25 Classic Names That Are More Unique Than People Think

Once a woman sees those two pink lines on a test, she is faced with a lot of difficult decisions. No decision is more important than finding a name for the baby. This is the name that they will carry throughout their lives and one that will be used to identify them. There are so many factors that parents have to take into consideration when it comes to naming their children.

Parents will need to think about any and all possible nicknames that come with this name, they will have to think about the meaning of the name and they will of a sudden remember everyone they dislike who also carries that name. It is not an easy decision. A lot of parents also choose to name their baby before he/she is even here yet, making it even more difficult. How does one name someone before they have even met?

Then there is the problem on how common the name is. A lot of parents want their children to stand out, they want them to be unique. The best way to make sure a child is not forgotten is by giving them a name that everyone will remember. Parents are always on the hunt for that perfect unique name, and they tend to stay away from any name that is too common.

If mom and dad are stuck trying to find a name that is unique, then this list may be the perfect answer. We have found 25 names that people believe to be very common, but they actually are not. One of these may just be the perfect choice for your little lad or lassie on the way.

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25 Aileen

The name Aileen is perfect for a little girl, and while some may think it is incredibly popular, it is not. Aileen is a feminine name that means “bright, shining light.” It has strong ties to an Irish background and the Irish version of this name is Helen.

Just how uncommon is it? Well, in 2017, the name ranked at number 646, nowhere near the top spot. So, if mom is looking for a name that is pretty standard, and one she won’t hear very often, then Aileen is the name for her.

There is no bigger testament to how hard it is to name a child than to hear from other parents on how they named their children and if they ended up regretting it. One mom named her son Aidan, which she stated was long before the name became popular. It seems she started a trend because it wasn’t long until every little boy she came across had the exact same name. She states that if she knew how popular it was going to become than she never would have given him that name. Parents want their children to stand out, and it can get pretty confusing when 5 kids in the same class all have the same name.

24 Archie

Even with the release of Netflix’s new show, Riverdale, the name Archie still remains pretty uncommon and may be the perfect name for your little guy. It is even more perfect if he is born with red hair! The name Archie is a masculine name and it means “truly brave” and it is from German background. Archie is often a nickname for the full name Archibald, but it is being used as a full first name more and more.

The name Archie was ranked at number 124 in 2017, so it is a little more common than Aileen, but no where near the top 10. It has a lot of popularity in the UK, but that hasn’t caught on in American or Canada yet.

We stated earlier that there are a lot of factors that mom and dad need to take into account when they are picking a name for their child. One couple thought they had found the perfect name for their little boy on the way. They decided to name their son, Timothy. In order to make sure this was the name, they spent some time writing down different variations of the name. When they got to his initial with his last name, it all changed. It came out to be T. Watt. Needless to say, they did not name any of their children a name that started with the letter T.

23 Benedict

People probably assume that Benedict is a popular name due to the prevalence of actor Benedict Cumberbatch, however the name has still not caught on among parents all over the world. The name is a masculine name, and it is from Latin origin and it means “blessed”. This name would be perfect for parents who are a fan of the name Ben or Benjamin but do not want to use those due to their popularity.

This is a great option that you won’t hear on the playground too often. In 2017, the name ranked at number 432 on the list, and while it is raising in popularity you still have time to get this name in before it becomes too popular.

After a baby is born, mom and dad fill out all the required paperwork that needs to be sent to the government. One of the things you always apply for is their birth certificate, this is a very important document and one of the first ones that have their name on it. When filling this out it is so important to make sure everything is spelled correctly. One couple named their son Andrew, but when they filled out the paperwork, they spelt it wrong. It was spelled Adnrew. The mother noticed but didn’t seem to be bothered to fix it, and this young boy grew up to be a man who had no idea until he had to get his birth certificate replaced.

22 Aria

Aria is a beautiful name for a little princess and this name may shock everyone because it is not as popular as people think it is. Granted, the name is still popular, but no where near the level we all think it is. Aria is a feminine name that has Italian background and it means “air: song or melody.”

The name was ranked at number 58 in 2017, which may be more popular than other names on our list but falling way short of a place most people would think it would be.

We have another flub made on a birth certificate when it comes to the spelling of a child’s name. One woman was given the name Andrea at birth, and while she loved her name, she did not love how it was spelled on her birth certificate. The name listed on her birth certificate is Anarea. In this case, the woman’s mother did not know for almost 20 years! It is always important to have someone look over the details before you officially submit any forms. We are all human and we all make mistakes. If you are filling out the forms by hand, make sure you have someone with good penmanship fill it out.

21 Brinley

52541716 - cute cheerful baby playing with colorful toy pyramid at home

Brinley is our first name on our list that can be used for either gender. The name is of English origin and it means “burnt meadow.” It is a name that has a great nickname, Brin, and there are multiple ways of spelling it.

When it comes to being used as a girl’s name, it ranked number 326 in 2017 in the United States. It has no ranking as a boy’s name, which can tell us that it is even less common for a little boy. This may be the perfect name for you!

A lot of parents worry about the name they give their children having a negative impact on them when they grow up and start school. When choosing a name, parents will often think of all the possible mean jokes people may call them. Other parents don’t seem to think about this part, and then we end up with some pretty unique names. One woman states that she went to high school with a girl who had an unusual full name. Her fill name was April May June, and she loved her name and always defended it. She went by a pretty unique nickname as well, the students simply called her Spring, and that seems pretty fitting.

20 Conan

Portrait of happy beautiful baby on the bed in his room.

Conan may just be the perfect choice for the little man in your life, and don’t worry it is not common at all! It is an Irish name that means “little wolf”, what a great meaning!

Conan is definitely one of the least common names on our list, coming in at number 724 in 2017, and it is dropping in popularity as the weeks go by. It will definitely help your little stud stand out at the next playdate.

When it comes to naming your second or third child, a lot of parents don’t take into consideration the names of their other children. I am currently expecting a little boy, and Joseph was on our short list for names until we realized that our daughter’s name is Mary, and that was just a little too much for us! One family had the same problem. They had their daughter who they had named Jordan and soon found out they were expecting a little boy. The mom really wanted to name their son Michael, but the dad was extremely wary of having children named Michael and Jordan, he did not want to live with the jokes that were to come.

19 Delphine

If you love French culture and aquatic mammals, then Delphine may be the perfect choice for your little girl.

The name Delphine is French and means “dolphin.” It will give you an easy idea for nursery décor as well! The name Delphine ranked at number 235 in 2017 and it continues to drop in popularity.

So it is definitely a name that is unique and that you will not hear too often. It has a sophisticated, unique flair.

There can be a lot of family drama when it comes to naming a baby, and it is why a lot of people choose not to announce the name until the baby is born. One man states that his mom wanted to name him Sebastian, she loved the name, but her mother did not. Her mother actually had the nerve to say that if she named her son that, she would call him something else. To make her mother happy, the mom ended up naming her son Joshua. She had always told her son this story, so when he had a son of his own he named him Sebastian. His mom was thrilled, and his grandma refers to him by his middle name.

18 Georgia

There seems to be a rise in the popularity of naming a child after a city. Boston, London and Chicago have all been popular choices.

If you want a place name for your little girl, but you don’t want it to be too common than Georgia may be the perfect name for you.

It is an English name that means “farmer.” It states that its origin is actually due to the feminine version of the name George and has nothing to do with the state. It'll always conjure up the romance of the state and the Ray Charles song about it.

If picking a name can start a fight with extended family, it can also cause a lot of stress in a relationship. It is a decision that needs to be made by both mom and dad, as the baby is half and half, and sometimes a couple just can not agree on a name. One gentleman stated that him and his wife had since divorced, but the some of the worst fights they ever had was over the names of their children. He could not stand the names his wife had come up with. Names such as Zebulon and Dartanion, with the intention of calling the younger one “little dart.”

17 Declan

Declan is a catchy name for any little boy in your life. It is a masculine name that has Irish roots, the meaning is a little vague as it does not have a defined meaning, but it is said to mean “man of prayer.”

In 2017, the name ranked in at number 116. As long as you are on the western side of the Atlantic Ocean, the name is not one you will hear everywhere. It is quite popular in Ireland and is the name of many of their saints.

This name story may be a little shocking, but it has a happy ending and it shows one of the problems when mom picks a name that is too common. A mother took her son to a playground on a normal summer day and it was also the day where she would live her worst nightmare. She could not find her son, she had lost sight of him. She did the first thing any mom would do and started to call out his name. His name was Mason, which is one of the most popular names for little boys right now. This became evident when she had almost all the little boys in the playground answering her. Her son was found, and he was OK, but if he had a more unique name she may have heard him answer back sooner.

16 Flynn

The only Flynn I know is the Flynn Ryder from Tangled, and if you are a mom you probably know that name as well. It is a unisex name that is lowering in popularity instead of rising. Flynn is an Irish name that means “son of the red-haired one.” Perfect if mom or dad is a ginger!

The name Flynn as a boy’s name is ranked at number 343 as of the year 2017, and the usage for a girl’s name is not ranked at all. So it could be the perfect name for a tomboy.

Names can be a very cultural thing, and there are names that are very popular in other countries, but they do not translate well to a country that the family current lives in. One son was named Harsh. This is a very common and normal name in India, but it doesn’t have the same sentiment over in the US, something that he learned. He is always getting asked why he is named that, and he is tired of having to constantly explain his parent’s decision. He is also getting tired of the joke he hears all the time, “why are you so harsh.” That’s not even creative.

15 Iris

Who would have thought the name Iris would be on this list? If you wanted to name your little girl that but was turned away thinking that it was too common, you are in luck, because it is not as common as you think it is. The origin of this name is from the flower, but it does mean “rainbow.” So, if you are expecting a little rainbow baby (baby born after a loss) than this is the perfect name for you.

In 2017, the name ranked in at number 149. It is not the least common name on our list, but it is definitely not one you will hear every day.

Parents who work with people have a hard time thinking of a name. Those who are teachers, nurses and social workers have the worst time. When they hear names they often immediately think to a student, patient or client they had that drove them nuts. These are loving and caring professions, but they are all human and there will always be those people you do not mix well with. This leaves a permanent stain on your memory and there is no way that you could ever name your child that!

14 Juniper

The problem with all of these unique names is that they are becoming so popular that they are not unique anymore, they are becoming popular. So, if mom wants a name that is still unique sounding and not one you hear all the time, then Juniper may be the name for you. It is a feminine name that means “tree.” Now, some may think that meaning is not that interesting or meaningful, but a tree is strong and sturdy, and that is what a lot of moms want for their little girls.

It also translates to a really great nickname, with Jun being the most common nickname for this name. The name ranked at number 314 in 2017.

A lot of parents give their children middle names and they don’t always lay the whole name out to see how the initials all fit together. This is a big mistake, because a lot of people like to get items with their initials monogrammed on them, and when their initials don’t add up, it can limit their accessories. One couple was thinking of possible names for children that they may have one day. They fell in love with the name Amanda Sophia, but those dreams were quickly smashed because they realized that their last name also started with an S, which would make her initials A.S.S.

13 Jett

Jett is the perfect name for the little country boy in your life, and it is not common as some may think it is. The name Jett is a masculine name that means “mineral.”

It ranked in at number 301 in 2017 and it continues to fall on the popularity charts. There will be no confusion in the classroom with a name like Jett!

There is sometimes nothing worse than having multiple children in one class who share the same name, it can be an administration nightmare and you always have to watch the middle or last names.

I lived this experience. I was born in 1985, and my name is Ashley Nicole. Ashley was one of the most common names around that time, and I was always in school with multiple Ashley’s. To make matter even worse, I went to school with another girl whose name was also Ashley Nicole, now one would think you just go by the last name, but we had the same exact last name as well. This is when it got really confusing. Luckily, I also had a second middle name that was not used as much, unless it was to tell the two of us apart.

12 Johann

Johann is a very unique name for little boys, and it is not common at all. The name is pronounced YO-Han and can be found a lot in Germany and other similar countries.

Johann is currently ranked 63rd in Germany, but it is not even on the charts in the US and Canada. It would be very unique to come across another little Johann on the soccer field.

A lot of the time, people name their children after someone or something they love. A lot of the time it is family names, maybe an uncle, grandpa or sister. Sometimes, it is named after a beloved character in a TV show or movie. Either way, parents need to think about the application of the name they have chosen and if it really works in today’s world. One person recalls working with a man who was named Gandalf. Yes, named after the famous wizard from The Lord Of The Rings. He was born in the 70’s, when the books were a big deal and his parents fell in complete love. He stated his name was not an issue until the movies came out, and then it was like his secret was revealed to the world.

11 Nadia

I think we have found it, the perfect name for your little girl! Nadia is a beautiful and sweet name and it is from Russian and Slavic background and it means “hope.” Hope is such a perfect word and one that will help define her as she grows.

What makes this name even better is that it was ranked in at number 400 in the year 2017, making this a name that is (surprisingly) not too common.

All names will likely go through popularity jumps and dips over time, Nadia was very popular until the year 1996, when it began to drop off and it has never risen again. Messing around with your child’s name without your partners knowledge is a big no-no. One couple had decided that their baby girl’s middle name would be Kate, at the time the dad stated that this was a good choice. After birth, mom was understandably tired and drained, so she let him fill out all the forms. When the birth certificate came in the mail, mom was completely shocked to see that he had put Leigh as the middle name. That is divorce-worthy in my opinion!

10 Otto

It may not be a name that you immediately thought about, but I am sure it has sparked your interest. When you hear the name Otto you may think immediately about the bus driver from The Simpsons, but the name is so much more than that. The name Otto is from German heritage and it means “wealthy.” Now, we know money is not everything, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want it for our children.

The name is also not common at all, ranking in at number 478 in 2017.

Here is a funny tale, one couple was expecting twin boys and they knew one of them would be name Thomas, but they could not think of a name for their second little boy. For a while after he was born, he was known as Baby B. They finally realized that they loved the name Jeremiah. A few days after the birth, the couple introduced the pair to their pastor and stated that their names were Thomas and Jeremiah. The pastor then said that it was cute and referred to the twins as Tom and Jerry. This had never occurred to the couple, but they shrugged it off and never changed it.

9 Ophelia

Ophelia is a name that no one would think would be on this list, it seems to be a name that would be very popular among little girls. The name is from Greek origin and it means “help.” It is best known as a name from a popular piece of literature from William Shakespeare, Hamlet, which may be why people think it is more popular than it is.

The name only ranked in at number 416 in 2017, much lower on the list than a lot of people thought.

Sometimes when we name our children we forget how cruel and mean that school kids could be. We are living in a culture of cruelness and we need to take that into consideration when naming our children. Last names are a little harder because they are out of our control. One man remembers having a school teacher whose name was Mrs. Splatt. This would be fine, but she had a birthmark on her face that resembled a wine stain. The children in the class were very cruel to this teacher, and he always wondered why she choose this profession. He also stated she was a mean teacher, but we have to wonder if the years of torment finally got to her.

8 Portia

The only Portia I can think of off the top of my head is Ellen deGeneres’ wife. Portia is a Latin, feminine name which can either mean “pig” or “doorway.” It doesn’t have the best meaning, so if you decide to go with this name you may want to stick with the doorway meaning.

In 2017, the name was ranked at number 605. The name had a peak in popularity during the early 90’s but it has since dropped and remained very low.

When we think of names that have bad meanings, there are also names that just don’t translate well when you take into consideration the common nicknames. One man remembers a guy that he knew in high school whose name was Richard. If you do not know, the common nickname for Richard is “Dick.” To make matter so much worse, his last name was Sweat. I don’t need to put those together for you to figure it out. Unfortunately, the parents just didn’t take the nicknames into consideration when picking out a name. It is also important to make sure that you cover all bases when thinking of a name for your little one. Think of all nicknames and all possible bullying terms that could be used against your child. It will help you narrow down your list.

7 Perry

Perry is another name on our list that can be used for either a little girl or a little guy and it is completely perfect. The name is of English origin and it means “pear tree.” It is also a common last name, and there is a trend out there of bringing common last name forwards and using them as their first name. There is no ranking of popularity of Perry for a girl, implying that it is not common at all.

The name Perry for a little boy was ranking high up until 1960 and then it started to drop, and it continued to drop, and it is practically not on the map anymore.

Sometimes we don’t think of the future consequences when we name our children, and the fact that our children may end up growing up to resent us for the name they were given. If it caused a lot of stress and bullying when the child was younger, it can be hard to feel thankful for the name. There are people all over the world who are going through the process of legally changing their first name because they just can’t stand what they were handed. One person grew up to learn that their mother wanted to name them Stuffin. They don’t even know what a Stuffin is and they surely feel like they dodged a bullet.

6 Rebekah

This may not be the way people are used to seeing it be spelt, but it is a unique spelling twist on an otherwise normal name. The name Rebekah is of Hebrew origin and this is the original spelling of this name, it is spelt the way it was always meant to be spelt. It means “servant of God” and it is very low on the popularity list.

In 2017, it was ranked at number 607. Many also prefer this spelling because this is the way it is spelt in the Bible.

The name was very popular in the 70’s and 80’s but it has slipped almost off the charts since then.

An important thing to think about when choosing a name is the prevalence in pop culture. If you are still looking for a normal name that is not common and you don’t see what you like on our list, then stay away from anything that is currently popular. If you choose a name that is found in pop culture, you are just setting yourself and your child up for a lifetime of jokes. An example would be naming your daughter, Elsa or Moana. Look into the pop culture scene from decades ago, they will have a lot of names that are normal and not too common in today’s world.

5 Norman

Norman is a name that is almost a synonym for Bates. When people think of the name Norman they immediately think of Pscho Norman Bates who ran the Bates motel. This has done two things; it has led people away from the name, while making people believe that it is very common. It is time to start seeing Norman in a whole new light.

The name Norman is of English origin and it means “northerner.” In 2017, the name ranked in at number 600.

A lot of parents don’t take the amount of syllables that are in a name into consideration. Anything beyond 1 or 2 syllables is going to result in a tongue twister for a young child and may make it really difficult for him to pronounce his name. It is best to stay with simple names. Norman, only has two syllables. Yes, we are naming a future man who should have no problem saying his name, but maybe pick a name for a child that has a short nickname so that he won’t have to struggle for the early years in his life. Benjamin, for example, is a longer name, but Ben is super easy for young child to pronounce.

4 Ross

Many think Ross is an extremely bland and popular name, but it actually is not. Ross is best known as a character from the show Friends, but lets be honest, he wasn’t the most liked character so there are not a lot of parents out there wanting to name their child that. This is the perfect boys name that will not get confused on the playground. The name comes to us from Scotland and it means “upland.”

In 2017, it was ranked at number 469 on the popularity list.

A lot of people look to name people after historical figures that they admire, but this requires some thought before doing so. Unfortunately, when someone is given the same name as an important historical figure, it doesn’t matter if it is good or bad, they will always be compared. They will be compared to their namesake even if they do not know anything about the person they were named after. If this is the name you have chosen, that’s fine, just be prepared for all the comparisons to come out. You also may run into someone who did not like the namesake of your baby, and now you’re in an argument.

3 Trudy

Trudy is definitely not a trendy name, and you will not hear it very often, but it may just be perfect for you and your little princess on the way. The name Trudy is German in origin and it means “spear of strength.” We live in a time where we want out little girls to grow up into strong and fearless women, so there really is no better name to give them.

The name Trudy seemed to peak in popularity in the 1940’s and from then on it just went downhill and it shows no signs of sparking back to life.

Another great reason to keep the baby name under wraps is because names are always subjective, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There will always be people who don’t like the names you pick, and if they are decent people they won’t say anything. However, we know that most people are not shy, and they are more than willing to let you know about an ex-boyfriend who had that name and did them wrong. What one mom likes another mom will hate, and all you can do is pick a name that has meaning to you and not care what anyone thinks.

2 Turner

Turner is one of those names that was originally only thought of as a last name, but it is creeping its way into first name status. Turner is a male, English name that means “works with a lathe.” When it comes to ranking, it is one of the lowest ranked names on our list.

In 2017, it came in at number 800. So, when you call your little Turner in from the park, you are guaranteed that only one will come.

No matter what name you choose, you should always be prepared to give an explanation. If you choose a name that is unique, people are going to want to know where you came up with that name, they are going to need a back story. If you pick a traditional name, people will still want a story, because you just don’t hear that name anymore. My daughter’s name is Mary, which is almost as traditional as you can get, and I constantly get asked why that is her name. The best answer that normally quiets people pretty quickly is if you just say that it is a family name, luckily, in my case I would not be lying.

1 Uma

If you are a fan of Uma Thurman, then you are in luck. You can give your little girl this name without worrying about how common it is, because it is not very common at all. The name Uma is a Sanskrit name and it means “nation.” Uma is also an exotic name for a Hindu goddess. In 2017, the name Uma ranked at 490 on the popularity list.

Here is a funny hack for when it comes to picking a name; imagine and practice using it. Practice using it to call them over or whispering it in their ear when you tell them how much you love them. You also want to practice yelling it. You want to make sure that when you are out and about, and you want to get your kid’s attention that the name is easily yelled. We don’t want to yell at our children, but sometimes we need too to prevent them from getting into dangerous situations. It also can give you a different perspective on the name, and you may find after yelling it a few times, you just don’t like it anymore.

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