25 Elegant Baby Girl Names That Have Been Classic For Centuries

It can be hard to tell exactly what makes a girl's name sound elegant and graceful, and it seems like the kind of thing where you really just know it when you hear it even if you can't define just particularly what makes it sound that way. And of course the idea of what is elegant is subjective and will mean different things for different people, but when it comes to feminine names there are some that are pretty much universally acknowledged as sounding especially classy and strong.

When it comes to determining classic names though, it's not nearly as difficult or subjective. A true classic that has been used for centuries or even millennia is a pretty objective thing, and despite the fact that so many names seem to have trends or seem to be invented out of nowhere, many (if not most) of the names that we all hear on a day to day basis are monikers that have existed for a huge chunk of our human history.

But which of these classic names are beautiful and elegant choices that have not, should not, and hopefully will not be forgotten even after hundreds or thousands of years of use? There are hundreds of monikers from every corner of the world that are worthy of making the list, but there are some that are just exceptionally unique, beautiful, elegant, or interesting, so much so that they seem like they'll be sticking around for many years to come.

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25 Eudora


Names from Greek myth have been and presumably always will be perennial classics when it comes to naming a new baby, and there are enough popular and enduring names that it can be difficult to pick just one. But one pretty, elegant, and classic sounding name that is inspired by Greek mythology has got to be Eudora. A name that means "generous gift", Eudora was the name of three different nymphs in Greek myth, and seeing as it's also the name of Pulitzer Prize winning American writer Eudora Welty, it seems like the name has some long-lasting, cross-cultural appeal.

24 Calla


When it comes to classic and elegant girl's names that have been popular choices for centuries, it seems like the Greeks have kind of got the market cornered. There are literally thousands of Greek names that have existed since ancient times and have been in use pretty much ever since, so it's hard to choose just a few names that are exceptionally interesting. But one undeniably beautiful name from ancient Greece has got to be Calla, a name that literally means "beautiful". It's a light and melodic name that has never been hugely common, but it's unique and long history ensures that it'll stick around for a while.

23 Helia


Gods and goddesses have been "divine" inspiration for baby names for thousands of years, but one particularly bright and lovely source of inspiration has obviously been the sun and it's associated gods and goddesses. There are literally dozens of names like this to choose from, but one especially beautiful choice has got to be the baby girl's name Helia, a Greek name that draws from the Greek god of the sun called Helios. Helia has been middling in popularity for quite a long time, but it has been a persistent choice for parents of girls for hundreds of years now.

22 Lilith


Although Lilith has had a few centuries of slightly different associations, it's a name that has existed for thousands of years and that has continued to be used even in it's "dark times", and has even seen quite a bit of a popularity increase in recent years. In the Old Testament Lilith was actually Adam's first wife who was cast down because of her unwillingness to obey him, which made the name a rarer choice in the old days but who's negative connotation has started to fade as the name has come more popular and new parents have acknowledged it's undeniable beauty.

21 Avelyn

According to the Bible, Eve was supposed to be literally the first woman who ever existed, so it's no surprise that the name Eve and every imaginable variation of Eve under the sun have been classic names that have existed for hundreds and thousands of years. But one of the more unique and uncommon variations has got to be Avelyn, a popular iteration of Eve in England and Ireland. It probably won't ever surpass the immensely popular Evelyn in terms of popularity, but this pretty and feminine sounding name has an individual flavor and appeal that will ensure its continued usage.

20 Phoebe


Phoebe is a name that has an undeniably youthful and almost trendy sound to it, however this airy sounding name actually goes all the way back to ancient Greece. The name itself means "light", and it was the name of one of the Greek titans, the deities that predated the more commonly known Greek gods. The titan was associated with the stars, and was also thought to be connected to the powers of intelligence and prophecy. So with that level of history and that kind of meaning behind it, it's easy to understand how Phoebe has become a classic that has endured for millennia.

19 Camellia


Variations of the name Camille or Camilla have been popular in many countries going back centuries, but one particular iteration of the name that has a little extra oomph is Camellia. All of the variations of the name have some relation to youth or purity, but something that distinguishes Camellia from the pack and sort of ensures it's constant use as a name is that it is also the name of a flower. So, parents who are looking for a double dip of inspiration can make an obvious and easy choice with Camellia, and that makes it easy to see why it's been a classic for so long.

18 Brynn


When it comes to delicate and melodic names, Wales and the Welsh language seems to have a leg up on the competition with it's natural melodiousness. One of the most classic Welsh names for girls has got to be Brynn, a light and cheery name that roughly translates to "hill". Nature names have always been and most likely will always be a popular choice for parents, but this interesting moniker can give parents a very unique and feminine sounding spin on a classically inspired name. This sweet sounding name definitely fits the bill, and its long popularity is totally understandable.

17 Allegra


The name Joy as well as many variations of names that mean "joy" have always been a popular choice for girl's names, but one of the older, more unique, and more graceful variations of that name has got to be the Italian name Allegra. With a naturally feminine ring to it, it's no surprise that this has been a favorite choice of Italians for centuries, and it's also no surprise that it has gained some measure of popularity throughout the world. And although it became the name of a medication somewhat recently, it seems safe to assume that it's use as a girl's name will live on for a long time.

16 Honor


It's hard to define what exactly makes a name sound elegant, but one name that is undeniably elegant in both its sound and i's meaning is Honor. Although it's quite a literal word and virtue name, it has an obvious grace that every parent would love for their own daughter. And while Honor does have a certain gravity to it that seems like it could be hard for a younger girl to carry, it's an incredibly strong and dignified name for any woman. Most parents love to honor their children though, so it's safe to say that Honor has been and will be a great choice.

15 Imogene


Names with a kind of old-timey sound to them are definitely having their moment in the sun right now, but it can be easy to forget that the entire basis of that trend relies on a lot of old classic names having a serious comeback. One name that is having a bit of a moment now but will presumably continue to be a choice for some parents in the decades to come is Imogene, a name that was actually created by William Shakespeare and that means "maiden". Shakespeare has been a great source of naming inspiration and definitely will continue to be.

14 Lilac


Floral names for girls are pretty much guaranteed to be eternally popular, but to be honest there are some that seem more trendy or popular than others, and there are some that have a more naturally elegant and refined sound than others too. Lily has been an understandably popular and sweet choice for girls in recent years, but the English moniker Lilac has a somewhat more serious and upscale sound to it. Obviously the name comes from the purple flower lilacs, and it seems safe to assume that so long as lilac flowers continue to exist then girls named Lilac will stick around too.

13 Octavia


If you're looking for a classic and elegant girl's name with centuries of popularity behind it, then ancient Rome seems like a really obvious place to start your search. It's hard to pick one or two particular names that have that elegant and feminine sound that a lot of parents look for when naming their new daughters since there are so many great options, but one particular name that evokes a feeling of classic beauty has got to be Octavia. The name literally means "eighth" and it was originally meant to refer to an eighth child, but it was also a favorite choice of the Roman emperors.

12 Sabine


There are literally dozens if not hundreds of French girl names that would qualify as elegant monikers that have been classics for centuries, but one name that is pretty unique to France and seems to be an enduring favorite is Sabine. Although the name is unquestionably French, it actually comes from an ancient Italian tribe called the Sabine people, so it's credibility as a classic is pretty undeniable. The name has had much more popularity in Europe than it has in North America, but it's popularity there seems to be enough to keep it going, and it's not hard to believe that Sabine might catch on here too.

11 Guinevere


Most people who are familiar with the Welsh name Guinevere will be familiar with it because of Guinevere, the queen and wife of King Arthur in classic Arthurian legends, which means that the name will automatically evoke a feeling of aged grace. And since the name is shared by one of the more iconic figures is British literary history it seems safe to assume that Guinevere isn't going anywhere any time soon, although one of it's modern versions, Jennifer, has recently far outweighed it's popularity. But while the Welsh name that means "white phantom" may not be trendy it will certainly be enduring.

10 Amira


One particular classic and elegant name that has already endured for centuries and will presumably endure for much longer is Amira, a Hebrew name that is also commonly used in Arabic countries. The name has a beautifully feminine ring to it and as the feminized version of the men's name Amir, a name that translates to ruler or king, Amira roughly translates to princess or queen. Considering it's beauty, simplicity, and a meaning that most parents would love for their own daughters, it seems like a pretty solid bet that Amira, which has already been classic for a long time, will keep on enduring in popularity.

9 Cicily


It's hard to say why, maybe it's because most of us are required to study years of classic English literature during our school years or something, but it always feels like quintessentially English sounding names always sound like classics too. That can certainly be said for the English classic Cicily, an extra English sounding version of the more common Cecelia. The name itself means "blind to one's own beauty", which is a pretty sweet sentiment behind an already sweet sounding name. But if you're a parent looking for a name that sounds sweet and cute in addition to being classic and elegant, Cicily's appeal is hard to deny.

8 Cassandra


Classical studies are literally the studies of ancient Greece and Rome, so technically you could say that pretty much every Greek or Latin name is legitimately a classic. However some names just have a more classic feel and enduring quality than others. Cassandra, a Greek name that comes from a mythological princess who had the power of foresight, definitely has an ancient and elegant sound to it. And while Cassandra has never been at the top of the list of trendy baby names it has also always lingered in the background never really going out of style, and it probably never will.

7 Emmeline


For decades and even centuries now, it has been difficult to walk into a room full of girls or women and not find at least one Emily, Emma, or variation thereof. But one of the prettier and more classic sounding versions of this name has got to be the English beauty Emmeline. A name that means "work", although its popularity has waxed and waned over the years, it has still remained a solid choice. It was a particularly popular name in medieval times, and seeing as it's now having a bit of a comeback it clearly isn't a moniker that will lose its luster.

6 Axelle


As far as names for girls go, it seems like France has always had a leg up on creating some of the most beautiful and feminine names around. It's no surprise given the natural beauty of the language, but it also makes it hard to pick out one or two particular French names that are elegant and enduring classics. One of their more unique offerings that hasn't quite caught on in the English speaking world is Axelle, a name that means "my father is peace". It has been a long time favorite in many European countries though, and with its unique sound it seems safe to assume it will continue to be.

5 Maura


When coming up with a list of classic and elegant names for girls it would be legitimately impossible to leave off Mary or one of its iterations or derivatives. Inarguably one of the most popular girl's names of all time, it seems like an extremely safe bet to assume that Mary, Marie, Maria, and the dozens of other culturally specific versions of the name aren't going anywhere for a very long time. But one particular version that is sure to be an enduring classic is Maura, the Irish version of Mary, which has been popular for centuries and no doubt will continue in the ultra religious country.

4 Lilah


When it comes to eternally classic names, something with the drama and melody of Lilah seems like a natural choice to make that list. Although the name has an undeniably floral sound to it, it's actually a traditionally Arabic, Persian, and Hindi girl's name that means "night". Lilah has experienced a burst of popularity in the past few years, and for good reason, but with it's super feminine and slightly gothic vibes (a great combo that never really goes out of style) it has been an enduring classic for centuries and no doubt will continue to be a fan favorite.

3 Annalise


Most baby names that are contractions of two different names have an inherently modern feel to them, but there are a few combination names that are not only very elegant, but that are actually pretty classic monikers with a lot of history behind them. One of those names is clearly Annalise, a Germanic baby girl's name that is a combination of Anna and Elizabeth. And the enduring quality of Annalise is not very surprising, although there aren't many common English combos for Anna and Elizabeth, they're individually two beautiful names, so it's easy to understand why Annalise has been growing in popularity in the US.

2 Shoshanna


If you're interested in an extra classic and elegant spin on an already classic name then a name like Shoshanna is a very obvious option. Shoshanna is a traditional Hebrew name, and it translates to "lily". But the version of Shoshanna that is probably more familiar to most English speakers is Susanna, which is already a classic name in itself. But if you're looking for a name that has some serious endurance powers, one that has been an elegant and beautiful choice for centuries before and will presumably be one for the centuries to follow, then the original Shoshanna is a real beauty.

1 Verity


When it comes to choosing a name for a brand new baby girl, naming the baby after a particular virtue or positive attribute seems like a tradition that is nearly as old as naming children itself. Faith, Hope, Prudence, Chastity, Grace, there seems to be a nearly endless list of popular and enduring virtue names for girls (we've even already included one in this list before, Honor), but Verity is an undeniably elegant and feminine choice for a virtuous title. The name comes from the Latin word for truth, and although it's one of the more unusual choices for virtues it's definitely a permanent classic.

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