25 Charming Girl Names Moms Should Bring Back In The Next 5 Years

When parents learn about the news of pregnancy, their happiness knows no bounds. The joy of becoming a mother doubles when mom knows that she's expecting a baby girl this year. After that, the toughest challenges come while choosing the perfect name for the little one.

Well, there are a plethora of amazing names to choose from, but of course, mom would definitely want her baby to be gifted with the best name. Every expectant parent has plenty of names in their mind and they always want their baby’s name to be something which isn’t ultra common or outdated.

Although readers may find inspiration from various sources for naming a child, it tends to be quite difficult to discover a name that is an ideal blend of charming and enthralling, familiar yet not too prevalent. Luckily, there are thousands of charming names that are not only popular but are also meaningful and trendy. Some of these names are creative and classy and some of them have a vintage feel.

Parents can take a look at vintage names to get even more inspiration. Old is often considered gold. So it's not surprising that there are plenty of hidden nuggets to be found from among such old-fashioned names. Below is a compilation of 25 amazing names that moms should bring back in the next 5 years. These names would suit any bubbly little girl born this year.

25 Fern

One of the beautiful and amazing names for your cute little daughter, the name Fern comes from the old English word ‘fern’ which means shade-loving plant. The name Fern embodies sincerity and generosity towards others. It is a symbol of confidence, magic, shelter, fascination, reverie, discretion, and overall it means a secret bond of love.

Fern Fitzgerald, Fern Holland, Fern Michaels, Fern Britton, is some of the popular persons with the same name. Fern is often used as a pet name for people named Fernicus, Fernio, and Fernanda. Ferny and Fern-o are cute nicknames for girls with the name Fern. Girls named Fern tend to have an optimistic outlook on life, they are cheerful and outgoing personalities who are fun to hang around with.

24 Dixie

A name with a geographic representation, Dixie has always remained a cute and familiar name to many of us. It is a charming English baby name which also refers to the southern states of the Mason-Dixie line. The Latin meaning of the name Dixie is ‘tenth’.

Being one of the most popular names, Dixie has a different meaning in different global regions and cultures. Dixie is actually a unisex name that can be used for both boys and girls. Sir Wolstan Dixie of Appleby Magna was the High Sheriff of Leicestershire who founded the Dixie Grammar School. Dixie Carter, Dixie Dean, Dixie Baronets, are some of the popular women with the name Dixie.

23 Ellie

Ellie stands for the nickname Ellen or more ordinarily Eleanor, which originates from the Hebrew element 'el' signifying 'god' and 'or' which means light, so the name signifies 'God is my light' or 'God is my flame'. Ellie is a well-known name, particularly in the UK. Ellie also describes a beautiful fairy or a beautiful woman.

You must also be familiar with the popular actress, Ellie Kemper, and the famous British pop singer Ellie Goulding. You can call your Ellie with nicknames like Els, Els da bells, Elle, El, El-Bell, Ellie-Bellie. Girls named Ellie are trendsetters who like to take risks. They make good leaders rather than followers.

22 Evie

The name Evie is a Hebrew infant name. In Hebrew, the importance of the name Evie is Life, living, vivacious. The name also finds its significance in the Old Testament where Evie was the mother of mankind who tasted the forbidden apple, thus advancing the Fall of Man.

In old stories, Evie was the home of the rancher, Guidman o' Thorodale who headed out the Finfolk, from the Eynhallow Island. Evelyn, Yvette, Evita, Yvonne, Evangeline are few popular nicknames for your baby Evie. Girls with this name have a willingness to use their leadership abilities by focusing on important issues of life.

21 Avis

Conveyed to England by the Normans, Avis is a French type of the Germanic Aveza, a name of indeterminate significance. Avis has been often compared with the Latin word avis (winged creature). It was a popular name during the Essex period.

In French, Avis means ‘advice’ or ‘opinion’. Celebrities with the name Avis includes Avice Landone, British TV and film actress, Avis Kimble, famous model in the 1960's, Avis Miller, a 70's model, Avis Ann Baldwin, daughter of director Daniel Baldwin. This name also finds its significance in some of the age-old cultures. Ava, Avie, Ace, and Birdie could be the best nicknames for your little girl.

20 Opal

The name opal is derived from the name of a semiprecious gemstone that has the ability to reflect light while displaying a dazzling rainbow of colors. The Sanskrit meaning of the word Opal/Upal is a precious jewel. The name Opal is a glamorous name in itself and would sound regal and majestic for your little daughter.

Opal Whiteley, Opal Kunz, Opal Hill, Opal Palmer Adisa, Opal Bonfante, are some of the famous personalities with the name Opal. Opal has also remained the names of a few famous places. Opie, Op, Ollie/Olly, Ops, Opel, Opa would be pretty good pet names for the girls with name Opal.

19 Zeke

This name is taken from the Greek name Iezekiēl, which means God provide strength. The name is taken from the Bible and bears a historical significance. The Hebrew name for Zeke is Ezekial. Although it is a unisex name, Zeke seems to suit girls better.

Little girls with this name have profound leadership skills. They would rather like to center on various important issues. They may feel sometimes restless or insecure but they are sensitive enough. Girls with the name Zeke are excellent mediators, diplomats, and partners. They are also known for their sympathetic and shy nature.

18 Bette

Bette is the pet name for Elizabeth and is commonly prevalent as an independent name. Bette Davis, Bette Midler is some of the popular nicknames for Bette. Also, Bette Porter is one of the focal characters from ‘The L world’.

A strong, creative, smart and sophisticated name, Bette has always been a popular name. Bette has been a popular name in different global regions and also one of the cutest. It has remained a popular name since the beginning of the eighteenth century. People with the name Bette often love to live in solitariness. They are highly melancholic in nature.

17 Roxie

Roxie is one of the bold and strong names and is the pet form for Roxanne which means the dawn of the day. Roxie Rocker is one of the popular actresses who is known for ‘The Jeffersons.’ Foxy-Roxie, Rox would sound beautiful nicknames for your little Roxie. The name Roxie has also remained popular TV characters in series like "Sabrina the Teenage Witch."

The pet name for Roxie, Roxanne was actually the name borne by the Bactrian spouse of Alexander the Great because of which the popularity of the name increased. Roxie is a popular name owing to its sassy and spunky pronunciation.

16 Petra

Petra is the feminine name for Peter that is derived from the word Petros which means stone or rock. Here are some of the popular personalities with the same name- Petra Collins, Canadian photographer; Petra Haden, singer, and violinist; Petra Němcová, Czech fashion model; Petra Kelly, German public figure, and human rights activist.

A beautiful name with a strong name would a perfect name for your child. Peti, Pepe, Petri, Pepper would be the cutest pet names for girls named Petra. According to numerology, girls whobear the name Petra are known for their positivity and peace-loving nature.

15 Adele

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Adele is the originated from the names Adelaide and Adelheid. The name means nobility. The name Adele was borne by the youngest daughter (c. 1062 - 1137) of William the Conqueror. So, with this, we can estimate the historical importance of the name. Although it is an age-old vintage name, yet this name has been in the trend since years.

Adele Griffin, Adele Emeli Sande, Adele Mara, are some of the popular personalities bearing the name Adele. Addy, Dell, Delly, Della could sound cute nicknames for your baby Adele. They often follow those professions which tend to serve the humanity. They may be sometimes quick-tempered.

14 Roma

The name Roma comes from the name of one of the most beautiful destinations of the world, Rome. Roma is a unisex given name in numerous languages and dialects and is the female name for the name Roman in a few languages. It is likewise a male given name in Slavic societies.

In Hindu folklore, Roma is a substitute name for Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity. Roma Downey is one of the famous actress and producer with the amazing name, Roma. The name also finds significance in Arabic culture where it means truthful, beautiful and honest.

13 Birdie

Birdie is an English name which means birdlike or little bird. Isn’t that too cute? Well, Birdie not only has a beautiful meaning but it sounds pleasant and charming. Birdie Leigh Silverstein and Birdie West DeFreitas are some of the famous celebrities, based on whom you can name your pretty little daughter.

The popularity of the name Birdie could be noticed everywhere. Little Birdy has remained the name of a famous Australian rock band. Also, various literature has used the name Birdie which has even enhanced its popularity. Girls with the name Birdie are known for rejecting the traditional concepts and following the trendy ones.

12 Tessie

Tessie is the short name for Teresa which means the harvester. Tessa, Teresa, Tess are some of the similar names to Tessie. Girls with this name are visionary, dreamer, versatile, flexible, adaptable and dynamic. Also, they tend to very much energetic, optimistic and intelligent. Through their charm and friendliness, they are able to make friends very easily.

Being vivacious by nature, they are always excited about a change or adventure. The Greek meaning of the name Tessie is Reaper from the Therasia. Naming your daughter with this lovely name would definitely get endeared by everybody.

11 Polly

The name Polly has got different meanings in the different global region. The American and Hebrew meaning of the name Polly is bitter and strong-willed. The English meaning stands for ‘wished-for child’. Girls with the name Polly have a deeper desire for a having loving and stable family.

According to numerology, girls born with this name are more practical and competent and have the ability to go for obtaining greater wealth and power. Obviously, you must have heard about successful people with the same name like Polly Bergen and Polly Jean Harvey who are popular enough in their own fields.

10 Harriet

Harriet is the English form of the French name Henriette, a feminine short name of Henri (home ruler, ruler of an enclosure). It might be a difficult name to spell for young children, but the name is charming in its own way. Harriet has always remained a prevalent name and therefore we can find a huge group of famous personalities with the name Harriet.

For example- Harriet Andersson, Harriet Arbuthnot, Harriet Backer, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Harriet Bland, Harriet Bosse, Harriet Boyd-Hawes, Harriet Brooks are some of the popular persons bearing the name Harriet. Harriet has also remained the names of the central characters of many television series like ‘Small Wonders’.

9 Billie

Billie is a unisex name which has also remained quite popular during the nineteenth centuries. It is the feminine version of Billy, a pet form of the name William (the resolute protector). Billz, Bill, Lee could stand out as cute nicknames for your pretty daughter. Billie Dawn Webb, Billie Burke, Billie Dove, Billie Holiday, are the popular names starting with Billie.

People with the name Billie value the morals of justice, truth and discipline. With their practical nature, they can analyze and understand the realities of the world, as they focus on living a practical life.

8 Althea

The name Althea is taken from the Greek name Althaia and also from the Latin name Althaea. Both of these names are taken from the word ‘althainein’ which means to heal. The name was borne by Meleager, the mythological mother. Althea also means marsh flower and wholesome in Greek culture.

Althea Harper, Althea Gibson, Althea Rae Duhinio Janairo are few celebrities born with this name. While you name your baby as Althea, you can also call her as Thea, Al, Aly, Althie. Don’t these pet names sound cute for your adorable baby? The name has even been made popular by Richard Lovelace's poem 'To Althea...''.

7 Goldie

The name Goldie is taken from the English word ‘gold’ that is a precious metal used in making jewelers and currencies. Girls with this name have a deeper desire for companionship and love. They also want to work with others in harmony and peace. Being a person of a peace-loving nature, they are excellent in understanding, learning and analyzing.

The famous bearer of the name includes two popular actresses namely, Goldie Hawn and Goldie Priya Lee. Also, people bearing this name are of a fun-loving nature too. A name with such a glamorous meaning and significance is worthy for your little daughter.

6 Geneva

The name is derived from the popular name of a city namely Geneva, in Switzerland. It is taken from an old French word ‘genevre’ which means a juniper berry. It can also be considered as the diminutive form of the name Genevieve. The pet names for Geneva would be Jenny, Nevie, Genie, Evie, Neve, Eva, Gigi, Ginny, Gin, Neva, and others. Girls bearing the name Geneva have magnetic personalities.

They are intuitive, romantic and compassionate enough. Also, they are broadminded and carry a kind of humanitarian attitude with them. They are particularly known for their romantic nature as they fall in love very easily.

5 Trixie

Trixie is a Latin baby name whose name’s meaning stands for joy. Trixie is someone who brings joy with her. Although the English meaning for the name is also the same it is an abbreviation of the name Beatrix. Girls with this name are dedicated to building their own lives and also they tend to be very orderly.

They have a keen desire for adventure and travel. Trix sounds to be a cool name for your baby, Trixie. The name has also been used in popular cultures and television media. They are conservative and cautious at certain times.

4 Winnie


Winnie has remained a popular name in various cultures. It is also a name frequently used in television series, for example, Winnie, the Pooh is one of the most favorite cartoon characters for children worldwide. The name has been taken from the popular word Winifred.

Pet names for your baby girl Winnie could be Winsie or Win. Winnie Mandela, Winnie, Winnie Ewing, Winnie Hsin, Winnie Rose Fallon, are some of the famous bearers. The girls with the name Winnie are dreamers and they are known for working hard in order to make their dreams come true.

3 Josefina

Josefina is the feminine name for Joseph. The name stands for the meaning, ‘God shall add’. Girls with the name Josefina tends to be philosophers, mystics, teachers, and scholars. Also, they are of introspective and quiet nature but are usually introverts. It is a popular American and Spanish name.

Jose, Chepina, Chepa, Jo, Pepa, Josie, Pina would be the suitable pet names for your baby girl. Won’t it be lovely to name your newborn baby with such a delicate and charming name? They are specifically known for expressing themselves through their speech and music.

2 Minnie


Minnie is the pet name for Miryam. Miryam is a Hebrew name which means ‘sea of sorrow’ or ‘sea of bitterness’. However, according to few sources, Minnie also means rebellion or ‘wished-for-child’. The name is also referred to as the Mistress of the sea.

Minnie is also the traditional nickname for Mary. Minnie Mouse is the famous Disney cartoon character based on whom you can name your pretty little princess. Most of the people also consider Minnie to be a Teutonic name and the name stands for the meaning ‘loving memory’. Girls born with the name Minnie are often aggressive but they also tend to be courageous. They are impatient and sometimes stubborn too.

1 Millicent

Millicent stands for being strong. She would grow up to be the most amazing girl and would also make you proud of her achievements. A mixture of both amazing persona and beauty, girls named with Millicent are also very intelligent. Millicent is someone who is funny, smart, caring, outgoing yet shy.

Famous personalities like Dame Millicent Fawcett, Millicent Fenwick, Millicent Martin, Millicent Preston-Stanley, Millicent Sutherland-Leveson-Gower, are bestowed with this beautiful name. You can call your daughter with beautiful nicknames like Liz, Millie, Milzie and so on. It is said that the name Millicent was brought to England by the Normans themselves.

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