25 Classic Names With Endless Style

What technically defines a "classic name" as being one of class? Is it one that has withstood the changes of time and is still hanging around? It is something that sounds cool, chic, and just happened to have its premiere in a retro era? Or is the reasoning something simple, like that sounds like a name that's been passed down and denotes sass and trendiness? Names are subjective which is why it's sometimes challenging to make the call on what's classy or not, but it's easy enough to go back in history and examine the names that have aged well and are still very concurrent with today's generation. In addition, these names have a certain flair to them that we can't quite put our finger on, but they definitely pass for being chic and trendy.

Each of these names is unique in its own right but have a level of class that many names don't often rise to; parents might have heard them in novels, songs, or even amongst celebrities or way back in the family history. Everyone has a preference, and these are ours for the best names out there that remain timelessly classy while still upholding a certain sense of style.

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25 Emma

This is a name that you've heard time and time again, whether it be on television, in the famous novel, or even in movies. It's a cute name without sounding too over the top, but it's also mature in a subtle way. The meaning of this name is quite timeless and a bit mysterious as well; it means "universal whole" or "complete". The cosmic denotation helps it to remain classy through the ages. There's a reason it's still so popular.

24 Benjamin

Now here's a name that goes hand in hand with the previous, simply because it's charming, mature, and classic all at once. Benjamin is an old-world name that denotes a certain elegance and authority, but somehow it has still survived the test of time and become a name that's stylish and still popular. It's derived from Hebrew and quite literally means, "son of the right hand". That's a big meaning for a name that so many have loved, not to mention you'll get some really great nicknames out of this one!

23 Eva


For a simple name that's not too involved, Eva is a beautiful option for a baby girl. The name originates from Eve, as references in the Bible, which means this name is deeply rooted in Hebrew. It goes that Eve was named as she was because of her role as the "mother of all living", so much like the name Benjamin, this name has a powerful meaning. It's simple yet so classy and elegant, and it's just as stunning in modern times as it was back then.

22 James

James is a totally rebellious name that also sounds classy in the sense that it doesn't age at all. This name was popular in the 1950s and is popular still to this day, especially with so many different nicknames that stem from it. While it's rooted in Hebrew, it also is of Latin origins as well. It means "he who supplants" and while it's popular, it's still unique because it's not overused. This name is elegant, classy, and still has style as far as its timeless charm.

21 Atticus

Everyone knows this name from the popular book To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, but they don't know where it came from or what it means. Atticus is a unique and striking name that both commands the attention of the room and is interestingly one of a kind. If you look way back in history, this name hails from the Roman era and means "from Attica". However, in more modern times, this name is heavily associated with things such as intelligence, literacy, and intellect.

20 Amelia


Classically English, the name Amelia is one that has become more popular over the years but still holds onto its charm and style. The name Amelia means "hard-working" and "industrious", making it a powerful name for a little girl. It's also the name of several popular figures in literature as well as television, adding a flair of fame to it as well. It's one of those names that will never go out of style simply because it's so pretty and true classic in its European origin.

19 Gabriel

First and foremost, the name Gabriel is heavily rooted in religion and is first known as the name of the herald of Good News; one of the seven archangels. While this name has biblical origins and is truly a reminder of faith, its meaning is powerful and comforting: "God is my strength." It's the perfect name for a little boy or girl as this name is unisex and because many will always take comfort in this meaning, it will never go out of style or become unpopular.

18 Lily

The name Lily evokes images of fields of flowers and heavenly scents. It's from the lily flower that this name originates and is associated with all things beautiful, lovely, and delicate. The lily flower has several different meanings, including "purity" as well as "perfection". It's in this flawless meaning that the name has become an instant classic and will be around for years to come; the floral imagery it evokes will always be in style. Any little girl bearing the name Lily is sure to be perfect.

17 Wyatt

Now, this is a name that stands alone as being both unique and somewhat retro. Wyatt was originally an English surname and evolved with the addition of French culture. The meaning of Wyatt sounds just like the name is pronounced, and is translated to "guide" or "leader". It's a strong name that would be fitting for any little boy and is sure to give them strength in the form of a first name. This would also make a great middle name for a child if you didn't want to give them something that will stand out too much.

16 Sadie


"Sadie, Sadie, married lady..." We all know how the song goes, right? Sadie is so much more than that, though! Originally a nickname for girls named Sarah, Sadie has evolved into a cute, yet strong, first name. It's rather country-sounding with a bit of attitude and flair to it, which is what makes this name so stylish. For a classic sounding, retro-style name, this one is definitely it. It's adorable for a little girl and is definitely one that she will grow into while developing her own style and sass!

15 Nathaniel

This name became popular during the Victorian era and still maintains that air of proper elegance and formal qualities. This name's origin goes back even further than that, though; it was first seen in the Bible and was derived from Hebrew, meaning "gift of God". Because of its popular nickname, Nate, this name will always be considered modern as well. In all likelihood, while it's not super popular, it will never go out of style because it can always be shortened and made much more casual-sounding.

14 Lydia

Lydia is traditionally a Greek name and sounds it as well. It's simply stunning when said out loud and makes for a beautiful first name. In Greek, it means "of the noble sort", denoting honorable qualities and grace to any girl who bears this name. It can also mean "dark-haired maiden" and would make the perfect traditional name for any little girl born into a Greek family. In Greece, the name Lydia is also the name for several things such as an imported touchstone, showcasing its popularity in its country of origin.

13 Eli

This is such a cute name for either a girl or a boy and since it's unisex, it's not unlikely that it will be going out of style any time soon. It's Hebrew and means "high" or "ascent" and is a very popular female name in Africa, making it culturally universal as well. It's a beautiful name even though it's only three letters long, easy to pronounce, but still unique. Not too many people have this name as a singular first name; it's often seen as a middle name but would be equally as lovely for either.

12 Chloe

The name Chloe was once very popular in the late 80s and early 90s and gave off the impression of someone who was popular as well as stylish. The name sounds like something straight out of the fashion industry as if it were something that you'd hear on the runway, but in recent years it's become more neutral and less associated with that image. It's Greek and means "blooming", which gives it somewhat of a delicate and pretty sound, evoking imagery of beautiful flower fields and the coming of age.

11 Oliver

The name Oliver is an interesting one because its origins aren't exactly clear. It's often believed that it comes from France and came into existence because of the popular olive tree, while others believe that it's German in origin. Either way, this name is popular in literature and denotes intelligence and wit, and it's classy all the same. A name such as this is mature without being boring in the slightest and would be so cute for a little boy. In modern times, a name such as this sounds cool and is very unique.

10 Violet


It's true that violet is a color, but it's also a super chic name as well. It's Latin in origin and derivative of "viola", which was the Latin name for the violet flower. The name garnered popularity during the 19th century with several other names stemming (no pun intended) from flowers, such as Lily and Rose. Violet is very one of a kind and while many initially think of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, that aside, it's a stunning name that not many people will likely have.

9 Jasper

The name Jasper has been around for quite some time, although it hasn't risen in popularity until recent years. It's originally a derivative of the name Kasper which is Persian but is also related to the name Gasper, who was believed to be the third magi. It's also frequently seen in Scandinavian culture, where it's spelled as Jesper instead. The origins don't end there, though -- England has also seen its fair share of the use of this name and was common amongst the royal family.

8 Delilah

Delilah is another Hebrew name that originally meant "delicate". We could definitely picture that with this name; the way it sounds truly seems delicate, light, and precious. It's not a very popular name which is surprising since it is so beautiful -- But that's okay because it just makes this name that much more unique! We'd love to see this name make a comeback but for now, it's still super classy. There are plenty of nicknames that you could associate with this name as well, making it cute and able to be shortened.

7 Sam


Short and sweet, the name Sam is fully unisex and can be short for anything: Samuel, Samantha, Sammy, Samanta, etc. It's a fun name just on its own, though, and adds a masculine quality when used as a female name. The full version of Samuel means "name of God" and is derived from Hebrew. This name is highly popular but there's a solid reasoning for that, and it's because this name is absolutely timeless. There never seems to have been a time when this name and its full versions went out of style, which makes this a name you can trust to be around for a while.

6 Louise

Stylish, chic, and classic... What more could you ask for in a name? Louise is the feminine version of the German name Louis, from where it's derived. This name is so sassy and elegant at the same time and has us picture French Runways and hanging out at cafes all day. It has a definitive feminine flair while not being too cutesy or over the top, which makes it a great choice for parents looking for a classic, yet not "in your face" type of first name. Louise is often popular as a middle name as well and will flow with just about any other name to add a girly quality to it.

5 Dean


Made popular in the 50s and 60s, the name Dean has been around for quite some time. It's super masculine in sound and really stands alone as a tough and strong name. Any boys bearing this are sure to be independent and fearless. The name itself has roots in Old English and was first heard being used as a surname to describe someone living near a valley. The word it's derived from is "denu" which, quite literally, means "valley". While the meaning might be somewhat random, the name itself lacks nothing as far as class and style go.

4 Madelyn

This is a modern spelling twist on the classic name Madeline. It was inspired by the town Magdala which is on the seacoast of France. It's a perfectly proper name that is undoubtedly French in origin, making it sound chic and stylish without any effort whatsoever. This name isn't often heard nowadays but still comes across as modern and classic at the same time. The spelling is what makes it a bit more updated, the addition of "-lyn" provides a cute nickname as well for any little girl.

3 Wirth

The name Wirth is still relatively modern and has no definitive origin that explains precisely where it came from. In America, it's a name commonly heard down in the Southern countries and represents a boy who is strong, determined, and kind-hearted. While it might sound like the name of a country singer, Wirth is has a certain uniqueness to it that makes it mysteriously classy. It's definitely unique and would suit any little boy who is destined to have his own style and strong personality.

2 Rosalyn


Rosalyn is a beautiful name and an extended take on the name Rose. It's beautiful and very feminine and is popular still in countries like Italy. Its European flair makes it unique and chances are, there aren't too many girls who are walking around with this name today. It has somewhat fallen out of popularity which is good news because it has once again become a unique and rare name. There are also many, many nicknames that could be associated with Rosalyn, including Rosie, Rosa, Lyn, and Roz.

1 Joshua


A name like Joshua always sounds cool, simply because it can be shortened to just Josh. It was popular in the 90s but has remained a steady name as far as its usage goes. Its origins are deeply rooted in Hebrew, not only in meaning but in its creation as well. It was first seen in the Bible as the name for the successor of Moses, as Joshua became the man who was responsible for leading the children of Israel to the Promised Land. This was a pretty big job, therefore the name Joshua has always meant strong in nature, kind, and faithful. The literal meaning of this name is "God is salvation", and is derived from the Hebrew name Yehoshua.

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