25 Edgy But Pretty Baby Girl Names All Grandmothers Will Love

An edgy name needs to be cool, modern and timeless, but finding the perfect one is a challenge in of itself. Even more challenging is finding an edgy baby girl name that not only parents like, but so does the grandmother. But grandmothers can be notoriously hard to please, so we have compiled a handy list of edgy and unique baby girl names that even grandma is sure to love.

Choosing a name, only to have grandma turn her nose up in disbelief at how terrible it is, can be one of the most devastating things. Sometimes, it’s better not to tell any friends or family the name that you have chosen until the baby has arrived and the papers are signed, but other times, telling them the name ahead of time is simply unavoidable.

More importantly: you need to pick a name that you love. It’s not anyone else’s decision but your own, but here are 25 names that hopefully you and grandma might agree upon one to be perfect for your little angel. Don’t forget to let us know in the comments your favorite picks for an edgy name that grandmas would love.

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25 Millie - Deep Desire For Travel

Via: Pinterest

It doesn't get edgier than Stranger Things and for anyone a fan of the popular Netflix TV show, then Millie should be a top contender. Bonus point because it's certain to not cause any waves with grandma. There's no need to tell her that the name is based on the actress who plays telekinetic character from the show and she'll just think it's a cute little baby name.

According to BabyCenter, Millie is short for Mildred. But let's get real here: Millie is 100% a stand-alone name and no one our age would ever remember the Mildred association.

If we base ourselves off of SheKnows, then Millie has a very interesting SoulUrge meaning:

"People with this name have a deep inner desire for travel and adventure, and want to set their own pace in life without being governed by tradition." Sounds good to us!

But just in case, you can also tell grandma that the name also promotes: "harmony and balance in their lives, and respond positively to beautiful things."

All in all, it’s a beautiful, yet edgy name that many are sure to fall in love with. It’s easy on the tongue and is an overall strong name.

24 Wylder - For A Wild Child

Via: Pinterest

There’s a major problem with the name Wilder. It has long been a boy’s name and for those who love it for a little girl might have trouble choosing this name because of grandma’s “opinions”. The solution? Turn it into: Wylder. Seriously look at it, it’s beautiful! It goes without saying that it’s a massively edgy name as well as the connection to “wild” is evident.

If you love it, be prepared for some controversy until other parents get used to it. As a mom on Mumsnet pointed out: “If it's any reassurance, in my experience even if a name sounds a bit odd the first time you hear it, the moment it's associated with a person, it just becomes their name (says the woman considering 'Fox' for a little boy).”

That’s certainly a very good point and while this name elicits strong aversion in some parents, there are many more who are falling head over heels with it. We just had to include it for this reason because being edgy doesn’t come without its fair share of controversy!

23 Kinsey - A Vintage Feel

Via: Pinterest

Forget Kinsley for a moment, one of the most popular names right now, and truly consider Kinsey for your edgy little girl instead. Whereas Kinsley is a top 100 baby girl name right now, Kinsey is so far down the list that you won't have to worry about your daughter competing with any other girl in her class, let alone her school.

A Baby Names Wizard shared how she helped her sister pick out this name: “Kinsey is my niece's name. I've never heard anyone call her by her real name, Mackensie. Her full name is Mackensie Sophia. She has two older sisters, named Blake Lindsay and Evangeline Marie. She also has a brother, Jackson Seth. All these kids' names suit them well. And I'm proud to say I helped my sis pick out 2/4 of these names! (Blake & Evangeline).”

Looks like she’s on a winning streak when it comes to picking names. Maybe she should open a baby picking business! Another mom wrote: “Kinsey is a great nickname for Mackinsey or Mackensie. Or it can be used independently. It is very vintage! Which i am in love with!”

It’s also similar to Kenzie, without being nearly as popular. According to BabyCenter, Kinsey has dropped in popularity by 3,234 points since last year, now sitting at #5,579.

22 Margot - But Drop The 'T'

Via: Pinterest

Some might say Margo is short for Margarita, while others might think that it's an even shorter form of Margot. In either case, Margo is another former short name that is now a name of its own. In fact, Margo has actually been outpacing Margot in terms of popularity, according to Nameberry. By dropping the "T", you can also be sure that no one will ever inadvertently pronounce that last letter, which most would consider to be silent anyways.

Sarah wrote on Baby Name Wizard:

"I know Margo is out of fashion now, but I really like the name, it's pretty and spunky!"

Spunky, edgy and everything rolled into once, it's also another name that grandma is sure to love. As it was originally derived from the longer name Margarita, it has also inherited its meaning of "pearl", according to BabyCenter. It’s also a name that has been rising in popularity, currently sitting at #1,059, a slight increase from last year. But there’s no need to pay attention to these numbers too much. If you love the name, and grandma approves, then your little girl will make it her own name. The chances of her meeting another Margo would frankly be quite slim.

21 Tatum - Best Meaning Ever

Via: Pinterest

Forget Channing, and consider for a hot second the name: Tatum. Just five letters and two syllables long, Tatum is the perfect edgy name for a little girl. Even a hard-to-please grandmother is sure to appreciate this one, especially when you tell her what it means.

As it turns out, Tatum has the best meaning ever: according to BabyCenter, it means "happy"!

A Baby Name Wizard user commented about this original name, saying: “My daughter's name is Tatum, and she has certainly lived up to the meaning (cheerful); she never stops smiling.”

Another wrote: “Everyone who has ever asked what my daughter's name is, when told Tatum, they say, "Ah, what a beautiful name."

It certainly is a beautiful and very unique name. It’s also on the rise in popularity, so you better snag it first. If you’re sitting there thinking to yourself that it sounds more like a boy’s name, then you might want to know that it’s in decline as boy’s name. According to BabyCenter, it’s currently #468 in popularity as a girl’s name, a tiny increase since last year. Then again, there might be some who might argue that this is only a girl’s name, so to each their own!

20 Nova - Shine Bright

Via: Amy McIndewars Instagram

Looking for an uncommon name that is still pretty and edgy? Then consider Nova. It’s short, sweet, and perfect all rolled into one. While some might argue that Nova means “go away” in Spanish, the obvious astronomy association is a much better one. According to Cornell University,

“A nova is a strong, rapid increase in the brightness of a star.”

A Behind The Name user shared her view on this name: “Nova is a pretty name. And I love Chevy Novas! I think Novalee is pretty. Just like in the book and movie, Home is Where the Heart Is. And I like the name Americus too. But, Nova is pretty. And I think that naming your kid something different is nice and I totally respect that and hope more people do so.”

Another shared how they would combine it with a different name: “The 'new' meaning is great, I would pair it up with bella or stella. Ex: Bellanova or Stellanova, 'new beauty' or 'new star'? Please correct me if I'm not using it correctly.”

Whether on its own or with another name, Nova is a beautiful up-and-coming name that any grandmother is sure to adore.

19 Perry - A Golden Name

Via: Pinterest

Love Mary, but can't stand how popular it's been for what seems like forever? Then change it up and turn it into Perry, another name that grandma is sure to appreciate. According to NameBerry, Perry is of English origin and means "pear tree". Bonus points if you're a fan of Katy Perry, but even if you're not, the chances are good that no one will associate your little one with the pop singer in a couple of years.

Coincidentally with the singer, little girls with this name are said to have a great yearning for leadership. As SheKnows points out, they tend “to be leaders rather than followers”, so maybe your little one will turn into a mega pop star, raking in millions? They are said to “be focused on specific goals”, so if she puts her mind to being a millionaire, it might just happen!

Perry is a very unique and down-to-earth name that you don’t hear often at all. Upswing Baby Names brings up a very interesting point with regards to this name: “One of Perry’s other strengths is as a “golden-mean” name. Golden-mean names fit the middle of a style spectrum, useful for parents who have divergent tastes. As a “golden-mean” name, Perry sounds more traditional than Scout but less traditional than John.”

18 Havyn - A Safe Alternative

Via: Pinterest

If you have been on the hunt for a baby girl name, then you should know that many new moms often gravitate towards names like “Heaven”, “Faith”, and “Hope”. They’re all beautiful names, but if you don’t want a name based on an obvious word from the dictionary (or Bible!), then Havyn might be an interesting, unique and edgy name worth considering.

Meaning “safe place”, according to BabyCenter,

it’s an amazing alternative to most other names, especially when you consider the fact that’s it’s not currently popular at all!

It’s currently sitting in the 5,579th spot and is in huge decline since last year. Although if you’re in Texas, you may want to avoid this name as it appears to be the most popular there, according to Names.org.

Just like Perry, little Havyns enjoy being leaders too, but as SheKnows points out, “they would rather focus on large, important issues, and delegate the details.” A little humanitarian that strives to do good in the world? Yes, please! They are also said to love to learn, so you can expect her to stay in school and graduate with honors (hopefully of course).

17 Quinn - Drop The 'N'

Via: Pinterest

You have undoubtedly heard of Harley Quinn, especially since Margot Robbie recently teased a possible spin-off movie of her own soon. Quinn is a nice name, and it's quite popular, but if you love it and want something slightly different, then just drop the last 'N' and turn it into Quin.

Some may find the name Quin to look incomplete without the extra “n”, but dropping the last letter would actually have for effect to make it even easier to spell.

Not only is Quin an edgy name, but it's one that grandmothers are sure to love, as according to SheKnows, it means "intelligent". Little Quins are said to be big thinkers, always finding a way to express themselves creatively. Take note of this point if you name your little girl Quin as you may just need to lock away the crayons for longer than most parents to avoid any unwanted masterpieces on the walls.

As far as a girl’s name, Quin is only 5,579th popular, according to BabyCenter and it has actually dropped by 1,599 points since last year. This pretty much assures that you won’t find another girl with the same spelling as your little one.

16 Livi - No Longer A Nickname

Via: Teach.Workout.Love

Love Olivia, but just can't bear how popular it is? Then seriously consider the beautiful name Livi. Whereas it may have been a nickname before, it’s 100% a name of itself now. The good news is that plenty of nicknames can still be derived for Livi now too for anyone who wanted to shorten it or add a cuter spin to it. Think: Liv, Livvy, Ivy, Evy, and many more.

A Baby Name Wizard user shared her experience with the name: “My daughter is named Livi and she loves to be the center of attention and hopes to be a pop star. She never has any trace of being shy-EVER she also is confident in herself and thinks she's ALREADY famous and that she's very beautiful and kind. The words she used are "Mommy, I think I'm pretty and nice to people" (she is 6) Livi is the joy of my life and I wouldn't trade her for the world!”

As Livi is derived from Olivia, it means “olive tree”, according to BabyCenter. It’s also currently sitting in the 2,509th spot as far as popularity, and the good news is that it’s currently dropping even more in popularity.

15 Wynn - Just Change 1 Letter

Via: Pinterest

Love Quinn, but don't want any potential comic-book associations, then change one letter and opt for Wynn! According to BabyCenter, it’s derived from the old-fashioned name Gwyn, meaning “fair” and “white”. Others also add “pure” to the meaning.

"My mom's maiden name is Wynn and when we were thinking of names for our daughter I really wanted to honor my mom's side of the family. We chose Wynn because it would honor my grandfather, grandma and mom all at the same time. I LOVE her name and get a lot of comments on it," shared one user on Baby Name Wizard.

This was a name that was particularly more popular in the 30’s and 40’s, but it’s definitely making a comeback. On the bright side, it’s not a name that is nearly as popular for girls as it is for boys, but in either case, it’s considered a unisex name, so it can easily swing whichever way that you want.

Wynn is one of those names for which lots of many cute nicknames can be found: Wynnie, Wyn, Wyn, Wynette, and the list goes on and on. Personally, we’re particularly enamored with Wynnie, especially since it would make it easier to go with a bear and honey theme for the nursery!

14 Oakleigh - Not Oakley

Via: Pinterest

Many new moms find themselves absolutely loving Oakley as a baby girl’s name, only to hold back from choosing it as a result of the association to the sunglasses brand. It’s a good reason not to pick it, but it doesn’t mean that you couldn’t opt for a similar name like Oakleigh!

Whereas many might see Oakley as exclusively a boy’s name, the good news with Oakleigh is that most do associate it solely with little girls. Another positive factor for choosing this name is that it’s dropping in popularity for girls. Admittedly, it’s slightly on the rise for boys, but then again, so many names are unisex now that it doesn’t really matter anymore.

Just think of Taylor. We have somehow snowballed into seeing the name as both for boys and girls. There’s Taylor Swift, just like there is Taylor Lautner and no one is bothered!

So if you love the name Oakley, but are having a little girl, don’t cross it off your list just yet. According to Nameberry, it’s steadily rising in popularity. As far as meanings ago, this one is pretty straightforward as it’s derived from the oak tree.

Like Taylor, little Oakleys are said to have a deep desire to perform, gravitating towards acting, singing or public speaking, according to SheKnows.

13 Indigo - A Girl's Name Too

Via: Pinterest

Is grandma's favorite color blue? Then seriously give the name Indigo some consideration. It’s actually a name that has caused quite a stir on the web. Although some parents see it exclusively as a boy’s name, there are many who are starting to use it as a little girl’s name.

In fact, one user shared on Baby Name Wizard that she picked the name Indigo for her little girl for one particularly touching reason: “I named my daughter Indigo for 3 reasons. 1- she is our "rainbow baby" after many losses, so I loved the idea of a color name for her. 2-Blue and purple are my favorite colors. 3- It is a beautiful name and just felt right!”

“The reaction to her name so far has been overwhelmingly positive. Even people who might think its 'out there" still think it is beautiful,”

she also added.

Nowadays, you can simply never know if a particular name is for girls or boys exclusively as they are all becoming unisex. Within a decade, it will likely matter even less. The name Indigo might be a name loved by grandma in particular if her favorite color is blue.

12 Jaden - Thankful For A Change

Via: Pinterest

Does it get edgier than Jaden as a baby girl's name. If you don't want a popular name at all, then you should actually jump on Jaden while you still can. It likely won’t stay off the popular list much longer. As of right now, it’s #9,042. Shockingly, it was #2,966 just last year. The reason for the drastic drop is unclear, but we’re thankful that it did drop by that much.

Coincidentally, Jaden also means “thankful”, according to BabyCenter. See what we did there? According to Baby Name Science, Jaden also means “God has heard”, which could be a great choice for anyone looking for a more religious name, without necessarily turning to the usual Biblical names.

All things considered, you could opt for “Jayden” instead as many parents have, but if you’re not a fan of replacing common letters with Y in names, then you’re going want to stick with Jaden. A couple of celebs like Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, as well as supermodel Milana Oyenuga have named their sons Jaden, but it doesn’t mean that you couldn’t name your little girl this name too! It sounds particularly edgy for a little girl and there are good chances that grandma will approve.

11 Laya - Rules The Playground

Via: Pinterest

Here’s a name you have likely never heard before: Laya. It’s almost certainly a little girl’s name and not only is it edgy, but grandma is sure to love it too for its feminine sound. So many names nowadays are being turned unisex, but this one likely won’t be one of those any time soon.

Even greater is the fact that as far as popularity goes, your little girl won’t bump into any other Livi in her class, school, and probably not even town! We can’t guarantee per country, but we’re willing to bet that you would be hard-pressed to find another Livi in the country anyways.

So what does it mean? According to The Name Meaning,

Laya means “ruler” in Assyrian, making this name fit for your little princess.

Nameberry states that it’s a variation of Leya and although that’s possible, we’re inclined to believe that it’s a name of its own, not derived from this one at all.

Laya could also be a great choice for anyone in love with Lila or Layla, but deterred by their popularity. A mom on BabyCenter shared her thoughts on this unique name: “A lady I used to work with had a daughter called Laya and it always sounded so lovely and sophisticated when she spoke of her. Personally I don't really like Layla/Leila or Lola, much prefer Laya!”

10 Ramsey - The One With The 'A'

Via: Pinterest

For Gordon Ramsay and especially, forget Ramsay Bolton if you're a Game of Thrones fan. If you're on a hunt for an edgy but pretty girl name that any grandmother is sure to love, then truly place Ramsay at the top of your list.

Not Ramsey, but RamsAy. Although Ramsey has been climbing that popularity ranks the past couple of years a little girls name, the "e" spelling has not. Ramsey is comfortably sitting at #11,076 in terms of popularity, having never been popular before.

What makes this name so special a little baby girl? “People with this name are excited by change, adventure, and excitement,” according to SheKnows. They’re said to be little balls of energy that are some of the friendliest you will meet. If you want to give your little girl the best start in life, picking Ramsay as her name might just do the trick as you will know ahead of time that she is sure to be the most popular at school. She might just be a little ringleader à la Alison from Pretty Little Liars, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing as long as you teach her to channel her leadership qualities in the right direction.

9 Minna - In The Name Of Love

Via: Pinterest

You’re going to love the meaning of the girl’s name Minna: love! According to BabyCenter, Minna also stands for “resolute” and “strong”, all precious qualities for any little baby about to make her debut into the world.

According to Baby Name Wizard:

“Minna became a common name in Finland in the late 60s and early 70s where its popularity peaked. It has since been in a steady decline.”

Although the name experienced a slight bump in popularity last year, it’s currently sitting at #4,154, having dropped considerably. Like many of the names on this list, little girls with this name are also said to be born leaders. According to SheKnows, this name in particular promotes: “harmony and balance in their lives, and respond positively to beautiful things.”

If you have a Sailor Moon association stuck in your head when thinking of this name, then you’re not the only one. Although with just one “n”, Mina was Sailon Venus in the popular manga series that many of us grew up with. And do you remember her famous saying? Love was a huge symbol in her character: “In the name of Venus, I'll preserve everything that's beautiful, with love!"

8 Delaney - A Challenging Name

Via: Pinterest

Most names on this list are more obscure and aren't on any most popular lists anywhere in the world, but the following name is a total exception. If you're looking for an edgy name for your little girl, while still pleasing grandma with a feminine name, then Delaney stands out as a sure winner.

The only hiccup is that it the 240th most popular name right now. But if you love it, then don’t let anything stand in your way, especially when you consider the fact that it means “descendant of the challenger”. It doesn’t get edgier than that!

A mom on Baby Name Wizard shared: “This is my daughter's middle name. She is named after her great-grandparents last name. We spell it with a capital "L", because that's how the last name is spelled.”

While someone else with the name wrote about how her mom came up with the name: “My name is Delaney Rae. When my mother was pregnant with me she said "If the baby is a boy, the name will be Dylan. And if it's a girl, Delane." Then later she came up with "Delaney".

Delaney is definitely a strong contender for an edgy baby name.

7 Lux - A Highly Controversial One

Via: Pinterest

While we're on the topic of controversial baby names, here's another that most moms-to-be have trouble agreeing upon: Lux. While one mom wrote on Essential Baby, “I would definitely pronounce it Lux, as in Lucks. You'll find most people will think you're referring to a brand of soap not your lovely daughter,” another disagreed saying, “I wouldn't worry about the soap connection though, it's not what I first thought of and not that bad anyway.”

To avoid the soap association, you can simply add an “e” and turn it into “Luxe”, possibly even with a “Lux-ee” pronunciation.

Despite the disagreements that parents get into over this name, it still hasn't stopped the Lux-lovers from picking it for their little girls. According to BabyCenter,

the edgy name is 2,863rd most popular, with a slight increase in popularity since last year!

Another mom suggested: “Spelt Lux or Luxe, (with 'lucks' pronunciation) I think you need a middle name with a soft start to it, given the harshness of the 'x'. Something starting with a vowel would help with that, most likely an 'a' would work best. I think it would need to end softly too.”

6 Reign - A Royal Alternative

Via: Pinterest

Kourtney Kardashian may have named her son Reign, but it doesn't mean that you can't use the cute name for your little girl instead. In fact, it has been steadily rising in popularity for the past five years already. It now sits at #571, but we don't actually anticipate it to grow in popularity that much more in the upcoming years. We expect it to drop instead, so no worries there!

The royal connection goes without saying, but as NameBerry points out, Reign “is as appropriate for girls as for boys”, also adding, “the female version is often spelled Rain -- or Raine or Rayne -- though that makes is more nature and less royal word name”.

It’s one of those names that parents either immediately love or hate, but if you fall into the former category, then we urge you to consider this edgy name. Keep in mind that according to Names.org, Reign is a particularly popular name in California, Texas and New York, so if you fall in any of those states, you might want to go with another name on the list. Reign could also be easily switched to Rain or Rayne.

5 Harlow - Edgy & Pretty

Via: Pinterest

We have already covered the Harley Quinn association when it comes to the aforementioned Quin edgy baby name, but Harlow might be a great alternative as well.

A Baby Name Wizard user confided: “My friend named her daughter (born in 2007) Harlow. People sometimes ask her if she got the name from Nicole Richie's daughter, which isn't the case since that Harlow was born in 2008. I admit I didn't like the name at first, but it's grown on me. I think Harlow has the potential to become a very popular name in the next few years.”

But let’s get real here: the likelihood of anyone making the connection to Nicole Richie is quite is quite slim. Although she gets mentioned every once in a while, she is one of those celebs, who wouldn’t even be considered on the B-list anymore. Another mom shared her experience with the name, by saying, “My daughter's name is Harlow! People love it and say it is very unique! Her middle name is Skye and her nickname is Harley!!!”

More good news is that Harlow has started dropping in popularity and will probably continue its decline in upcoming years.

4 Onyx - A Protective Name

Via: Pinterest

Here's a name that is sure to raise some eyebrows as a little girl's name: Onyx. Yet, new moms this year are actually considering this unconventional names and grandmothers are coming around to it too.

Not only is it dropping in popularity for a boy, but it’s also not as obscure as you might think for a little girl. According to BabyCenter, it’s currently #3,324 in terms of popularity with a slight drop since last year. Although that’s not the least popular name, neither is it the most popular. Your little girl likely won’t have another friend with this name, but it also means that not too many heads will turn when you scream “Onyx” at the playground.

According to a blog by the name of Bewitching Names,

Onyx is actually a strong and protective name: “So if you're looking for a name for someone born under the current astrological sign […] Onyx could be right up your alley. Think of it as a way to give the child, or yourself, protection through life.”

In fact, onyx is a type of gemstone that is said to have healing properties, especially when connected to other crystals.

3 Hollis - A Clear Girly Name

Via: Pinterest

Another chart climber is the name Hollis. It’s an edgy name fit for any little girl, especially if you’re trying to also appease grandma with a pretty-sounding name.

A Baby Name Wizard user shared her inspiring story about the name Hollis: “A co-worker was telling her pregnant friend about my daughter's name, Hollis. The friend ended up naming her twin girls Hollis and Addison. Maybe this name will catch on?”

Indeed it is catching on. Another user wrote: “Well my name is Hollis and it's meaning varies but this is what i was told: it means spunky, friendly, and adventurous, hardworking and energetic :D”

“My name is also Hollace (sounds the same). I go by holly. But I met another girl in college named Hollis too. Its sophisticated, old-fashioned, and it sounds beautiful. You don't see it very much. But, I love my name,” wrote a third.

The question is: Hollis for a boy or a girl? There are some that might argue that Hollis is a boy’s name, but if we look at the data on BabyCenter, it’s clear that the trend is definitely moving towards this being more and more a little girl’s name.

2 Suri - Forget The Celeb

Via: Twitter

The following name may have hit headlines when Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise picked it for their little princess, but Suri is a beautifully edgy name that anyone is sure to love immediately. Don’t think that the celeb parents were the first to think to give their little one this name either. A Baby Name Wizard user shared: “One of my best friends is named Suri, she is 16 and is the loveliest person I know.”

The name Suri just used to be a little more obscure, but you would still be hard-pressed to find many Suris now anyways, especially since it has been declining in popularity. The meanings behind the name Suri are particularly enchanting. According to Nameberry,

it means “the sun” in Sanskrit, and “rose in Persian. How beautiful is that for your little girl?

It’s also said to be a Yiddish form or Sarah, which would be perfect for anyone wanting a somewhat religious name. On Behind The Name, a mama wrote: “Such a sweet name - nicer than Sarah, in my opinion. I agree, it's a shame that it is so notorious as the name of Suri Cruise, although she is such a beautiful little girl that it only makes me like the name more!”

1 Raven - The Opposite Of Dove

Via: Pinterest

Another edgy name worth considering is hands-down Raven. It’s a beautiful name, especially since as SheKnows describes: “People with this name have a deep inner desire for a stable, loving family or community, and a need to work with others and to be appreciated.”

And don’t be too quick to think that it’s a bad name either! As a Behind The Name user pointed out: “This name is NOT a bad omen and in the bible it is a good thing. The birds that fed Elijah, hello. Since this is my middle name I quite like it and the fact it is unique. People are always saying it's awesome and I am proud to have it as my nickname and middle name.”

You could also flip this name around, as per the suggestion of a Baby Name Wizard user: “I hate this name. I would never call my child Raven, although I might, on the other hand, call my child Dove, Raven's ‘opposite name’.”

Still, we urge you to stick with Raven as it’s truly beautiful! It’s also not one of those names that are easily forgotten even for people who can never remember anyone’s names.

References: BabyCenter, Baby Name Wizard, SheKnowsNameberry, Names.org, Bewitching Names Blog, Behind The Name, and Cornell University.

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