25 Delicate Baby Girl Names That Are Too Adorable For Words

Yay, it's a girl!

So, are the parents ready to be in love with the brightest colors, beautiful dresses, amazing accessories and all the bling in the world? There is nothing more adorable than that innocent smile, soft hair and those sweet little eyes, which always leave everyone more mesmerized than before. People just can’t get enough of her. It is a natural feeling of giving her the most unique and exclusive things in life.

It all begins with the very first thing she owns, and that’s her name. So give her the best that she will be proud of, all her life. A name that represents her, bears a beautiful meaning and will attract tons of compliments from the world. If parents are banging their heads because they are drowning in the universe of exhausting options, that's pretty normal. Every parent goes through that phase.

Mom must be thinking of a name so adorable, it will make her stand apart from the crowd of common names. Fret not, we have got parents covered, with this list of 25 delicately adorable baby girl names that are bound to be chosen. So Mom should pick whichever she thinks will best describe the forthcoming little angel... read on!

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25 Ava

Ava has been among the most popular names in the US lately and its position of number 3 on Nameberry.com proves it. This Latin name means ‘life, chirpy, lively’ thus making it a perfect choice for the little one.

1940s actress Ava Gardner has contributed well enough to make the name famous. Many celebrity babies have been named as Ava thus making it the prompt choice if you would like to follow the trend. Girls named Ava are loving, caring and they strive for balance in life. Personal relationships are always more important for them than the professional projects. Worth a serious thought!

24 Opal

Opal is a Sanskrit word that means 'jewel or gem’. Opal is derived from a white beautiful precious gemstone. This name has a very delightful history as it is considered as the symbol of good fortune and hope among Romans. Whereas Greek considered it as the gem made by the tears of joy of Zeus.

Writer Opal Whiteley and aviator Opal Kunz have made the name more famous by their notable work in their respective fields. Girls named Opal are positive, problem-solving and are great achievers, Ohbabynames.com quotes. You have so many reasons to name your little fella as Opal. Think about it!

23 Sophia

Via Instagram/ FashionKids

This adorable, elegant and insanely popular name is Greek in origin. The meaning of Sophia is ‘Wisdom’. The popularity of the name is so much that it is on the number 5 in the popularity meters on Nameberry. You can keep its French version ‘Sophie’ as the nickname for your angel thus giving her a name that is both Latin & French!

Saint Sophia, Sophia Bush, and Sophia Loren are among many famous Sophias! Girls named Sophia are progressive, easy-going and social in nature. They are known to be quite fortunate in their life. What if your little angel becomes your lucky charm too!

22 Rose

Does the name Rose remind you about the iconic Titanic movie? The beautiful Rose who was so elegant and special like every rose flower is. Needless to say that rose means ‘flower, famous & love’ as well. The name gives you an elegant nickname in the form of ‘Rosie’, ‘Rosy’ and ‘Roza’ etc.

Rose is on number 141 on the US popularity charts, as per Babynames.com which makes it even more unique. U.S president John F Kennedy’s granddaughter, the American actress Rose Kennedy is another famed Rose. The girls named Rose are joyous, optimistic and popular among their peer group. Your lovely lady Rose will always get her much deserved attention.

21 Elsa

Elsa is an old English, German name which means ‘pledged to God or God’s promise’. This gives the name a religious as well as the spiritual touch. Swedish model Elsa Hosk and her look-alike counterpart Elsa from Disney's movie frozen made the name prompt along with the old writers like Elsa Maxwell and Elsa Beskow.

The name is on the number 538 in the whole US, so this means it is not common yet. You can totally grab it for your lass. Also, the females named Elsa are great leaders, new project enthusiasts and amazingly creative too. This name has everything you need for your girl!

20 Pearl

Pearl is a sophisticated, serene and very feminine name that means, well ‘pearl’. These precious and yet simple pearls have been the first choice of the royal family and the other female clan too. Maya Rudolph and Paul Anderson have named their daughter Pearl Minnie Anderson thus making it more trending.

Pearl is also the birthstone for the children born in the month of June and it provides health and money as revealed by babble. So this name will be a perfect choice for babies born in the month of June. Girls named Pearl tend to be wise, nature-lovers and spiritual too. They strive to seek the truth and solve the mysteries.

19 Myra

Myra is a Greek origin name that has the meanings ‘sweet-smelling oil' and 'wonder'. Myra Hess, Myra Hart, and pop singer Myra Quintana are some of the noted name bearers. The girls named Myra are quite cheerful, happy and emotional at the same time.

Myras are family-oriented, loving and loyal which makes them the perfect human beings. You can have a few quirky nicknames for this elegant name, such as ‘My, Miz, Maya, May, Mimi’ etc Babynamewizard suggests. Myra has some variables in spelling too such as Myrah, Maira, Mayra etc. The name is on number 509 in the US popularity charts. The name has every feminine content you need for your bundle of joy.

18 Clara

Clara is a Latin name meaning ‘bright, clear and famous’. This name is jumping the popularity meter like anything and is on the number 96 currently. Its position proves that the name is much loved by the American audience. The nickname choice is also wide, ranging from Claris to Claira and Clair.

Singer and songwriter Clara Jung, and pianist Clara Edwards are two celebrities with this bright name. The girls named Clara are great organizers, hardworking and successful in their life ventures. They are born perfectionists. This crystal clear name is worth a mention in your final list!

17 Layla

Layla is the variation of the Arabic name Leila which means ‘night or dark-beauty’. Layla is among the most popular names in the US currently thus defining its position on number 26 on the nameberry popularity meter. The name is lovely, girly and delightful as well.

Dancer & wrestler Layla El and daughter of TV celebrity Laura Crostan, Layla Rose Crostan are the Laylas in Vogue. Girls named Layla are affectionate, loving and empathetic towards everyone. They are very community minded and of philanthropic nature, they are a magnet for money and materialistic objects too. So do you wanna say Hey Layla!

16 Iris

Iris is a very colorful Greek name that means ‘rainbow’. The Greek mythology says that Iris is a goddess of rainbow who rides on it to deliver a message from heaven to earth. This enchanting story makes this name even more special.

The ranking of the name Iris is on number 149 on the popularity sheet as per nameberry. Iris is also the name of beautifully colored flowers. The females named Iris are strong-willed, ambitious and risk takers. Iris Elise Johns (daughter of comedian Michael and Lindsay Johns) is the latest named one among the Hollywood Industry. It is definitely going to be a wise choice.

15 Emma


Emma is the top choice of Americans right now, thus giving it the number one position on the list, as per US social security administration. Emma is a German name that means ‘Universal, whole and complete’. Emma Watson is the most famous Emma we know along with Emma Stone and Emma Roberts.

Not just this year, Emma has been on the top since last four years, Nameberry.com revealed. Girls named Emma are graceful, beautiful, wise, progressive and freedom-loving. If you want your daughter to wear the topmost name that has a witty meaning and distinguished among celebs too, then your search ends at Emma.

14 Flora

Flora is a fancy Latin name that means ‘flower’. Flora is the name of Roman Goddess of flowers who remained forever young. The girls named Flora are mystical, wise and highly intuitive in nature. They are also blessed with high imagination powers.

Flora Oosterhouse, daughter of tv actor Carter Oosterhouse and actress Amy Smart is the youngest Flora in the celebrity world. This name has been adored throughout the world right from Hungary and France to the USA. So Flora is going to be a lovely choice if you love the floral names which are delicate too. Give it a serious thought.

13 Avis

Avis is another Latin name that means ‘bird’. Daniel Baldwin recently chose this splendid name for his daughter along with a middle name thus naming her as Avis Ann Baldwin. This recent favor to this name will give the wings to the popularity of this name.

This whole scenario makes the name worth a catch as it is still unique. The girls named Avis are smart, feminine and mysterious in nature, Babynamewizard.com reveals. The name Avis gives you a set of cool nicknames to choose from such as ‘ Ace, Ava, Birdie and Avie’ etc. Choose what suits your girl best.

12 Ainara

Ainara is one of most unique names here. It is a Basque name that means ‘Swallow bird’ or the ‘Queen of Swallow Birds’. The name is a variant of the original name Enara. It is being pronounced as ‘eye-NAH-ra’.

The nickname choices in this basque name are many such as ‘Aina, Ayna, Nora, Aini’ etc. Ainara is a classic name having a ladylike feel. It will be an apt choice for parents looking for the unique names that draw attention and compliments. The name has a chirpy meaning and is a must for your lively and expressive young lady. Not to forget, you won’t find many Ainaras around!

11 Ivy

Ivy is a botanical name that represents a vine which is a symbol of faithfulness. Greeks used to give a wreath made with Ivy to the newly married couples as a symbol of fidelity. Ivy Austin is a famous actress and as far as the celeb kids are concerned, Beyonce’s daughter’s middle name is Ivy and the daughter of Footballer Harry Kane is also Ivy Jane Kane.

Ivy has scored position 108 on the US popularity meter. Other than the global presence of this name, the girls named Ivy are blessed with various amazing traits in their personality. Some of them are passion, grace, compassion, loyalty, and kindness, as stated by Ohbabynames.com.

10 Keelin

Keelin is an Irish name that means ‘Slender or fair’. Keelin has various variables in it's spelling such as ‘ Keelyn, Kaelyn, Kealen, Keelyn’ etc. Actress Keelin Woodell, Irish journalist Keelin Shanley and American soccer player Keelin Winters are some famous name bearers.

The girls named Keelin are down to earth, sensible, sweet in nature. The name Keelin is derived from Caoilainn which was a name given to some saints which meant ‘a lady who is pious, sincere, gentle and performs her duty well among other nuns’ as stated by Babynamesofireland.com. This is definitely going to be a different name with a very sacred meaning for religious parents.

9 Isla

Isla is a Spanish name which means ‘Island’. It is pronounced in the same way it's meaning is pronounced, that is ‘ eye-la’. The name is quite uncommon and has a unique spelling & pronunciation, too. It has made a place on number 103 on the Nameberry popularity meter.

Isla is also the name of a Scottish river as well as an island. Queen Elizabeth’s great grand-daughter has been named as Isla Elizabeth Philips. This makes the name royal too. American actor Chris Klein’s daughter has been named as Isla Rose Klein recently. The girls named Isla are intellectual, progressive and social in nature. Isn’t it one of a kind?

8 Liyana

Liyana is an Arabic name that is derived from the Quran directly. The meaning of Liana is ‘tender, soft’ as per Quranicnames.com. Malaysian actress Liyana Jasmay and Bulgarian pop singer Liyana are some famous personalities bearing this beautiful name.

Liyana is a very unusual name and it came from a holy scripture which makes it even more special. You have a few options in nickname as well such as ‘Liya, Lynn, Leona, Ana’ etc as per babynamescience.com. So it is a unique as well as an amazing name for your little angel if you want to go for something divergent yet pleasing.

7 Amelia

Amelia reminds me of the famous Grey’s Anatomy character. As the show must have given wings to this stylish name, which means ‘to work and laborious’. Amelia is a German name and its vogue is so on the roof which gives it a number 8 on nameberry.

Actress Amelia Warner, New Zealand cricketer Amelia Kerr and American actress Amelia Rose Blaire have contributed very well to take the name to heights of popularity. The girls named Amelia are fun-to-be-around, fearless, adventurous and optimistic in nature. This Shakespearean name is everywhere, you just need to adore this classic beauty. Are you ready for this gorgeous name, Amelia?

6 Juliet

Juliet is the diminutive of the famous name ‘Julia’. The name Juliet has its roots in the French culture and its meaning is ‘youthful’. Juliet is on number 226 in the nameberry popularity meter in the US.

Shakespeare's play has made this name immortal and it will always be cherished by the youth and seniors alike. American singer Juliet Simms, English actress Juliet Rylance and Juliet Stevenson are some notable Juliets in the celebrity world. The girls named Juliet are rebellious, adaptable, cheerful and fortunate by traits and destiny. The name Juliet is old, but it still has its charm and casts a spell on the mind of listeners.

5 Jasmine

Jasmine is such a name which casts a spell on your senses with its distinguishing fragrance. It reminds you of a very strong fragrance from the humble white flowers. This is a very delicate name that is quite feminine too.

This Persian flower name is on number 130 on the US popularity meters. Other than Disney’s Aladdin's Princess Jasmine, the real-life characters are also in fame, such as Jasmine Murray and Jasmine Guy etc. The girls named Jasmine are powerful, courageous, tough and authoritative in nature. They attract wealth and are known to be fortunate as explained by Ohbabynames.com.

4 Kylie

Kylie is an aboriginal name that represents a kind of boomerang that has a capacity to go far and hit the mark. The boomerang is a misnomer, as it doesn’t come back as the normal boomerang does. The name is on the number 114 on the US popularity meter.

Kylie Jenner from the Kardashian clan needs no introduction and she is undoubtedly the one who gave wings to the name and made it even more stylish & fashionable. The girls named Kylie are ambitious, thoughtful, strong and try to give their best to every project. They love being successful but they rely just on hard work to achieve it.

3 Michelle

This English, French and Hebrew name means ‘God-like’. Former first lady Michelle Obama, Michelle Rodriguez, and Michelle Williams are some prominent Michelles. The name is on number 168 among the most popular names in the USA. It gives you some outlandish nickname such as ‘Mitchie, Mishi, Elle’ etc.

The girls named Michelle are disciplines, studious, intelligent and a little conservative in their practices. They are reliable and believe in working with proper plans and strategies thus building a better foundation for their future ventures. All the popular Michelles are powerful women who believe in being straightforward and keeping their cool at the same time.

2 Alison

Alison is the changed version of the original name ‘Alice’. The name is of German origin which means ‘noble’. Alison is on number 382 as stated by nameberry. The girls named Alison are philosophical, love to spend some time alone, artistic, curious and scientific minded as well.

American actress Alison Lohman, Alison Sweeney, and Alison Eastwood are some of the highly talented young ladies bearing this name. The nickname choices for this name can be ‘ ‘Ally, Alisin, Alix and Alice’, that are bound by just your imagination. Alison is going to be a perfect choice as it is still uncommon and bestow the girl child with some precious traits. Alison! Why not!

1 Violet

Violet is a Latin name which means ‘Purple color or flower/flowering plant’. This name grabs two categories that are botanical names category and colors category. Violet is more popular among US parents than you think, this simple yet mauve name is on number 48 on nameberry popularity meters.

Hollywood actress Jennifer Garner named her daughter Violet Affleck due to which the name gained even more limelight. The girls named Violet are governed by the number 11 which makes them highly spiritual and intuitive, Ohbabynames.com revealed. They are great peacemakers and they keep everyone around them happy and contented. Deserves a mention in your final list.

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