25 City Inspired Baby Names

One of the most exhilarating parts of being a new parent is the task of selecting the absolutely perfect name for an impending arrival. It's fun to sift through choices, making a list of the best ones and casting others that aren't quite right aside. Sure, naming a child is a big responsibility, but it's one full of fun and happiness. A name is more than just what a person is called. The designations parents choose for their tots are  a part of who their little ones are: forever and always.

Naming children after cities is a recent trend sweeping the globe. After all, someone already went to great care when deciding upon what a town should be named. Many names given to cities are rich in history, personality and sophistication. Those who love to travel may feel a connection to a certain city where love was found, an adventure took place or a new passion was born. The Earth is covered with enchanting locations named for the beauty that surrounds them, a person of note or a piece of history.

The names on the list below are inspired by some of the world's most beautiful municipalities. Parents may choose to name their impending arrival after a place they've been, a place they long to go to or a place that embodies what they hope their child will become. Another great reason to choose one of the following 25 names? Well, they're all drop-dead gorgeous. Need we say more?

25 Albany

While this city name is stunning for a boy or a girl, we can't help but love the unique twist it puts on classic boy's names like Albert or Alvin. Albany is the capital city of New York. It's a quaint, quiet town rich in history and natural beauty, nestled against the Hudson River.  It is a port city and a transshipment point for vessels heading for the ocean and the Great Lakes.

Albany is a name with Shakespearean roots that means white or fair. The Duke of Albany is the name of one of the characters in Shakespeare's King Lear. It was the 14,280th most popular name for girls in the United States in 2016, and the 9,507th most popular choice for boys. Al is an obvious and simply sweet nickname. The shortening Bany is unexpected, unique and oh-so-cool.

Those who love the name Albany may also wish to consider the similarly hip names Easton, Roman or Julian.

24 Aspen

Aspen, Colorado was named for the ethereal groves of aspen trees that grow in and around the area. It was settled and named by prospectors in 1878, and soon became a successful mining town of 15,000. Unfortunately, by the early 1890's, the town was largely deserted due to plummeting silver prices. The place spent time as a near-ghost town before being revived in the 1930's. It's now a gathering place for artists, skiers and lovers of nature.

The aspen tree is known for its pristine white bark and heart-shaped leaves. While the name Aspen is used for both genders, it is currently more popular for girls, and ranks as the 394th most popular name used for ladies in 2016. It currently ranks 1,488th for boys, but rose in popularity 121 places.

Sage, Hazel and Willow are similar girl names that may appeal to those who are in love with the name Aspen.

23 Austin

Austin is a name of Latin origin that means majestic dignity. It's another that works for little ladies as well as tiny gents. Austin is the capital of Texas; it's a city full of charm, great food and friendly folks.

Currently, Austin ranks as the 72nd most popular name for boys in the United States, and is down 5 spots in popularity since 2015. For girls, the name is presently ranked 1,181st, and down 65 spots since 2015. Austen is another possible spelling that is sometimes used as a nod to the author Jane Austen.

This name is quaint, charming and down-to-earth. Austin reached the top 10 in popularity for boys in the 90's, and while it isn't quite as popular as it once was, it's still a well-loved choice for many parents. Those who are looking for a timeless, darling name may have found what they are looking for in this classic choice.

22 Bethany

Bethany is a small village located near the Mount of Olives right outside of Jerusalem in Israel. It is a place mentioned frequently in the Bible that holds religious significance for many Christians to this day. It is said to be the place where the brother of Mary and Martha, Lazarus was raised from the dead. The crypt of Lazarus remains in the town, and is considered a holy site by locals and religious tourists. Bethany is also the place where Jesus parted from his disciples and spent Holy Week.

Bethany is a name of Hebrew origin that means house of figs or daughter of the Lord. It is currently the 484th most popular name for girls in the United States, and has risen 6 spots in popularity since 2015. Bethenny Frankel, formerly a presence on the reality show Real Housewives of New York has brought recognition to this name in recent years, though she spells it differently.

Parents who are interested in the name Bethany may also wish to consider the similar and lovely city names Savannah, Madison or Charlotte.

21 Bronx

The Bronx is the northernmost borough in New York City, and the only one on the mainland. The area was named after Jonas Bronck, a Scandinavian settler who purchased 500 acres in the area now named for him in 1641. It is connected to Manhattan and to Queens by various bridges and tunnels. While the neighborhood is largely residential, it also houses Yankee Stadium and the New York Zoological Gardens.

Ashlee Simpson and her former husband, Pete Wentz put this name on the baby moniker map after choosing it for their son. It is currently the 1,758th most popular name for boys in the United States.

This name has a definite cool-factor and its one-syllable timbre makes it a name that flows well with a variety of different middle and last names. It's a name that is still not widely used, making it the perfect choice for parents looking for a name that stands out.

20 Brooklyn

Brooklyn is a borough in New York City that is separated from Manhattan by the East River and bordered on one side by the beautiful blue of the Atlantic ocean. It was settled in 1636 by Dutch farmers, and is now a mix of industrial and residential areas. Coney island and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and Arboretum are popular attractions in the borough.

Brooklyn was chosen by David and Victoria Beckham for their first son in 1999. It is currently much more popular for ladies, but is a hip choice for a little man as well. At present, Brooklyn is ranked as the 33rd most popular name for girls, up 6 places since 2015, and the 1,546th most popular name chosen for boys. Brooklynn is another possible spelling of the name that makes it more of a hybrid of the names Brook and Lynn.

Fans of the name Brooklyn may also wish to consider other names that pay homage to the neighborhoods of New York City: Astoria or Queenie.

19 Camden

Camden Town is an ultra-cool area of London known for its bustling outdoor markets, especially those on Tottenham Court Road. This lovely borough is known as a melting pot of different cultures. Over one-fifth of the population in this area is made up of ethnic minorities.

Camden is a name of Scottish origin that means winding valley. It was was the 110th most popular name used for boys in 2016, down in popularity just 5 places since 2015. It currently ranks as the 1,316th most popular name for girls, but is up 72 spots since 2015. In the past, it's been a name reserved for the gents, but may be heard more and more as a title for ladies in the future.

The name Camden was chosen by former reality star and author Kristen Cavallari for her first-born son, and Nick Lachey recently used it for his son as well. Those who love the name Camden may also wish to consider the similar names Gavin, Keegan or Landon.

18 Catalina

Catalina Island, also called Santa Catalina Island, is one of the Channel Islands, located approximately 22 miles from the coast of California. The island's area measures 74 square miles, enough space to be make it a sought-after get-away spot for many. Catalina Island became a tourist hub after it was purchased by William Wrigley, Jr., the man who got rich selling chewing gum, in 1919. Attractions on this breathtaking island include submarine gardens, evening boat excursions to watch flying fish and a seal colony. Millions of people visit Catalina Island every year.

Catalina is the Spanish version of the name Catherine and means pure. Currently, it is the 230th most popular name for girls in the United States, and is up 23 spots in popularity since 2015. Santa Catalina of Siena was a patron saint of Italy, known for her spiritual writings.

Other names that may appeal to fans of the moniker Catalina include Valentina, Camila and Natalia.

17 Devon

Devon is the name of an English county bordered by the Bristol Channel on the north and the English Channel on the south. It is the third largest geographic county in England and is known for its varied scenery. Dartmoor National Park, known for its marshy moors, heather and bracken, and Exmoor National Park, a popular area for farming, are two lovely tourist attractions in this stunning county.

Devon is a name of English origin that means defender. It was right up there in the top 100 names used for boys in the 90's, but has since fallen in popularity. It's currently the 635th most popular title for little guys, but up 77 spots since 2015, meaning this one is possibly on the rise once again.

While this name works for either gender, it is currently much more popular for boys than for girls. Similar names include Trevor, Connor and Liam.

16 Florence

Florence is an Italian city with ancient roots. It was originally established in the 1st century as a Roman military colony. Located approximately 145 miles northwest of Rome, it's an enchanting area known for it's green, rolling hills, vineyards, orchards and quaint farms.

Florence is a name of Latin origin that means flourishing, prosperous or blooming. This stunning choice was in the top 10 names for girls in the United States from 1896 until 1906. Presently, it is the 816th most popular name for girls in the U.S., and up 78 spots since 2015. It currently ranks as the 26th most popular name for girls in the United Kingdom.

Nursing pioneer, Florence Nightingale was a notable lady lucky enough to be blessed with a fabulous name. She was actually named for the Italian city, the place of her birth. Fans of the name Florence may also wish to consider the names Flora, Evelyn or Clementine.

15 Frank

Frankfurt, Germany, officially called Frankfurt am Main (German for Frankfurt on the Main) is a breathtaking European city located on the Main River. Up until World War II, Frankfurt's Old Town was the biggest medieval city still flourishing in Germany. Most of the city's Old Town was destroyed by Allied bombs in 1944. It has since been rebuilt and now boasts modern architecture and historical landmarks. The city holds annual automobile, book and computer fairs, and is also known for its high-quality sausages, called frankfurters.

Frank is a shortening of the name of this bustling German city that is classic, yet fresh. It is a dimunitive of the name Francis or Franklin and means Frenchman or free man. Frank enjoyed a place in the top ten names chosen for boys in the United States from the 1880's until the 1920's, then fell out of favor. However, this timeless choices seems to be making a comeback; it is presently the 451st most popular name for boys in the U.S.and up in popularity 129 places since 2015.

Charming crooner Frank Sinatra is a notable fellow with this name. Those who like Frank may also wish to consider the names George, Charles or Henry, others that were popular in the past and are enjoying another turn in the spotlight.

14 Geneva

Geneva is a thriving metropolis located in Switzerland, and has been known to be synonymous with peace. Geneva Peace Talks are frequently held in the city, in an attempt to resolve world conflicts through negotiations and communication rather than violence. Geneva is known as one of the most cosmopolitan European cities; a place that welcomes all.

Geneva is a name of French origin and means juniper tree or juniper berry. The highest this name ever ranked was in 1919, when it was the 107th most popular choice for girls in the United States.It stayed within the top 200 names for girls until 1942, and is currently the 1,550th most popular name used for girls in the U.S.

Former First Lady, Mamie Eisenhower's middle name was Geneva. Shortenings for this lovely name abound, and include Evie, Eva, Genna, Gene and Eve. Violet, Harper and Clara are similar names parents that love Geneva may also wish to consider.

13 Hudson

Hudson county is located in New Jersey, and is bordered on the east by the Hudson River. The water surrounding the Statue of Liberty and the National Monument on Ellis Island are both officially a part of this county.

Hudson is a name of English origin that means son of Hudde. Hudde was popular name in the middle ages, as well as a nickname for the names Hugh and Richard. Former member of the boy band 98 Degrees, and 2nd champion of Dancing With the Stars, Drew Lachey has a son named Hudson, as does actress Marcia Gay Harden. Explorer Henry Hudson, director Hugh Hudson and actress Kate Hudson are a few notable people with this lovely surname.

Currently, Hudson is the 59th most popular name for boys in the United States, up 2 spots in popularity since 2015. Names that may appeal to fans of Hudson include Sawyer, Mason and Ryder.

12 Jersey

Jersey City is located in Hudson County in the state of New Jersey. It was settled in 1618 by Dutch trappers and called Paulus Hook until 1820, when it's name was officially changed to Jersey City. Liberty State Park, the Liberty Science Center and Ellis Island are all tourist attractions found in this historical town.

Jersey is also the name of one of the Channel Islands, which are situated between the British Isles and France. This island is known for its beaches and historical castles. It also boasts cliff-side walking trails that offer breathtaking views of the surrounding ocean.

Jersey is a place name of English origin that means grassy island, and works for either gender. It currently ranks as the 3,054th most popular name for girls in the United States, and the 5,507th most popular name for boys. Love the name Jersey? Similar names for girls include Journey, Jenesis and Jaylah.

11 Kingston

Kingston is a unique name that has been assigned to various cities around the world. Kingston, New York sits on the west bank of the Hudson River. Kingston, Ontario in Canada is nestled on the north shore of Lake Ontario. Kingston, Tasmania in Australia lies along the bank of the Browns River, and Kingston is the name of a chief port on the island of Jamaica. Kingston, Rhode Island and Kingston, Arizona are a few others on the list.

The name Kingston is of English origin and means king's town. It is currently rising in the ranks of well-loved boy's names, and is currently the 125th most popular name for boys in the United States, up 25 places since 2015. The name's popularity may have something to do with former celebrity sweethearts Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale choosing it for their son in 2006.

Bentley, Kaden and Asher are other names that may appeal to fans of the name Kingston.

10 Kensington

Kensington is yet another place name heard 'round the world. Cities in Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, South Africa and the United States bear this title. In England, Kensington and Chelsea is the name of the royal borough in Middlesex County. It makes up part of the trendy West End, and houses a palace and the embassies of many different countries.

While Kensington is a name that works for both boys and girls, it is currently more popular for the fairer sex. It is 1,103rd most popular name for girls in the United States at present, and the 4,470th most popular name chosen for boys. Kenzie is a lovely shortening of this name. Kensington is an expensive-sounding name with ties to lovely destinations all over the globe.

Similar choices that may appeal to fans of this name include Emerson, Kennedy or Kinsley for a girl and Riverson, Macaden or Coleson for a boy.

9 Lincoln

Lincoln is a popular name for many different municipalities around the world. Some of the best known are Lincoln, Nebraska, Lincoln, Illinois, and the Lincoln district in England. Counties in New Mexico, Maine and Nevada are also named Lincoln. When a name is used over and over again, it can only mean one thing: it's a title worth remembering, and a fantastic choice for the name of a treasured child.

Lincoln is a name of English origin that means town by the pool. It also has origins in Latin, and means lithe. Presently, Lincoln is the 39th most popular name for boys in the United States, and has risen in popularity 15 places since 2015.

While Lincoln is currently much more popular for boys, it is being assigned to little ladies more and more often. Bill Murray chose this presidential designation for his son, while Kristen Bell and Dax Shepherd selected it for their daughter.

8 Lourdes

Lourdes is the name of a French town visited by millions every year. In 1858, a 14-year-old girl named Bernadette Soubirous claimed to have multiple visions of the virgin Mary in the Massabielle grotto near the town.

Pope Pius IX confirmed that her visions were authentic in 1862. It was apparently revealed to Bernadette that an underground spring of water in the grotto possessed miraculous powers. Since then, Lourdes has been a pilgrimage site. A large church, able to seat 20,000, was built underground near the grotto in 1958. Tourism plays a major part in the city's local economy.

Lourdes, pronounced LURE-days is a name of Basque origin that means craggy slope. Madonna chose this moniker for her daughter in 1996. It is currently the 2,235th most popular name for girls in the United States. It's a beautifully unique name that exudes a classic-yet-edgy vibe. Loving the name Lourdes? Other names to consider include Trinity, Rian or Fiona.

7 Phoenix

Phoenix is the capital city of the state of Arizona. It is known for its warm, dry climate, and brings in a large amount of visitors in the winter months, when the average temperature hovers around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The city's summer climate is a bit less pleasant, sometimes soaring well above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The surrounding mountains and lovely desert landscape this city is known for make it a favorite get-away spot for many.

Phoenix is a name of Greek origin that means dark red or crimson. The phoenix is a mythological creature that is born from the ashes of its former self and represents immortality. Joaquin Phoenix is an ultra-hip celebrity who brings a cool factor to this interesting name.

This name is a gender-neutral choice that is presently ranked as the 300th most commonly used name for boys in the United States, and the 433rd most popular name for girls. Fans of the name Phoenix may also wish to consider the names Lyric, Presley or River for a girl and Maddox, Sebastian or Griffin for a boy.

6 Regina

Regina is the capital city of the province of Saskatchewan in Canada. It is located on the Wascana Creek near the middle of the province. Originally, it was a camp for hunters and was referred to as Pile O' Bones, due to the large number of bones left behind after the hunters finished skinning and gutting the buffalo they killed. Not the most lovely of beginnings, but fascinating nonetheless. Luckily, the current name of this city is so divine, it cancels out it's less-than-enchanting past.

Regina is a name of Latin origin that means queen. It's a favorite of Roman Catholics due to the fact that Regina Coeli, which means Queen of Heaven, is one of the titles assigned to the Virgin Mary.

Jenna Fisher's given name was Regina, and Rachel McAdams' character in the movie Mean Girls is named Regina. Currently, this name ranks as the 692nd most popular name for girls in the United States. Similarly exquisite names include Rachelle, Scarlett and Grace.

5 Rio

Rio de Janeiro, actually named Cidade de São Sebastião do Rio de Janeiro, and often mercifully shortened to just Rio, is the capital city of Brazil. It is known for being the recent host of the 2016 summer Olympic Games. This exotic city is rich in history and culture, and a perfect namesake for a little one.

Rio is a name of Spanish origin and means river. It's yet another name used for both ladies and gentleman, and currently ranks as the 1,073rd most popular name for boys in the United States, up 283 places since 2015, and 2,034th for girls, up 1,492 spots since 2015.

Duran Duran's song about an irresistible girl named Rio adds to this name's whimsy and charm when chosen for a little lady. No Doubt singer, Tom Dumont, has a son named Rio. Similar names for girls include Esme, Cadence and Isla. Other boy's names that may appeal to fans of Rio include Cruz, Mateo and Julian.

4 Sicily

Sicily is the name of an Italian island located in the Mediterranean Sea approximately 100 miles northeast of Tunisia (Northern Africa). It is a mountainous island that boasts Europe's tallest active volcano, Mt. Etna. It has been a crossroads throughout history, and, as a result, is home to a wide variety of different ethnicities and traditions. It is the largest island in the Mediterranean, and is an agricultural region known for producing wine grapes, citrus fruit, almonds and olives.

Sicily is not widely used, making it the perfect choice for parents searching for an exclusive designation for their future daughter that isn't going to be the name of every other little girl in her class at school or on the playground. It is presently ranked as the 5,545th most popular name for girls in the United States.

Those who adore the name Sicily may also wish to consider the similar names Delaney, Cecily or Sydney.

3 Troy

Troy is the name of a city in the state of New York and a town in Alabama, but the place  this name is most known for is the ancient city of Troy located in Europe. Troy of old was the supposed battle site of the Trojan war, and the setting for many Greek myths. The ruins of Troy are located in Hisarlik, Turkey. It is said by archeologists that these ruins may be crucial to uncovering many unknown facts about the ancient past.

Troy is a name of Irish origin that means descendant of foot soldier. Heartthrob Troy Donahue helped make this name a beloved one in the 1960's, and Zac Efron's High School Musical character, Troy Bolton, had young girls the world over singing the praises of the name Troy once again.

It is presently the 308th most popular name for boys in the United States, and has risen 25 places in popularity since 2015. Similar names include Noah, Tyler and Owen.

2 Valencia

Valencia is the name of a city in Spain that is surrounded by fragrant orchards and rests on the Mediterranean coast. This city is rich in architectural beauty, both ancient and modern. Its tourist attractions include a bull fighting arena and many gorgeous botanical gardens. It is a city with a rich historical past and a bright future. Valencia is also the name of a city in Venezuela and a county in New Mexico.

Valencia is a name of Latin origin that means bravery. Val, Lenny and CeCe are all possible shortenings of this name that only add to its appeal. Those who love Valencia may also wish to consider the names Vanessa, Vienna or Victoria.

Valencia currently ranked as the 2,828th most popular name for girls in the United States. It's dreamy. It's ethereal. It's an absolutely stunning name that any little lady would be lucky to be blessed with.

1 York

York is a city in England that was once the ecclesiastical capital of Northern England. It is a major rail junction, and home to the National Railway Museum. York is a popular tourist destination, due in large part to the many medieval churches and historical buildings it contains. York is also the name given to cities in Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Maine and Ontario.

York is a charming boy's name of Celtic origin that means from the farm of yew trees. It currently ranks as the 5,507th most popular name for boys in the United States, and hasn't been ranked in previous years. It's a unique choice that sounds refined and sophisticated. The name's one-syllable sound makes it one that blends flawlessly with nearly any middle and last name.

Those who love the name York may also wish to consider the names Jude, Desmond or Zane for their future world-traveler.

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