25 Dapper Baby Boy Names For Future Gentlemen

Come on now, everyone here knew that there would be no way to have 25 dapper baby boy names for future gentlemen without having some accompanying photos of some rather dapper baby boys. This is probably why so many will click on this article in the first place. And it makes perfect sense. How adorable is it to see a baby boy or a toddler posing in a suit? It's super adorable, of course.

Now, we can't speak for how they will turn out when they are older with these classy and dapper names. Some might be ready for greatness, but we must remember that some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them. Of course, that's only if readers here care about what Shakespeare has to say.

Here are 25 rather dapper boys names for future gentlemen, and the accompanying photos of older dapper boys help some prospective mother and/or father to choose a name that will help with their little boy's stature just by having that name. There are some great ones here, so what is everyone waiting for?

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25 Charles

Charles is the perfect name for anyone's dapper little gent. The reason? Well, it has certainly stood the test of time. How many kings had the name Charles? Charles comes from the Germanic name Karl which means "full-grown" or "man". This is pulled from an Old English name, Ceorl. That name means "man", "freeman", or "peasant". Now, sure, no one wants their kid to be a peasant, but let's backtrack to that king thing. Ten different kings of France alone have taken the name Charles. Not to mention kings in Hungary, Naples, Wurttemberg, and Sardinia. Several kings from England have held the name as well.

24 Denby

Denby would be a great name for those who hail from the Northlands. Why do we say this? Well, Denby is originally a Norse name which essentially translates to mean "from Denmark". Now, of course, one need not be from Denmark to bear this name. And perhaps simply having this name will make people believe that there is a bit of Viking in this baby boy. That could be to the boy's benefit. Fewer people will mess with him, that's for sure. And Denby certainly does sound like a Wall Street sort of name, does it not?

23 Carlisle


Carlisle is a very dapper name indeed. If someone is looking to make a proper gent of their baby boy, Carlisle is a good way to go. It might be a bit old fashioned and some kids might try to make fun of the little tyke, but I'm pretty sure that Carlisle will win the day. The name does mean "from the protected tower" or "walled city", so it seems like a safe name. Not to mention that there are some helpful nicknames that can come from Carlisle. Carl would be one easy one. Even just calling the kid Lyle would do the trick too!

22 Edward

Ok, first and foremost, the outfit that this kid is wearing very much reminds us of Morgan Freeman in The Shawshank Redemption. Nothing about the name. Just an observation. He just needs the hat. Now, Edward might be a bit overdone, especially with the sparkly vampire Edward Cullen, but don't let that dissuade the usage of this name. It does happen to mean "wealthy protector" and that sounds like a lovely thing for a son to be.

21 Henry

"Rules the household". That is the meaning of the name Henry. That seems like a pretty authoritative name to behold, if one were to ask me. That is pretty awesome. And let us not forget all of the sorts of people who have held this name. Of course, there have been several kings to hold this name. Not to mention several other people of enormous popularity and wealth. This is one of the more dapper yet common names out there. Much like Edward, it has had much use, but also great success. Why not give the baby boy some of that success?

20 Brock

Brock is a pretty interesting name. Aside from the rather well-known General Issac Brock who has many schools and several places named after him, there are certainly some popular character out there who share the name. There are several meanings to Brock, depending on where one looks. In Old English, it means "badger". In Old French, it means "young deer". There is also a derivative in Old English that gives the meaning "brook" or "stream". I'm not sure which would be best here. Being a badger might not be the best, but Brock is certainly a strong-sounding name.

19 Clifton

Cliffton. Now, that sounds like a serious name to me. There is also the potential for a pretty sweet nickname in Cliff. Some people might not find the nickname all that attractive, but hitting up a private school with the name Cliffton is going to give this boy a competitive edge right from the get go. The name in a public school might not have the same effect, but it will be up to the boy to forge ahead and prove that he is indeed that dapper gent his parents always hoped him to be. The meaning is fairly boring though. "Settlement by the cliff".

18 Roderick

This is a rather interesting and gentlemanly name, for sure. Roderick comes from several different places. There is the Middle Latin origin of the name which comes in the form of Rodericus, but that is taken even further back from the High German name, Hrodrich. This name, when it comes down to it, means "famous ruler". That has got to be a pretty good name to think about for prospective parents of an adorable baby boy. Who would not want their own baby boy to be a famous ruler? Of course, that's so long nothing untoward happens because of their fame...

17 Reginald

Well, Roderick might mean something along the lines of "famous ruler" but Reginald means something slightly different. Sure, he is still likely to be a ruler or at least be named for that reason but instead of necessarily being famous, he will be powerful. Reginald, in the German meaning, stands for "powerful ruler". We are not sure which one of these a parent might want more but it is pretty clear that Reginald is most certainly a name to give to a rather dapper gentleman.

16 Arthur

Well, this is a very interesting name, to be sure. People always think of one of two things when they hear the name Arthur. They either think of the king from all those folk tales from England, or they think about the kids cartoon that was, in fact, titled Arthur. As it turns out, I actually know one of several of the kids who voiced the character of Arthur. This name is of Roman derivation from the clan Artorius. This name means "noble" and "courageous". It is really no wonder that the famous king was given such a name. And I would understand any parent's choice to do the same.

15 Archiebald

Well, Archiebald happens to have a few different places of influence when it comes to the gentlemanly roots of the name. This name seems to be Scottish in origin, but it was influenced by both England (no surprise there) and Germany. Essentially, the name has come to mean "true" and "bold". Those are both great qualities to have in a gentlemanly son. The 'bald' part of the name, according to the Scotts, at least, is meant to refer to monks. So, that could have something to do with faith or truth and that could be an added quality depending on the family.

14 Alastair

Well, if this is not the name for a gentleman, I really do not know what is. I have only ever personally known one Alastair in my life and he can be quite the gentleman. He can be a bit socially awkward at times but he is always looking to be respectful and good. Alastair happens to be a Gaelic name, in origin, and it has come to mean "defender of mankind". I have to say that this is one very large responsibility for a little baby boy, but that just has to do with the whole "greatness thrust upon them" thing that Shakespeare was talking about in Twelfth Night.

13 Alfred

Alfred is a great name. Especially for parents who want their son to have the name of a gentleman. For anyone comic book fans here, I am sure they are already thinking about Alfred from the Batman series. And let's be honest here, he is probably one of the most patience, respectful and gentlemanly characters of all comic book history. That's a pretty good start when thinking of naming a baby boy Alfred. The name has come to mean "sage/wise" as well as "elvin". I'm not sure if there are any elf fans out there but...here's a name for those people.

12 Anthony

Here is a great name. There are several people in my family who hold the name, Anthony. This name happens to mean "beyond praise" and "of inestimable worth". These are two very incredible definitions for a gentlemanly name. This is pulled from the Roman clan of Antonius. It has also come to have pulled meaning from the Greek name, Anthos, meaning "flower". So, this baby boy is likely to bud into someone who is of great worth and deserving of a ton of praise. That sounds like a good start for a kid.

11 Argyle

Argyle, I think we can all just accept this fact, is a really cool name. Not to mention that it is the name of the best sorts of socks to get out there. This baby boy is already on his way to being a very dapper gentleman with such a name and such stylish socks. It is also my favourite street in Halifax where my favourite pubs happen to be. This boy will grow into quite a gentleman with the name Argyle, wearing Argyle socks, walking along Argyle street to go have a very sophisticated scotch. What a gentleman!

10 Bernard

Bernard is a rather distinguished name. I had a great uncle Bernard who was quite frail when I knew him but considering how long he held on, I think the meaning of this name is pretty telling. Bernard is an Old German name in terms of origin and its meaning is along the lines of "bear-hard" and "brave as a bear". I have to say that my great uncle had been through the wringer, was always well-dressed, and still had time for all of us in the family, with great tales and a lot of charisma. I'd say he was brave as a bear and quite the gentleman.

9 Bentley

Ok, come on. Let us all admit that this kid in this suit is just adorable. And the fact that the baby name proposed here is perfectly fitting. Bentley is one of the primo companies when it comes to luggage and such. And least primo for people who can't afford thousands and thousands of dollars worth. Bentley is also the name of one of the classiest cars out there. The Bently Continental is definitely a car for a dapper gentleman (and Paris Hilton with her Barbie pink Continental). This is a name for a baby gent, for sure.

8 Franklin

This name means "free-born landowner", which is not a bad thing to be, for sure. At least as a start. Then we get to think of all the Franklins out there. I mean, there is the obvious cartoon character we all know named Franklin. Everyone knows that turtle. And then, of course, there is Benjamin Franklin. And what about Franklin D. Roosevelt? Surely everyone knows who that is! And if they do not...well, then I guess a history lesson is in need. Either way, I think that this name is pretty clearly meant for a gent!

7 Garfield

Well, this is a very interesting name indeed. I mean, who does not immediately think of the famous (or infamous, perhaps) cartoon kitty, Garfield? How could it be any other way? If someone here did not instantly think of that chubby, and hilarious cat with that incredible attitude issue, I just do not know what to think. There is an interesting meaning for this name that really does also make me think of the cool cat. "field of spears" is the meaning of this name, apparently. If ever one needed to know that a cat had claws...

6 Hamilton

Hamilton is a pretty interesting name. I am sure that many people now are thinking of the hit hip-hop musical, Hamilton that has been sweeping over the world for several years now. Based on Alexander Hamilton, of course. This name is of Scottish origin and essentially means nothing more than a surname or a place name. In fact, every time I think of the name Hamilton, I don't think of the musical. I think of the city that is not all that far from Toronto, Ontario. Up north in Canada. It is referred to by many as "Hammertown".

5 Hatcher

The name Hatcher, at least in terms of meaning is actually pretty obvious, given the name itself. Hatcher, is apparently, someone who lives near a gate (or hatch). That seems to make perfect sense to me. However, I think that the meaning of this name and the feeling one gets when saying the name are two different things and that is a pretty good thing for those who really like this name but don't happen to live near any gates. Hatcher is definitely one of those yacht-dwelling-sounding names. Now that is pretty gentlemanly.

4 Lennon

Lennon is a pretty famous name for a few pretty good reasons. I think the best reason would be thanks to that famous Beatle who is no longer with us, Jon Lennon. Now, of course, that doesn't mean he is the only reason why this name is at dapper or gentlemanly. I mean there are some things about the man that would make people think the opposite, but that should not dissuade anyone here. The name Lennon means "lover" as well as "little blackbird". I think having a baby boy who becomes a dapper and gentlemanly lover is a pretty good go for a kid.

3 Milton

Now, the meaning of this name is not exactly the most exciting or inspiring, that's for sure. It means "from the mill farm". That is not necessarily going to lead to a gentlemanly state of being but the name still carries itself quite highly as a gentleman. John Milton is a rather famous author and poet who some people might be very familiar with. He wrote Paradise Lost, which is a pretty popular piece of literature. Milton carries with it a sort of authority and class that I think a lot of people really wish that they had.

2 Oswald

Well, is it not too perfect here to use not only the name Oswald here, but also to include a photo of Connor McGregor's baby boy as well? Granted, this baby's real name is not Oswald, but Oswald does happen to mean "name of the king". I think that is fairly fitting. Well, it is fitting in so far that Connor McGregor likes to style himself as a king. Of course, given his last fight, that is not really the case, but I'm sure he'll spring back at some point before he throws in the flag and retires officially. Either way, Oswald is a gentle name for a gentle man.

1 Thomas

Thomas is a pretty good name, I think. I think I probably think that simply because my parents were originally thinking of calling me Thomas. It also does not hurt that my parents thought they were having twins when my mom was pregnant with me and that was a pretty perfect name choice then because Thomas happens to mean "twin". I know some prospective mothers and fathers here really don't like to hear the word twin, out of concern of double the trouble but it is a real thing and this would be a perfect name to start the pair off with towards the goal of being proper, dapper gentlemen.

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