25 Charming Names From Scotland Parents Have Rarely Heard

Scotland is a place that brings to mind rolling green hills, castles with old spirits, and the Loch Ness monster. It is not surprising that magic comes to mind with the myths, castles, and history that abound. Myths like that of the green lady, a shadowy figure roaming a castle, said to have been witnessed by Queen Victoria, and Isobel Gowdie the Queen of the Scottish Witches are plentiful. Aside from myths of ghosts and witches that roam the halls of castles from centuries past, are tales of fairies, mermaids, dragons, and brownies gracing the countryside as well.

Scotland is as rich in tradition and history as it is in folklore and that has made it the perfect place for the creation of some of the most charming and unique baby names ever. The 25 names on our list all have origins in the magical country of Scotland and all the charm of the country itself.

The names of Scotland pull from the landscape of the country, the names of an individual’s birthplace and often denote what an individual looks like. The unique feel and charm of the Scottish names come from the fact that many have avoided being changed by the English language as of yet, or their origins are well known and can be traced allowing parents to keep the traditional feel and honor their ancestral roots. Whether it be the folklore, the ancestry or just because mom loves the charm and sound, I highly recommend considering a Scottish name for the little one.

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25 Graham

To kick the list off we start with a fairly easy name Graham. Graham is a Scottish name with the meaning “gravel homestead.”

This name is linked to a Scottish legend, the legend of a Warrior.

Oh Baby! Names explains that in the legend Gram was a Caledonian warrior who fought the Romans and penetrated the Antoine Wall. This wall goes across an area of Scotland known as Graham’s Dyke another reference to the name.

A simple name Graham has not gained mass popularity but has remained on the charts for many years making sure to keep a spot for itself. The name is versatile for such a short and simple name. Spelling variations that are available are Gram or Graeme. There are no common nicknames as the name itself is already so short and to the point.

The name belonged to inventor Alexander Graham Bell who invented the telephone, chef Graham Kerr, and painter Graham Sutherland. Also to musicians such as Graham Nash, Graham Bond, and Graham Colton. There is also author Graham Greene, racing driver Graham Hill, and soccer players Graham Brown and Graham Horn.

Graham is a simple straightforward name that comes from a country with a rich ancestral tradition. The men that have held the name have ranged from inventors to race car drivers. This is the perfect name for a simple strong and bold baby boy.

24 Maisie

This charming name means “pearl.” Maisie is the diminutive form of Mairead which is the Scottish version of Margaret, which is Greek in origin. Maisie is also considered a diminutive form of Margaret. The name gained strength possibly due to its connection with St. Margaret as many parents used the names of saints as a form of protection for their children. St. Margaret comes with an ancient story of marriage proposals and refusal that end in being eaten by a dragon depending on which story you believe. Either way, the saint helped to popularize the sweet and short name.

Sweet melodious Maisie is one of many nicknames for Margaret or Mairead and even as a shortened version the name offers versatility in its spelling and a sweet nickname.

Maisie is the most popular but the name can also be spelled as Maisy, Maisee, Mayzie or Maizie. There is the adorable nickname Mae or May as an option for a pet name.

The name belongs to two British actresses, Maisie Smith and Maisie Williams and is also the title of a song by Syd Barrett. Dr. Seuss has even written a book called, “Daisy-Head Mayzie.” This name is a pearl that is perfect for any little princess, short, sweet, melodious and absolutely charming.

23 Gavin

Gavin has one of the more unique meanings on this list meaning, “white hawk.” Gavin is the Scottish version of the Welsh name Gwaine which boasts the story of an Arthurian Knight, to be more exact the perfect Knight.

Gavin has had a love-hate relationship with the popularity charts. Remaining low until the latter half of the 20th century the name had a breakthrough in the 21st century even breaking into the top 50. Another simple strong name that has a wonderful legend attached to it is no wonder it gained popularity in the United States.

Despite the overall popularity the name has not been as over-utilized by the Hollywood and is only seen in literature in the poem “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.” There is also politician Gavin Newsom, actor Gavin Macleod and musicians Gavin Rossdale and Gavin DeGraw. In sports, Gavin Coles is a golfer, Gavin Glinton a soccer player and Gavin Hoffman a football player.

With options like Gavyn, Gaven, or Gavan and nicknames like Gav or Vin this name offers the perfect balance between simplicity and strength. Simple, strong and bold Gavin is the perfect name for your little knight in shining armor.

22 Kenzie

Kenzie is the perfect wish for anyone with a meaning of, “good-looking,” or “the fair one.”

Short form of Mackenzie, this offers an option for those who do not like the Mac prefix that came with Scottish surnames turned first names. This particular name comes from the Mackenzie clan which has been around for over 700 years.

First appearing on the U.S. list in the 1970s under the name Mackenzie. Kenzie as a name itself and not just a nickname did not appear on the chart until 20 years later in the 1990s. In the 20 years since the name has climbed over 600 positions according to Oh Baby! Names.

The name Kenzie has only been in circulation for a short while having made its debut only about 20 years ago. Because of this, it has had little time to make its way into the spotlight. It has not been used in the literature of history. The name has been seen in Hollywood. The Canadian TV series Lost Girl (2010-2015) featured a character named Kenzi Malikov played by Ksenia Solo.

Kenzie is extremely versatile. The name is unisex being used for both males and females. There are spelling variations, Kenzee, Kenzey, Kenzi, and Kenzy. The perfect name for your beautiful baby Kenzie offers flexibility and a modern twist on a classic and formal name.

21 Ness

This name is probably the one on the list with the least amount of information available. The name Ness is a Scottish baby name that is traditionally used in a masculine sense. The name is one syllable and means 'from the headland."

The name Ness does not have a rating in the U.S. as it has not made it into significant U.S. popularity as of yet. The name Ness is simple and bold with a strong sound that leaves an impression so it is possible it will gain popularity it just has not yet. With the trend of American parents making names their own, it is entirely possible that it will soon be seen.

Ness has not been seen as a stand-alone name in Hollywood, literature, and history. The name could easily be seen as a nickname for Vanessa, or Janessa. On its own however the name has not been seen.

Names like Ness are the perfect mix of traditional and modern. The traditional names are often cumbersome and formal and Ness is the perfect solution to that providing a short and simple name that is easy to handle with all of the history and tradition of a classic name.

20 Isla

Another name that gets its meaning from a location, the name Isla means from the Islay island. The Isle of Islay is considered the ‘Queen of the Hebrides” a group of hundreds of islands off the coast of Scotland. Known for beautiful birdlife, and coastal seascapes the island is a destination favorite.

The formal meaning is a location one but that does not impede the simple beauty of the name.

The origin of the Island and therefore the name comes from yet another legend of a Danish princess with an apron full of stones and when the stones fell they created the islands and Ireland as well.

Despite popularity elsewhere, Isla did not reach and stay on the U.S. charts until 2008 making it one of the newest names on this list, in America at least. Isla made brief appearances prior to that but none seemed to stick.

Part of the renewed popularity of the name Isla comes from Australian actress Isla Fisher known for movies such as Wedding Crashers (2005), Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009) and The Great Gatsby (2013).

Sweet and simple Isla is not a name that offers versatility but it comes with its own charm and history that is undeniable.

19 Ewan

A meaning unlike any on the list Ewan actually means “born of the yew tree.” The yew tree has a long history in Europe of being associated with Churchyards and cemeteries. The trees live hundreds of years and grow to meters in diameter.

The name Ewan is a much more popular choice in the UK and Canada where there are higher populations of Scottish families. In the U.S. the name is gaining popularity and has moved up over 600 spots but it has not broken the top 1000 names yet as of 2018. The name has steadily been gaining popularity in the United States since the 1990s but started a decline around 2013/2014 so it is uncertain where the future of the name will go.

The name is best known for actor Ewan McGregor. The list of Ewan McGregor’s films is extensive but some of his most well-known include, Star Wars (1999, 2005, 2015), Moulin Rouge! (2001), Black Hawk Down (2001), and Beauty and the Beast (2017) among many others. There is also Ewan Porter a well-known golfer.

If you like the name Evan but are looking for something more unique and less popular. The name Ewan has a charm and tradition that make it the perfect name for your sweet little baby.

18 Rory

In line with the Scottish, this name has a history. Rory comes from the old Gaelic masculine name Ruaidhri or Ruairidh. The meaning of Rory is “red ruler,” or “red king.”

Traditionally Rory is a male name, the U.S. is the only place where the name is considered gender neutral. Rory is often used as a nickname in the U.S. for other names such as Roderick, Aurora or Lorelei.

The name Rory hit the charts in the 1940s as a male name and did not officially show up on the female names list until 60 years later in the 2000s. Despite having been around so long there has been inconsistent usage over the years for the name Rory.

The name has made it into the spotlight quite a few times. Actors such as Rory Calhoun, Rory Cochrane, and Rory Culkin. In sports golfer Rory Sabbatini, hockey player Rory Fitzpatrick, basketball players Rory Sparrow and Rory White. Rory Kennedy was a filmmaker and also the daughter of JFK. Robert Kennedy, Bill Gates, and Erroll Flynn have all named their children Rory.

Simple and strong with a complex history. The name Rory is perfect for your little ruler especially if they have a little redhead.

17 Killian

This one means “war, strife or church.”

Killian comes from yet another surname turned into a first name. In the case of this surname, it was borne by Irish saints.

One of the Saint’s lives comes with an interesting backstory that ends with beheading for him but brought attention to the name.

This name may be ancient but no one told the U.S. about it until the 1990s. The name made a brief appearance in the 90s disappeared and then did not show up again until 2007, it is holding on today but still does not have mass popularity. Despite a pleasing sound the word Kill in the name can be off-putting to some people when choosing a name.

The name lacks significant usage in literature, Hollywood and there are not famous people who bear the name other than the saints. The name Killian does show up in Television in recent years in the United States. The TV series “Once Upon a Time” (2011-2018), features Captain Killian ‘Hook’ Jones played by Colin O’Donoghue. This feature of the name Killian is one of the few uses of the name in Hollywood in modern times.

With such a strong sound and interesting past, this is definitely a unique name to bestow upon your little pirate.

16 Dallas

“From the field with the waterfall,” what picture could be more beautiful or sum up Scotland better. Dallas is a place name in both Scotland and the U.S.

In the U.S. that place in Dallas, TX. Dallas is a small rural village in Moray, Scotland.

The name was long used as a male name but in recent years has been used as a female name as well. As a boy’s name, the name has maintained a consistent place on the charts for over a century. It does show up on the charts as a female name but less frequently as it is often considered masculine.

The name Dallas shows up in literature, songs and the names of famous people. Dallas “Dally” Winston is a character in the novel “The Outsiders.” Dallas is in the title of songs by Alan Jackson, Ely Joe, Jimmy Buffett and Carlene Carter. There are a large number of famous people who bear the name Dallas as well. Dallas Lovato is an actress and the sister of singer and actress Demi Lovato. Football players Dallas Dean Clark and Dallas Reynolds. Baseball player Dallas Braden and Hockey players Dallas Drake and Dallas Smith.

Despite a reputation for being masculine Dallas is becoming more popular as a unisex name. Uncomplicated but with a sweet sound the name is perfect for your little one.

15 Mcewan

The name Mcewan is a name that is still traditionally a surname. Nameberry has begun listing it as a potential first name but this is still new. The meaning is “son of Ewan,” which can be seen earlier on the list. The name Mcewan is one in transition into use as a first name which many of the names on the list have already gone through.

The newness of the name makes it hard to track interest in it. Based on the interest in Ewan Nameberry projects that this name has promise as well. While this is possible the name Mcewan is longer and more formal which may turn off some modern parents.

The formality could work in the names favor giving people an elegance and class lacking in some of the modern names.

While the name Ewan was seen in Hollywood through Ewan McGregor from Star Wars and Moulin Rouge!, the longer version Mcewan has not been in use long enough for it to be seen in history, literature or Hollywood. Celebrities have also not had a chance to utilize the name which may explain the lack of celebrity baby names. The name Ewan could be used as a nickname for this longer version as well.

14 Bryce

An old saint’s name, the name Bryce means “speckled, or freckled.” The saint was originally an orphan having been raised by Saint Martin. Brice as the orphan was called would go on to succeed the saint first as a bishop and then becoming a saint himself. He was originally spoiled and vain but would change and be regarded as humble later in life.

Bryce has been used in the U.S. for 100 years however it did not gain real popularity until the 90s. In 1998 the name finally entered the top 100 and stayed there until 2003. Bryce is not particularly masculine sounding, to begin with, and because of its unisex sound, there is a possibility that it will begin to appear on the female name chart soon.

Bryce has not been seen often in Hollywood, literature or song titles. Bryce Davison is a famous figure skater. Actress Bryce Dallas Howard is known for roles in Jurassic World and The Help and represents two of the names on this list. Actor Bryce Johnson is known for his role in Pretty Little Liars as Detective Wilden. There are football players Bryce Benekos and Bryce Fisher and golfer Bryce Molder.

Soft sweet and unassuming Bryce or Brice is perfect for your freckled little sweetheart.

13 Knox

King of the hill Knox means, “top of the hill.” A surname that dated back to the 13th century one of the most famous men to bear it is John Knox and outspoken critic of Mary Queen of Scots in the 16th century. He went on to lead a reformation of the Church of Scotland and Presbyterian churches worldwide.

Knox as a first name has mostly been in the U.S. and it first appeared in the 19th century. The name was still uncommon and disappeared from the charts for a time. In 2009 the name suddenly became popular again after Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt named their son Knox. The super popular celebrity couple thrust the name back into the spotlight.

Knox Overstreet was also a character in the movie “Dead Poets Society.” Knox Cameron is a soccer player who bears the name. There are few examples of the name in the public eye as it has only been gaining popularity for around 9 years.

Simple and strong, the name Knox is modern sounding with a traditional past.

This masculine name is the perfect bold and strong name for your bundle of joy. Your baby will be top of the heap so what better meaning than the top of the hill.

12 Caitriona

Said like Katrina the name Caitriona is feminine and beautiful.

With a meaning of "pure," it is a common name in Scotland and Ireland. The name is spelled either Caitriona or Catriona. The name was brought to Ireland by the Anglo-Normans.

The source of nicknames Cait, Caitin, Caitlin, and Triona. Other options listed on Babble include Riina, Kitty, Kit, Kaysa, Katya, Cate, Catia or Catlee. Alternate names can be Catrinette or Catrnetta.

Based on the name Katherine this name has gained popularity for its connection to Saints, like many other names on this list. Catherine of Alexandria is likely the most famous of those saints and she was from the 4th-century martyr.

The name has widely escaped the spotlight despite being beautiful and elegant. Caitriona Ruane is a politician. There is also an actress Caitriona Balfe who is known for her role as Claire Fraser in Outlander.

One of the most beautiful names on the list Caitriona is definitely unique to Scotland. If you are looking for a way to honor the name Catherine without having to repeat the name this may be the perfect option. Or maybe you just like the meaning of pure. Whatever your reason the name Caitriona may be perfect for your precious little baby.

11 Lachlan

A gorgeous little girl smiling hysterically with the wind in her hair.

Lachlan is a classic Scottish name that is definitely easy for most people to place. Despite wide use in the U.K., Australia, and New Zealand the United States is just starting to notice the name.

The name Lachlan means, “land filled with lakes.” That is a beautiful serene meaning for a strong and masculine name.

Oh Baby! Names indicates that the name originally referred to Vikings or Scandinavians . This name meant “fjord-lands,” indicating where these people came from. This is eventually where the surnames Lachlan and MacLachlan came from.

The name Lachlan is still relatively rare in the U.S. and is at the bottom of the top 1000 baby names despite its popularity in the U.K., Australia, and New Zealand. Due to its rare usage, there is a lack of usages in history, literature, and Hollywood. The name is common in athletes such as Lachlan Milne, and Lachlan Renshaw. The name also belongs to the son of one U.S. President John Tyler and the son of media mogul Rupert Murdoch.

The nicknames offered by Lachlan include Lach, Lachie or Lockie. Classically Scottish but stemming from a need to name Vikings the name Lachlan is unique and stylish with a different twist all its own.

10 Leith

Leith means river. One of the clearest and peaceful meanings on the list this simple lyrical name is perfect for any little boy or girl. This Scottish name has medieval origins as a surname as many on this list do.

The name Leith like many of the more traditional sounding names on the list has yet to gain significant ground in the United States. The name has not hit the top 1000 name list yet. There is potential that with more traditional Scottish names gaining ground and more unisex names being used it may someday.

The name does belong to an athlete named Leith Brodie who is an Australian swimmer who has won the Olympic bronze medal. The name was also featured in the television series Reign (2013-2017) through Leith Bayard played by Jonathan Keltz.

Leith stays classic to itself with no spelling variations and the only obvious nickname being Lee. As strong as a river and as simple and classic the name Leith is perfect for any baby. This name is especially perfect if you want a name with a connection to nature that isn’t quite as obvious as choosing the word river itself, this would also be a good choice to substitute for other bodies of water.

9 Caelan

One of the more Scottish sounding names on the list Caelan is pronounced one of two ways KAY-len or SHAY-lan according to Belly Ballot. The name Caelan is gender neutral according to Belly Ballot and has a meaning of “Thin.” On the other hand, Nameberry considers it to be a boy’s name and mean, “people of victory.” Whether it is already unisex or not there is little keeping the current American parents from breaking down the boundaries of tradition and using the names for whichever gender they please.

The name does come with a wide variety of spelling choosing that make it easy to personalize.

Choices such as Kalin, Kalen, Kalan, Kaelin, Kaelan, Calan, Caillen, or Cailen. Even nicknames such as Caley or Cael and Kael. Some modern options could be Calli or Kay.

The name has widely escaped the spotlight and has not even reached the charts in the U.S. yet. Caelan is not on the top 1000 for female or male names in the United States. The name offers beautiful spelling options and cute, sweet nicknames with the freshness of a name not yet picked up by the masses, despite the confusion on meaning the name still has so much to offer.

8 Malvina

Unlike other names on this list, the name does not come from a history, myth or legend. The name Malvina originates from poems by James Macpherson. The poems “Ossian,” published in the 1700s feature the name as that of Ossian’s daughter-in-law. Macpherson invented the name in the poems and it is thought that this was the creation of the name. The name has the meaning of “smooth-browed,” or “woman with a smooth forehead.”

The name Malvina has a unique sound that most of its cousin names do not have. The sound is classic and romantic in a way that modern names lack and is distinct from other romantic names derived from Italian or Spanish.

Even being so traditional and old fashion the name offers alternative spellings. Some options include Malvina, Malwina, and Malviena. The nickname Mal is an option as well. There is a famous artist Malvina Hoffman who has the name in addition to the old poems.

There is something to be said about history and tradition and this name is the perfect example of the treasure to be found there. The name Malvina is a beautiful, classic and elegant. This name offers a special chance for the person who has to be part of history and stand out from the crowd.

7 Greer

Greer is strong and bold, often considered sophisticated the Scottish name has been used for both males and females.

The meaning of Greer is along the lines of, “cautious person,” “alert,” or “watchful.” This name is considered to be based on a Scottish surname as well.

Greer has not been used in the U.S. enough to gain enough popularity to be on the Top 1000 name chart. This name is rare and special in the U.S. and it is extremely unlikely that it is one that your child would have to share. The simplicity of Greer is that there are not many ways to vary the name or nicknames for it. The one common variation is to spell it Grier instead of Greer.

Despite lacking U.S. popularity, the name has been seen in Hollywood. Actress Greer Garson was a British actress known for films such as Mrs. Miniver (1942), Pride and Prejudice (1940) and Madame Curie (1943). The name was also given to the daughters of Kelsey Grammer and Brooke Shields. In the Television series Reign (2013-2017) one of Mary Queen of Scots ladies in waiting is named Greer Norwood, later Castleroy played by Celina Sinden.

Simple and steadfast the name may have a cautious meaning but it leaves a bold impression.

6 Finley

This name is perfect for your little warrior. A unisex name with the meaning of “fair-haired hero,” the name Finley comes from Fionnlagh.

This name comes from a King of Moray. The King was known best for being the father of Macbeth who was made famous by Shakespeare in the 17th century.

The name had low popularity for the late 19th and early 20th century for males and then disappeared off the charts until 2005 when it appeared for females. In 2006 it reappeared for males. Ironically the name Finley which traditionally has a very masculine root is used almost twice as much for girls as it is for boys. This appears to be part of the current trend of American parents taking traditionally masculine names and using them for their daughters.

Finley can also be spelled as Finlay, Finleigh or Finlee. The nickname Fin is also an option and can be spelled Finn too. Finley Peter Dunne is a writer and Finley Quaye is a Scottish musician. The name has also been chosen by celebrities for their children such as Angie Harmon, Holly Marie Combs, Lisa Marie Presley and Chris O’Donnell.

The name Finley is soft and unassuming with a strong meaning and a sweet nickname. The perfect name for your little warrior male or female.

5 Isobel

Isobel is a name that pretty much everyone is familiar with although this spelling and the other two Scottish spellings, Iseabal and Iseabail may be strange. Whatever the spelling the meaning is the same, “pledged to God.”

The Scottish spellings of Isobel give them a unique feel all their own.

The extra os, as, es, and is give them flair that the more commonplace Isabel does not have. The letters do not make a difference they are all said the same way as the classic Isabel.

The name Isobel shows up in Hollywood in Downton Abbey as Isobel Crawley Matthew’s mother played by Penelope Wilton. In the television series Vampire Diaries Isobel Fleming is played by Mia Kirshner. Also, the highly popular Grey’s Anatomy Isobel “Izzie” Stevens was played by Katherine Heigl.

The perfect way to add a twist to an overused classic changing up the spelling of Isabel to one of the Scottish spellings be it Isobel, Iseabal or Iseabail. This spelling does still offer the nicknames Izzy, Belle, and Isa. A perfect way to have your cake and eat it too you get to use the name you love while giving your child some individuality, elegance, and class.

4 Rowan

Rowan means “little redhead,” perfect for the little red-headed baby in your life.

The history of this name like many on this list comes from a Saint and was derived from the Irish name Ruadhan. This saint is part of a story in which he foretold the death of a king and the prophecy eventually comes to pass.

Traditionally male, Rowan has only been on the U.S. charts as a female name since 2003. The name has only seen moderate success. This could be a great option as an alternative for other names relating to the color red, or popular R names like Ryan or Rebecca.

The name has made its first few marks in Hollywood. Actor Rowan Atkinson was known for playing Mr. Bean. There are also Rowan Scarborough a journalist and Rowan Williams an Archbishop of Canterbury. Celebrities have even taken to using the name for their children including Brooke Shields.

This name offers the nickname of Ro or Row and even Ann should you chose. With the limited use in the U.S. as of yet, this name retains its uniqueness and its charm. The sweet sound and simplicity make it the perfect choice for your little redhead.

3 Ainsley

A beautiful name that started as a surname dating back to the 11th century. The name Ainsley means, “one’s own meadow.” The name is actually unisex although it started as a male name. This unique name is one that did not hit the female charts until 2001. There has been little time for the name to gain popularity in the U.S. just yet but there is much promise for it.

Ainsley Harriott, a British chef, has brought the name back to the attention of the public. Ainsley Earhardt is a news correspondent for Fox News. There is also an Olympic athlete Ainsley Bennett, and a football player Ainsley Battles. All of these Ainsley’s have kept the name in the spotlight.

The name Ainsley is surprisingly versatile for such a unique name. There are many variations on spelling such as Ainslee, Ainslie, Ainsly, Ainslye, Aynslee, Aynsleigh, Aynsley, Aynslie and Aynsly. The nickname Lee is possible or even Ana is you push the limits just a bit to make it your own.

The name Ainsley has a wonderful uniqueness that makes it the perfect substitute for more commonplace names like Ashley. The meaning is beautiful and the unisex nature makes it truly fit for anyone.

2 Wylie

Wylie is a unique, sweet and beautiful Scottish girl or boy’s name. This name bears the meaning of “resolute protection,” as it is a Scottish diminutive form of William.

The name is primarily listed as feminine by has also been used in a masculine form as well.

Wylie is another name that has yet to break into the top 1000 names list in the U.S. The name has not gained enough popularity in the U.S. just yet but with its unisex nature it may be catching up soon with the trends of modern parents.

The name Wylie can also be spelled Wiley or even Wylei, which actor Corey Parker used for his son. This name does have the option of creative nicknames like Lee.

This name has not been seen in literature, history or Hollywood really due to how new the name is to the United States. The name Wiley is more often found in Hollywood and throughout history in its more formal and classic form of William but the future holds hope for the diminutive form to gain popularity.

The name does invite creativity in spelling and nicknames and the versatility to be used for either baby girls or baby boys.

1 Skye

Skye is another Isle in the ‘Queen of the Hebrides.’

This Isle of Skye is home to rocky mountains and stunning views of rolling green hills, beautiful sunsets, and amazing coastlines.

As a top destination for those interested in Scotland if there was ever a wonderful place to name your baby after it is this one.

The name Skye is treated as unisex although it often in the U.S. gets a more feminine connotation. Skye was becoming increasingly more popular but hit a peak in 2004 and then began a decline as a girl’s name. It is difficult to tell overall popularity as the name is split into male, female and different spellings of Sky and Skye.

There are some celebrities who boast the name. Singers such as Skye Edwards and Skye Sweetnam. Actress Skye McCole Bartusiak, known for Boogeyman (2005) and The Patriot (2000). Even a wrestler named Skye.

The name Skye often gets a reputation as a hippy name but it does actually have a history and tradition in Scottish culture that came before the spike in popularity of its cousin Sky in the 60s and 70s. The name is simple, sweet and brings to mind beautiful images whether they be of an open blue sky or rolling green hills.

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