25 Charming Names From England Parents Have Rarely Heard

England is one of the fascinating countries in existence. The country makes up part of the larger United Kingdom and it has a large place on the Island of Great Britain. England has a long history of conquering and holding dominion over other countries. Through conflict and hardship, government changes and modernization, England has persisted as a country and it continues to be a leader in the world.

There is a fascination with England but also there is the untrue assumption that England is familiar or common and that it will be boring to outsiders. There are parts of England that are familiar, as the country has spread its influence so far throughout the world, however, there are other things that are entirely unique and one of those things is the language and the names. England has names that are distinctly theirs, that have a sound and a look to them entirely different than any others. The names are beautiful and strong, often relating to occupations or nature, being very practical. For parents who are looking for a solid name that is attractive and bold, take a look at these English names. Any mom and dad are sure to find something they love with the feeling of sophistication and uniqueness that comes from England.

26 Abilene

Abilene  is a unisex name that comes from an English origin but has ties to a Hebrew past. The name has a nature meaning of, “grass.” The name Abilene is also a place name mentioned as a place name in the Bible, and it is a city in Texas as well as Kansas.

This sweet and soft English name does offer some variations such as Abileen or Abalene. The nickname Abbie or Abby is also a definite possibility, making it a great replacement for the over popular Abigail. The name Abilene despite is charm has not yet gained popularity in the United States even though it is the title of a song by Sheryl Crow.

25 Aldous

Aldous is an English name with ties to German. This bold and brusque boy’s name has a meaning of, “old.” The name Aldous has not gained much popularity despite having seen the spotlight as the name of the author of Brave New World, Aldous Huxley.

The name Aldous has a formal feel to it that may be off putting however it does offer the Italian variation which could also serve as a nickname, Aldo. The name Aldous is a fantastic replacement for names like Andrew and Allen to allow you to create a more formal sound but with old world charm and uniqueness that comes from a rare name.

24 Annesley

Annesley is a gorgeous name in both appearance and sound. The name Annesley is an English girl’s name, a variation on Ansley and it means, “clearing with a hermitage.” This name has not gained significant popularity as of yet and therefore it retains its fairytale quality.

Annesley could be the perfect substitute for names like Ashley which have become so commonplace they have lost most of their charm. The name Annesley can also be spelled Ansley or Ainsley and it does allow for the nickname Ann or Lee to shorten the sweet name. A unique and sweet choice perfect for your little princess Annesley is a modern sounding name right out of a fairytale.

23 Archer

Archer has gained significant popularity making it to number 254 on Nameberry’s name charts. This name is an English boy’s name which means, “Bowman.” The name is strong and bold as you would expect an archer to be and it commands attention.

The name may be gaining more popularity because of the increase of archery use in pop culture in recent years, from the Hunger Games to the Avengers and Arrow archery has taken center stage in many recent films. To give the name a little bit of a cute side there is the nickname Archie which can be used as well.

22 Baylor

An English name that has an occupation meaning, Baylor has gained some popularity as a boy’s name. Even though the name has gained more popularity as a boy’s name, the name is one that has a more masculine sound, this means there is hope that it will gain traction as a girl’s name due to the trend of using more tomboy names for girls.

The name Baylor means, “horse trainer.” This name comes from an occupation but it is also animal-related as well making it perfect for parents who love nature or horses. The name is also flexible in spelling, Bailer, Bayler or Bailor are all options. This is a great name to replace the overused Bailey.

21 Bellamy

Bellamy is the perfect twist on the overused and over popular Bella. The name Bellamy is an English name that can be used as either a boy’s or girls name but has a distinctly more feminine sound. The name is English but it can also be Irish and it comes from a French origin so there is a bit of a complex history. The name means, “fine friend,” a meaning befitting your new little bestie.

The name Bellamy is a name that has spelling variations such as Bellamie, Bellamey, Bellemy, or Belamy. The name also offers nicknames such as Bell, Bella or Amy.

20 Brinley

This name is one that has a nature meaning that is a bit morbid but it has a fiest to it that makes this sweet and unique name all the more loveable. The name Brinley is an English name that can be for either a boy or a girl and it means, “burnt meadow.” The name has gained some popularity on the name charts, primarily as a girl’s name, likely due to the slight feminine sound.

The name Brinley is a sweet and soft sounding name that is the perfect alternative to names like Brandy and Brianna for girls or Brandon and Brian for boys. This name is the perfect balance of strong and soft. The name is a great choice for any baby however it is bound to be seen as slightly more girly.

19 Boden

Boden is a surname with an English origin that is traditionally a boy’s name. This strong and bold name means, “hill shaped like a bow or floor.” The This name is one that is similar to names that are currently popular but it has not yet gained enough popularity to make it onto the charts.

Nameberry points out that the name Boden has meanings in variations languages such as meaning, “ground, earth, or soil,” in German. The name in Scandinavian means, “shelter.” The name is also a city in northern Sweden. This is a name is short and strong and has many different meanings making it uniquely customizable in that you are able to utilize the different meanings and origins.

18 Denver

A unisex place name, the means more than just a city in Colorado. The name Denver is an English name which means, “from Anvers.” The name is English or French and it doubles as a place or surname, This name has many uses and it still manages to bold and bright. The name Denver has gained some popularity likely due to its connection to popular cities. Denver has reached number 823 on the Nameberry name charts.

This bold and strong name is one that gains most of its notoriety from the places it comes from, however, it has also seen the spotlight light as the last name of singer John Denver and actor Denver Pyle, known for The Andy Griffith Show and Bonnie and Clyde.

17 Draper

Draper is an example of an English occupation based name. The name Draper comes from the clothing industry and it is a boy’s name which means, “cloth merchant.” The name Draper has gotten more spotlight as a last name than a first name and therefore this dashing and dapper first name has not yet gained much popularity as a first name.

Draper is a name that has recently been brought into the spotlight through the character Don Draper on the television series Mad Men, played by Jon Hamm. The name has also been the last name of actors, Polly Draper and Alex Draper Wolff. This name has an old-school edge too it that is unique and bold but still with class.

16 Ellery

While Ellery is a name that is unisex it is one that may fair better as a girl’s name due to its similarity to the popular girl’s names, Elle and Ellen. The name Ellery is an English name relating to location and nature which means, “island with elder trees.”

While the name has not reached significant popularity in the United States it has seen some spotlight as the name of actresses and musicians. The name offers the versatility to have many options as far as spelling. The spelling options include Elleree, Eleri, Eleree, Ellerie, Elleri, Elery, Elerie for girls. While for boy’s name the suggested variations include Ellary and Ellerey. The name offers the nickname Elle, El and even possibly Lary.

15 Eldridge

This name is perfect for those who wish for their son to be wise and bold and a good leader. The name Eldridge is an English boy’s name which means, “old, wise leader.” This name has a feel to it of wisdom and regality that is often found in tales where there is a wise old figure like a wizard or an elder.

Eldridge has a formality to it that has not been popular in recent years however the interesting sound and uniqueness of the name may outweigh that. This name has not gained popularity in the United States, despite belonging to many athletes and singers, but with something so special and unique do you really want it to be so popular everyone has it? Perfect for your one of a kind little guy Eldridge is a name full of promise and elegance.

14 Faine

Faine is a happy little English name. This beautiful name which has a light and airy quality to it actually means, “joyful.” The name Faine can be used for either boys or girls although the Faine spelling has a slightly more feminine appeal. If you are looking for something with a bit more edge and more of a masculine look the spelling, Fane may be better suited for you.

Faine has not gained much attention in the United States as of yet. However, this lack of notoriety does not hurt this happy little name. With a similar feel to names like Fang or Fae this name has a fairytale quality to it that the rarity just makes even stronger. Faine is a perfect balance between strong and bold and light and feminine which is why it works so well for either boys or girls.

13 Granger

Granger is an occupation name that means, “worker of the granary.” This English boy’s name may not have a meaning that is easy to tie to the present but it represents a hard-working history and has a strong and steady sound that has the perfect balance of melody and masculinity.

Granger was originally a last name it is still better known as one which may explain why it is missing from the charts, however, its lack of popularity is more of a plus than a minus. The rarity of the name makes it the perfect substitute for more common and overused names like Gregory or George. While Granger made an appearance in country music through singer Granger Smith it is better known in literature. The name Granger has been featured in Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. Better known the name Granger serves as the last name of one of the beloved three main characters in the Harry Potter series, Hermione Granger. This last name is definitely overdue for the spotlight as a first name.

12 Hadley

Hadley is a name that may be unisex but has gained much more popularity as a girl’s name than it has as a boys. The name Hadley is English and means, “heathery field.” The name has made it to the 113th spot on the girl’s name charts on Nameberry however it has not made it onto the boy’s charts at all just yet.

The name Hadley remains a popular baby name choice for the rich and famous. This trend goes back to Ernest Hemmingway naming his son John Hadley Nicanor and has continued to today with NFL player Jason Witten, and a Nordic skier and a speed skater choosing the name for their daughters. This sweet and unassuming name is definitely a favorite for a reason and it is a name that allows a great deal of creativity with countless variations. Some spelling variations include Hadlea, Hadlee, Hedley, Hadlie, Hedleigh, Hadli, Hadleigh, Hedlea or Hadly. Perfect for modern parents looking for a tomboy name with customization options, Hadley is bound to gain popularity in the coming years.

11 Hartley

Hartley is a strong sounding name with a personality all its own. This English name is another unisex name and it has a meaning of, “stag meadow.” This name has definite potential as either a girl’s name or a boy’s depending on how you use it and it is an exceptionally go choice for parents interested in nature names of those related to horses.

The name Hartley offers a variety of spelling variations that either serve to make the name appear more masculine or feminine. When the name is spelled, Hartley or Hartly it has a more masculine feel. In contrast when the name is spelled Hartleigh, Hartlie, Hartlee or Hartli it has a more feminine look to it. No matter which way you spell this bold and crisp sounding name it is sure to grab attention and it is definitely full of hart.

10 Kingsley

This name sounds like it should be related to all things regal and royal but in a twist, it also has a relation to nature as well. Kingsley is a name of unisex use which has a meaning of, “king’s meadow.” This name is one that has gained some popularity having made it onto the name charts on Nameberry for boys, landing at spot number 654. Unfortunately, the name has not enjoyed the same popularity for girls, however with new trends leaning towards more tomboyish names for girl’s it is possible it will soon make the charts as a girl’s name as well.

The name Kingsley has made its appearance in the spotlight quite a few times and in some very unique ways. The name was given to the granddaughter of designer Ralph Lauren, Kingsley Rainbow. The name has also appeared in the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling, Kingsley Shacklebolt. These two references are only the tip of the iceberg for this fantastic name and it has endless possibilities for the future, perfect for your ruler.

9 Morely

Morley is a name which has a sound similar to popular names but is still unique and it definitely holds its own. The name Morley is an English name with a unisex tradition and it has a meaning of, “moor or meadow clearing.” The name is one which easily connects to its meanings, moor can easily turn into Morley and yet the name sounds so much more pleasant than the simple word it originates from.

Morley is a name that had a familiar sound mimicking popular names such as Carly, Harley or Marley and yet it brings in the o instead of the a and creates and origin twist that keeps it interesting and unique. To keep with a theme of uniqueness and personalization Morley offers some spelling variations such as, Moorley, Moorly, Morlee, Morrley, Morly or Morleigh which allow a parent to choose precisely the perfect name for their precious little one.

8 Ridley

Ridley is a name is with a nature meaning, an English origin, and a unisex use. The name Ridley has a meaning of, “cleared wood,” giving the impression of a magical clearing in a forest. Ridley has a familiar sound to it although it has not gained enough popularity to make it onto the name charts in the United States as either a girl’s or boy’s name.

The name Ridley offers some intriguing spelling variations such as Rhidley, Riddley, and Ridly. If you are looking for a more feminine variation you could try the spellings, Ridlea or Ridleigh. The name has belonged to people from vast backgrounds and is one that continues to appear in games and books. This strong and steadfast name is a choice that is perfect for parents looking for a steady and sound name that has a comforting and familiar sound but has not been overused.

7 Rylan

A name with an English and Irish origin the name Rylan is typically more popular among boys however it is unisex and is gaining more popularity with girls. The name currently sits on the popularity charts at number 287 for boys and 797 for girls. With a meaning of, “island meadow,” this beautiful nature name is a fantastic option for any baby.

The name Rylan is a much-needed substitute for the name Ryan which is overused and has become all too common. This name typically does not offer much spelling variation, however, there is the more feminine looking variation of Rylynn. Rylan adds a twist and gains back some charm and uniqueness that has been lost by the name Ryan although it is still familiar and comforting.

6 Sawyer

Sawyer is a name that has gained enough popularity to make it into the top names list for both boys and girls. The name has a spot on Nameberry’s charts at number 95  for boys and 224 girls showing just how popular the name truly has become. English in origin, this name is an occupational name and means, “woodcutter.”

While the unisex aspects of this name are more recent, it has quickly gained popularity as a girl’s name likely due to the sweet but strong and tomboyish sound of the name. This versatile name allows for variations such as Sawyar or Sawyor. Perfect for your bold little nature lover, where a boy or girl give Sawyer a try.

5 Tenley

Tenley is a name that is perfect for those parents looking for a tomboyish name for their little girls. The name Tenley is a beautiful name of English origin that has a meaning of, “burnt clearing.” This sassy bold name has gained enough popularity to earn it a ranking of number 746 on Nameberry’s top names.

Tenley has a sound to it that is similar to names like Taylor and the popular Tyler which is becoming more unisex. Similar to more well-known names Tenley brings something new to the mix, this makes the name perfect for a replacement for those more common names.

The name Tenley has been in the spotlight on and off and most recently it was the daughter of NFL player Chase Reynolds. This sassy and bold name is the perfect options for something strong and sweet for your little one.

4 Van

Van is a name that is given either an English or a Dutch origin. This name is unisex however given its more masculine tone it is no wonder that it has gained more popularity as a boy’s name. The name Van can stand on its own or as a girl’s name be the shortened form of the name Vanessa, which is an English name as well.

Van is short and bold, there is no room for mistakes or misspelling this name is a simple and to the point as they come. The name Van does not offer much in the way of flexibility however due to its short nature.

3 Wren

Wren is a unisex nature name which has held popularity like because of its versatility as both a girl’s or boy’s name and its strong bold sound. The name has a tomboy sound and a look that is unique utilizing a W, however, there is still a soft and calm quality about the name. Despite being unisex the name has made it onto the girl’s name chart on Nameberry at number 465. The name, however, has not yet made the boy’s list.

Wren’s are sweet little songbirds and according to Nameberry they are thought of in Ireland to be the “magician of the birds.” There is also an early tale which has led to the bird being known as King of the Birds. Wren has made an appearance in movies and television most recently there was an appearance in the popular television series Pretty Little Liars where Julian Morris plays Dr. Wren Kingston. This perfect nature name is strong but still soft in sound and balanced.


1 Reign

Reign is a word name that has an English origin. This name is a more modern name that has gained recent popularity in the wake of the popularity of name with royal meanings. This sweet little English name has a meaning the same as the name, “to reign.” The name also has a resting place at number 961 on the Nameberry popularity charts for boys and the name is at number 704 for girls.

The name has recently been a favorite of celebrity’s when naming their babies. Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick named their son Reign Aston and Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys named his son Odin Reign. The name also appears as part of Will and Jada Smith’s daughter’s name, Willow Camille Reign as well as Lil Kim’s daughter Royal Reign. The name Reign has also recently gained popularity as a Television series about Mary Queen of Scotts. This name has a ton of potential to add a royal meaning while still having an elegant sound.

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