One of the beautiful and amazing names for your cute little daughter, the name Fern comes from the old English word ‘fern’ which means shade-loving plant. The name Fern embodies sincerity and generosity towards others. It is a symbol of confidence, magic, shelter, fascination, reverie, discretion, and overall

it means a secret bond of love.

Fern Fitzgerald, Fern Holland, Fern Michaels, Fern Britton, is some of the popular persons with the same name. Fern is often used as a pet name for people named Fernicus, Fernio, and Fernanda. Ferny and Fern-o are cute nicknames for girls with the name Fern. Girls named Fern tend to have an optimistic outlook on life, they are cheerful and outgoing personalities who are fun to hang around with.

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