25 Combinations Names That Are Absolutely Gorgeous

Making new names is becoming more and more popular and one of the best ways to do this is by combining two smaller names. This is not a new concept, it has been known for some time that by taking two smaller names, a brand new name with a different sound can be made. Popular examples include Mary Kate, Jo Anne or even Katelin. These names are all common ones that can easily be broken down into shorter names but are often kept together. Lynn, Lea, and Bella are common endings that are added to names to add a girly or romantic feel to an otherwise not-so-feminine name. Anna is a common prefix name used as a base name for many different endings. One major benefit of combining names is that it is a great way to honor multiple people in the first name of a child without having to pick a single name. It also offers the chance to be creative in combination, spelling, and sound in ways that choosing a single name does not. There is so much versatility that a name can offer and adding a second name only serves to increase that, even allowing spaces and hyphenating.

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25 Maristela

Maristela can be taken a few ways. One is quite literal and interoperates this Latin name to mean, “star of the sea.” Mar being Latin for sea and Stella being Latin for star. The name can also be taken apart and broken into Mari and Stella. Mari on its own is considered a variation of Maria or Mary. In this case, its origin varies but Mary is Hebrew and means, “bitter.” Stella on its own remains the same. It is Latin and it means, “star.”

Maristela is a beautiful name that is lyrical and perfect for all the ocean-loving parents who want a nature-related name that still has a beautiful feminine and romantic sound. The name Maristela may be just what you are looking for, for your little mermaid.

24 Altalune

If you are literally over the moon about your little one consider the bold and unique Altalune as a name for them. The name Altalune can be broken down into the Latin Alta and the French Lune. Alta a short and bold name that means, “elevated.” While the French portion of the name, Lune means, “moon.” When the two pieces come together the name translates to, “over the moon.”

A beautiful name with a beautiful sentiment this name has not gained popularity in the United States yet although the name has been recognized by Nameberry. Perfect for those who love the moon and those who just want to show how much they love their little one Altalune is bold and beautiful with a strong sound and a unique meaning.

23 Graylynne

Graylynne is a new invention with a modern sound. Gray is a name that has come into use recently and like some of the more “tomboy” names is gaining popularity, even as a girl’s name. The name Graylynne is the perfect mix of the modern and the traditional, adding Gray to Lynne a traditional name that has held popularity for years.

Gray is a new name and the origin is modern, it is given a meaning as a color name associated with the color it is named after. The name Lynne is a classic with a Celtic or Welsh origin and the serene beautiful meaning of, “lake.” Essentially together you getting a meaning similar to gray lake. The beautiful name is perfect for a name that mixes the new and the old together.

22 Stellaluna

Stellaluna is a name that will probably ring a bell with many 90s babies. Stellaluna was a little fruit bat who starred in a book written by Janelle Cannon that made its debut in 1993. This beautiful name has a celestial meaning and a smooth and poetic sound that make it gorgeous, however, it has remained unknown enough to keep its rarity.

The name is Latin as are both pieces that comprise it. The name Stella means, “star,” while Luna means, “moon.” This celestial name is perfect for parents who love astronomy, night or even those who simply have fond feelings for the sound of this sweet name. Perfect for the little one who you love bigger than all the stars.

21 Corabella

This name is a beautiful variation on two classics. The name Cora has been around for quite a while. It has a strong sound, a Greek origin, and means, “maiden.” The second half of this name, Bella is much more popular than Cora and has become very popular in the United States. The name Bella is Italian and means, “beautiful,” which may be why it has gained such popularity.

These sweet simple pieces come together to create an elegant and romantic name that has a meaning of, “beautiful maiden.” Regal and romantic Corabella is a beautiful name that is fit for a princess.

20 Olivianna

Olivianna is a more modern construction that takes two recognized names and pushes them together to give them a twist. Olivianna is comprised of Olivia and Anna. Olivia is a name that comes from an English, French or Latin origin with a meaning of “olive tree or emblem of peace.” This name is full of sass and offers the nickname Liv which can still be utilized. The name Anna is still utilized in this name adding just the right amount of grace to the combination.

The beautiful Olivianna takes the sassy and strong Olivia and combines it with the sweet soft Anna to create a beautiful and poetic name that has the best of both worlds.

19 Skylynne

In recent years Sky has become a more popular name. When spelled Skye it has a Nordic origin or Sky has an English origin. The meaning of Skye is “cloud or heavenward.” This short and bold name brings to mind images of the big open blue sky above. In this combination, it is paired with sweet and simple Lynne. Lynne is a name that once has immense popularity but is now dwindling, although it can be found as part of many modern names. This simple name is Celtic or Welsh and means Lake.

The name Skylynne brings together two of the most beautiful and majestic parts of nature to create a name that inspires. Skylynne is bold and bright having an upbeat and sunny sound to it perfect for parents looking for a nature name.

18 Oaklin

Oaklin is a new name that makes an otherwise masculine sounding nature name more poetic and feminine. The name Oak has recently come into use as a girl’s name with a nature meaning related to the tree it comes from. While Lin is a variation of Lynn and means, “lake,” coming from a Celtic or Welsh origin.

Oaklin is unique and has not been in use long, Nameberry does not yet recognize it as a name which means it is sure to be special to your little one, at least for now. With names like Raelynn on the rise, it is only a matter of time before this combo name also makes it onto the top 1000 list and gains some traction.

17 Lealuna

Lealuna is a name that has been used in two parts but is not listed on Nameberry as a single name just yet. Lea is of multiple origins, Dutch, French, German, Nordic, and Slavic and means, “languid, relaxed or weary.” The name Luna is Latin and means, “moon.” This name is the perfect example of the ability to be creative using spaces or hyphens, such as Lea Luna or Lea-Luna.

Together the name Lealuna means something along the lines of, “relaxed or weary moon.” This unique name is beautiful and offers the perfect twist on Luna so that you can keep the name and still have some originality and rarity. Your child will be the only one in the class with this name even if there are others name just Luna.

16 Annaleigh

A spelling variation on the continuously popular Annalee, Annaleigh combines the names, Anna and Leigh. When spelled Annalee this name holds the 920th spot in the top 1000 girl’s names on Nameberry however the spelling variations have not enjoyed the same success.

Anna is an extremely popular name, to the point that Oh Baby! Names predict it will be around in another hundred years. Anna is considered Hebrew or Latin and means, “grace or graciousness.” While Leigh which can also be spelled Lee has an English origin and a simple meaning of, “Pasture, or meadow.”

A sweet name made of long-lasting pieces Annaleigh brings to mind beautiful green meadows and peaceful afternoons spent in them.

15 Annalisa

Annalisa has a similar sound to Annaleigh but offers a more feminine twist. This name Anna is extremely popular and is likely to remain so. It is strong and sweet with just the right amount of sass. This Hebrew or Latin name means, “grace or gracious.” In this name, it is added to the ending Lisa. Lisa is a name with many possible origins, English, German, Italian and Nordic all make the list of possible starting places. The meaning of Lisa is, “God is my oath.”

On its own Annalisa is not given a separate meaning however it is a widely used combination name. The name has a somewhat religious connotation and would be perfect for parents looking for a name with a religious meaning that has a romantic sound.

14 Evaleigh

Evaleigh has a classic almost Victorian sound to it that gives it a unique and elegant quality. This sweet and unassuming name is comprised of two equally sweet names Eva and Leigh. Eva is a feminine and romantic name while Leigh gives the name a little more strength and a tomboy feel perfectly balancing it out.

Eva is considered to be Hebrew or Latin in origin and means, “a living being.” While Leigh is English and means, “pasture or meadow.” Both of these names bring to mind life and that is perfect to celebrate the new little life that you have created.

13 Lynnleigh

Lynnleigh also makes use of the Leigh ending but this unique name changes the position of the Lynn from its common spot at the end of names to a featured spot at the beginning. Lynnleigh is perfect for nature loves because its meaning honors two of nature’s most beautiful features. Sweet and classic, the name Lynn is Celtic or Welsh in origin and means, “lake.” Combine that with strong and bold Leigh, which is English in origin and means, “pasture or meadow,” and you get the perfect image of a beautiful lakeside meadow.

Lynnleigh is not recognized by Nameberry as a name keeping it unique and rare. The name’s rarity makes it the perfect way to honor someone named Lynn or Linda, or Lee in your life without giving your baby an overused name. The name is also perfect for natural loves looking to avoid the name Meadow.

12 Brielle

This gorgeous name may seem extremely girly but it has a strong meaning perfect for your sassy little princess. The name Brielle is recognized as a name by Nameberry and when considered as a single name it is French in origin and means, “hunting grounds.” As a name, it has also gained significant popularity landing just outside the top 100 in the top 1000 girls names.

However, this name can be broken into two smaller names that have some great meaning as well. The name Bri is considered to be a variation of the Irish name Bree and is given the meaning, “strength or exalted one.” While Elle is French for, “she.” Together these two names can mean “hunting grounds” or you can take them to mean a “strong or exalted girl”.

11 Coralena

Coralena is another variation on Cora that you can choose that has a stronger sound but keeps an -a ending giving it a feminine feel. The name Coralena is also similar to Coraline or Caroline if you are interested in possible variations on those names. Coralena is recognized as a name variation of either Coral or Coralie, both possible options as well.

The name overall has a Latin beginning and means Coral when traced back.Coralena can be broken down into two parts, Cora or Lena. Cora on its own has an American, English or Greek origin and means Maiden. Lena has a German or Polish origin but there is not a specified meaning for this ending, however, it can also be spelled, Lina. A beautiful name reminiscent of the ocean and maidens perfect for any little mermaid princess.

10 Riverlynne

The name River became popular in the 1960s with the “hippie” naming trends, however, it was used primarily as a boy’s name. The name did not make it onto the female name charts until 2009, despite the fact that the name itself does not sound particularly feminine or masculine. If you like the name River by are looking for a way to add a little femininity too it take a look at Riverlynne.

Comprised of River and Lynne this name adds a feminine twist on the unisex name River. River on its own is a nature name with an English origin. The name means, “flowing body of water.” Sticking with the water theme, Lynne means, “lake,” and comes from a Celtic or Welsh origin.

9 Raelynn

Making its first appearance on the female charts in 2008, Raelynn is only a decade old. The name has already grown significantly and it already has a strong place on the top 1000 baby names. The name even belongs to a popular country singer who was on the Television show the voice.

Rae has been around for quite a while and is popular for its sass and tomboy style. The name is English in origin and means, “ewe,” which is a female sheep. The name Lynn is common and is often added to other names to be part of combination names. It has a Celtic or Welsh origin and means “lake.”

8 Evalina

Recognized as a variation of the name Evelyn which means, “wished for child,” and has an English from French origin, Evalina has a more sought after romantic and lyrical sound. This beautiful name has yet to gain significant popularity dispute being comprised of two beautiful names which give it potential for the fabulous nicknames of Eva or Lina.

One piece of this name is Eva a charming yet sassy name with English, French and Hebrew name which means, “mother of all living.” This is combined with the beautiful and mysterious Lina a name with. German and Polish origins are often used but not given a meaning. Sass and romance the name Evalina has it all.

7 Ellianna

Similar to names like Evalina and Evaleigh the name Ellianna has that sassy starting E name ending with a more feminine name. The name Ellianna is recognized as a name and has gained enough popularity to be on the list although it currently remains at the bottom of the top 1000 names on Nameberry.

Comprised of Elle and Anna this beautiful name is sweet and sassy. Starting strong with Elle a name with a French origin that means, “she.” This strong sassy name is followed by Anna a sweet soft name that perfectly balances it out. Anna is Hebrew or Latin in origin and means, “grace or graciousness.” The perfect amount of strength and grace wrapped up in a beautiful name.

6 Rosaleigh

A variation of the ever popular Rosalie with a more modern spelling, the name Rosaleigh has a definite hold on the charts. With the traditional spelling ranking in the mid 200s of the top 1000 names on Nameberry, it is only a matter of time until the more modern spelling catches on.

This traditional name is made up of a combo of Rosa and Leigh. The name Rosa is soft and sweet with a meaning that fits it perfectly, “famous, pink or dew.” This sweet soft name is Italian, Latin or Spanish in origin. Then Leigh is added to with an English origin and a meaning of, “pasture or meadow.” Soft and sweet this traditional name is beautiful and this modern spelling is the perfect way to update it.

5 Arabella

Arabella is an extremely popular name that has held its own for years. Currently the name sides in the mid 100s on the top 1000 girl’s names on Nameberry. The name is strong and bold but retains the feminine and beautiful feel with the Bella ending.

The name Arabella is composed by combining Ara and Bella. Ara is a strong simple name that is Armenian in origin and means, “king.” The name Bella is definitely well known and has gained immense popularity in the last few years. Bella is a sweet little Italian name and means, “beautiful.” While the entire name of Arabella together is given a Latin origin and means, “yielding to prayer.” Whichever meaning you like better this bold and strong name is a fantastic choice.

4 Katelynne

Another spelling variation, this name is a variation on the name Kaitlin, which in turn is a variation of Caitlin. Katelynne is a variation on the name Kathrine. Kathrine is a very popular name and if you are looking for a way to honor someone in your life named Kathrine. The name Katelynne means, “pure,” and has an Irish origin.

The name is made up of Kate and Lynne. The name Kate is a short form of Katelynne. Kate is English and means, “pure one, clear or innocent.” Lynne is Celtic or Welsh and means, “lake.” These added together to create an image of purity such as a crystal clear lake.

3 Julianna

A longtime favorite Julianna is another long-standing name. This name is Latin and means, “youthful.” The beautiful name has been long-standing popularity and is in the top 1000 girl’s names on Nameberry.

Julianna comes apart to two names, Julie and Anna both beautiful and strong in their own right. The name Julie is a classic. Julie is French or Latin and means, “soft-haired or youthful.” This is added to Anna which is Hebrew or Latin in origin and means, “grace or graciousness.” The names together are typically considered to mean youthful but the Anna portion does add a little bit of Grace. This beautiful name sounds like the stuff of poetry and would be perfect for your beautiful little one.

2 Annabelle

Annabelle is a beautiful variation on the French name Amabel. Amabel is Latin and it means, “loving,” according to Nameberry. Annabelle is a name that is made up of the names Anna and Belle. This name is a classic and is very well-known as are the names that make it up.

The name Anna is Hebrew or Latin and means, “grace or graciousness.” Belle means, “beautiful.” The name Belle is French in origin and has a sassier sound that its cousin name Bella. The beautiful name Annabelle is full of beauty and grace things that anyone would wish for their little girl, a world full of beauty and grace.

1 Annabeth

Similar to Annabelle, Annabeth has been around for quite a while. Listed on Nameberry as a combo name of Anna and Beth the name as a whole is not given a meaning. The name Annabeth has a strong sound to it but it is not particularly girly or poetic sounding.

The name Anna is Hebrew or Latin in origin and means, “grace or graciousness.” The name Beth is English in origin and means, “oath.” This name has very strong vibes of righteousness with the meanings of grace and oath which is a perfect wish for the life of your little one.

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