25 Delicate Girl Names That Are Perfect For A Winter Baby

Well folks, it is time to officially bid the month of November a fine "farewell". The leaves have fallen off of the trees and settled to the ground, the weather has turned on a dime, and there is a familiar chill in the air. Halloween costumes have been stored away, pumpkin lattes are old news, and now we await the first snowflakes of the winter season.

Wintertime brings about all sorts of lovely sentiments. For many people around the globe, the Christmas holiday is in full swing, festive trees and colorful lights get set up, and holly hangs throughout warm and cozy homes. Kids spend their days racing down snow-covered hills, sliding about on icy ponds and tossing snowballs at one another in the yard. Cocoa is sipped, fires dance about in family rooms, and chunky sweaters and furry boots give us life.

There are many people who love wintertime!

Many ladies find themselves looking forward to the festive season for reasons other than jingle bells and caroling though. Some mamas-to-be will be welcoming their little bundles of joy in the coming months, and lucky for them, here are 25 perfect names for little ladies with wintertime birthdays.

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25 Stormy

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One year ago the name Stormy wasn't on anybody's radar, but thanks to yet another Kardashian, the name Stormy has become a household moniker. Youngest Kardashian-Jenner, Kylie, recently named her firstborn daughter Stormi. The winter months are often blustery and unpredictable. They can come in harshly and fiercely. If you think you might be birthing a fierce, winter warrior, then the name Stormy might pique your interest. If you aren't into trendy names but prefer the classics, then you'll likely want to pass on this one though.

24 Demi

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Demi is a reasonably trendy name thanks to entertainers such as Demi Moore and Demi Lovato, but the name may appeal to those who are also into Greek mythology. The Greek Goddess Demeter is considered to be responsible for bringing on the season of winter. While naming your child Demeter seems a bit over the top for many of us, using the shortened version of Demi seems very doable, meaningful for winter babies and on trend in the entertainment world right now. It's a winner!

23 Garnet

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For those who are welcoming the crown jewel of their lives in January, the sweet and simple name Garnet is pretty perfect. Garnets are the birthstone for the month of January, and there is nothing not to love about the warm, reddish color of this precious stone. What a great way to tell the world how precious your new baby daughter is to you. Just name her after her birthstone! She will be bound to shine brightly for all the world to see no matter what path in life she chooses!

22 Olwin

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Olwin is an uncommon name to give a little girl. In fact, until now I have never even heard of the Welsh name, and I pretty much consider myself to be a connoisseur of little girl names having four daughters myself! The first thought that pops into mind is a snow white owl perched in the wintery forests, but that vision actually has no connection to the name itself. In its native language, the name means "white footprint." Either way, it's whimsical and fun, and we think it's a wintery winner.

21 Lumi

via laughspark.info

Here is yet another word that translates into "the  snow." We could have made an entire list just on pretty names that mean snow, (I'll be tucking that one away for rainy, wintery day friends.) Lumi is a Finnish word, and the Fins know a thing or two about wintery wonderlands and cold weather. It's pretty adorable to consider, especially if she have northern European roots to tie the name back to. Olwin is one cool Norse name to give to your pretty little Viking!

20 Crystal

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Crystal was the absolute most popular name of little girls named in the eighties. I probably knew eight crystals back when I was in grade school. You don't hear the name used so often these days as it moved on over to make room for a world of Hannahs, Addison's and Mackenzies. If you choose this name now, I might even be considered to be vintage, or at least close to vintage. When we think of wintertime, we think of intricate and unique ice crystals forming on window panes. Consider this name for your unique little design of a human being.

19 Wynter

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This choice is nothing, if not literal. There isn't too much thinking and association going on behind this little girl name choice. It's right to the point. If you want to name your daughter something that connects with winter, just choose the actual word itself! Autumn and Summer are both fairly common female names. The only season that hasn't translated into the name realm is good old Spring! If you need a dash of name-flair, replace the "I" with a "Y" and call it a day!

18 Coco

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It is the absolute favorite choice of beverage for many a people during the long, dark, cold months that blanket our universe. W cup of piping hot cocoa can transform the chilly soul, so why not give your little girl a name that is in line with warmth, sweetness and overall happiness. Plenty of famous parents have chosen Coco for their little girls 'names including Courtney Cox and David Arquette, and former No Doubt rocker Tony Kanal. Not only does this name scream winter warmth, but it also hints at cool chick in the making. Good luck ever finding a wallflower named Coco.

17 Camellia

via aliexpress.com

Camellia is a feminine, fancy, delicate name to give your precious wintery baby. It's rooted in Italian, and it alludes to both the flower that shares its name or the theme or winter. The best part of this name is that it has a fun, built-in nickname. You can refer to your child by using the entire formal name or call her Cam or Cammie for short! You pretty much get three impressive names in one. It's unique enough that it will turn plenty of heads, but still traditional enough, especially in the Italian culture.

16 Aster

via whatwomanneeds.com

I love the uniqueness and strength that this name exudes. For many people, Christmas time is associated with The North Star, and for many people, naming your baby Star seems a little bit "out there" (pun intended). If you like the idea of connecting your baby to a celestial body, then consider the name Aster. It's the Greek version of the word star, and your child can still be honored with the name without having a title that is so unique that people wonder what planet you were on when your baby was born, (see what I did there!)

15 Wren


A wren is a small, well-known songbird and once your winter baby arrives, your little birdie will be singing all sorts of songs, aka crying. It's a sweet name for a tiny peanut, and the wren is known as a wintery bird of sorts. This might not be your top choice if you end up giving birth to a ten-pound baby though. It seems more fitting for a petit infant rather than a large baby, but that could just be my own opinion. Anyways, it's an excellent choice for nature and animal lovers who will be bringing a baby home in the cold months to come.

14  Carol

via pouted.com

Talk about a timeless, throwback name that fits winter babies perfectly. Many moons ago, Carol was a common name given to plenty of little girls no matter their birth month. It has certainly taken a nose dive in recent decades and is now considered to be vintage. If vintage is your thing though, and you happen to be due in December or January, then Carol might end up being the perfect choice for your daughter. If you look closely, you can probably find a great aunt or grandmother in the lineage that has this name; then you can pay homage to your ancestors.

13 Eira

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The name Eira is a definite winner for little babies being born in the midst of snow and ice. This darling name again translates to snow and we could not adore it anymore! It's simple and stunning and destined to fit a little lady who is full of endless charm and personality. This is a great name for those with Welsh heritage to connect with and bestow upon their offspring. It is a name that will be hard to regret, so give it some thought, especially if you are having a little snowflake during the chilliest months of the year.

12 Gwen

via thetruthnowdays.blogspot.com

This name almost feels magical, like you are giving birth to a tiny, little snow fairy! The name Gwen is short for the more extended, more traditional version "Gwendolyn." Gwendolyn means "white circle." White is appropriate for obvious reasons in winter months, and the circle meaning can be connected to the circle of life that newborns are a significant part of. Not everybody can commit to so much name though. Gwen is more common then Gwendolyn and is slightly easier to wrap heads around, yet it is still packed with so much meaning.

11 Bianca

via huffpost.com

Here is a classy name for a darling daughter who comes along in the snowy months. Bianca comes from the Italian language, so it's already classy and feminine by default. The actual word translates to "pure white." If you are giving birth to a little Italian girl as snow is falling down all around, there is no more appropriate name than Bianca. If the name seems to regal and grown for a baby, you can always call her Baby Bea until she grows into a lady.

10 Holly

via babycenter.com

Holly is the beautiful flowering plant that brightens up the winter months and a little girl with this name is bound to brighten up the lives of those who love her. People decorate their homes with the red, colored berries in cold months, so it makes perfect sense to decorate your infant's spirit with a fitting, wintery name that brings color and brightness to the world. The name is English in origin and makes everyone feel cheery and gay. This is one that is unique but not so far out there that parents throw it out of the realm of possibilities.

9 Aspen

via babycouture.in

For those who love to partake in winter sports like skiing and snowboarding, Aspen Colorado is a well-known stomping ground to visit during winter months. For decades it has been a hot spot for cold weather lovers, so why not give your little snow bunny a name that screams winter! If naming your kid after a ski town isn't up your alley, the pretty name also has roots in nature as it is the name of a tree. Either way, it's a lovely choice for a delicate winter baby.

8 Willow

via tinyblessings.com

Willow is such a sweet, feminine name that would fit any little angel born in the snowy, winter months. This English name comes from the meaning, "from the Willow Grove," and exudes nature, stillness, and softness. No doubt you will pass of the peacefulness in name to your bundle of joy. It's one of those trendy names that you don't often hear, but with famous mothers, like rocker Pink, bestowing it upon their little girl, we might hear it more often in years to come.

7 North

via nameberry.com

Thanks to famous parents Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, the name North went from random cardinal direction to a top name for a future trend-setting little lady. North, of course, signifies confidence, purity, and strength. It is also the place most associated with wintertime, (Hello North Pole!) It's one of those names that can pull significance from multiple directions, but if you aren't a Kardashian fan, you might want to steer clear of this moniker. It's going to belong to them in spirit for awhile we think.

6 Noelle

via imgkid.com

This is such a beautiful, classic name for a little girl who arrives in the exciting month of December. The name Noelle is French, and in the native language, it actually means birthday! We associate the name with the Christian holiday of Christmas, making it a perfect choice for little ones who make it into mom's arms by the big holiday. Mothers of boys, do not be scared. Noel is an utterly adorable male version of this name, so no matter what gender your baby is this name is a total winner.

5 Eve

via imgkid.com

Who doesn't think of Christmas Eve during the colder months? I certainly do! If you are anticipating the arrival of your little girl around the time that Santa should be dropping his sack of presents down the chimney, why not consider this simple, elegant name for your baby? It also has a religious significance for those who observe Judeo-Christian religions. The name Eve is one of the oldest names in the land for females, (Adam and Eve ring a bell?) Its Hebrew meaning translates to "life."

4 Neve

via cuteimages.in

Here is a name we don't hear too often. It's lovely and elegant and simple on the lips. Neve is an Irish name, and it literally means "snow"  according to the Latin translation. Imagine holding your own little Neve next to a warm, crackling fireplace while you watch the snow falling outside of the windows. It's kind of perfect for a bit of snow angel, isn't it? Now I'm a little bit bummed that all of my girls were born in the summer months, especially considering they have so much Irish heritage within them.

3 January

via weneedfun.com

Actress January Jones made this name popular. It's a cheery name for a kiddo that arrives after the Christmastime. It's also a great choice for parents who don't want to get too biblical with their baby's name. Sometimes it is challenging to separate a name like Eve or Noelle from the Christian connotations that come along with the name origins. There is nothing religious about the name January though! It makes one think about new beginnings and fresh starts which are both appropriate for a new little life.

2 Ivy

via freehdwallspapers.blogspot.com

This lovely, simple name works for a baby born in colder months of a couple of parents who are obsessed with DC comics and superheroes. The plant ivy is an evergreen that grows bright, strong and beautifully in the cold months where nothing else seems to flourish. In nature, it signifies eternity and fidelity, which parents might associate with their love and bond. If saints are your thing, Ivy can be related to Iva, which is the feminine form of Ivo, a well known Saint.

1 Robin

via oshiprint.in

The name Robin certainly had its day in the sun a few decades ago. While it's popularity has dwindled in recent years, we wouldn't mind seeing it make a comeback! It's a perfectly fitting name for a little girl born in the chilly months of December, January or February. The robin is infamously associated with wintertime as it is one of those colorful, stoic creatures that we see perfectly contrasting the snowy, white landscape. There is nothing more serene that gazing out the window to see the bright red feathers perched amongst a snowy white blanket.

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