.

20 Joosua

Joosua is another familiar looking name with a slight twist. This Aboriginal name has a meaning of, “God is gracious,” and is a boy’s with a softer sound. Similar to the name Joshua which is extremely popular in the United States, the name Joosua is rare in the U.S. and has kept out of the spotlight for the most part.

This name would be a great choice for parents who are looking for a religious meaning or those who like the sound of popular names like Joshua or Jason but are looking to avoid a name that seven other children on the block have. The name also keeps away from the traditional nickname Josh if that is something that you are looking to avoid.

19 Moona

Perfect for the light of your life this sweet little girl’s name means, “one who gives or provides light.” Moona has a look and sound that immediately makes you think of a big bright full moon, which is fitting as it provides light on the darkest nights. Moona has escaped popularity in the U.S. thus far not making it on to the top 1000 names just yet.

Despite a lack of popularity currently, this name has promise. With the moon, related names like Luna gaining fast popularity among other nature names this name may just catch that wave. Another bonus is the name bears a resemblance to one of the newest Disney Princesses Moana which may help gain it some popularity as well.

18 Luu

This perfect modern twist on a classic, Luu brings a completely new feel to Lou. The name Luu is an Aboriginal boy’s name, which means, “to come together and combine forces.” This strong meaning fits this bold name to a T.

Simple and strong the name Luu has not been seen in the U.S., at least not to the degree that its more commonly known counterpart has. The name, however, has a modern twist that is bound to make it more popular with new parents. The trend or using more masculine names, such as Ryan or Bryce for baby girls means this name may also start to be seen more as a unisex name despite its macho past.

17 Raleine

Even in Australia, they are combining names to create modern combination names. The name Raleine is a prime example of the perfect outcome of that. Raleine is a combination name that is not giving a meaning because it was created recently and comes from a mixture of names. However, the lack of meaning does not detract from how absolutely lovely this name is.

Raleine is the perfect way to balance beauty and feminity with strength. Similar to the name Raelynn which is gaining popularity in the United States, and is used by an up an coming country singer. The name Raleine is rare and beautiful and without a meaning weighing it down it can be whatever you want.

16 Occa

Occa has a sharp, crisp sound that is unlike most name used in the U.S. today. It is rare for a name to begin with an O, limited to names like Oliver or Ocean, but even more so for it have that sharp c following it. This name commands attention.

Occa is an Aboriginal boy’s name that means, “one who is categorized by his mother’s lands.” With a practical meaning and a rare bold sound, this name is unlike anything the U.S. currently holds on its top 1000 names and it is sure to be unique for quite a while, as parents tend to shy away for such harsh sounding names.

15 Marretje

“A wished for daughter,” what better meaning for your little miracle? Marretje looks complicated but it is not so bad once you get the hang of it. Mar-ret-je, is the basic break down for the pronunciation although different countries and accents cause variations.

A great way to liven up old names like Margaret or Marjorie, Marretje is similar but has just enough difference and flare to make it unique. This name has not made it onto the charts in the U.S. as of yet and that makes it a diamond in the rough for now. This may be the perfect gem for that little angel you have always wished for.

14 Norin

Masculine and robust Norin is an Aboriginal boy’s name that conveys strength and determination. The name Norin has a strong sound and a noble meaning. Meaning, “great, honorable, moral, or decent,” there is not much about the name not to love.

The name on its own is strong and solid, however, it does offer the exceptionally adorable nickname Nori or the more masculine Rin if you are feeling creative. Having escaped notice in the United States this name is sure to be one-of-a-kind and with a meaning that is beyond decent, moral and great, it is a fantastic name to consider for your little man.

13 Leueua

This name just looks gorgeous for starters. The beautiful Leueua may look intimidating with all of its vowels but this sweet song-like name will lull you in as soon as you say it. This beauty is an Aboriginal girl’s name that has a sweet and girly look, however, do not let it fool you this fiery name actually has a meaning of, “lava.”

With fire behind it and beauty surrounding it, Leueua has everything, the perfect name for any heroin in a literary classic, the one who saves herself and then everyone else, Leueua is the perfect amount of fire and beauty.

12 Miao

This sunny little name brings a smile to your face just by the look of it. Once you say it though you cannot help but be happy. Miao is traditionally a boy’s name, however; in the ever-changing American cultural climate, it could also make a fabulous girl’s name as well. The name Miao is Aboriginal and means, “delightful, ingenious, brilliant, or delicate.”

The happiness of this name is contagious, there is so much sunshine bundled into this little name. The name offers the nickname Mia if you utilize it as a girl’s name and potentially the spelling variation of Myao to add a little versatility to it.

11 Laniyah

This name is all about finding the strength within, making it the perfect wish for your daughter. Laniyah is an Aboriginal girl’s name with the wonderful meaning of, “a light found within.” Laniyah is another name that is strong yet beautiful in its strength. However, this name does retain its feminity.

Laniyah has a subtle meaning and a soft smooth sound. The meaning conveys a strength any parent would wish for their child, the ability to look within themselves and find the light. The sound invokes a beauty that parents love when selecting names. Perfect for your little sunshine, the name Laniyah has everything parents love about a name even though it has rarely been heard of in the United States.

10 Harwell

A name that signifies a landmark or a location comes a from an important historical place, as does this one. Harwell is an Aboriginal boy’s name and it means, “well for stags.” This would have been a significant meaning and importance in directions in the past. It became a name and the rest is, well, history as with many location names.

Harwell is strong with a formal sound to it that comes from the –well ending. This is a great option for parents who are looking for a name with an air of elegance and class but are tired of the overused and common names like Edward or William. The name Harwell offers a fresh twist with a classic sound.

9 Keily

Similar to the ever-popular Kiley and the old school Kelly, the name Keily has an Australian flair that gives it a special twist making it modern and familiar all at the same time. The name Keily is typically for girls and means, “boomerang.” A fun meaning that makes you think of games, good times, and how family always comes back to you in the end.

This fun little word name is the perfect variation on Kiley for all those Kardashian loving parents. With just the right amount of sweet and sass, the name Keily is perfectly balanced for any baby girl to be sugar and spice.

8 Bastiaan

Bastiaan has a sound that lives up to its regal meaning,. The name Bastiaan means, “venerable or revered.” The perfect meaning for a name that sounds like it is fit for a king. Bastiaan is an Aboriginal name that is traditionally used for a boy’s name. The name is unlike anything common in the United States today and has managed to avoid the charts thus far.

The name Bastiaan is most like the nickname Bash used for the name Sebastian and seen in the Television show Reign. The name is elegant and regal giving off an air of nobility. This is another name that is perfect if you are looking for a formal name but are tired of the traditional overused names like Edward, Charles or Nicholas.

7 Alyne

Alyne takes a fan favorite in the United States, Lynne and adds a twist placing an A in front of it. The name Alyne is a beautiful girl’s name, which means, “bright fair-haired and harmonious individual.” The name brings to mind images of beautiful and happy girls. This is a dream that anyone would have for his or her child.

Alyne is a name that sounds like it belongs as a song lyric. It is strong enough to be bold and sassy but smooth enough to remain lyrical. Beautiful and melodious, strong and soft the beautiful Alyne is the perfect example of harmony.

6 Vega

The name Vega is a name with a flexible origin. Having many origins, the name can also be attributed to Aboriginal Australia. The name Vega is also unisex being given to both boys and girls. The name has a lot of force behind it, you can feel the attitude when you see it or say it.

The name means, “swooping eagle.” The meaning is one of the most majestic meanings imaginable. The image of an eagle swooping through the air is unforgettable, to say the least, it inspires strength and cunning. The name Vega is simple and strong without much room for change or mix-ups this is the perfect choice for parents who want a sturdy but simple name that has not been overused. The name also has a much smoother sound than many V names are known for such as Victor or Victoria.

5 Kirrily

This is another K name that is perfect for those parents who like popular Kardashian-esq names but do not want their daughters to have to share their name with everyone else in the class. Kirrily is an Aboriginal girl’s name that means, “tree bark or lead.” This name is a nature name with a strong bold sound that is more in line with the trend of modern girl’s name having a more masculine sound.

Kirrily would be a good choice for those who like the name Rily and want it as a nickname but do not want to use it as it has gained too much popularity. The name Kirrily is still relatively unknown in the United States. The name offers some versatility such as Kirriley or Kirrilie, even Kirrilee. This flexible little name offers perfect options for those who want to keep it familiar but with a twist.

4 Tavish

Tavish is a boy’s name that is attributed to either a Scottish or an Aboriginal origin. There is some confusion on the origin, however, the meaning is listed as, “twin,” is consistent. The name Tavish is another name that is definitely unlike anything that is currently popular in the United States, which may explain its absence from the top 1000 names list. However, when it comes to names being different is not always a bad thing.

The name Tavish has a different sound than the names used by many parents currently; names like Thomas or Tyler are popular T names for boys. However, the name Tavish offers something totally new, for the United States as far as sound and spelling. This name is also perfect for a twin and paired with Thomas which is also given the meaning twin it’s the perfect combo.

3 Naretha

Naretha is one of the harsher sounding names on this list but it retains a beauty in its strength and boldness. Naretha is an Aboriginal nature name that means, “a saltbush.” This a name that directly relates to the environment that surrounds much of Australia. Names like this would have been extremely important to places and locations and similar to other countries they translated into child names like Bridge, Brooklyn or Dallas.

Naretha may sound harsh at first but it has a strength and beauty that are undeniable. The name exudes power and leadership, perfect for your little princess, warrior, or future president.

2 Ocean

One of the easiest names to understand and say on the list, Ocean is a name that comes from nature and has many origins, one of which is Aboriginal. The name Ocean is utilized for both boys and girl’s and it is not given a specific meaning other than the obvious, deep blue sea that also shares the name.

The name Ocean does not currently hold a place on the top 1000 names chart for either boys or girls and has waned in popularity since the 60s and 70s when nature names were at the height of their popularity. However, the name has made an appearance in Hollywood with Alexa Vega, an actress known for her role in Spy Kids and Nashville, and Carlos Pena, an actor and singer known for his role in Big Time Rush and more recently Life Sentence, named their son Ocean.

1 Ivalo

Ivalo is an Aboriginal, although there is debate over its precise origin, girl’s name that is unlike anything popular in the United States today. The most similar name is probably Ivana, however, even this name does not do the beauty justice. There are two pronunciation variations of Ivalo, EVE-ah-loo or EVE-ah-lo are the possibilities.

This name has strength and beauty. The strength is in the meaning, “sinew,” or the part the provides strength. The beauty of this name is in the look and sound. Having a look similar to names like Isabel or Ivana the name actually has a sound that echoes names like Eva or Evelyn. The name also offers the nickname Iva or Eva as a shortened version keeping with the feminine style of this lyrical name.

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