25 Classic Hollywood Baby Girl Names Only A Future Star Can Pull Off

Why not give a newborn daughter a baby name with a little classic Hollywood glamour? Any mom-to-be who loves glam names will enjoy checking out the baby names showcased here today. We're going to take a trip back in time, to Hollywood's Golden Age. All of the names on the list are the names of famous Hollywood actresses from way back.

These baby names for daughters have a timeless allure. They evoke images of some of the most important and charismatic Hollywood actresses to ever grace the silver screen. While times have changed since actresses like the late Marilyn Monroe got star billing in films, the first names of these actresses are still very special.

Some of these actresses, such as Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren, and Grace Kelly, will always be fashion icons. They inspire the world's best fashion designers, and also inspire plenty of fashionista moms-to-be. Perfect for old movie fans, these baby names are simply gorgeous.

Now, it's time to look at all of these classic Hollywood baby names. Choose a favorite to give to a baby girl; a name that she will love for a lifetime.  The list features a nice variety of names. They are names of classic actresses with a lot of different acting styles and personal styles, too. So, why not choose a name from the list for your future star?

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25 Marilyn


Marilyn Monroe was born Norma Jean Mortensen in 1926. She was known for her gorgeous blonde roles and also known for her high-profile romances and marriages, as well as her platinum blonde hair and fashion sense. Marilyn has a vulnerable quality. She evoked a lot of fascination and still does.

If you love Marilyn, why not give your baby daughter this classic Hollywood name? The name Marilyn is a blend of Mary and Lynn. The name Mary means "bitter" or "of the sea." The name Lynn means "waterfall," according to Parents.com.

24 Lana


Ever heard of Lana Turner? She was a classic blonde who often played sultry characters in film noir movies. Initially known as a "sweater girl," she soon proved that she was a lot more.

If you love the glamour of the name Lana, it may be right for your baby daughter. It's a name that isn't too common, but it's not way out in left field, either. For example, there is a WWE Diva named Lana. Lana's real name is Catherine Joy Perry, but WWE's creative team decided to call her Lana.

This baby name means "harmony," according to Nameberry.com.

23 Greta


Greta Garbo was an old Hollywood actress with true mystique. Back in her time, there was no social media. Fans couldn't find out much about Greta and they wanted to know everything about her. She was private and mysterious. Fans could admire her style and talent on the silver screen.

Greta Garbo actually hated publicity and avoided the spotlight totally after she stopped acting. If you're into makeup and beauty, check out Greta Garbo pics online. Her brow look is iconic.

The name Greta means "pearl," according to Nameberry.com.

22 Ingrid


Ingrid is a female baby name that means "fair" and "beautiful," according to Nameberry.com. It's also the first name of the late and great Hollywood actress, Ingrid Bergman. Ingrid Bergman came from Sweden and she won a trio of Academy Awards. Her role in Casablanca was her most famous movie part.

If you love classic names, Ingrid may be perfect for your baby girl. It's also a great choice if your ancestors were from Sweden. Ingrid is a pretty name that's timeless.

21 Bette


Bette Davis was an old-time actress who started out on Broadway before going to Hollywood. Known for an intense acting style, she was every inch the leading lady. She was actually a front runner for the part of Scarlett O'Hara in Gone with the Wind, but that part was given to Vivien Leigh.

If you love strong names, choosing Bette will be a smart decision. This name is linked with one of Hollywood's strongest female leads. The name Bette means "God is my oath," according to Thinkbabynames.com.

If you're more into Riverdale than Old Hollywood, call your daughter "Betty" instead.

20 Sophia


Sophia is such a pretty name and it's the first name of a famous classic Hollywood actress, Sophia Loren. Sophia was a silver screen fox who was born in Rome. She won a Best Actress Oscar in 1962. She's still with us, thankfully, when many classic Hollywood actresses have passed away. She currently lives in Switzerland.

If you love this baby name, you should know that it means "wisdom," according to Babycenter.com. Is the name Sophia the right name for your baby daughter?

19 Audrey


Audrey Hepburn is no longer with us, but she will never be forgotten. Her style and grace inspire new generations. She starred in some great movies, including Roman Holiday (well worth watching!) and Breakfast at Tiffany's. She endured a lot of hardships during WWII when she had to eat flour made from the bulbs of tulips in order to survive. This elegant lady was a strong person.

If you admire Audrey, you may want to call your baby daughter after her. Audrey is a beautiful name, meaning "noble strength," according to Babynames.com.

18 Mae


Mae West was an old Hollywood icon. She was bold and brash and flirtatious. Google some Mae West quotes online if you need a laugh. One classic is "I used to be Snow White, but I drifted..."

West's attitude was similar to Madonna's in some ways, and both women were born under the sign of Leo. Leo females are not shrinking violets as they are confident and bask in the spotlight. If you want to give your daughter a name that exudes confidence, consider calling her Mae (or perhaps Madonna).

The name Mae means "month of May," according to Babynames.com.

17 Katherine


Katherine Hepburn was an old Hollywood legend who was known for her independent ways. She loved to wear pantsuits and her menswear-inspired style was way ahead of her time. She starred in The African Queen and a lot of other successful and critically-acclaimed films. She became involved with another big star, Spencer Tracy, and their romance was considered one of Hollywood's most legendary relationships.

Katherine is the name of movie stars and duchesses and queens. It's beyond classic. This name means "pure," according to Nameberry.com.

16 Shirley


The name "Shirley" may make you think of the lead singer of a certain alt-rock band, Shirley Manson, but it's also a classic Hollywood name. A certain famous child star of Hollywood's Golden Age, Shirley Temple, made this name popular decades ago. If you were ever treated to a Shirley Temple "mocktail" as a child, and they are delicious drinks that usually come with maraschino cherries, you now know how they got their name.

The name Shirley means "bright meadow," according to Nameberry.com. If you love the sound of this name, why not choose it for your baby daughter?

15 Veronica


This name is the epitome of retro cool. Riverdale fans (and I'm one of them) know that this is the first name of Veronica Lodge. It's also the name of the late actress, Veronica Lake, who appeared in classic Hollywood films. Veronica Lake was a blonde, unlike the raven-haired Veronica Lodge. Veronica Lake was known for her hairstyle. On one side, her hair fell over one eye, in a long, shiny wave, and this look gave her a bit of mystery.

The name Veronica means "bringer of victory," according to Ebabynames.com.

14 Diahann


Diahann Carroll was a stunning black actress who became a big movie star. She was so talented. She came from the Bronx and made a huge success of her life. She was also a great singer. She appeared in the film Carmen Jones back in 1954. In 1962, she became the first black female to win the Best Actress Tony Award. This trailblazing pioneer is worthy of major respect.

The name Diahann means "divine," according to Nameberry.com. So, why not give your baby daughter this divine moniker?

13 Rita


If you know the lyrics to Madonna's song "Vogue," you may remember the line "Rita Hayworth gave good face." As you probably know, Madonna drew a lot of style inspiration from the famous ladies of old Hollywood. Rita Hayworth was a redhead who was renowned for her allure. She was the ultimate pin-up back in the 1940s. Rita was a stage name. Her real name was Margarita Carmen Cansino.

The name Rita is a vintage gem. It's old-fashioned in a good way and means "pearl." That's the same name meaning as "Greta," which we talked about earlier.

12 Jayne


Jayne is a variation of the first name Jane. The "y" makes it a little different. It's also the name of a Hollywood legend named Jayne Mansfield. Jayne was a bold and beautiful type. She's no longer with us due to a car accident, and Jayne Mansfield was her stage name. Her real name was Vera Jayne Palmer. Blonde and curvy, Jayne had a similar look to Marilyn Monroe but wasn't quite as iconic.

The name Jayne (with any preferred spelling) means "God is gracious," according to Babynames.com. This name may remind you of Erika Jayne from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

11 Grace


Grace Kelly was an icy blonde who married a prince from Monaco. She came from Philadelphia, but unfortunately passed away due to a car accident and the world mourned. Grace's features sort of resembled the features of Gwyneth Paltrow or January Jones. Grace Kelly starred in Hitchcock movies like Rear Window and To Catch A Thief, with Cary Grant. Grace came from a rich family. She had that whole Serena van der Woodsen type of upbringing.

The name Grace means "charm," according to Babynames.com. Is this elegant name right for your baby daughter?

10 Lena


Lena Horne was a classic Hollywood actress and singer who gave dazzling performances. She stayed in show business for over seven decades. At the tender age of 16, Horne became part of the chorus at The Cotton Club. She later went on to Hollywood where she had small parts that led to bigger roles. She was always a social activist and her political activities led her to be blacklisted. She went back to the clubs and rebuilt what once was.

The name Lena, means "illustrious," according to Thenamemeaning.com.

9 Cyd


Cyd is a cute and original name for a baby daughter, isn't it? It's also a baby name with old Hollywood roots. It's the first name of Cyd Charisse, who danced and acted in Singin' in the Rain and other total classics. By the end of the 1950s, she hung up her dancing shoes but stuck with acting. In 1992, she tried Broadway for the first time, however, she passed away in 2008.

This name means "a public hill," according to Babynames.com.

8 Ann-Margret


Ann-Margret was a redhead with a Nicole Kidman type of appeal. She was really, really famous back in the '60s. Born in Sweden, she captivated the US. Her full name was Ann-Margret Olsson and she appeared with Elvis Presley in the film Viva Las Vegas. She was also in Bye Bye Birdie. She is currently 77 and still going strong.

If you're looking for a cute name that is a hyphenated combo of two names, consider Ann-Margret, or use it as inspiration by finding two names that you love and joining them with a hyphen. Anne means "gracious," and Margret means "pearl," according to Nameberry.com.

7 Elizabeth


Elizabeth Taylor was undoubtedly one of the biggest stars of Hollywood's Golden Age. Known for her violet eyes, which she claimed were actually gray, she was also known for her epic romance with actor Richard Burton. Elizabeth Taylor appeared in National Velvet and went on to star in Cleopatra. This actress was famous for her jewel-like eyes, as well as her many jewels.

If you love the name Elizabeth, why not choose it for your baby daughter? This name means "pledged to God," according to Nameberry.com.

6 Debbie


Debbie Reynolds was the "girl next door" type. She was blonde and bubbly and someone that fans could relate to. She was sort of the opposite of a real glamour type like Elizabeth Taylor, although Debbie was stunning, too. Born in 1932, she acted and danced in Hollywood. Her daughter's name was Carrie Fisher, who became Princess Leia in Star Wars. Carrie sadly passed away and Debbie passed away shortly after. Mother and daughter were always so close.

If you love the name Debbie, you should know that it means "bee," according to Ourbabynames.com.

5 Gene


Gene Tierney was born in 1920 in Brooklyn. Renowned for her classic features, she ruled stage and screen. She was a famous leading lady of the time. Her most famous role was the lead part in the movie Laura, which was released during 1944. Tierney was once romantically involved with a former president, but the two never married.

The name Gene is an interesting and gender-neutral choice. This classic Hollywood name means "noble aristocrat," according to Thinkbabynames.com. This short and sweet baby name is timeless.

4 Ava


Ava Gardner really made the scene in Hollywood back in the day. She was a brunette who dated Frank Sinatra. Similarly, Reese Witherspoon and Heather Locklear both named their daughters Ava. Were Reese and Heather inspired by Ava Gardner, like so many other people are?

Ava Gardner got a Best Actress Oscar nomination for Mogambo. If you're a classic film fan, spending a night watching one of the movies mentioned in this list will be fun. Some old movies are fantastic.

The name Ava means "like a bird," according to Babynames.com.

3 Lauren


Lauren Bacall was one of the queens of classic old Hollywood. She was so sophisticated. Her real name was Betty Joan Perske. Back in the days of the studio system, actresses often used stage names. Some were given to them by the heads of studios. Lauren started out modeling and then moved into acting. She married Humphrey Bogart in 1945. She co-starred with Marilyn Monroe in How To Marry A Millionaire.

The name Lauren means "bay laurel," according to Nameberry.com.

2 Natalie


Natalie Wood was so famous. She appeared in West Side Story and lots of popular films. She was born in 1938 and her parents were immigrants. They came from Russia, where Natalie became a teen idol for a lot of people. She appeared in Rebel Without A Cause, which co-starred James Dean. Later, she married Robert Wagner whom she loved so much, she actually married him twice.

The name Natalie means "born on Christmas day," according to Nameberry.com. Natalie Wood's birth name was Natalia, which is a version of Natalie from Russia.

1 Lucille


Now, here we are at the last name on the list. It's the first name of Lucille Ball, who entertained viewers while appearing on the classic TV show, I Love Lucy. Lucille was a gifted comedienne with tons of charisma. She would ham it up with hilarious results. Lucille was born in 1911 and her middle name was Desiree.

The name Lucille means "light." It's a pretty name from France, which is now synonymous with a Hollywood legend who was born in New York State.

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