25 Dreamy Baby Boy Names That Will Steal Mom's Heart

Even before a baby is born, some parents start their search for a unique, sweet, memorable and powerful name for their baby. Whereas some take days or months, there are others who take years to finalize a name for their baby. Naming a baby holds tremendous importance in every tradition and culture.

The Czech born French writer Milan Kundera had it right when he said, “We don't know when our name came into being or how some distant ancestor acquired it. We don't understand our name at all, we don't know its history and yet we bear it with exalted fidelity, we merge with it, we like it, we are ridiculously proud of it as if we had thought it up ourselves in a moment of brilliant inspiration”.

An unknown author had the opinion, “The beginning of the wisdom is to call things by right names.” Yes, we all believe this. We believe that the well-chosen names would transform our babies into beautiful human beings as the chosen names imply! Is not this the reason why we invest our time and energy to hunt names for our little bundles of joy?

We are here to make that search for the perfect baby name a little easier. Check out our collection of the dreamiest names for your baby boys.

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25 Jasper

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Jasper is believed to be the name of one of the wise men who got the special opportunity to visit baby Jesus and seek heavenly blessings. This name is considered Persian and Hebrew descent with wide usage since middle ages. Usually, the names of precious stones are all termed as girl names. This is one of the rarest quartz which is regarded as a baby boy name.

According to Behind The Name, boys with this name would have a deeper desire for a stable family. They thrive well in a community and always look for appreciations for their work. They do have a positive feedback about the beautiful things happening around them.

24 Tristan

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Tristan has many origins to claim. In Celtic, the name means ‘tumult’ or ‘outcry’. In Arthurian legend, we see a Knight in the name ‘Tristan’. He was one of the Knights of Round Table and also believed to be a tragic hero in the tale ‘Tristram and Isolde’.

According to She Knows, this name is symbolized with pure love, as in the tale Isolde dies near the deathbed of Tristan. The name in the modern times might have originated from the Latin roots. In Latin, the word ‘Tristis’ means ‘sad’ or ‘sorrowful’. People with this name exhibits innate leadership and would like to be independent.

23 Ansel

This name has Germanic roots and might have originated in the same way as that of the name ‘Anselm’. It is interesting to note that the root word is not known. But the name scientists have agreed upon the fact that the name might have originated from the meaning ‘with divine protection’ or ‘follower of a nobleman’.

Because of its beautiful imaginative meaning, the name was found to be popular among boy name charts. According to the Wikipedia, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Saint Anselm is one of the inspiring factors behind this name. People with this name love to live in harmony with their fellow beings.

22 August

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During the ancient times, the name August was considered both as name and surname. This might have originated from the name ‘Augustus’. This was a title given to Roman emperors and the meaning of the word is ‘to increase’. It also has the meaning ‘esteemed’ or venerable’. In modern times, the name is viewed as an English name.

Ohbabynames revealed that although August is said to be a baby boy name, there were 222 female Augusts Vs 2076 male Augusts in the year 2016 as per the reports from the Social Security Administration in the U.S. Mark Zuckerberg has named his second child, August. This name also represents ‘great’ and ‘magnificent’.

21 Julian

This name also has derived from the rich Latin and the root name is ‘Julianus’ which means ‘youthful’. Julius is another derivative and it was mainly used as a clan name among powerful Roman emperors. Though the name was strictly used for males during ancient times, by the onset of Middle Ages, both the genders were started using this name.

According to She Knows, this name was borne by several saints and among them, Saint Julian the Hospitaller from the fourth century is the most prominent. The French form of Julian is Julien and it is one of the top 100 names in both France and Belgium.

20 Remy

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Remy is a unisex name. but it is a thorough French name which was originated from the French name ‘Remigius’ meaning oarsman. But this name is believed to have originated from the Latin name ‘Remigis’ which means oar. Interestingly, Americans use this name for boys whereas Australians like their baby girls to be called by this name.

On the Christmas eve of 496 A.D, the King of Franks Clovis I was baptized by Saint Remy and that obviously marked the beginning of Christianity among Franks. This name thus remembered as a game-changing name in the European history!

19 Raphael

According to Hebrew tradition, Raphael is the name of one of the archangels of the god. He is one among the seven angels who is entitled to stand in front of the God Almighty according to the Bible. Angel Raphael appears in the book of ‘Tobit’ and he is disguised as ‘Azarias’ who helps Tobit in his journey to and from Media.

The meaning of this biblical name is ‘God is healer’ or ‘God has healed’. This name is very popular in Europe and its variants differ only in the spellings depending on the language. Those who love the healing hands of God can choose this name for their baby boys!

18 Theo

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The ancient Greek word Theos means God and the name Theo is believed to have derived from this name. It also has the meaning ‘divine gift’. This name is also an abbreviation of the names Mateo, Theodore, Theophilus etc. There are many other names which have a prefix ‘Theo’ but is of Germanic origin.

People with this name tend to build their lives on the solid foundation of love, truth, and discipline. They dedicate their lives to order and service. Many times, they might lose their cool with the people who do not value these virtues. They also are known for inspiring others.

17 Laszlo

Via: Outfit Trends

This name is from Hungary. The Hungarian King-Knight Saint Ladislaus is the root cause of this name. He was considered as the true embodiment of Christian values, virtues, and bravery. The meaning of this name is ‘glorious ruler’. It also denotes power. This is one of the most prominent names in Hungary since 2003.

There are chances for this name to originate from the Slavic name ‘Vladislav’. Wherever the origin is from, this name is ancient as well as unique. It has a beauty as well as mystery associated with. This name with a rare ‘z’ in the middle and a good sounding ‘o’ at the end, is loved by the parents who are inspired by the Boho culture.

16 Larkin

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This beautiful male name is a variant of ‘Lorcan’. The meaning of the name is silent or fierce. These are the qualities required in a good warrior and this name might have coined thus to be named for someone who has proved to be a good warrior.

Saint Lorcan who is mostly known as Saint Lawrence of Dublin (Ireland) was one of the influential and powerful bishops of the twelfth century, who worked as the mediator between the Norman invaders and the Irish. A famous person with this name is Larkin Grimm, the renowned musician. This name is beautiful on girls too!

15 Milo

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What does come to your mind when you hear Milo? Is it the energy drink? The name could be of Germanic origin or Slavonic. The German ‘mild’ meaning peaceful, calm might have originated from the word ‘Milan’ which means to mill, crush, or rub under fine or tender etc. the Slavonic root word is ‘Milu’ which means ‘merciful’. In Irish, the name represents ‘servant of the blessed Mary’.

The characteristics of this name are listed as ‘The master builder, ‘True leader’ with confidence and discipline, at Baby Name Wizard. Which parent would dislike having their baby boy with all these traits? No wonder, this name is very popular across the board.

14 Rowan

Rowan is a unisex name. In Irish, the meaning of the name is ‘little red-haired one’ or ‘mountain ash tree’. American name meaning is ‘from the rowan tree’ whereas the English meaning of the name is ‘Tree with red berries’. This name is believed to take its origin from the word ‘Rhaudhan’ in Gaelic tradition. Mr.Bean, the comic character who has captured the hearts of million children was enacted by the English actor and comedian, Rowan Atkinson.

This name is popular in English speaking countries and there is also a university in New Jersey in the name ‘Rowan’. According to thenamemeaning.com, the rowan tree is believed to be the symbol of protection and healing.

13 Ezra

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This is a pure Hebrew name. In Hebrew, the name means ‘help’ or ‘helper’. In the Old Testament, one of the powerful prophets is this name bearer. He is believed to have lived in the fifth century B.C. He was a religious reformer. American poet Ezra Pound is another famous name bearer.

People with this name are excited by change and adventure. They are visionaries and dynamic. They hate to be constricted or restricted and value freedom and independence. Their rebellious nature makes them stand out in a crowd. They are also friendly and have the ability to befriend others easily.

12 Ryan

Six month old baby girl proud and happy crawling on a wooden floor. Room for text left.

Ryan is obviously an English name but Irish in origin. It is the eighth most common surname in Ireland and this shows the popularity of the name. The root Gaelic words from which the name derived are ‘righ’ and ‘an’ which together means ‘little king’. It also means ‘illustrious’ or ‘descendent of the king’.

People with this name are meant to have a big heart full of feelings. They are open to the ones they trust and would not withhold even the smallest secret. They cannot get along with people whom they don’t know very well.

11 Casper

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‘Casper – The friendly ghost’: who doesn’t know him? This famous cartoon series had its first appearance in 1939 and I don’t think there could be another reason for this name to become popular. It is Chaldean in origin and various cultures have adopted this name in different forms.

This is a name which has a lot of variants in different languages. In Dutch, it is ‘Gasper’. One of the wise men, who had visited baby Jesus, is believed to be Jasper, and it is another variant of Casper. This is a personal name as well as a family name too and the meaning of the name is ‘treasurer’ or ‘treasure’.

10 Jason

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Jason is a strong male name which has biblical as well as Greek mythological connotations. As per bible, Jason is one of the aides and first Jewish to Christian converts by Saint Paul and is also believed to be one of the first seventy disciples. The word takes its origin from the Hebrew language and the meaning is ‘to heal’, ‘healer’, ‘Lord is salvation’ etc.

This name is referred to in Greek mythology as the name of the leader of Argonauts. Argonauts are a group of war heroes who went in a quest to find the Golden Fleece before the Trojan War. In short, the name sounds simple but has a powerful meaning and a rich tradition.

9 Rohaan

Via: Etsy

Is this a boy name or a girl name? Before getting on to the debate, it is better to accept the fact that, since it is a name, it depends on the people how they like it to be. A name in its pure sense cannot be termed as a boy or girl name, but we have divided it somehow. But there are some unisexual names which will not give us any clue on whether it is a baby boy or girl name. Rohaan is such a name.

It is mostly popular among Muslims as a girl name with Arabic origin. But if you have a closer look, there are more boys with this name than girls. According to Wikipedia, the meaning of the name is ‘River in paradise’.

8 Calvin

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It is not always the meanings that help decide on a name. Sometimes it is the beauty and the cuteness the name beholds. Calvin is such a name. This name has a French origin and comes from the French last name ‘Chauvin’. This name was derived from the French root word Chauve which means bald. Hope you understood the meaning of the name ‘Calvin’.

The name got popular by the French theologian and Protestant reformer Jean Chauvin. When ‘Chauvin’ is translated to Latin, it becomes ‘Calvinus’ and finally in English, it becomes, ’Calvin’. American fashion designer Calvin Klein is another famous name bearer.

7 Mathias

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As the name sounds, it has its roots in Hebrew. It comes from the name ‘Matityah’ which means ‘Gift of God’ or ‘Gift from Lord’. The famous name Mathew is derived from this Mathias. It is also considered as the derivative of ‘Matthaeus’ and the contraction of ‘Mattathias’. According to the Bible, Matthias is the one who was chosen to replace Judas after his betrayal of Jesus and his suicide.

the King of Hungary who was named as Mathias was known as a great reformer in the fifteenth century. The characteristic traits of the name bearers are many. They are considered powerful, tenacious, problem solvers, tough, wealthy and achievers.

6 Caspian

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The name Caspian reminds us of the Caspian Sea, the largest saltwater lake that flows between Russia and Iran. The origin of the name must be from the name of the Caspian Sea. But from where does the lake get its name?

As per the Nordic names ancestry, it is believed that there lived a tribe called ‘Cas’ in a city ‘Qasvin’ on the shores of the Caspian Sea which is actually the remnant of the ancient Paratethys Sea. The Caspian sea might have got its name from ‘Qazvin’. Prince Caspian is the title character in the children’s book series ‘Chronicles of Narnia’. Actress Neve Campbell has named her son ‘Caspian’.

5 Fabio

This is an Italian name and is very popular in Italy and South America due to Italian migration. The name usually is not accented when we write it in Spanish or Italian. But in Portuguese, the name is accented and is written as Fábio.

The English equivalent of the name Fabio is ‘Fabian’ and the meaning of the name is ‘bean seller’ or ‘bean farmer’. I can also be termed as ‘bean grower’. The third century Pope is one of the famous name bearers, who was also a martyr. Popular American singer Fabian is another famous name bearer.

4 Joel

Joel is one of the twelve prophets featured in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible. This name appears in the Jewish Tanakh also. It is believed that the prophet himself wrote the book ‘Joel’ in the Old Testament. Though this name can be considered as a Jewish name, became very popular among Christians after protestant reformation.

From the Hebrew origin, the meaning of the name is ‘Yahweh is God’ or ‘Jehovah is the Lord’. People with this name will have a desire to inspire others for bigger causes and also they are eager to share their views on spiritual matters.

3 Ashley

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Ashley is now considered as a unisex name but until 1960 it was one of the strongest and most popular baby boy names. In the UK, Ashley is predominantly a male name and always tops the name charts and ranks between 100 and 300 every year.

The name has its biblical connections too and according to that the meaning of the name is ‘from the Ash tree’. It also has the meaning ‘lives in the Ash tree grove’. Margaret Mitchell’s popular book ‘Gone with the wind’ made the name more popular as one of the main characters was named ‘Ashley’ in it.

2 Stefan

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Stefan is one of the several variants of the name ‘Stephanos’. The English equivalent of the name is Stephen. Saint Stephen is the first martyr of the Christianity and he was stoned to death in proclaiming his belief in Jesus. He was one of the seven who was chosen to assist the apostles closely. Steven, Stevan, Stephon, Stefen etc. are different variants of the name.

The meaning of the Greek word is ‘garland’ or ‘crown’. They are mostly regarded as powerful and complete. Basically, they are not the doers, but the planners. They want others to act in accordance with their plans.

1 Elijah

Via: Gymboree

Elijah is the name of one of the most powerful and eminent prophets in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible. He was a man of words, prophecy, and worker of miracles who is believed to have lived during the times of King Ahab of Israel in the 9th century BC. The prophet did not have a physical death and it is believed that he was ascended to heaven by the fiery chariot.

Eli is the most common feminine variant of the name Elijah. Though the name has lost its popularity as compared to the ancient times, during middle ages, protestant reformation has brought its glory back.

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