25 Colors That Make Unique Baby Names

Choosing a baby name can be difficult. With so many options to search through, it’s hard to find the right one. It needs to fit your baby from childhood to adulthood. It needs to have meaning. It needs to be unique.

There's no better place to look for a name that meets these standard than in the colors that bring vibrance to our world. “Color is a power that directly influences the soul,” said Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky. In the form of a first name, color can have an even more powerful influence on the soul.

Some names based on colors are already very popular, such as Scarlett and Grayson. Here are 25 unique color names for boys and girls that will reflect your baby’s strength and personality.

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25 Vermilion

This color is a brilliant red made from cinnabar powder (mercury sulfide). It’s also known as Chinese red and dates back to ancient history. It was symbolic of wealth and life in Europe and Asia and of fertility in India. The name can be spelled with either one or two l’s.

24 Sienna

This earthy color comes from clay that is yellowish brown when raw and reddish brown when burnt. Spelled with one n, it becomes the name of a historic Tuscan city.

23 Red

This primary color has a simple yet bold name. Red stands for numerous strong emotions, from love to anger to courage depending on the specific shade. It can be used for a girl or boy. Examples of people who go by just Red include Little Red Riding Hood from Once Upon a Time and Raymond Reddington from The Blacklist, both very strong characters.

22 Olive

This yellow-tinted green is the color of green olive fruit. The olive branch is a symbol of peace. This name is a great option if you like the name Olivia but want something less common. Another version is Olea, from the Latin name of the tree (olea europaea).

21 Navy

This dark blue is one of the colors on the American flag. It also refers to a country’s military force that fights at sea. The name’s origin comes from the Latin word navis for ship.

20 Mauve

Mauve is a pale purple with a blue tint. The name is a French word for the mallow flower, which grows in this color. It has an elegant, vintage sound to it.

19 Maroon

This color is more than just the name of the popular band Maroon 5. It’s a dark red ranging from purplish to brownish. It comes from the French word for chestnut: marron.

18 Magenta

A rich, dark pink, magenta represents harmony and balance. Its components express this ideal perfectly: it combines the power of red with the peace of purple. The name has a very regal tone to it.

17 Lavender

This light purple color is named after the plant of the same name. The plant is often used to relieve stress and promote sleep. The gentle sound of the name reflects the color’s calming properties.

16 Indigo

This deep color is the bridge between blue and violet in a rainbow. It, too, is named for a plant. It works for both girls and boys.

15 Fuchsia

This bright color is in the pink family and is close to magenta. It comes from a plant named after a famous German botanist. It has an exotic sound to it, perfect for a little diva. The only drawback is the tricky spelling.

14 Emerald

Emerald is a gemstone with a rich green color. It’s the birthstone of May, making it a great choice for babies born in that month. Cute nicknames include Emmy for a girl and Emmer for a boy.

13 Ebony

Ebony is a tropical hardwood tree with a dark, almost-black hue. Its texture and quality make it very valuable and expensive. This name would reflect the pricelessness of your baby.

12 Cyan

This greenish blue is one of the primary colors in printer ink. The name is pronounced with a soft c, but since it has Greek origins, you can choose to pronounce it like a k.

11 Crimson

A strong name, crimson is a dark, bloody red originally created from an insect. It’s associated with love, power, and Christianity.

10 Coral

Currently a trendy shade, coral is a pinkish orange reflective of the beautiful sea life for which it’s named. It’s a unique alternative to the popular Cora.

9 Cobalt

Cobalt is not only a dark blue color, but also an element on the periodic table. It’s often combined with other elements to form alloys with powerful properties. A good nickname for this scientific moniker is Coby.

8 Chartreuse

This color comes from a French liqueur that is yellowish green. Only two French monks know every herb needed to produce the drink. Divide this name in half to get two nicknames: Char and Treuse.

7 Cerulean

If the name Sky is appealing to you but too hippie, then Cerulean is the perfect alternative. This Latin-based name is the color of a deep blue sky. Nickname ideas are Cera or Rue for a girl and Lean (rhyming with Ian) for a boy.

6 Cerise

This name comes from the French word for cherry and is the same dark red as the fruit. It can be said with the s or z sound at the end. You can even go with the French pronunciation.

5 Celadon

This color is the grayish green, similar to jade, found on Chinese pottery that has been glazed a certain way. The name supposedly comes from French literature and has been used for both boys and girls.

4 Burgundy

Burgundy is the color of the dark red wine made in the French territory of the same name. It can have hues of brown, purple, or black. It’s a very strong name great for a little one with a strong personality.

3 Bianca

Bianca is a girl’s name that comes from the Italian word for white, which stands for purity, innocence, faith, and perfection. You can also choose the French version, Blanche, or the Spanish version, Blanca.

2 Auburn

This reddish brown is usually associated with hair color, but it’s also a unique moniker that sounds like a shortened nickname for Audrey Hepburn. It originally meant off-white before shifting to the shade for which it’s now known.

1 Aqua

This color is a lighter variation of cyan, like the color of pool water, and is the Latin word for water. It would be a perfect fit for a baby birthed in water or “en caul” (still in the amniotic sac).

What other colors would make cute baby names? Share them in the comments!

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