25 Cute Baby Girl Names That Are Fresh And Fun

Every parent wants to give a meaningful name to their baby. The name that one is going to choose for a child is something that he or she will have to carry for their lifetime. The chosen name should be suitable not only when they are children, but also through adolescence, adulthood and even through their old age.

The ultimate test for a name will be that of time, and the sad part is that a lot of people end up coming to terms with the name they may never really liked. Some of them change their name at the first chance they get. So take the time to choose a name the child will love and be thankful for in the future.

Naming a child is no cake walk. In fact, it is one of the toughest assignments parents are ever going to undertake. The more parents become involved, the more they realize the enormity of the task. Fortunately, help is at hand, and everyone can easily find a variety of sources online to aid them through this process.

Baby name books, online directories and naming tools, family names, pop culture (actors, movie characters, musicians), historical figures and the likes could be a few of the things that could be help. One will notice that the more they research on this topic, there are so many things to be considered during the naming process. The initials matter- mom wouldn’t want to curse them with a name like Aiden Seth Samuel, where his initials would be (spell it out). Parents also need to consider the nicknames, the meaning, names of siblings to match and so on...

No matter how they opt to do it, at the end of the day, parenting is mostly about intuition. Trusting one's gut and always remembering to enjoy every special moment arriving at this special decision is the only way to go. 

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25 Adya

Adya is a 2 syllable baby girl name that is sometimes used for boys and is pronounced as ad-yah. The name Adya is of Sanskrit origin and is used mainly in the Hindi speaking countries. The meaning of baby girl name Adya is ‘The First, or Mother Earth’. As per popular site whatisthemeaningofname.com, Adya has a name numerology number of 31 and a destiny number 4. Based on this number, these individuals are extremely lucky, happy, good at what they do, independent, humble and aloof.

The character analysis of this name indicates that this individual is friendly, sensitive and practical in nature. These individuals also appreciate the precision and are organized in whatever they do. This name gained popularity only in the subcontinent and is used very sparingly in the rest of the world. For this reason, this name’s presence is hardly there in the charts.

24 Aesha

Aesha is a 3 syllable baby girl name that is pronounced as a-ISHA. Aisha and Ayesha are other variants of this name. This name has its origins in Arabic which means ‘alive, she who lives, womanly’ and it is extensively used in Afro-Asiatic, Semitic, and Arabic cultures.

This name was borne by the third and favorite wife of the Muslim figure, Muhammad. Aisha Bint Abi Bakr, otherwise known as 'the mother of all believers' by Muslim followers, she became an important  figure after Muhammad's time, as detailed in name-doctor.com. The popularity and spread of this name in English in the form of the variant Aisha began around the 1970s, thanks to the popularity of Princess Aisha of Jordan.

23 Arya

The 2 syllable baby girl name Arya is sometimes used for boys. From its Sanskrit origins, this name means ‘noble, air/song’. Arya is an unusual and exotic name which is on the rise, thanks to a book and a fiercely independent young character in the popular television series ‘Game of Thrones’. Arya entered the popularity charts as late as 2010.

Babynamespedia.com states that this name also has Latin origins and is largely used in English. Arya is a variant of the English, Hebrew and Italian form of Aria. This trendy name has been on the rise in popularity since 2000 and had attained a maximum publicity in 2016 where it was ranked an impressive #169.

22 Asin

Asin is a 2 syllable baby girl name that means pure and without blemish. From its Sanskrit origins, Asin is quite popular in the Indian subcontinent and is used extensively in Indo European, Indo Aryan, and Indo Iranian cultures.

Experts at name-doctor.com state that this name has got #7 as its numerological value. These individuals are analytical and inquisitive. Their thirst for knowledge is often well known and often make great academics, researchers or scientists. These individuals are associated with the Violet color which relates to their imagination and spirituality. Violet is a special color which is believed to allows us to connect with our deeper thoughts.

21 Callie

Callie is a 2 syllable baby girl name that is sometimes used for boys. It is pronounced as KAEL-iy. Callie has its origins in the Old French, and Germanic languages, though it is used frequently in English and Greek as well.  The feminine form Caroline and Carolina is derived from Carolus which is the Latin version of Charles.

According to name-doctor.com, this name’s etymology is a common Germanic noun ‘Karlas’ which means ‘Freeman’, which is turn survives in English as ‘churl’, or the Old English ‘Ceorl’. This name, in turn, derives from the West Frankish name ‘Hariolus’, which is a perform of Germanic names beginning with ‘Harjas, Charja’, which means army,  commander, warrior and so on. Here, this name took a Romanic influence. The Germanic ‘H’ would be represented by a ‘C’ in Romanic spelling, and the ‘C’ or ‘K’ comes in at this point.

20 Chole

This name derives from the Latin ‘Solitas’ meaning ‘solitude, union, unity, cohesion’. Our Lady of solitude (Mother Mary) and Nuestra Señora de la Soledad is a title of the blessed Mary during her life’s most desolate times. This is a phase between Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross on a Good Friday and his glorious resurrection on Easter Sunday. She has been widowed by Saint Joseph and has just witnessed her son’s sacrifice.

This sad but meaningful title of our lady is portrayed in three venerated icons - in Cavite city, in Manila, and in San Isidro. The one syllable baby girl name Chole is pronounced CHO-WL. She has her origins in Spanish and is used largely in Spanish. Chole is a variant of Soledad (English and Spanish). Babynamespedia.com tells us that this rare name is not listed in the top 1000 baby names.

19 Cia

The name Cia is a girl’s name which means ‘Of the moon’. Cia is short for Cynthia or any other ‘C’ name. This 2 syllable name is pronounced SIY-AH and it also means ‘land of God’. Cia is known to have Old Greek and Hebrew origins.

As per names.org, the name Cia is the 42,008th most popular name of all time. As a last given name, Cia was placed at 124,548th position in 2010. From the last 37 years, the US Social Security Administration has recorded just 70 babies born with Cia as the first name. This shows that it was indeed a rare name. As a first, middle or the last name, Cia is one of the most unique recorded names.

18 Dia

In terms of popularity, Dia is the 6771st most popular name of all time. And as the last name, Dia was ranked 22471st most popular last name. In the last 40 years or so, there are 2012 babies recorded with the first name Dia. This shows that Dia is more popular as a first name than the last name.

Behindthename.com shows us that Dia has multiple origins, meanings, history, and usage. Dia is a variant of Diana and its usage is in the Hungarian language. This feminine name is also used in Greek mythology where it carries the meaning ‘heavenly, divine’ in Greek. From an English usage where it is pronounced Dee-ah, it means either a short form of the names beginning with Dia or else a variant spelling of Dea. This name also has an African and Mbama usage wherein it means ‘Love’ in Lembama.

17 Divya

Divya is a feminine name of Sanskrit origin which means ‘divine, divine brilliance, divine luster, a powerful divine force, heavenly brilliant, extraordinary’. In terms of popularity, this name is ranked 6009th most popular name of all time. From 1880 to 2017, the US Social Security Administration has recorded 2396 babies born with the first name Divya in the US.

Divia is making its strong presence in Indian scripts like Tamil, Punjabi and Hindi. Name-doctor.com points out that this name is shared across persons who are either Hindu or Jain by religion. The 2 syllable baby girl name is pronounced dihVY-aa.

16 Elsie

Elsie is the 408th most popular girl’s name of all time. Elsie is a girl’s name of Scottish origin which means ‘pledged to god’. From where she was some time ago, Elsie is doing quite well and currently ranked very highly both in the US and UK since 2005 after being in the pits for around four decades. This name’s association with Elsie, The Borden Cow had tarnished the image of ‘Elsie’ the name in the nineteenth century, but it is on the rise now on the heels of Ella and Ellie, which, seems to have given a new dimension to this name.

Experts in name-doctor.com also states that this name has a Hebrew root as this name derives from the Biblical Greek “Elisabet”, a form of Hebrew name ‘Elisheva’, which in turn is composed of two elements; the “el”(God, the God of Israel) plus “sh’uv’a” (Oath). Collectively, it is called as God is my oath. From the Old Testament days, this name and its variants are spread all over the world.

15 Erin

Erin is a 2 syllable baby girl name which is occasionally used for boys. From its Celtic origins, this name means ‘From the island to the west’ and its usage is mainly in English and Irish languages. This name also means Irish woman which is derived from the word Eire which means Ireland. This name is Anglicized from Eireann, which is from Eire, the traditional name of Ireland. This poetic name is found in many poems and songs in Ireland, thereby evoking a sentimental appeal amongst people from Irish roots.

Behindthename.com points out that this name was used for 58 boys born in the US in 2015. This name also comes from the Greek word ‘Eros’ which means love or peace. It also means genius and blessing in Japanese and small gray owl to the aboriginal people. There is another meaning to this name - a fair jewel set in a tranquil sea. Therefore, this name carries a lot of meanings in different languages.

14 Gaya

This rare name was ranked 45,143rd most popular all-time girl’s names. And as the last name, Gaya was placed at a low rank of 93,513rd among the most popular name in the charts of 2010. From 1880 to 2017, the US Social Security Administration has recorded only 57 babies born with the first name Gaya. This means that Gaya is one of the most unique names that was recorded.

Experts at behindthename.com indicate that this feminine name is the Hebrew version of Gaia which is pronounced as Gah-Yah and its usage is in Hebrew. They also point out that Gaya also means the end, the goal in Arabic and its usage is in Medieval Arabic. As a baby girl name, Gaya also means happy in Judeo-Spanish.

13 Hope

Hope is a feminine name derived from the Middle English ‘hope. This word is derived from the old English word ‘hopian’ referring to the theological meaning of hope. This feminine name has Old English roots though it is used extensively in Indo European, Germanic, and West Germanic languages.

Can a name as virtuous as Hope be cool and trendy, asks experts at nameberry.com? Strangely, yes, is the answer. But though this Puritan is gaining all the attention, hope is very pure and elegant to be corrupted and is a lovely classic that deserves all the attention that it is getting.

12 Jia

Jia is a baby name from China that means good, auspicious, beautiful. It also means home, a family. Its usage is largely in Asian countries. This is a name that can be used for both boys and girls although it is predominantly used for girls. This name is pronounced as JH-iyeh.

Babynamespedia.com informs us that Jia is uncommon as a baby name and does not figure in the top 1000 names for girls. There is a well-known quote from the classical Confucian text Daxue, that lays down the three steps towards a good life; it says to cultivate yourself, you must put your family in order and the local government must be well run to bring peace to the entire country. And ‘Jia’ stands for a family here. What a great meaning!

11 Juhi

Juhi is a feminine name of Sanskrit origins and its usage is largely in the Indian subcontinent. This 2 syllable baby name is ranked 20,105th most popular name of all time. From 1880 to 2017, 349 babies were recorded to have Juhi as a first name in the US. The first name Juhi was recorded in 1994 for 28 babies. This trend explains that Juhi is not a popular name in the US, making it a unique choice for your child.

The popular Indian site for astrology and baby names moonastro.com states that Juhi starts with the letter ‘J’ which has some significance in astrology. These individuals are loved and accepted by many people. They have an expression #3 which denotes that they have very charming personalities.

10 Kai

The popular name Kai is used for both girls and boys, more predominantly for boys in the US. The origins of this name are Scandinavian, Japanese and Hawaiian. This appealing, multicultural name which is pronounced KYE has different meanings. It means the 'sea' in Hawaiian. In Navajo, it means the willow tree while it means forgiveness in Japanese. Kai means food in Maori and earth in Scandinavian languages.

Kai is also found in the Turkish, Danish, Estonian Hawaiian and Norwegian language according to Names.org. Kai is the 1125th most popular name of all time. According to the data from the US Social Security Administration, the first name Kai ranks 102nd in popularity as a baby boys name.

9 Kira

The etymology of Kira, Kiera and Ciara are actually different entities, however, in modern times, they have become assumed variations of each other. Kira is a feminine version of the name Kirill from Russia which is an International equivalent of Cyril. Ciara and Kiera are likely connected as Ciara which means ‘black haired’ and Kiera which means ‘little black one’, which are both Irish in origins. Kira means ‘lordly, ruler’ in Greek.

This name also means ‘throne’ in Persian, while Takira or just simply Kira means ‘Sun’ in the Egyptian language. It also means ‘glittery, shiny’ in Japanese and in Hindi, ‘Kiran’ means a beam of light. This shows the wide popularity of this name which has its origins in Celtic, Old Persian, Hebrew and Latin as mentioned in babynamespedia.com.

8 Lara

Lara is a 2 syllable baby girl name that is pronounced LAAR-ah in English or LAA-RAA in German. This name is derived from Latin and Old Greek origins and it is largely used in English, Slavic, and German. History has it that in the Roman mythology, Lara or Larunda was a beautiful nymph who was exiled to the underworld by Jupiter because she had revealed his womanizing habits. 

Babynamespedia.com points out that in recent times this name has been popularised by the character Lara Croft, the action heroine of the Tomb Raider video game series and  movies. From its usage in Russia, this name means ‘citadel’. Lara is also the name of a state in Venezuela.

7 Megha

Megha is a 2 syllable feminine name of Indian origin and usage. It is pronounced as May-gha and it has the meaning ‘rain cloud’. Megha Malhaar is one of the most powerful Ragas in the Hindustani classical music tradition. Every Indian classical raga has a time syndrome, given the time of the day or year. This particular raga is sung during the rainy season and it is said to evoke the season's sight and sound which is unique. One of Emperor Akbar’s musician Tansen is said to have invoked the rains when singing this raga.

Based on the findings in moonastro.com, Megha starts with the letter ‘M’ and this is the only letter which you can pronounce without opening your mouth and use just your lips instead. These individuals are quite and calm in nature whereas they may appear mysterious to others. This name is not well-known outside the Indian subcontinent.

6 Riya

Riya is a baby girl name that is primarily used in English, Indian and Indonesian languages and is of Sanskrit origins. This 2 syllable name means ‘Singer’. In India, Riya is pronounced as Ree-ah

Expert opinion in name-doctor tells us that this name has a numerological value 8 which denotes that this individual is ambitious, confident, practical and has a great ability to execute plans. She is represented by the hidden and secretive color black that creates an air of mystery. It keeps things bottled up, hidden from the rest of the world.  Black indicates protection from external emotional stress, according to color psychology.

5 Sara

Sara is a 2 syllable feminine name that is used extensively in English, Greek, Hungarian Arabic, Danish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, the list appears to be endless. This popular name is of Hebrew origins and it has the meaning ‘Princess’.

Expert opinion from nameberry.com states that Sara is the streamlined form of Sarah. Some sources at the Old Testament states Sara as a variation of Sarai, the original name in the Biblical personage and some give it as the authentic form but almost all sources authenticate Sarah as the Biblical classic and Sara as the variation. Girls named Sara tend to be strong-willed and hold on strongly to their sense of moral values.

4 Tasha

Tasha is a rare baby name for girls. This name has the highest ranking of 1246th most popular baby girls name of all time. There are records of 35,507 girl babies with the name Tasha since 1980. The 2 syllable feminine name Tasha is pronounced as TAE-SH-ah. Tasha’s language of origin is from, Russia though this name is predominantly used in French, and English speaking countries as stated in name-doctor.com.

This name derives from the Old French ‘Noel’ variant ‘Nael’ from the Latin Natalis which means ‘day of birth’, ‘Christ’s birth’, ‘Christmas day’. This is a name which comes from ethnic and religious tradition and was given for births on December 25th.

3 Yana

Yana is a 2 syllable feminine name that is pronounced YAENAH. This name is rarely used for boys as well. Yana’s language of origin is Hebrew and this name is predominantly used in Bulgarian, and Ukrainian languages. This name is said to be the Ukrainian form of the name ‘Jana’. Yana is also considered as a variation of the English name, Jane.

Sources from name-doctor.com highlight that the variants of Yana include Yoana, Ioana and Zhanna, Ioanna. The masculine variants of Yana include Yoan, Yan, and Ioann. The pet and short form of Yana includes Yanina, Yanista and Yanina, Yanika. This name is a part of the largest etymological group of names made up of more than 500 variants both male and female in different languages.

2 Yashi

Yashi is a 2 syllable baby girl name which has its origins in Sanskrit and is largely used in the Indian subcontinent. It is a feminine form of the name Yash and it means successful. From its Japanese origins, Yashi is also used as a masculine name which is extensively used in Japan. It is pronounced here as Yah-Shee and has the meaning Ya as extensive, full and shi which means history.

According to moonastro.com, Yashio starts with the letter “Y’.  Since this alphabet is made up of three straight lines, the bearers of the name Yashio have a straightforward nature as well. They like to keep everything simple, easy and comfortable. Yashi has an expression number 8 which makes them fashionable and trendy. They are also creative in nature.

1 Ziya

As per to the Holy Quran, Ziya is a baby girl name which has the meaning 'light of true knowledge'. Ziya is a unisex name which can be used for both boys and girls. This name has Arabic origins and it means splendor, light or glow in the Arabic language. This was the name of a 14th century Indo Islamic historian.

Behindthename.com states that the different variants of this name include Diya, Zia. Zeia is the Spanish spelling of  Ziya though it's correct Arabic pronunciation is Zee-ya. Ziya as a name is also used in Turkish. This name has a numerological value of 8 which denotes that these individuals are ambitious, and confident, with a great ability to execute plans.

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