25 Cool Baby Names For Dads Who Love Cars

We’ve all heard of those crazy car fanatic fathers who are always researching the performance of certain cars or debating with their other car fanatic friends which car has the most power and flair. These fathers love cars so much that they will more than likely call everything they own after their favourite car. If it’s calling their dog Mustang or their daughter Ferrari, they’ll go to the furthest lengths of being reminded about their favourite car.

However, sometimes mothers do not want to call their daughter the after the famous Ferrari. Don’t worry, this list will make any car fanatic father and name-approving mother, very happy. The names on this list are not only car names or car models, they also sound exactly like a normal name that anyone would call a baby! Not only are the following names unique and beautiful, but there are also some names in this list of cars that aren't known by many since they are older models, or prototypes that have not been released yet.

Fathers and mothers will feast their eyes on this list and next time fathers have a debate with their friends about which car is the best, make sure to bring up the new born baby girl or boy who has been named after a cool car. Happy reading!

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The Hyundai Motor Company is a South Korean multinational automotive manufacturer which manufactures the Elantra model. This baby girl name has a Latin origin. Little Elantra will grow up to have a very reserved nature however, she will be very capable and clever which will make her excel in executive positions. Individuals with this name are curious with the mysteries the world has to offer and they are in a constant search to understand the larger picture of life. Elantra will be able to concentrate very easily and she will be excellent at reading and writing. Lastly, she will seem elegant and gracious to many individuals because of the way she holds herself which is a great trait to have.



Also known as the Mini Cooper, the Cooper Car Company was founded in December 1947 and if this car has been a ride to remember, why not call a newborn baby boy after this car? The name Cooper has a Latin origin and its original meaning is a barrel maker. The meaning does not sound too appealing however there’s much more to say about the name Cooper. Multi-talented, idealistic and independent are the selling points of this baby boy name. Little Cooper will grow up to be a man of all traits and he will do so only relying on himself. He might even grow up to love driving his Mini Cooper!


This next car related name is for any luxury car lover. Bentley Motors Limited is a British Manufacturer as many individuals might know. Jumping into baby names, Bentley is a baby boy name with an Old English origin. Individuals with this name become great leaders and they also have lots of personal independence which will bring them very far in whatever they enjoy doing or studying the most. Little Bentley will grow up to inspire many individuals with the way he thinks and delivers a message. He will have a visionary type of thought process which will make him gain many followers and which will also increase his leadership power.



The Aston Martin makes many individuals remember the famous Mr. James Bond 007. This iconic and luxurious sports car has been used for many years in the James Bond movies and it is manufactured by the British. The beautiful and technologically advanced engineering of the car makes many car lovers go crazy over all of the Aston Martin models. The name Aston has an English origin and it means east town. Little Aston will grow up to be a very trusting individual. People will go to him to say their greatest secrets and gain advice back from Aston. He will also grow up to be a very strong leader. Let’s face it, if the Aston Martin sports car is a leader, why wouldn’t Aston grow up a leader?



The Range Rover is a luxury sport SUV which is seen as a very comfortable and powerful car. The name Rover has an English origin and it means to be a wanderer. Rover will grow up to have a very strong opinion about many things and he will not be shy to speak his views on certain subjects which he feels passionate about. This trait will make him gain many followers who support his views and his opinions and he will grow up to be a leader. Little Rover will also have a love for beautiful and materialistic objects and he will do what he needs to get the things that he wants.


Volkswagen is known internationally as a German automotive manufacturing company. One of the cars they manufacture is the famous Jetta. Why not name a baby girl Jetta if this was a first car that holds many memories? The baby girl name has a Latin origin and it means jet black. Individuals with the name Jetta have a constant desire to find a stable and loving family and friend(s) as well as grow a family of their own which is very stable and loving. Little Jetta will have loads of imagination which will make her dream up her future exactly how she wants it to be!



The Lamborghini Miura was the fastest car made in its time when it was released between 1966 and 1973. Lamborghini is an Italian brand and manufacturer of luxury sports cars and SUV models. Moving onto the baby girl name, Miura is a name with a Japanese origin which means august bay or three bays. Little Miura will most probably grow up to love the world of finance and business which will bring her to succeed in that market. She will have a very practical mind set which will not only guide her to the best solutions to certain problems but it will also bring her to get what she wants! She will be very open-minded and this trait will bring her to become a leader and not a follower.


Another Aston Martin luxury car inspired name is Martin. The baby boy name Martin has an Old English and Latin origin and it means a warrior. A baby boy with this name will grow up to be very strong; exactly like the Aston Martin sports car and like the meaning of his name describes. With his personal strength, Martin will always rely on himself to get to where he wants to be. This trait will make him very independent since he will rely solely on himself. His strength, his excellent way of expressing himself and his independence will make him a leader instead of a follower and individuals will look up to him for this reason.


The Lexus brand is the luxury vehicle division of the Japanese automaker Toyota. The baby girl name Lexus is derived from a Greek origin and it means a man’s defender. Little Lexus will grow up very protective of everything she loves and enjoys. She will not be scared to speak her mind when the time comes and no one will be able to change her opinion on certain views and beliefs she has. She will be feared by many since she will grow up to have a very strong character which will make her somewhat independent. The name Lexus is very uncommon for baby girls which will make little baby Lexus one of a kind!



The manufacturer of Infiniti luxury vehicles is another Japanese automaker. The origin of the name Infinity is American and of course, it means endless. Little Infinity will always be full of ideas which will bring her to many different places and definitely to succeed. Many individuals will trust her because she will be very trustworthy. Individuals with this name also seem very cool to outsiders and they keep a very calm and collective charm. Infinity will also have more common sense than others and she will be able to see things happen before they actually do due to her intuition.



The Zephyr was a car model from Ford of Britain from 1950 to 1962. Not many individuals know about this car model which makes the name very original. The name Zephyr has a Greek origin and it means of the west wind. The little baby boy with the name Zephyr will grow up to be very powerful because of his tough character and behavior. These traits will make him very wealthy in the future since his tough character also makes him a go getter. Zephyr will achieve anything and everything he puts his mind to which will make him praised by many individuals.


Tesla Inc. is an American multinational corporation which was founded in 2003 and they specialize in electric vehicles, lithium-ion battery energy storage, and solar panel manufacturing. But let’s face it; everyone is here for their technologically advanced vehicles! The baby girl name Tesla has a Slavic origin and it means harvester. The name Tesla has been used since the 7th century! Little Tesla will grow up to be very hard-working and when she is not working to her best capabilities, she will feel lost. She will also be a very creative individual and she will be constantly thinking of new ideas whether she wants to create those ideas or pursue those ideas, it will always be her decision in the end.



The Rolls Royce brand is a British multinational manufacturer which creates luxury vehicles. From the sound of the Rolls Royce brand, individuals can already tell that it is a luxury brand. The baby boy name Royce has an English origin and it means royal. Parents who give their child the name Royce, are already setting him up to live a very wealthy and fun life since the meaning is royal! Little Royce will grow up having a desire to inspire others about subjects and views he feels strongly about. He will also be great at expressing himself and he will also have a lot of creativity to offer to the world.

12 KIA


Kia Motor Corporation is a vehicle manufacturer located in South Korea. The origin of the name Kia is African and it means earth or a hill. Little Kia will be very grounded in whatever she is doing since she will be confident in herself and she will also have a calm aura which will keep her grounded at all times. This calm nature will attract many individuals to her since they will feel at ease each time they spark a conversation with little Kia. Her smile will also brighten the room and everyone the second they see her big smile! Make room for Kia!



Ferrari is an Italian luxury sports car manufacturer which produces a Ferrari vehicle called the Enzo. The name has a Latin origin and it means ‘rules his house’ and ‘rules and estate’. Little Enzo will grow up loving his cars, his home, and all of the material goods that he wishes to have. He will work very hard to obtain all of the objects he wants which will make him even more satisfied once he gets those material goods. Little Enzo will also grow up being very opinionated about the topics and views he feels strongly about. Anyone who disagrees with Enzo’s views and opinions will make him quick-tempered.



The Shelby Cobra is an Anglo-American sports car which has a Ford V8 engine. Most know this sports car as the mustang. The baby girl and boy name Shelby has an English origin and it means willow farm. Little Shelby will grow up very adventurous and she/he will love traveling to different places around the world that strike their attention and curiosity. Individuals with this name hate following traditions and they rarely obey to them; they much rather go at life on their own pace. They are also very competent and practical individuals which will definitely make them generate power and wealth in their older years.



The California Aria Group specializes in building concept cars for major automakers as well as for limited edition vehicles. They have created a luxury sports car called the Aria FXE which is a hybrid. The baby girl name Aria has many different origins including North Indian, Italian, and Hebrew. The meaning of the name is gentle music, and ‘intelligence of an eagle’. It is guaranteed that little Aria will be highly intelligent! Individuals with this name are quiet, considerate and sympathetic with others since they can easily relate with what the person is going through. Aria enjoys the tiny details and cleanliness which would make her a great diplomat.



Dodge is an American automobile manufacturer which created the Dodge Aspen. The name can be used for both girls and boys and it has an English origin. Little Aspen will grow up to be inventive and ambitious. Their ambition will bring them very far in life and it will definitely bring them to succeed. Their ambition makes them very strong-willed with everything they put their minds to. All of this hard work will bring her/him to be independent since they will constantly be working towards their own success. Their independence will make them extremely reliable when someone needs their help. Make room for independent and hard-working Aspen!


The Saab Catherina was a 1964 prototype sports car which was commissioned by a Swedish automaker. The origin of the name Catherina is Greek and it means pure. Little Catherina will have a great desire to create and express herself through everything she does. She will enjoy public speaking, acting, and writing. She will also be very attentive to how she decorates her home and work environment since it will make her comfortable and peaceful doing so. She will definitely enjoy having a creative life and her form of expression will attract many individuals since she will be great at expressing herself verbally and non-verbally.



The name Alfa is inspired by the Alfa Romeo Automobiles which is a car manufacturer founded by a French man named Alexandre Darracq. The name Alfa can be used for both a girl and a boy and it has a Greek origin. The meaning of Alfa means beginning which is very sweet since little Alfa would be the beginning and starting of a new life and a new born baby! The Alfa Romeo itself is known to be comfortable and luxurious which presents an individual with the name to have similar qualities. An individual with the name Alfa is very confident in their own skin as well as ambitious in whatever they choose to do with their lives.



Another name inspired by the Alfa Romeo Automobiles is Romeo. The baby boy name has an Italian origin which means ‘a pilgrim to Rome’. Little Romeo will have a large inner desire to achieve power and wealth and he will do anything it takes to get to that point in his life. He will be born a natural leader and he will also be very organized and charming. His charm will put him in the spotlight and he will love this since he will definitely enjoy getting attention. He will be naturally drawn to the arts of the world which will make him both practical and intellectual.



Dodge is an American automobile brand which manufactures the Dakota Dodge. The baby girl name Dakota has a Native American origin which means friend. Individuals with this name have a growing desire to lead, organize, and supervise and to also achieve status, power, and wealth. To obtain all of these characteristics, the Dakotas of the world must be very ambitious and self-motivated. Little Dakota will grow up to be great at analyzing, understanding problems and solutions, and learning whatever domain they are interested in. She will make a great teacher, philosopher, scholar, or mystic. Dakota may be more of an introvert over an extrovert since she will constantly live in her mind.



The Ariel Motor Company Ltd is a low-volume performance motor vehicle manufacturing company in England. The next baby girl or baby boy name is Ariel which sounds like Ariel from The Little Mermaid however in this context the Ariel Motor Company Ltd has inspired the name. The name has a Hebrew origin and it means ‘lion of god’. Little Ariel will constantly try finding love and stability in their homes, family, and community. The same will occur when they are starting their own families since they crave stability, love, and appreciation from others. Individuals with this name are very passionate, compassionate, romantic, and they also have very magnetic personalities.


The next baby girl name has been inspired by the Pontiac Catalina which is an automobile from the Pontiac’s full-sized line which took place from 1950 to 1981. The baby girl name has a Portuguese origin which means pure. Little Catalina will grow up with a will to constantly express herself and she will always have a very strong opinion with all that she believes in. Her love to express herself will make her great at public speaking, acting, writing and/or singing. Individuals with this name also constantly analyze individuals and the world around them which makes them understand more and more about the world.



The last name on the list has been inspired by the Alfa Romeo car model, Giulia. This girl baby name has an Italian origin and it means youthful. What’s better than having a name with the meaning youthful? Staying and looking young forever is a great way to live. Individuals with this name will constantly feel the need to express themselves verbally and non-verbally as well as express the large amount of power they have. They want to achieve greatness for humanity and this trait will make them have many followers following their beliefs and views. Giulia is excited by change, adventure, and she’s plainly excited by excitement!

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