25 Elegant Names That Are So Classy

Few labels are more important in life than a name. It is often a first impression we get from another person in our modern world. It is what gets called out in class in front of everyone, what is signed at the bottom of a letter or an email. So when choosing a name for a baby why wouldn’t mom want to pick one that conveys class, elegance, intelligence, and sophistication. A name that will serve them well their entire life. From Queens like Victoria and Elizabeth or Princes like William and Henry names can convey images of royalty, elegance and a fairytale for a little one.

The name doesn’t have to be from the royal history books to create that image, although many elegant names have a history of royal use, literature has made use of many names with an elegant sound as well. These beautiful and classic names also lend themselves to modern twists and fun nicknames so no need to worry about trading elegance for fun: moms can have both.

There is something about a name with class that gives the person an air of importance, beauty, and regality. An elegant name can add to the beauty and class to mom's precious baby, providing a first impression others won’t soon forget and that will only serve to help them further themselves in life. For mom's little prince, princess, hero or heroine consider one of these 25 names that are sure to give them an air of strength and class that will turn heads at its very mention.

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25 Isadora

Beautiful Baby Girl in Pearls

Isadora is a melodious name with a beautiful and elegant tone. The name is Greek in origin and means "gift of Isis". Isis is the Egyptian fertility goddess and the Greek Doron according to Babble. Isis became one of the most important goddesses in Egyptian cultures and her followers spread throughout the Roman Empire reaching England and Afghanistan. She continues to be worshiped by pagans and is thought to have a strong connection to the dead.

Isadora has not held as popular a place in the spotlight as its similar cousin name of Isabel in recent years. The most famous individual known for the name is Isadora Duncan an American dancer in the late 1800s- early 1900s. Aside from the tragic tale of the beautiful dancer the name Isadora has been greatly under-utilized. There are Literature references to the name in Erica Jong’s “Fear of Flying,” Isadora Wing and Lemony Snicket’s “A Series of Unfortunate Events,” Isadora Quagmire.

The name Isadora offers versatility similar to its cousin names Isabel or Isabella. The nickname Izzy is still an option for those looking to shorten the name. Also, Dora is available with this name and Is or Isa.

Spelling variations are also similar. For unique variations on the name try Isodora or Iseadora. Whether you are looking for a name similar to Isabel but with a unique twist all its own or just one with a historical meaning and an elegant feel Isadora is the perfect name for your precious little goddess.

24 Guinevere

A name fit for a queen.

Everyone knows the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Roundtable. Guinevere was his beautiful queen. What better way to evoke elegance than to name your precious one after royalty?

From a Welsh origin in recent years Guinevere has been overshadowed by its decidedly less elegant cousin Jennifer. Guinevere means “white shadow, white wave,” or “white and smooth,” or “fair lady.”

Having been overshadowed by Jennifer the name Guinevere has not been seen in recent years as often as its cousin. The name Guinevere appears in the TV series Merlin (2008-2012) played by Angel Coulby. There have been two songs titled with the name, one Guinevere by Eli Young Band (2008) and the other Guinnevere by Crosby, Stills, & Nash (1969). Overall this name although fit for a princess has managed to widely escape the spotlight for many years.

Guinevere also offers an incredible amount of diversity. Spelling variations include Gwynnevere, Gwenivere, Gueniveer, Guenever, or, Gwenevere. A few possible nicknames are Gwen, Win, Winnie, Gennie, Gwyn, or Guenna. There are even international variations on the name including Gaenor, Gaynor (Welsh) or Gweniver (Cornish). These are just a few of the options for the name which expands into versions of Genevieve and Jennifer as well as they are all branches of the same name.

23 Warren

From a French origin, Warren is a moderately popular boys name that means “part-keeper.” Warren has long been a surname but was turned into a first name into the early 1900s.

The name has been bestowed upon presidents, actors, football players and a Supreme Court Justice.

While the name has been around a long while it has managed to stay relatively out of the spotlight. This is the perfect name if you are looking for a unique name that still has tradition and history behind it. Oh Baby! Names explain that the name was considered respectable and enjoyed in the 1910s and reached its height in the 20s but has since been declining despite its strong and intelligent qualities.

The name Warren belonged to Warren G. Harding U.S. President and a Secretary of State Warren Christopher. Chief Justice Burger of the U.S. Supreme Court’s first name was Warren. Warren Moon is also a professional football player who is one of the most famous to bear the names outside of politics or finance.

The name Warren is classic and strong, it cannot be shortened and there are not spelling variations. If you are a traditionalist who does not like the fuss of variations or nicknames this is the perfect elegant name for your baby boy.

22 Gabriel

The name of an Angel, an Archangel at that. Gabriel is of Hebrew origin and is given the meaning “God is my strength.” The name is different than many of the other boy's names on this list it does not have a history of the Royal or Presidential lineage. Even without the traditional lineage, there is the grace and strength of the image of an Angel behind this name that gives it a class and elegance all its own.

Slow to gain popularity Oh Baby! Names says that since the 1940s the name has not stopped gaining popularity. They attribute that to the biblical significance and it appears the name will stay in the top 25 now that it has reached it. Other sites show slightly different rankings by number but most tell a similar story, a slow start in the early 1900s but a spot near the top now.

As to history and Hollywood, the name isn’t seen quite as often as some of the other names on this list. Gabriel is the patron saint of broadcasters and diplomats according to Nameberry. The name Gabriel has been a popular choice of celebrities for their babies, chosen by, Daniel Day-Lewis, Mick Jagger, Paul Simon, Rosemary Clooney and Joan Baez.

Whether you chose the name for its simplicity, there are few nicknames for Gabriel, Gabe being the common one, or its significance and meaning this name is the perfect choice to give your little angel and elegant and strong moniker.

21 Arabella

This name has a wonderful air of elegance and brings to mind images of class, queens, and is still fairly unique in today’s modern world despite being on the top 1000 list since 2005. The name has a Latin origin and means “yielding to prayer” or “answered prayer,” making it the perfect name for the child you prayed for.

If you love the name Isabella but are looking for a name your child won’t have to share with seven other children her age this name might be the perfect way to avoid Isabella’s over popularity but keep its elegant sound. The two names even share some nicknames Belle, Bel, and Bella.

Arabella does offer unique nicknames as well such as Ora and Ara.

The name Arabella is common in Literature and is seen in novels by Samuel Richardson, Henry Fielding, Dickens, George Eliot, Thomas Hardy and J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter Series. It is also the title of an Opera. The name Arabella also belongs to the granddaughter of the current President Donald Trump. Arabella Mansfield was the first American woman to become a lawyer. All of this history helps to the give the name strength and class, having stayed out of the spotlight it will save your baby girl from the multiple Isables problem while still having the melodious sound.

20 Jacqueline

In general, this name brings to mind one woman of incomparable class and elegance, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis.

Known as one of the most classy and stylish of the first lady Jackie Kennedy has imbued her name with an elegance that lasts even into the modern era half a century after her reign as the first lady.

The name comes from a French origin and is the feminine form of Jacque. Jacque is the French form of James, giving the name the same meaning of “supplanter.” The name first came to England through the sister-in-law of Henry V. In the 1920s the name was in the top 50s of the name list however after a peak of 37 in the 60s the name rests in the high 200s.

Jacqueline has variations of Jacqui or Jackie which also serve as nicknames. As far as celebrity baby names Barbara Walters named her daughter Jacqueline, the name has not been seen as often in recent years in Hollywood. The name has been falling in popularity and has escaped major attention however it still conjures an image of elegance and class. With a name like Jacqueline you baby girl is sure to convey power, style and elegance anywhere she goes.

19 Theodore

Another name related to the U.S. Presidential Office Theodore Roosevelt is one of the most well-known presidents.

Historically the name has been held by a U.S. President, a novelist, poet, painter and was even the first name of Dr. Seuss. Theodore has a strong smooth sound and is from a Greek origin. The name means “gift from God.”

A popular choice in Hollywood most recently the name was used in the Fifty Shades of Grey novel as the name of Ana and Christian’s baby. The name has also been chosen by celebrity parents such as first daughter Ivanka Trump, actress Ali Larter and actress Natascha McElhone.

Despite the strong tradition that Theodore comes from there is still versatility that the name offers to keep up with the modern age. There is the alternate spelling Theodor used by Dr. Seuss. There are also the nicknames the name offers that are increasingly popular such as Theo, Teddy or Teddie, and Ted. On its own Ted also boasts many famous elegant and powerful men with the namesake. There is even the feminine version of Theodora. Historic and powerful yet versatile this presidential name is the perfect name to give you little one the elegant title he deserves.

18 Anastasia

Anastasia brings to the mind of most 90’s babies the magic of the story of a lost Russian princess reunited with her grandmother from the 1997 animated movie.

While this movie is based on the historically lost daughter of Czar Nicholas II named Anastasia sadly there is no concrete evidence of the romanticized ending where the grandmother and granddaughter are reunited in real life.

The name has Greek and Russian origins and means Resurrection. In Greek, the name is the feminine version of the Anastasios. Despite reports of the name sounding harsh in the traditional Russian variation of the name in its more modern form often pronounced Anna-STAY-zha has a more melodious and sweet sound to it. Not only the name of the famous Russian Princess the name also belonged to an ancient saint and has an ancient origin having been used for many years. The name has also belonged to famous ballet dancer Anastasia Volochova and Olympic Gymnast Anastasia “Nastia” Liukin.

The name Anastasia is full of history and has the elegance and class that only comes with deep and ancient tradition. Even with this deep past the name overs a wide variety of nicknames and variations that make it easy to modernize. Potential nicknames for Anastasia are Tazia, Stacy, Stacie, Stacey, Nastia, Asya, and Ana. Babble lists international variations as Anastasha or Anastacia.

17 Aurora

Latin in root the use of this name goes back beyond the start of name tracking in 1880. With a meaning of “dawn” and a melodic sound, the name Aurora reminds most 90’s babies of one of their childhood princesses, Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.

The name not only belonged to a princess but also a goddess, the Roman goddess of sunrise. For a scientific twist, it also happens to be what the beautiful Northern Lights are referred to.

Aurora is not set up to allow much variation or versatility so if you are looking for a name that is classic and simply this may be perfect for you. There are less common spellings of Arora and Aurore but they are rarely seen as of yet. There is the common nickname of Rory that is often used.

While history may be lacking there is no shortage of songs written with the name in the title, likely because of its melodious quality. The likes of Bjork, The Carpenters, The Foo Fighters, and even The Alkaline Trio have written songs utilizing the name. There is an epic poem that utilizes the name as well.

When your precious little princess wakes you up at dawn you will realize just how fitting this name is and with its melodious sound and elegance, it will no doubt make her feel like the goddess she is.

16 Grayson

This name is all English and it stems from the fad in the U.S. of utilizing last names as first names and it has a meaning of “son of the bailiff.” This means the name did not gain enough popularity to appear on the chart until the 80s but it was not considered a first name very long before then. In a quarter century, it has climbed the thousand spot list to make itself known in the top 100.

Grayson is a new name so it is not found in history or Literature as a first name. It has yet to be utilized in Hollywood much although there is an actor Grayson McCouch and Businessman Grayson Murphy of note. Actor Tyler Christopher named his son Greysun but opted for the alternate spelling.

Being new the name is extremely flexible and does not abide by the more ridge and traditional rules of names. Nameberry points out it can be thought of as a substitute for names like Jason or Mason. It has alternate spellings like Graysen, Graysun, Greysun, Gryson, Gracen, or Gracyn and many more. It has been used as both male and female names.

Despite being a newly made first name the strength of this name comes from the sound and freshness. There is an elegance and class to the name and the versatility allows you to make it all your own.

15 Sebastian

The origin of the word is Greek and Latin. The meaning is a bit more complex in nature. It was originally a name meant to locate individuals from Sebastos, in Greece.

The name of the place, however, means “revered,” therefore the name is often given that meaning as well.

The name Sebastian has been in the U.S. for over 100 years but its popularity has never reached very high on the scales. The name used to be considered pretentious but according to Oh Baby! Names the elegant and classy name is gaining ground and people are no longer shying away from its use. The name is in the top 100 in not only the U.S. but also in England, Australia, and Canada.

Hollywood has seen the use of the name in recent years however, actor Sebastian Stan has been in the spotlight recently known for his role as Bucky Barnes aka Winter Solider in the Captain America and Avengers movies. The name has also been seen in the television show Reign, Sebastian ‘Bash’ de Poitiers played by Torrance Coombs is the bastard son of Henry II in the show. Famous Composer Johann Sebastian Bach also held the name.

The name Sebastian which was so long seen as too esteemed and pretensions for the mainstream is now widely used to bestow elegance and class upon little boys in hopes that they will grow up to be revered.

14 Viviana

Viviana is a name that comes with less history than most others on this list. The name has a beautiful sound and is the feminine version of Victor and a more elegant sounding form of Vivian. There is debate over the origin of the name. Nameberry lists the name as Latin and meaning “Life.” Belly Ballot also lists Latin and says “Full of life” for meaning. While other sites attribute the origin to Italian (Babble) or Spanish languages.

No matter the language they do agree that the meaning always indicates life or a fullness of life.

Oh Baby! Names say the name first appeared late in the 70s on the American chart. It gained popularity until the last 10 years where it has shown a downward turn. They attribute the original popularity to Spanish-speaking Americans but the downward trend to second and third generation Latin-Americans embracing more Americanized names.

Viviana has many nicknames and cousin names but not many variations on its own. The spelling variations mostly involve adding an n to get Vivianna. You could also switch i for y for Vivyana or Vyvyana for example. Nicknames include Vivi, Vi, and Anna. There are also the cousin names which are Vivian or Vivienne or Victoria.

For the most part, the name Viviana has stayed out of the spotlight keeping it generally out of Hollywood. There have been a few notable people who had the name, Beauty Queen Viviana Ortiz, Ballerina Viviana Durante and Flutist and Artist Viviana Guzman. This name is unique and classy despite not having the history of the other names it will convey elegance and style wherever your little princess goes.

13 Henry

Henry has a long history in the Royal lineage. Most notably and well known is probably Henry the VIII.

Henry the VIII may be more infamous than the seven King Henrys before him, he is far from the first.

He is also not the most modern British royal to bear the name. Prince Henry, more commonly known as Prince Harry is the current Duke of Sussex and sixth in line for the throne. He is the daughter of Princess Diana and Prince Charles and younger brother of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. Prince Harry has grown up and has all the elegance and class that any royal could and much more honoring the namesake and making it the perfect title for your little one

The references in Hollywood are too numerous to list so I will stick with a shortened list and you can find more on Oh Baby! Names. There are writers with the first name such as Miller, James, and Thoreau. Henry Ford of Ford Motor Vehicles had the name as well. It has been in song titles for songs by Bob Dylan, Natalie Merchant, The Kennedys and John Mellencamp. Countless celebrities have named their children Henry including, author Charles Dickens, Heidi Klum, Julia Roberts, Minnie Driver, and Princess Diana.

The name does offer international variations such as Henryk, Henrique, Enzo, Enzio, Heinz, Heinroch, Arrigo, Enrico, Enrique, and Heike. Nicknames for Henry are available as well. Possibilities include Harry or Hank. Whatever reason you choose the name, meaning, history or just the sound, Henry is sure to convey elegance, strength, and nobility to anyone who hears it.

12 Eliana

Oh Baby! Names describes the reasons behind this name's multiple origins. The name Eliana was originally Hebrew meaning “God has answered me,” before the Latin language acquired it. Babble says that in Latin and Greek the name takes on a different meaning, “Daughter of the sun.” Whether Latin, Greek or Hebrew the name is beautiful, elegant and gives off a feeling of beauty, style, and class.

Despite having widely escaped the spotlight and use in Hollywood the name has gained great popularity in the U.S. overall. This beautiful name started a drastic climb in 1996 that put it up 800 spots in 15 years, if that continues it will soon be a top 100 name. Right now the name sits at 125.

Eliana an international cousin name, Eliane in France. If you like Eliane other cousin name spellings include, Eliann, Alianne, Elyann, and Elyanne. There are also the alternate spellings of Elianna, Eleana, Elyanna, Elyana or Elliana. Nicknames for Eliana can be El or Anna even Liana for a longer nickname.

Eliana Cuevas is a modern Latin jazz artist out of Canada. Eliana Michaelichin Bezerra is a Brazilian TV Show who is currently the host of a show titled Eliana. Also, actor Christian Slater named his daughter Eliana Sophia.

A beautiful name with a poetic sound Eliana is the perfect way to give your child the title that will lead them through life with elegance and class. 

11 James

James is a name that is commonly seen in the Royal lines.

The name conveys elegance and class. It is simple and strong in its sound but retains its strength and command.

James VI was the King of Scotland and later became James I when he became King of England when the two kingdoms joined. King James I was the only son of Mary Queen of Scots and had a strange but extremely interesting life overall. However, despite a strange personal life, the King serves to add to the examples of the name in the spotlight as a classic name of nobility.

The name James has a Hebrew origin and means “supplanter” or “heel-grabber” according to Nameberry and Babble. Supplanter is to supersede or replace, which makes it all too fitting for the royal line which is full of constant successions.

For the past century, James has remained in the top 20 boy’s names of all time according to babble. The name is often included on lists such as biblical, presidential and surname names for babies. Nameberry lists a great deal of foreign variations, Diego and Jaime (Spanish), Jacques (French), Giacomo (Italian), Hamish (Scottish), Jaako (Finnish), Seamus (Irish), Jaap (Dutch) and Jago (Cornish) are all other options if you are looking to honor the name but keep some individuality. There is also the spelling variation Jaymes. Common nicknames include Jaime or Jayme, Jimbo, Jimmy or Jimmie and Jim. In recent years the name has even begun being used as a girl’s name with Brendan Fehr, an actor best known for his roles on Roswell, CSI Miami, and Bones, naming his daughter James. Thomas Rhett, a country singer, also recently utilized the name as the middle name for his daughter Ada James.

10 William

A classic name, William is as well-known as Henry and also has ties to the Royal lineage of Britain among other countries.

The British Isles have seen four King Williams, Germany has had two, the Netherlands has had three, and Sicily has had three as well.

Perhaps the best known Royal William in modern days, however, is Prince William Duke of Cambridge. Prince William is second in line of succession to the British throne after his father Charles, Prince of Wales and is the son of Princess Diana and the Brother of Prince Henry “Harry” Duke of Sussex.

Of German origin the name William is elegant enough for any King with meanings ranging from “resolute protection,” “resolute or brilliant,”  “strong mind and protection,” to “Valiant protector”. Whichever meaning you prefer there is a definite theme of strength, honor, and protection that comes along with this name.

This name does offer some nicknames such as Will, Willy or Willie, Bill, and Billy or Billie. Outside of the nicknames, there has been little variation on the name and it has remained true to its origins even in modern times. Since the 1880s when name tracking began this name has been in the top 20s of most popular boys names in America according to Oh Baby! Names. Even retaining is traditional form this classic name is simple and elegant yet conveys all the strength and class your little Prince could ever want.

9 Andrew

Andrew is a much more commonplace name but is elegant despite having gained immense popularity. Ranked number 40 on Nameberry’s popularity chart in 2017 Andrew is a name that pretty much everyone has heard of. Few people know the names history, however. Having a Greek origin, Babble adds a Hebrew origin as well, and meaning “strong and manly,” “Manly and brave,” or “virile, manly” the name has a long and expansive history.

Andrew has been the name of apostles, saints, presidents, and princes.

The first disciple in the New Testament was named Andrew, as was the patron saint in Scotland, Russia, and Greece. The name has belonged to Prince Andrew the Duke of York and two U.S. Presidents, Jackson and Johnson. In the arts, the name can boast belonging to Andy Griffith, actor, Andy Warhol, Artist, Andrew Lloyd Webber, composer, and Andrew Wyeth, artist. This is an extremely impressive list of important, eloquent and classy people to be represented by a single name and they all wore it extremely well.

Andrew does also offer some versatility. Nicknames such as Andy or Andie and Drew or Dru are possibilities for this name. Also, there are many alternative international variations listed on Babble such as Andrik, Andrei, Andre, Andor, Anderson, Anders, and Andino, if you are looking for a little bit of a twist. You could always mix it up and ditch the standard spelling for Andru as well keeping the name and the eloquence but putting a modern spin on the spelling. Any way you spin it the name Andrew has a strong bold meaning and an undeniable history of great, and classy men behind it.

8 Arianna

A smooth and beautiful sounding name with an Italian origin Ariana is often found on lists for princess names according to Nameberry. The name is also often attributed to Greek origins as well. In either Greek or Italian, the meaning given is either “most or very holy.”

Ariana is a variant of Ariadne who originates in Greek mythology as King Mino’s daughter and the bride of Dionysus, the God of wine, she helped Theseus beat the Minotaur according to Belly Ballot.

From this myth came the name Ariadne which was turned into Ariana by the Italians. Another variation on Ariana is the spelling Arianna which is also extremely popular.

Ariana has gained its entrance onto the charts in the late 70s, recently the spelling with two ns has passed the single n version in popularity as of 2006 according to Oh Baby! Names. However Oh Baby! Names also points out that because there are four spelling variations that each have their own scores the name itself is far more popular than each one suggests. The variations are Ariana, Arianna, Aryanna, and Aryana.

The most well-known use of the name in Hollywood today is likely Actress and Pop Singer Ariana Grande. Having been on TV shows in films and on Broadway. As an actress, she is best known for her role as Cat Valentine on the TV series Victorious. More people know her as a singer for her hits such as The Way ft. Mac Miller and Problem ft. Iggy Azalea and Break Free ft Zedd among many others. Ariana Richards is another American actress best known for her role as Lex in Jurassic Park. Even without a royal lineage the name Ariane comes from the myths of the Greek Gods and has a beautiful sound that will inspire a first impression of grace and class for your little one.

7 Charlotte

Via Pinterest.com /Princess Charlotte

The name Charlotte has a complicated origin. It is listed under multiple languages of origin because its derived more than once. Charlotte is a feminine derivative which comes from Charles which is French. Charles, however, was derived from the German Karl or Carl. So originally the root was German but the direct derivative is French and it depends how far back you want to reach. The meaning comes from the Germanic root, “free man,” it is sometimes changed to “free woman.”

The name Charlotte has held strong in popularity for years. It dipped between the 1970s and 1990s. Charlotte is extremely versatile in nicknames and in how girly the name sound.

The full name Charlotte is feminine and elegant, however, it can be shortened to the recently popular nickname Charley, Charly, Charli, or Charlee for a more tom-boy nickname.

For a more feminine nickname, there is Char, Lotye, Lotte, Lottie or Lotta. There are international variations such as Karlotta, Charlize, and Sharlene.

The name has been seen in a wide variety of places. From England’s Queen Charlotte to Charlotte Web by E.B. White tod Charlotte Bronte the name has been featured in politics, Literature and Hollywood. Charlotte was even part of a band name, Good Charlotte. The name has been chosen by Chelsea Clinton, Dylan McDermott, Colin Hanks, and Sarah Michelle Gellar for their children. Princess Charlotte is also the second child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. With the elegance of a royal lineage and the strength of literature behind it, Charlotte is an elegant name sure to convey class and style upon your little princess.

6 Benjamin

Little newborn baby boy, looking curiously at camera, lay dawn in bed

Benjamin is another name with a strong and dignified past in the U.S. and throughout the world.

With men such as Benjamin Franklin, U.S. Presidents and Multiple Prime Ministers with the name there is a tradition behind it that gives it strength, honor, and elegance.

Hebrew in origin the name Benjamin means, “right hand’s son.” Oh Baby! Names explains the name comes from the bible and that while it used to have a more morbid connotation it is now commonly connected to its Gaelic cousin Beathan which means “son of life” giving the name a brighter outlook.

The historical references to the name Benjamin are plentiful and so are the literature references. With such a strong bold sound the name is often a choice in novels. Some of the more famous have been Animal Farm, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Macbeth and The Sound and the Fury. The name has also been a popular choice for celebrity baby names having been chosen by Carly Simon, Harrison Ford, John Travolta, Lisa Marie Presley, Tom Brady and Mitt Romney as the name for their little ones.

A classic name Benjamin does not offer many common spelling variations or recognized international foreign variations aside from its cousin name Beathan. There are however a few nicknames that are common for the name; Ben, Benji, and Benny are all commonly used to shorten the longer more formal name. This classic bold and strong name backed by tradition has held its popularity for close to a century and does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. A name with this much strength and tradition would be the perfect elegant addition for your classy little fellow.

5 Angelina

Angelina is a beautiful name with an elegant angelic sound that has origins all over the place. The list ranges from Greek, Latin, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Polish, and Dutch to English. This is because like many other names Angelia is derived from another name which is derived from other names. However, whichever origin language you chose the meaning is consistent “messenger of God.”

Angelina is a relatively newer name so it lacks the history and Literature that some of the other names have. It is derived from the name Angela. The name jumped into the top 100s in the late 90s early 2000s, Oh Baby! Names attributes this to the start of Angelina Jolie’s popularity after Girl Interrupted. Whatever the reason the U.S. has stayed in love with the name keeping it in the top 200 since.

Famous Angelinas include Jolie who is an actress and philanthropist and Angelina Grimke who was an important American abolitionist and suffragist. There have been quite a few songs written with the angelic name in the title by singers such as George Strait, Billy Bob Thornton, Bob Dylan, Harry Belafonte, John Mellencamp and Joan Baez. Actor Jon Voight also used the name for his daughter.

There is no better name with elegance and class for your little angel than the melodious and lyrical Angelina.

4 Juliana

With meanings of “youthful,” or “soft-haired” there is no better name to describe a baby. Juliana has a Latin origin and a lyrical sound it is the feminine version of the male name Julius or Julian. Having been in the country for over a century the name has had a slow climb but has never managed to break the top 100, as of yet.

There is some variation available for the name. The international variation Giuliana is listed on Babble. There is also the alternate spelling where an additional n is added to get Julianna or the cousin names Julianne or Julia are possible. Possible nicknames of Jules, Jule, Julie, Anne or Anna are available.

There is some historical background to the name, a Saint bore the name as well as the former Queen regnant of the Netherlands. There is a famous musician named Juliana Hatfield as well.

This lyrical and romantic name provides just the right balance of elegance and class while still providing femininity.

The name was derived from a powerful and well-known Roman family giving it a unique sense of tradition and legacy that the other names do not have. This is the perfect name to inspire class and elegance for your soft-haired angel.

3 Edward

This name has a list of Nobel Prize Winners unlike any other name on this list, there are Princes, Politicians, and Poets. The name Edward has such a history that it almost speaks for itself, but a brief explanation will follow nonetheless. The name has an English origin and one of the oldest according to Oh Baby! Names dating to before 1066. The meaning is something around, “wealthy guardian,” “prosperous guardian,” or “protector of wealth.”

Simple and straightforward the elegant and classic choice of Edward has held its popularity for hundreds of years. The elegance of the name may be the reason that the name is often chosen in literature such as Jane Eyre, Sense and Sensibility, and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The most recognizable modern use may be Edward Cullen in the Twilight series.

The name was used by British Royalty, four Nobel Prize winners in medicine, two in physics and one in economics, Politician Edward Kennedy is well-known.

The name is also often chosen by celebrities, presidents, and royals for their baby names.

Babble provides some interesting international variations to consider for the name Edward, Ekewaka, Eduardo, Edoardo, Eadward, Eduard, and Edwald. Nicknames are also options such as Ede, Eddie, Eddy, Ed or Ward. This name has everything tradition, history, class, and versatility. The name is perfect for your brilliant little boy and will provide inspiration and elegance for years to come.

2 Thomas

In the United States, Thomas is one of the most well-known names which makes it easy to find connections to the name throughout history. One of the reasons that Thomas has remained such an elegant and classy name is because of the many men throughout history with the name who have made important contributions to the world.

The name Thomas has Origins in a few languages. According to Nameberry, the origin is Aramaic and the meaning is “twin.” For Babble, the origin is either German meaning “a short form of all German male names beginning with the prefix Diet,” or Teutonic, archaic German, meaning “People’s rule.”

Whichever meaning you prefer it is the history of the name that gives it its true elegance and strength. Men like U.S. President Thomas Jefferson and Inventor Thomas Edison are well known for their contributions to history and have made the name known as well.

There is also apostles and saints with the name and of course Tom Sawyer in Literature who have made the name well known.

In the top 10 through the 1960s the name remains in the top 50 today in popularity. This may not be the name for you if you absolutely do not want your child to have to share with anyone he ever meets. However, there are some noteworthy foreign variations you may want to consider, Nameberry lists, Tomas, Tomasso (Italian), Tomaz (Portuguese). Babble also adds the French Thjalfi as an alternative. Nicknames have become popular as well with Tom or Tommy as the most common, in Scotland Tam is even used.

1 Evangeline

An absolutely stunning name, Evangeline has a Greek origin and means “bearer or bringer of good news.” The name’s beginnings are often attributed to an 1847 epic poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow titled, “Evangeline, A Tale of Acadie.”

The poem came out before the naming tracking started in 1880 so the name has been on the charts since the start.

The name's popularity has wavered over the years but popularity began to spike in 2006 when Evangeline Lilly entered into the spotlight on Lost. The name is so beautiful and poetic in sound that it is no wonder that American parents ate it up when it was brought back by the Canadian actress.

Longfellow isn’t the only one to write about the name either, Uncle Tom’s Cabin utilized the name as well Evangeline St. Clare. There are countless songs that utilize the name as well by artists such as, Bad Religion, Little Big Town, Chad Brock, Los Lobos, and Emmylou Harris among others.

Aside from Evangeline Lily, the name has widely escaped the spotlight and even celebrity baby names have not utilized it. This is rare for such a beautiful sounding name that offers versatility and formality, with elegance and style. The name can be spelled Evangelyn, Evangelinne, Evangylyne or Evanngelinne. There are the cousin names Evangelia, Evangelina, and Evangelica.

The name has a beautiful sound a lovely meaning and the elegance and class that any fair maid needs to be the hero of her own story.

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