25 Delightfully Offbeat Baby Names

These days, moms and dads are just looking for something different for their little one. No one wants to use the same old boring name as everyone else. We're over being ordinary! But it seems like every time someone stumbles on a cool name, it totally blows up and become uber-popular overnight. Liam, anyone? Emma? Aidan? Ava? All of those names were original and now they're totally overused.

So mom and dad are scratching their head to keep things unique. Or even a little offbeat, shall we say? Offbeat names are awesome because they make you take a second glance. People hear one of these names below and think, "Wow! I never even considered that for my baby!" And the second thought will be, "What a cool name!" Because while offbeat names are different, they're also all really cool. These names are unusual but they're not too weird or out there. They strike the perfect balance between unique and too strange.

If mom and dad need some unique suggestions for their little boy or girl because they're tired of all the ordinary names out there, this is the list for them. We promise readers won't be hearing these names every day on the playground!

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25 Arlo

Short and sweet, this name just seems to roll off of the tongue. You might recognize it from the late singer-songwriter Arlo Guthrie or, if you’re a fan of the 24 series, from the season 8 character Arlo Glass. And with the growing trend of unisex names, it’s making a comeback as a pleasantly unusual name for a girl. Real-life, teen-drama royalty couple Leighton Meester and Adam Brody chose the name for their first daughter back in 2015. So it works for a baby boy or a baby girl! 

24 Chip

Chip is the perfect name for a cool baby boy. You've got two awesome namesakes with the name Chip. First, there's Chip Gaines of Chip and Joanna Gaines from HGTV's Fixer Upper. Chip might be one of the most famous HGTV stars of today. He's known for being a total goofball. He's super silly but he's also super loving. He cares for his wife and his kids, and he knows how to work hard. There's also Chip from Beauty and The Beast. The little teacup with a chip was an absolute sweetheart and total optimist. Now aren't those some good Chips to name your son after?

23 Django

Okay, so the name Django might have you thinking about the Quentin Tarantino movie Django Unchained, but where’s the harm in that? In the film, Django is a courageous, justice-seeking character whose mission is to reunite with his loving wife. I don’t know about you, but I’d be elated if my child exhibited the same kind of boldness. Plus, how cool would it to be to have a silent ‘d’ in your name and get to re-enact the scene from the movie?

22 Ever

Ever isn’t anywhere close to being in the realm of popular baby names. As an existing word, a lot of people shy away from it. But it’s kind of like the modern version of Everly, which became wildly trendy courtesy of former celebrity couple Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan (still not over their break up). Of course, Ever still has that sweet sentiment behind it. My mind wanders to the name being an open display and reminder of the unconditional love between parent and child.

21 Iggy

I know what you’re thinking: Iggy Azalea, am I right? But the name Iggy is actually more well-known by the English for being the short form of Ignatius, a pretty grand-sounding name if you ask me. The derived version, however, has a more modern feel with a bit of edge to it in my opinion. And with its punchy meaning, “fiery one”, there’s no wonder other stars like the American punk legend Iggy Pop chose it as a stage name. Perfect for your little rockstar! 

20 Moxie

I think Moxie is such a cute yet spunky name! It is actually a slang word that means verve and vigor. The term originated from an American soft drink way back during the Roaring Twenties. It would be the perfect unique thing to call your baby girl. She’d be sure to be a bold, assertive and spirited leading lady. Can’t you just picture her growing up to rule the playground and eventually the world with a name like that? Such a cool choice!

19 Rebel

I don’t think this name needs much explanation in terms of meaning. I will say you have to be pretty daring yourself to pick it for your child. On the one hand, it’s almost like you’re asking for your son or daughter to become the next Jim Stark à la James Dean in Rebel Without A Cause. On the other hand, consider what you’d be instilling in your child from birth: a penchant for going against the grain and daring to be different. Plus, Rebel Wilson is a pretty awesome namesake!

18 Seven

Yes, it’s a number, but it could also be your child’s name. Seven is known for being a lucky number in so many different cultures—why not harness all of that luck and wonder into your child’s name? That was the thinking of Victoria and David Beckham when they named their daughter Harper Seven. Or perhaps you’re a devoted Trekkie who fell in love with Jeri Ryan’s famous portrayal of the Seven of Nine from Star Trek: Voyager. Either way, Seven is a beautifully striking name that will surely catch anyone’s ear.

17 Skipper

I won’t lie, I thought Skipper was such a fun sounding name when I first came across it. But actually, this unconventional name originates from English, American and Dutch terms for a ship’s captain or master in command. So, if you’re on the hunt for a commanding name with a powerful history, this is a great choice for you! Plus, just think of the cute nicknames you could use as your little one grows up: Skip, Skippy—adorable, right? A perfect nautical name for your little guy. 

16 Tex

Tex! What another strong name! And you guessed it—Tex’s origin is from the one and only Lone Star state, Texas! You might be wary of naming your baby after such a notorious American state, especially if you don't hail from there. But I bet you didn’t know that the word Texas comes from a Native American language and means friend or friendly. It makes sense if you think about the warm, welcoming natures of Texans. I can say without a doubt the friendliness of every Texan I met rivals that of people from all over the world.

15 Wilder

Willy Wonka anyone? Gene Wilder … what a legend. Who wouldn’t want their baby to be named after one of the most charismatic and kind actors Hollywood has ever known? I’m also a fan of spelling it Wylder for an even more distinct vibe. The "y" makes it that much cooler. The Germanic name, which means hunter, is such an energetic one. Based on Oliver Hudson’s story of his first son’s crazy, lively entrance into the world, picking the name Wilder for him was very fitting.

14 Zuma

I honestly think Zuma might be the most unique name on this list. You may know it as the name of one of Gwen Stefani's sons with ex, Gavin Rossdale. In Arabic, Zuma means peace. Doesn’t the sound of it just conjure up images of an adorable, little bundle of joy tranquility sleeping away the night in your arms? It’s like the more modern version of Serenity or Serena. If you’re a fan of the sentiment behind such traditional names, Zuma will bestow the same qualities upon your little one.

13 Matilda

Choosing this name for your baby girl will ensure that she is independent, true to her values and strong-willed. The name actually has Germanic roots meaning strong in battle. And if she grows up to be anything like the title Roald Dahl character, she’ll have an imagination that knows no bounds and will never fail to add wonder to your day. Plus, this name has a slew of fun, cute nicknames. Be it Mattie, Tilda, Tilly or even Millie, the possibilities are endless!

12 Lulu

I love the name Lulu! To most native English speakers, they might think of it as the nickname for names like Lucille or Louise, but it’s making a mark of its own as the Arabic term for pearl. So, you can bet she’ll be one of a kind, and the world will surely be her oyster. I can just see the energetic, sassy spitfire she’ll become. She’ll have a mind of her own, that’s for certain. It's a sweet name but also has some power behind it. You go, girl!

11 Blue

Like me, you’re probably most familiar with this name because of Queen Bey’s and Jay-Z’s little one Blue Ivy. But that aside, Blue is a beautiful name. The colour is most commonly associated with traits like loyalty and wisdom. It’s also proven to have a very calming effect on people. Picture mesmerizingly crystal-clear skies and languid waters. If naming your child after such stunning sights can bring the same kind of tranquility to your life and the baby’s, you’re set! Add Blue to your list!

10 Beau

Beau is a beautiful name, both literally and auditorily. The name was hugely popular in the 1970s and ‘80s. Nowadays, you’d be hard-pressed to find a little Beau running around, which is a shame. Meaning handsome in French, the name carries with it an air of old-fashioned class. Imagine dressing up your little Beau in a mini tuxedo—it would make such a priceless picture. And with a name as debonair as Beau, the little tyke is sure to be a perfect gentleman.

9 Cosette

Cosette holds a special place in my heart. As a huge Les Misérables fan, I’ve always loved the name. It, of course, has a romantic vibe to it like most French names do, which is even more true if you’re familiar with the Les Mis storyline. The brave yet genteelheroine’s name is actually said to have been created by the author Victor Hugo. He derived it from chosette, meaning little thing in French. How insanely cute is that? Castle on a Cloud, anyone?

8 Delilah

Hey there, Delilah! Come on, wouldn’t you love for your daughter to be like the Plain White-T’s muse, shining brighter than Times Square? The name Delilah just sounds so free-spirited. You know, it reminds me a lot of Blake Lively’s titular character from the Age of Adaline. The name would be a fitting choice for a classy lady, forging her own inspiring path. She could take her pick from a handful of trendy nicknames like Del, Lily and Lilah, but she’d always have the comfort and beauty of the timeless name. Delilah.

7 Hendrix

Hendrix just oozes with coolness, doesn’t it? I’m sure that stems from the iconic American electric guitarist Jimi Hendrix who was the epitome of cool. The meaning of the Germanic name, ruler of the home, only adds to its powerful allure. Spiff up the little one in a leather jacket and some shades, and he’ll be the hippest kid in town. You can also use the spelling variation Hendricks, which matches the original Dutch and German spellings more closely. Get those drum sticks ready for this rockstar!

6 Magenta

Add a little colour into your baby’s life with this hue-inspired name. Magenta is such a bright, bold statement color, there’s really no missing it. Remember Blue’s Clues and his purple-y, pink friend Magenta? Gosh, I loved how her coloring just popped out on the screen. The same will hold true for your little one in life. You can be certain she won’t be forgotten. And just think of all of the cute nicknames you can give her: Mage, Maggie, Gen, Genta.

5 Ringo

Move over John, Paul and George—there’s a new Beatle in town! Arising from the British boyband’s drummer, Ringo Starr, this name is packed full of energy. With any luck, your little buster will bring the same shining positivity to every room that he enters. He’s sure to have a loud personality, and I’m guessing he won’t shy away from a little attention. Just set up your little tyke with a pair of drumsticks, and you’ve got a future rockstar in the making!

4 True

Truth be told, I love this name! You know, you don’t have to be a member of the Kardashians to name your baby True. Even though it’s apparently been a family name for generations, True has gone relatively unnoticed as a baby name. It’s found more popularity as a middle name with celebrities like Kirsty Alley and Meg Ryan. But with such a beautifully pure meaning, it’s time for True to come forward as a primary contender for your precious little angel.

3 Nova

Nova makes the perfect name to mark a fresh beginning with your baby. The name means new in Latin, which gives it a classic feeling. It also sounds super pretty. And if you’re a fan astronomy and all things celestial, Nova can also refer to the phenomenon of a supposedly new star being born and burning brighter than all of its surroundings. It’s such a beautiful metaphor for your child entering the world, illuminating your life and shining outstandingly bright.

2 Aslan

All hail Aslan! I grew up reading the Narnia series, and Aslan was always one of my favorite characters. The name actually translates to lion in Turkish, but C.S. Lewis has given it so much more meaning that that. To me, Aslan represents nobility, grace and courage. Naturally, this is a name fit for a royal baby … or at least one who will be treated like a king. Here’s to your little one becoming a true leader as strong and brave as the character.

1 Pan

I have a feeling you’ve never met a Pan in your life. But the name doesn’t have to relegated to fictional use on a boy who never grows up. Pan actually refers to the Greek god known for his mischievousness. This fits rather nicely with Peter Pan’s character. I’m sure you’re thinking you don’t exactly want your baby to grow up to be a mischievous person, but it’s always better to have character in your life as opposed to mundane, run-of-the-mill banality, right? Pan is a sure-fire way to make things exciting.

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