25 Charming Names From Scotland Parents Have Rarely Heard (Part 2)

Scotland is a fan favorite, a land of beauty and wonders this country has captivated the world for centuries. From the landscape of lush green hills to the beautiful coastline, the country is full of contradiction and surprises. With deep roots, history, and legends, Scotland offers a language rich with names unheard of. Some are long forgotten and some were created by myth itself. The names of Scotland are often location names or surnames that have been turned into first names. These names are strong and bold. They have unique spellings and beautiful sounds. Unlike anywhere else in the world, Scotland offers a language all its own and showcases that through names created over centuries that are entirely unique to it.

If parents are looking for names with history, elegance and a uniqueness that is hard to find, try Scottish names. They are sure to have what parents are looking for. They may be especially fitting for parents who have Scottish roots from long ago, or even a Scottish last name. Names help people connect with their culture, so a first name from this lovely place is the perfect thing for so many parents-to-be, whether they have Scottish ancestry or not.

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25 Artis

A fierce Scottish girl’s name, the name Artis means, “bear.” Artis is a strong and bold name that will definitely command attention. There is nothing subtle or submissive about this beautiful name. While this name has a bold sound and a fantastic nature meaning it has not gained much popularity in the United States just yet. A lack of popularity may not be a bad thing, however, keeping the rarity of the name only creates a stronger mystery around it.

The name Artis does also come up as a Czech variation on Arthur if you are looking to use it as a boy’s name. The name allows the spelling variation of Artice as well for those looking for a different look. Perfect for your little bear, Artis is strong and fierce just like she is.

24 Munro

Munro is Scottish in origin and is traditionally a boy’s name. Munro is a location name that indicates, “mouth of the river Ro.” This name is a strong masculine name that may bring to mind the last name Monroe associated with the President or famous actress Marilyn Monroe.

While the name is strong and sturdy it has not been utilized to its fullest. This name remains one that is relatively unheard of. This charming Scottish name is the perfect solution to overused boy’s names such as Michael, Matthew or Mark. In addition to the alternate spelling Monroe, the name can also be spelled Munroe to allow for some personalization and creativity.

23 Mairi

This beautiful little name is a Scottish variation on a fan favorite. Mairi is the Scottish version of the beloved girl’s name Mary. The Scottish spelling brings an edge and new life to this familiar and commonly used name. Mairi means, “bitter,” and comes from Hebrew origins originally. While the names look similar Mairi is pronounced MAW-re giving it a slightly different sound than the classic Mary or mar-e.

The name Mary has held popularity for years becoming overused and extremely common. Utilizing the Scottish variation Mairi is the perfect way to add some individuality and creativity to the name. The name Mairi would also be a fantastic middle name as Mary is so often used as a middle name.

22 Lyle

Lyle is a name that can be used for either boys or girls however it has a sound that makes it more popular as a boy’s name. The name Lyle is Scottish and English coming from French roots. Lyle means, “someone who lives on an island.” As a boy’s name Lyle has gained enough popularity to reach number 993 on the name charts. Unfortunately, as a girl’s name, it has not experienced the same success.

If you are looking for a more feminine version of this name Lisle is an option. However for those who like the trend of using more tomboyish names for girls the name Lyle may be perfect. A great choice for island and nature loving parents who are looking for a name that will still be taken seriously when your child is an adult Lyle is a classic Scottish name with a relaxed and easy going feel.

21 Logan

Logan has been a unisex name for quite a while and has long been popular as both a boys and girl’s name. The name Logan was originally a Scottish surname but has since become so popular as a first name that it has reached the 5th spot for boys and the 292nd spot for girls on the Nameberry name charts. Logan has a sweet meaning of, “small hollow.”

The name Logan is smooth and sweet sounding but retains a cheerful undertone. Logan has been featured in Hollywood many times, Wolverine is known as Logan as well as the character Logan Echolls on Veronica Mars, played by Jason Dohring and Logan Huntzberger on Gilmore Girls played by Matt Czuchry. The name has been featured in Hollywood for girls as well. The character Logan Rawlings is played by Ashley Tisdale on the television series Young and Hungry. This cheerful and sweet Scottish name is sure to remain popular in the years to come and is a fantastic choice for those looking for a bold and bright name for their little one.

20 Iagan

This exotic looking name is the Scottish variation of the name Egan. The perfect spelling variation for those looking to change things up Iagan is a Scottish variation of Egan, which is a variation of Aidan an Irish name which means, “little fire.” While Aidan has gained notice as a boy’s name, the variations on it, including Iagan remain relatively unpopular.

Iagan has an eye-catching spelling that is for sure. The name is one that is perfect for those looking for something different in appearance but familiar in sound. Perfect for your fiesty little boy who is the fire in your life this unique looking name will definitely set them apart from the crowd.

19 Lileas

For all those parents who love flower names but are looking for something unique and different, Lileas may be the perfect solution. The name Lileas is the Scottish variation of the English name Lily which is for the flower. The name Lileas adds a unique twist to an all too common name, so beloved in fact that it has earned a spot at number 33 on the name charts.

Lileas is a name that creates a more fairytale-like quality to the simple Lily. This name has some variations such as Lilas, Lillias, Lilias or Lillas. The name also allows for Lile or Lily as a nickname so you can keep the fan favorite Lily and create a longer more formal name as well.

18 Kerr

Short and bold the name Kerr is a Scottish name that has an edgy sound that is definitely unique. This name is all edge however it means, “living near the wet ground,” a nature meaning which is soft and sweet. This location and nature name is short and bold definitely commanding the attention of anyone who hears it.

Kerr is a name that has not gained much attention in the United States. This lack of popularity may be due to the harsh sound or the shortness of the name both of which until recently were not popular. In recent years, however, edgier names have become more popular and short names are more and more desirable with parents no longer feeling a need for a formal full first name.

17 Ilisa

The name Ilisa is a sweet and beautiful name that is perfect for those parents who love names like Elsa or Alisa but want something a little bit more unique. The name Ilisa is a Scottish and English variation on Alisa and Elisa. The name shares its meaning with the Hebrew name Alisa which means, “great happiness.”

The name Ilisa is perfect for parents looking for a girl’s name that is feminine in sound but offers a great deal of variation and creativity. The name Ilisa can be spelled in a multitude of ways such as Ilyza, Ilyssa, Iliza, Ilycia, Ilissa or Illyssa for starters.

16 Fife

Fife is actually an area of Scotland. Fife is an extremely popular area to visit as it has rustic villages and towns as well as castles and museums. This coastal area is beautiful and one of the most diverse areas in Scotland. The name Fife is a representation of that area, the area is beautiful and bold, as is the name.

Fife is a name that is used for both girls and boys. The name is strong and bold, there is a mischievous fairytale quality to it. Fife is a name that is perfect for parents who care more about sound and what feelings a name inspires than a predetermined meaning.

15 Ishbel

Ishbel is the Scottish variation on the extremely popular name Isabel. Both this beautiful names mean, “pledged to God,” as they are a variation on the Hebrew classic Elizabeth. Ishbel has not enjoyed the popularity of its Spanish cousin Isabel who currently sits at number 145 on the name charts. Due to its lack of notice Ishbel has retained some of its mystery and uniqueness.

While Ishbel has not gained popularity of its own it is the perfect substitute of its cousin name Isabel. The name also allows for the popular nickname Bell. This name has not made its debut in the spotlight however it has seen some light as the name of author Ishbel Ross, a Scottish author known for writing biographies.

14 Euan

This name is Gaelic in origin but it is an Anglicized variation on the name Eoghann. While Eoghann may be a mouthful Euan is much easier to handle. The name Euan is traditionally a boy’s name which means, “born of the yew tree.”

The alternative spelling Ewan is much more well-known thanks to actor Ewan MacGregor, however, this spelling has been in the spotlight with the character Euan Abercrombie in Harry Potter. Euan is a great alternative to names like Evan or Ian for parents looking for a familiar name with a slightly unique twist. Euan is also the perfect option for nature-loving parents due to its connection to the yew tree and nature.

13 Glenn

Glenn is a name that has close ties to nature and often inspires images of green grass and beautiful valleys. The name Glenn is a beautiful bold Scottish name which means, “a narrow valley.” The name Glenn can be used for either girls or boys however it has seen more use as a boy’s name in the United States than as a girl’s.

Nameberry indicates that the name was more popular around the post-WWII years and that it has since diminished in use. The name has seen the spotlight as a girl’s name through actress Glenn Close, known for Fatal Attraction (1887) however that did not do much to inspire the use of the name for girls. This short and sweet name is a perfect nature name for parents who are looking for a name to inspire images of lush beauty.

12 Glasgow

As a name, this may be slightly less traditional but it most definitely has roots in Scotland. The name Glasgow is best known as the name of a city in west-central Scotland. The beautiful city which bears this name is Scotland’s largest city and its name has Gaelic origins coming from Glaschu meaning, “green glen.”

The name Glasgow is one that can be utilized for either girls or boys. While this name has not been utilized yet with much popularity this may soon change. There has been a growing trend in the United States of using cities as names such as Dallas or Denver. There is also the use of place names as middle names such as Scotland used by Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick for their daughter Penelope Scotland.

11 Firth

Firth is a Scottish nature name that is perfect for ocean-loving parents. The name Firth means, “estuary or arm of the sea.” Firth is a strong sounding and commanding name which is unique when it comes to nature and ocean names which can have a hippie sound to them.

The name Firth is one that has also been a surname, such as with the actor Colin Firth. Nameberry also points of that the name Firth comes from the Old Norse word for Fjord which explains its ties to water and where its roots stem from. Firth is a fierce and strong name for your feisty little water baby.

10 Evander

Evander is a bold, bright and strong name which has a dual origin. The name Evander has roots in both Scotland and Greece. The name Evander means either, “bow warrior,” or “strong man.” This name is one that is definitely unlike anything popular in the United States currently and it has managed to stay relatively under the radar itself.

Evander is a name that would be a perfect way to create a longer more formal name for the nickname Evan. The name is also a great alternative to the name Alexander having a similar sound and meaning. While managing to remain relatively under the radar the name has been picked up by Hollywood a time or two in recent years. The name was used by rapper Example for his son. This name is perfect for your little fighter and may even be a fantastic girl’s name especially with the use of the names Evan and Alex for girls.

9 Elspeth

This Scottish variation on a Hebrew classic is a beautiful twist on a well-known name. Elspeth is the Scottish variation for Elizabeth. The ever-popular traditional Hebrew name Elizabeth currently sits at number 13 on the Nameberry name charts and has been a top 25 name for years. The name has in fact only fallen below the twenty-fifth spot once since 1880 and that was in 1945 when it fell to 26.

Since Elizabeth is so well-known and so well-liked it is about time there was a variation that was similar but still could hold its own. Elspeth is the perfect balance between similarity and uniqueness having the meaning, “pledged to God,” and familiar look of Elizabeth with a spelling and sound twist that make it just different enough to hold its own as a separate name.

8 Dalziel

At first glance, this name looks like the beloved name Daniel. The name Dalziel, however, is much more unique and exotic and the fact that it is not well known in the United States only adds to its mystery. Dalziel is a magical Scottish name which means, “the small field.”

This name may not have made a name for itself in Hollywood but it has however made a place for itself in history. The name Dalziel has belonged to an English research chemist, Dalziel Llewelly Hammick and to a British newspaper owner and Prime Minister Davison Dalziel 1st Baron Dalziel of Wooler. Dalziel is definitely a name that is exotic, elegant and even historic, perfect for your researcher or your future Prime Minister.

7 Caoimhe

This complex looking name is Scottish or Irish in origin. Although complex in appearance that name Caoimhe is also beautiful and it means just that, “beautiful.” Caoimhe is pronounced, kee-va or Kwee-vah which only adds to the complexity of this beautiful name as it sounds nothing like what it looks like.

The beautiful Caoimhe is sure to stump many people with its unique spelling and pronunciation. This beautiful name has been popular throughout Ireland and Scotland however it is not one that has gained much popularity in the United States likely due to its confusing spelling pronunciation contradiction. However, if you are willing to overlook complexity this name is an absolutely gorgeous and unique option for your beautiful baby.

6 Callum

Callum is a strong and bold Scottish name that is a variation on the Latin name Columba. The name Callum, and Columba means, “dove.” This strong masculine name has seen significant popularity and has begun to make a place for itself on the name charts, listed at number 611 on the name charts for boys by Nameberry.

The name Callum is the perfect alternative to names like Colin or Caleb which has become overused and common. This is also the perfect choice for nature-loving parents looking for a bird-related name that has a masculine feel to it but a smooth sound.

5 Ferelith

A fierce and bold Scottish girl’s name Ferelith is definitely a name which stands out. This name has ancient roots and has seen popularity on and off throughout the years but has always remained. The name Ferelith means, “true sovereignty,” and can be traced through ancient Ireland and the Gaelic names Forbhlaith or Forbflaith.

The name Ferelith may not have much popularity in the United States but it is popular throughout Europe. Ferelith is the name of actresses and artists. The name belongs to a prime minister and even to Anne Ferelith Fenella Bowes-Lyon who was a Princess of Denmark. With ancient ties and historic strength, this name is made for a ruler and is perfect for your little princess.

4 Brech

The name Breck has a harsh sound to it that is definitely noticeable. Breck is a name which is Scottish in origin and is a boy’s name meaning, “speckled.” The name is short and crisp which a sound almost like that of a nickname.

Breck has a preppy feel to it and is similar to name like Brick or Tripp. This name could be one which is a perfect replacement for those overused names with similar sounds like Rick or even the lesser used name Brock. Breck is unique and new giving it a fresh sound that is sure to be individual to your little one.

3 Alick

Alick is a unique and interesting spelling variation on the name Alec which is Greek in origin. This name is a diminutive of Alexander and means, “defending men.” A commanding name with a strong meaning this name has a modern masculine feel to it. The name Alick has not gained much popularity with the Scottish spelling however the traditional spelling currently sits at 507 on the name charts.

The name Alick has not seen much usage by Hollywood however it was utilized by Charles Dickens in both The Old Curiosity Shop (1841) through Alick Cleggs and in Great Expectations (1861) as one of the brothers of Herbert Pocket was named Alick. Although not wildly popular the name Alick is strong and bold and the Scottish spelling is certainly eye-catching a fantastic choice for your little warrior.

2 Bowie

Bowie is likely a name you are familiar with. The name Bowie gained significant noteriarity through singer-songwriter, David Bowie, born David Robert Jones. David Bowie definitely added a spark to this bright and colorful Scottish name. The name Bowie is one that can be utilized for both boys and girls. Bowie means blond and while it was originally a surname it has begun to gain more ground as a first name.

Bowie has become more and more popular as a first name being used as a baby name more often for boys and girls alike, this trend has only been fueled by the unfortunate passing of David Bowie. The name has been given to the daughter of Jesse Lacey of the Brand New, actors Dane DeHaan and Anna Wood and actor Jackson Rathbone. There is definitely no shortage to the baby boys with the name as well, actress Zoe Saldana chose it for her son along with model Tess Holliday, and singers Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale.

1 Aaran

A sharp and beautiful spelling variation on the classic and ever-popular Aaron, the name Aaran is a Scottish variation that brings a fresh twist to the fan favorite. Aaron is a name with Hebrew roots that has held popularity for years currently sitting at number 46 on the Nameberry popularity charts. The name means, “high mountain or exalted or enlighted.” With such strong and beautiful meanings it is no wonder parents are so apt to choose this sweet name for their bundles of joy.

Aaron is a name that walks a fine line having unisex spelling variations such as Arin or female names with the same sound but different spellings such as Erin. Despite Aaran being traditionally a boy’s name this edgy and beautiful spelling may be perfect for parents who love the sound of the name for a girl but hate the Erin spelling.

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