25 Colorful Names That Are So Creative

When parents are choosing a name for their baby, they are looking for something that will suit their little personalities. Often parents think they have found the perfect little name for their baby, only to find that someone else close to them has chosen the exact same moniker. Go into any school and parents will find a concentration of the same two or three names there as names rise and fall in popularity.

So it’s back to the drawing board in search of another one that everyone concerned can agree on. It’s easy to forget that all names were made up at one time or another, either in relation to where someone lived, what their characteristics were or even what job they did for a living.

So why not go creative and think outside the box? In this list, we have turned to a colour chart for inspiration. When mom decorates her home it is easy to have a giggle at the range of colour shades available and some of the quite exotic colour names that can be found there. But actually, a lot of them sound like cute, trendy or even stylish names. So, if mom is still feeling a little stuck, have a look at these colourful names for some inspiration.

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25 Aqua

This beautiful turquoise based colour can go from lightly feminine to deep and sophisticated across its range. Linked with water and healing, this colour also has associations with good communications and clear thinking. It is a refreshing and uplifting colour which makes a stunning name. Aqua would make a unique choice for your little boy or girl, as it is currently ranking at around the 16,000th most popular name. Famous bearers include the Danish dance group ‘Aqua’, famous for their Barbie Girl tribute.

24 Violet

Bourncreative.com tells us that shades of purple represent wealth, grandeur and extravagance. Purple is also all about wisdom, pride and independence. As a name, Violet has been in use since the middle ages, from the French name ‘Violette’ and the Latin ‘Viola’, both of which refer to ‘Violet’. In the 19th-century, when flower names became hugely popular, this was a common name. Lately, it is coming back into fashion with celebs such as Ben Affleck and Christina Milian using it for their daughters.

23 Red

Originally an Anglo-Saxon nickname for people with red hair, this is an emotionally intense colour. Not only is red associated with danger, but also with blood, fire and war. However, it is also strongly linked to love, passion and romance. It is a strong and stimulating colour that makes a fantastically powerful name. Currently ranked at number 9,448 for girls and 5,715 for boys it is a rare choice for either sex. Famous bearers include Red Skelton the actor and Red Marlow the country singer.

22 Jade 

According to jademeaning.com, Jade is the prehistoric symbol of calm and peace. It is a special stone that is green in colour and is believed to promote wisdom and balance in your life. In Spanish, it is ‘piedra de la ijada’, which means ‘stone of the colic’. It is believed that if you place the stone on a baby’s stomach, it cures colic.  Girls with this name are highly imaginative and spiritual and like to be appreciated by others.

21 Blue

If this name is good enough for the offspring of Beyonce and Jay-Z, then it’s good enough for us. Yes, Blue is one of those names that celebrities love to use due to its unusual and quirky vibe. An American name, Blue is not only a colour but also refers to feelings of sadness. As a colour, it has a much more positive aspect, being linked to freedom, inspiration and sensitivity. It is also rife in nature, being the colour of the sea and the sky and is linked to sincerity and confidence.

20 Indigo

Indigo comes in a wide range of shades but is essentially purple or very dark blue. Purple is a colour which has long been linked with nobility and even royalty. Roman emperors wore purple and were noted for their fierce ambition. Indigo is an increasingly popular name for boys and girls and is commonly shortened to the very trendy ‘Indy’. Indigo even has the honour of being included in the rainbow. Whilst it has yet to reach the top 1000 names, it is a creative and colourful choice.

19 Pearl

Pearls come in a huge range of colours from yellow and pink to blue and even black. The most popular colour is white, which is popular with brides due to its link with innocence and purity. It is a beautiful female name which may have been inspired by ‘Margaret’, which also translates as ‘Pearl’. In Latin, Pearl means ‘precious’ and girls with this name love being part of a family or larger community. They like to work with others and make excellent teachers.

18 Chiffon

This elegant French name is pronounced ‘Shiff-on’ and is an unusual choice. It originally comes from the word for ‘rag or cloth’. Nowadays we think of this material as a delicate, thin fabric that comes in a variety of colours, but its base colour is white. This represents purity, perfection and cleanliness. White is used to show purity and goodness. In Hebrew, the name means ‘bringer of peace’. So for a restful and calm name, this stylish choice might be the perfect one.

17 Apple

When Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow named their daughter Apple many people sniggered at their choice. However, the trademark light bright green of an apple actually represents life and energy. It is associated with harmony and freshness and the natural process of renewal. Apples have even been linked with immortality, as in the Biblical story of Adam and Eve. The mystical land of Avalon, where King Arthur is laid to rest is literally ‘the land of apples’, whilst everyone in Asgard is fed an apple every day.

16 Hazel

Hazel is a mixture of greens and browns and is a common eye colour. It is said that people with hazel eyes are spontaneous and brave, and do not like to back down from challenges. The higher the proportion of green, the more mischievous Hazel is likely to be.

It is of English origin meaning ‘the hazelnut tree’ and is a nod to where someone lives. The hazelnut is thought to have had magical powers in medieval times and is still referred to as ‘the tree of knowledge’.

15 Honey

Honey is often used as a pet name for someone close to you. And for good reason, as honey itself is linked to sugary sweetness. As a name, it literally translates as ‘sweet’ and as a colour it has a huge range of shades. Honey can go from almost clear to a deep brown shade, with all tones of orange in between. Girls with this name tend to be very practical and lead an orderly and well-organised life. They believe in the values of truth and justice and do not mix well with others who do not share their beliefs.

14 Amber

The first recorded use of this as a name was in England in 1500 but it didn’t become really popular until the 19th-century. At this time the precious fossilised resin was well-used in jewellery making. As a colour, Amber is most famous nowadays for its starring role in traffic lights, warning us to be careful. It is known for balancing emotions and clearing away negative energy. Wearing this colour can ease stress, dispel a variety of phobias and clear your mind.

13 Ginger

This name originates in England and has been used for centuries as a reference, often derogatory, to people with red hair. However, it actually means ‘chaste or pure’ and is a shortening of the name ‘Virginia’. People with this name are often noted for their energy and liveliness, for example, the famous dancing actress Ginger Rogers. The root which shares the same name reminds us all of biscuits and the Christmas season, with its tangy and pungent smell and taste.

12 Rose

Rose has always been considered an elegant and ladylike name With other equally beautiful versions such as Rosa, Rosalie and Rosetta to choose from, this colour name is timeless. Rose, itself, covers many colours and shades, from red to light pink, yellow to white. Originally this name was German, from the words ‘hrod’ meaning ‘fame’ and ‘heid’ meaning ‘kind, sort, type’. The Norman invasion took the name to England as Roese and Rohese and it has continued to be popular, currently ranking at number 141.

11 Ruby

According to sunnyray.org, the ruby is one of the most powerful red stones, renowned for bringing vigour and energy to your life. As a symbol of divine creativity, it is associated with good fortune, love and loyalty. From the Latin word ‘luber’, meaning ‘red’, Ruby came into use in the Victorian era. It is now the birthstone for July. There have been a number of popular songs featuring Ruby, including the Kaiser Chief’s ‘Ruby’ and the Rolling Stones’ ‘Ruby Tuesday’

10 Candy

This delicate pink shade is related to charm, tenderness and femininity. It is the colour of bubble gum, babies, cute little girls and pretty flowers. Most importantly, pink represents love. In Latin Candy means ‘dazzling white, bright and glowing’. A famous example of this name is the 1898 play ‘Candida’ by George Bernard Shaw.

Girls with this name make great leaders who are keen on detail and order. They are intuitive and considerate people who make great diplomats, and friends.

9 Iris

This is possibly the most colourful of all names, as it is the name of the Greek goddess of the rainbow. As well as looking after the rainbow, Iris served as the messenger to the gods. The name can also be a reference to the pretty and delicate light purple flower or even part of the eye.

There are various different pronunciations of this lovely name, including ‘IE-ris’ in English, ‘EE-ris’ in Germany and Holland and ‘EE-rees’ in Finnish and Spanish.

8 Heather

The word ‘Heather’ comes from the Greek ‘Kallune’ - ‘to brush’ and the Latin ‘vulagirs’ - ‘common’. Heather twigs were in fact once used for making brooms but are now mostly known for their delicate purple, pink or white flowers and their all-around colour. Heather yarn is the most expensive, with delicate flecks of interwoven colours. The plant is also believed to have protective powers and symbolises admiration and good luck. Girls with this name tend to be idealistic, imaginative and inspirational.

7 Amethyst

This is an ancient Greek name, referring to the purple gemstone. It also translates as ‘against intoxication’ and is supposed to guard anyone who wears it against the effects of drinking too much strong liquor. People with this gorgeous name are creative types who are drawn to music, art, dance and drama. They love to be the centre of attention and will choose to do jobs that put them in the limelight. Amethyst is known as the birthstone of February.

6 Denim

For boys, this is becoming an increasingly popular name, although it is still rated down at number 1,173. For girls, it is even more rare, at number 1,800. For both sexes, the name has only really come into use since the turn of the 21st century. The name means ‘cotton’ and refers to the material that is commonly dyed an indigo blue to create jeans. The colour of jeans is now so popular that Denim has made it onto the colour charts as an official shade.

5 Emerald 

Green is the most calming colour in the palette. This earth colour is related to growth, reflection and peace. It brings freshness and vitality to your spirit and according to crystalvaults.com it is called ‘the stone of successful love’. It has a soothing energy that restores balance to the mind and body.  For girls, this name currently sits outside the top 1000 names. It is even rarer for boys, being currently ranked at number 4,490. With nicknames such as Emmy, Emma or even Merry, this is a rare but beautiful name.

4 Fern

In nature Ferns symbolise a great number of things. They are linked with discretion and sincerity towards others. They are also related to reveries and love and are known as symbols of magic. If you give someone a fern you are bestowing on them best wishes for wealth and shelter. The vibrant green of the fern plant has been around for millions of years, and have even been found as fossils, so this makes a timeless name for your baby.

3 Celeste 

Celeste has found an unusual way of being on the colour palette. Originally a French unisex name, the word actually means ‘heavenly’ and even has a beautiful keyboard instrument named the celesta, which represents the sound of heaven.  In the world of colours, it is the common name for the pale turquoise blue associated with the Bianchi bicycle manufacturer. Known as Bianchi Green it was an attempt to reproduce the colour of the clear sky. Currently, in the top 500, Celeste is a gorgeous feminine name.

2 Raven 

Raven is an ancient name that comes from both the Old Norse ‘Hrafn’ and the Old English ‘Hraefn’, which both refer to the raven bird. A raven is a scavenger and was often given as a nickname to a thief or alternatively to a dark-haired person in relation to its glossy black feathers. In Greek mythology, ravens were the messengers of the gods and were related particularly to Apollo, the god of prophecy. In this case, they were a symbol of bad luck, but are more commonly now admired for their deep shiny black feathers.

1 Onyx 

According to healingcrystals.com, the black onyx is a powerful stone of protection. It can help to prevent a person’s personal energy draining away by absorbing and transforming any negative energy. Black Onyx also increases physical stamina and helps you work through times of stress and grief.  The Greek word ‘onyx’ means ‘claw or fingernail’ and is a nod to the fact that this mineral is sometimes pink with white streaks, like a fingernail. This black gemstone can be used as a unisex name and makes a rare but gorgeous colour name.

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