25 Delicate Middle Names That Will Fit Her Perfectly

Choosing a name for your child is no easy feat. There are so many options and you have to sort through every single one and just pick one. You spend months thumbing through books and websites trying to come up with the perfect name that will capture absolutely everything you want for your little girl. And then you have to get your partner or your family on board, if they are involved in the decision. And you have to make sure the name works with the child's last name. Can the other kids pronounce it? Is it easy to spell? Is it unique enough?

Finally, after lots of tough work, you finally make a decision. You have found the perfect first name for your baby girl. You're all done, right? Well, almost! Actually, there's still the matter of the middle name. For some parents, this is a blessing. You had so many good names in mind for the first name and now you can use one (or two or three) as a middle name. For other parents, this is just one more tough decision.

Well, don't worry. We've done some of the work for you. A middle name is a special choice for your little girl. It helps add flow to her moniker. And nothing is better than a delicate middle name that supports that perfect first name you've chosen and blends seamlessly into the last name. Check out these 25 delicate middle names perfect for your little angel.

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25 Violet

Does it get more delicate than a flower? Absolutely not. Flower names are intrinsically delicate and graceful. If you're liking Violet but want something even more unique and delicate, there are also other versions like Violette and Violetta. So pretty! Violet is a Latin name and is a girl's name after the famous flower. The name ranks as #88 on the 2018 Baby Center charts, dropping 34 spots from 2017's list. So it's still a well-known name but it won't be given to every little girl. Plus, with a name like this, you've got a built-in favorite flower and favorite color. You can totally decorate her room in purple and keep fresh flowers on the nightstand, all in honor of her middle name.

24 Elise

Elise has got to be one of the prettiest and most delicate names. It's definitely on my favorites list. When I think of Elise I'm picturing a sweet sunshiney little girl strolling through the streets of Paris. Elise is a French version of the name Elizabeth or Elisabeth, which means consecrated to God. It's not a very common name, coming in at only #242 on the 2018 list. It fell 55 spots from its position on the 2017 list. The name is dainty and almost has to be said in a whisper. It allows you to pick any kind of first name you want since the middle name is Elise is so sweet and delicate. You can't go wrong with this French-inspired nom for your little sweetheart.

23 Caroline

Another beautiful and less heard of name is Caroline. Yes, Caroline may sound a little bit dated. But that's the nice thing about middle names - you don't have to pick something super modern or hip. Caroline is a perfect choice. It's actually a hybrid name, combining Carol, which means joyous song, and Linda, which means pretty. Now isn't that a nice meaning for a middle name? Despite its old school nature, Caroline is actually a pretty popular name coming in #83 on the 2018 charts, having only dropped four spots from 2017. Caroline is also a royal name - belonging to the Princess of Monaco. If you want elegance and staying power, Caroline is for you.

22 Emmie

How freaking cute is the name Emmie? It's adorable! What likely started out as a nickname has become a proper name in its own right. If you think Emmie is too cutesy or nickname-y to be a first name, consider using it as the perfect middle name. Emmie is a German name meaning whole or universal. There are also alternate spellings like Emmi and Emmy or slightly different versions like Emme or Emma. Emmie clocks in at #637 on the 2018 baby names chart, making it one of the most unique names. If you're worried about everyone having the same name as your kid, you don't have to worry about that with Emmie. Bonus: Chip and Joanna Gaines from HGTV's Fixer Upper have a daughter named Emme, which they pronounce or nickname to Emmie!

21 Kayley

Kayley is another great choice for a sweet and gentle name. It sounds delicate on the tongue. Plus there are so many versions and spellings to pick from: Kalee, Kaley, Kali, Kaleigh, Kaylie, Cayley, the list goes on! And if you're into Kayley but not totally sold on it, there are similar variations to consider like Kayla, Hayley, Kylie, Kay and Kaylin. Kayley is an Irish name and thought to mean slender. Of course, naming your daughter after a body type isn't ideal. So let's try to ignore that part of this name. Let's instead pretend that slender refers to how thin, whispy and delicate this name truly is. Just make sure you take some time to work out how you want to spell it, because you know that no Starbucks barista is ever going to get that right.

20 Lena

I have loved the name Lena ever since reading and watching The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. The character of Lena was the bookworm who travels to Greece and stops reading long enough to find love, get heartbroken, rely on her friends and grow stronger. It's such a sweet story and even sweeter name. Lena is a Greek name that means light. It's #275 on the 2018 baby charts and actually rose 29 spots from 2017 - so people are starting to pick up on this awesome name but not so much that it has become common. There are also lots of great spelling options like Lina, Lenae and longe forms like Helen, Ileana or Elena. So many great options with this sweet name!

19 Nazmin

Now how is this for a name that is delicate and beautiful but also unique? Nazmin is an Arabic name and it means light. It really doesn't get more light and sweet than a name that literally means light. Nazmin is wonderful if you want to honor Arabic roots or find a cultural name that is more out of the ordinary in some parts of the world. It's also a great variation on Jasmine (which, spoiler alert, you'll see later on this list!). Kabalarian Philosophy says the name Nazmin gives the owner an analytical mind, creativity, independence, and someone who desires adventure and new experiences. Sounds great for a little girl! Loving this more exotic name as a fun choice for parents who want to mix things up.

18 Adelaide

Adelaide is a pretty cool name. It's not very common, coming in at #137 for the 2018 baby names chart. But it is gaining steam and quickly - it rose 191 spots from 2017. So if you're into Adelaide, you better scoop this name up quick. Adelaide is a German name meaning noble and kind, which is a lovely meaning for a little girl. It's also a noble name: Adelaide was the wife of Emperor Otto the Great. And if you're a traveler or have any Aussie blood, Adelaide is the name of an Australian city. It's definitely a more exotic and out there name. And it gives adorable nicknames like Ada or Addie. Though we don't often hear nicknames for middle names. Unless your daughter decides to use her middle name as a first name. And with a name as cool as Adelaide, there's a good chance that might happen!

17 Aspen

Here's another one for the adventurous and nature loving parents out there. Aspen is definitely a cool girl name. If you didn't inject enough cool into your daughter's first name, you can definitely do it with Aspen as a middle name. Aspen is an English name and is named after the Aspen tree. Of course, it's also the skiing hot spot of Colorado. If you're from Colorado or have a deep love for the place, Aspen would be a beautiful tribute name. It also means you've got to get your little girl a pair of skiis or a snowboard and get her onto the slopes. With a name like Aspen, she will probably be a natural. And since it's just a middle name, she doesn't have to be embarrassed to ski in Aspen with a name like Aspen.

16 Leah

Leah is a beautiful name, and not just because it's the name of one of my best friends! Leah is a Hebrew name and it actually means weary, which isn't the best. But don't let the meaning get you down. If you're religious, Leah is also a biblical name, which can be a nice touch. Of course, she wasn't exactly a heroine in her biblical story (you may need to reread those chapters before you pick this name). It's a popular name, coming in at #45 in 2018 after rising eight spots from 2017. And there are lots of fun variations and spellings like Lea, Lia, Ella, Lily and, if you're a Star Wars fan, Leia. Leia is a great nod to the late great Carrie Fisher and a fun way to insert some fandom into a name.

15 Beth

The fact that the song "Beth" by KISS exists is reason enough to select Beth as a middle name. In fact, it was KISS's highest-charting single in the US. So if you need some music in the delivery room, here's a good option. And then there's the character Beth in Mary Alcott's Little Women. Beth, like Elise, is a variation of the Hebrew name Elizabeth. But Beth by itself is definitely a more modern take. It's not a common name, coming in only at #903 on the baby names chart. But it is on the rise, having moved up an astounding 1644 spots from 2017. There are also great variations like Bethany, Liza, Lisette, Bess and the traditional Elizabeth. If you want a short name that is gaining in popularity, Beth is the perfect choice.

14 Carisa

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Carisa is a Greek name that means grace. Isn't that sweet? If actually giving your daughter the middle name "Grace" seems too obvious, a name that means grace is a wonderful choice. And it's definitely unique. Seriously, almost no one else is going to have this name. If you want your daughter to be one of a kind, Carisa is for you. The name comes in at #17,705 on the 2018 baby names chart. It fell 1560 spots from 2017 - meaning even fewer parents are choosing it. But don't let this lack of popularity put you off the name. Carisa is a great choice because of how unique it is and because it's still easy to spell and pronounce. The best of both worlds!

13 Dalia

Dalia is another very sweet and delicate name. And it's another unique one. Dalia, spelled that way, is Tanzanian and means flower. The slight variation, Daliah, is a Hebrew name meaning tree branch and gentle. So this name is delicate as well as connected to nature. Of course, if you're really into nature, you can slightly tweak this name to be Dahlia, just like the flower. If you like the idea of a flower or nature name but don't want something that's commonly heard, Dalia/Daliah/Dahlia, is a great choice. Dalia came in at #1,564 on the 2018 baby name charts, falling 592 spots from 2017. Dalia was most popular in 1994, so your little one could be bringing the name back.

12 Isla

Isla is another one of my favorite names. It's pronounced EYE-La, just like the word island, not IZZ-La. So pretty, right? Isla is a Scottish name meaning island. I love how sweet and delicate this name sounds. It's very dainty and soft. But it's also got a bit of an exotic flair as it isn't the most common name. But it is pretty popular among new parents. Isla is #94 on the 2018 baby names chart, only dropping six spots from last year. 2012 was the most popular year for the name Isla, so your little one might go to school with some older kids who share her middle name. Similar names like Mila, Ella, Aria, and Ava are also great choices for short and delicate middle names.

11 Maisie

How adorable is the name Maisie? Seriously, this name is just too cute. Again, this is an awesome option for a middle name if you don't want your daughter to have a cutesy first name. Maisie might be adorable when she's five years old but it could be hard to be a 30 year old professional with the name Maisie. So the solution? Use it as her middle name! Maisie is a Greek name (so many good Greek options on this list!) and it means pearl. Because your little one is a sweet, delicate and beautiful as a pearl. Maisie also shows up in Scottish culture, still meaning pearl. Maisie is #557 on the 2018 baby names chart, dropping 132 spots from 2017. Maisie was most popular in 2014 but has remained pretty popular in the last few years. And we can see why!

10 Rose

It really doesn't get more delicate or traditional than the name, Rose. Rose is a Latin name and, quite obviously, is after the rose bush. Roses are beautiful and delicate flowers, so why wouldn't you want to name your daughter after that? It's also a perfect short name, meaning you can get away with a more elaborate first name or complicated last name. You have to think about these things when you're considering a middle name. Rose is #156 on the 2018 baby name charts, dropping 19 spots from 2017. Rose was at its peak popularity in the 1890s and early 1900s but has never really dropped off. It's a name with staying power and will always be recognizable and appreciated. Rose is a classic choice and a great delicate choice.

9 Guinevere

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Guinevere is a very romantic and old-timey name. It's got a real personality to it. Of course, we know Guinevere as King Arthur's queen in the famous legends. So it's also a regal name. Guinevere is a Celtic name which means fair one - does it get more delicate than that? Probably not. Similar names and variations include Gwendolyn, Genevieve, Gwen, Gwyneth and Jennifer (which is actually derived from Guinevere). Guinevere is #1590 on the 2018 baby names chart, coming up 55 spots since 2017. The name has been steadily growing in popularity since 1997 and reached peak popularity in 2015. If you opt for Guinevere, you'll find lots of fellow Gwens for your daughter to look up to like Gwyneth Paltrow and Gwen Stefani.

8 Lottie

Lottie is another one of those names that are adorable, sweet and oh so delicate. On its own, Lottie is a French name that is a female version of Charles. It also means tiny and feminine - which is perfect if you're looking for a delicate name. Spelt with a Y or I, Lotty/Loti is a German name which means free. So free and feminine? Not a bad meaning for a baby name! Lottie is also known as a nickname for the very popular Charlotte. Charlotte was the name given to Kate and Will's second daughter, aka the Princess, and to Chelsea Clinton's daughter. So if you, like me, loved the name Charlotte but don't want to copy these popular little ones, Lottie is a great option.

7 Jasmine

Jasmine is a great choice for a delicate middle name. It's a flower name and a famous Disney name, which is great for a little girl. Jasmine is a Persian name after the jasmine flower. The flower itself has a very sweet fragrance, which probably means your little one is going to be sweet too! This name has been popular globally for a long time but gained popularity in the United States in the 1990s thanks to the release of Disney's Aladdin. Since 1993, the name has been falling in popularity but still ranks pretty high. Jasmine is #172 on the 2018 baby names chart, falling 46 spots from last year. There are lots of great spelling options and variations like Jazmin, Jasmin, Jasmina, Jazz, Yasmin, Jessamine, and Jazmyn.

6 Juliet

Juliet is, of course, one of the most timeless and romantic names thanks to William Shakespeare. Juliet is a French name that means soft-haired and youthful - so basically as delicate as it gets. If you like the sound of Julia, Jules or Julie but want something slightly more whimsical and pretty, Juliet is a great choice. And if you really want to jazz it up, you can spell the name Juliette, making it even more delicate and pretty. Juliet came in at #242 on the 2018 baby names chart, rising nine spots from 2017. The name has actually been steadily increasing in popularity since 1995 and hit a peak in 2014. Of course, you don't want your daughter to go the route of Juliet from the Shakespeare play, but a pretty name like this can't be ignored.

5 Anneliese

Anneliese is another one of my top choices for a beautiful and delicate name. It's ultra feminine and just rolls off the tongue so easily. Anneliese is a French name which means grace, one of the best meanings for a delicate name. It's also known as a Hebrew name meaning grace and devoted to God. But if you're not so religious, you can just go with the French meaning. Anneliese came in at #1490 on the 2018 baby name charts, rising 55 spots from last year. Like many names on this list, Anneliese has been on the rise since 1996 and remained pretty high in the last decade. But it's by no means a common name. If you love Anna and your partner loves Lisa, compromise and go with Anneliese!

4 Bella

It doesn't get more beautiful than Bella because the name literally means beautiful. It is of Latin/Italian origin and related to the name Belle, which is French for beautiful. Of course, you might automatically think of vampires and werewolves when you hear the name Bella. The name spiked in popularity in 2010, just as the Twilight series was being released in theaters. Bella now sits at #48, so it is quite popular. But it dropped 12 spots from 2017 and has been dropping ever since its 2010 spike. So while this name is definitely well known, it's becoming less popular and more unique. By the time your little one gets to preschool, let's hope that no one even knows what Twilight is anymore.

3 Seraphina

How pretty is the name Seraphina? When I first heard it, as the name Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner gave to their second daughter, I thought it sounded so feminine and frilly. Seraphina is definitely a name you have to get behind. It's not a throwaway name. It stands up with purpose but is still very delicate and sweet. Strangely, the name Seraphina actually means fiery and is of Hebrew origin. But who says fiery can't be delicate? In fact, with a name as pretty and soft as Seraphina but with the meaning of fiery, your daughter can have the best of both worlds. Seraphina came in at #1123 on the 2018 baby names chart, rising a whole 204 spots from 2017. So it's on the rise. Better grab it before it's gone!

2 Meegan

Meegan is a Gaelic baby name and it means soft and gentle. So yes, it's one of the delicate ones. Meegan, not to be confused with Megan, is pronounced MEE-gun, not MEH-gun. I personally think the Meegan version is more delicate and feminine. But if you prefer Megan (or Meghan, like our new princess to be), those are also great choices. There are also variations like Meg or Megara, which can be fun. The name is Meegan is quite unique - it's all the way down at #15,828 on the baby name charts. The name peaked in the late 1970s and has been on the decline ever since. But that just makes the name even more special for your little one.

1 Mina

Last but not least, is the beautiful and sweet name Mina. The Japanese origin of Mina means south. Mina can also be of Dutch of German origin, meaning resolute protector, or Persian, meaning gemstone. So basically, Mina is all over the map and speaks to people all around the globe. How cool is that? Mina comes in at #462 on the baby names chart, rising 173 spots from last year. Mina was a very popular choice in the 1880s and declined over the next 100 years into the 1990s. But then in 1994, the name began to pick up steam and has been slowly increasing in popularity ever since. People are taking notice of this name, but not to the point where it's overdone (here's looking at you, Ava).

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