25 Everyday Words That Make Awesome Boy Names

Everyone is in search of the perfect baby name when they are expecting. If you’re on the lookout for a boy’s name, you might find your winner on this list. You’ve surely heard all of these words before, but perhaps not as names. Who knew everyday words could inspire such cool and unique names?

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25 Chase

This cute boy’s name ranked #74 in 2015. It originated as a nickname for a “hunter” and was primarily a surname until recently. We imagine a boy named Chase would develop into a real little leader, keeping his parents on their toes, no doubt.

24 Blaze

Blaze could be perfect for a spunky little boy who might bend the rules. This name climbed from #878 to #706 over the past 16 years. Blaze is considered a more modern variant of “Blaise”.

23 Cash

You’d be pretty original if you chose this name for your baby boy! It wasn’t even on the radar in terms of popularity until 2003, and in 2015, it ranked #267. It originated as a surname for a box maker.

22 Trey

Trey is a cool and trendy sounding name, even though it’s not trendy at all. The name has actually been declining in popularity since 2000 at which point it ranked #215. In 2015, it was #557. It arose as an English nickname for the word “three”, typically given to a third-generation son.

21 Tripp

Tripp is a name produced by pop culture but still hasn’t caught on extensively. Ranked at #686 in 2015, we doubt it’s going to hit the top name lists any time soon.

20 Jimmy

Jimmy is a nickname for “James” which was on the top 10 baby boy name list this past year. Aside from being a nickname, Jimmy is also used as a stand-alone name but it plummeted in the ranks from #272 in 2000 to #575 in 2015. More parents choose the proper name James, with Jimmy as a nickname option. "Jimmy" as a noun is a short metal bar.

19 Grant

Grant originated from the surname of the same, which has both English and Scottish roots. Coming in at #177 in 2015, it is familiar as a name but is on the rare side these days.

18 Ash

Any boy named Ash is going to have some swagger! Ash can be short for Ashton or Asher--two popular boy’s names of late but it also operates as a three-letter first name now too. It is so unique that it doesn’t even rank in the top 1,000 names.

17 Lance

Lance is a sophisticated and regal-sounding boy’s name. Coming in at #604 in 2015, it’s safe to say if you choose this name, your boy will likely be the only one in his class with it. It has German roots stemming from the name “Lanzo”, but of course is identical to the word “lance” which means to prick or cut open.

16 Wade

Wade originated as an English surname. Not common by any means, it ranked as #521 in 2015. Wade (the name) means “moving” but we know the verb to mean to move through liquid as in, to "wade" through a pond.

15 Ace

Ace might feel pressure to be awesome, but we bet he’d live up to it! Ace has doubled in popularity since 2000, moving from spot #841 to #418. That said, there still aren’t many Aces out there. It remains more common as a nickname.

14 Mark

Mark is a much more well-known name than some of the others on this list. That said, it still only ranked as #196 on the boy’s name chart in 2015. Most people aren’t hard-pressed to find someone they know named Mark.

13 Cruz

Cruz is an awesome little boy’s name that remains untested territory for most. It ranked at #324 in 2015, having climbed from #646 in 2000.

12 Trace

Trace is a short form name for “Tracy” and is now a name in its own right. Ranking at #801, it has a long way to go to become popular but if you are looking for something unique, this could be the one for you.

11 Link

Link is the adorable short form of “Lincoln” which sounds much more serious. If you’re going to call your child Link all the time, why bother with the full form name? Link is probably going to be a little bit mischievous but he’ll get away with it because of his cuteness.

10 Spike

Most are familiar with this name due to the famous movie producer, director, and actor Spike Lee. Spike hasn’t caught on as a popular first name yet so your son would be a standout with it. Behind the Name suggests it originated as a nickname for a person with spiky hair.

9 Judge

This one is a little out there but it’s been done before. In 1938, it ranked as #999 for names (out of 1,000). Just make sure you don’t name your next child “Jory” because then you’d have a Judge and a Jory, which might be a little much.

8 Frank

Frank came in at #355 in the 2015 rankings. What makes it unique is that you don’t hear it frequently. It was popular in the late 1800s but has fallen out of favor since.

7 Skip

Skip last hit the rankings in 1962 as #929 out of the 1,000 most popular baby boy names. It's a short form for “skipper” which means sea captain. We think it could be pulled off again with all the unique names out there. Cute, short, easy to pronounce and spell, it could be a winner.

6 Foster

Foster didn’t make the top 1,000 baby boy names in 2015 but it settled at #990 in 2014. With “Fozzy” as its adorable nickname, it’s sure to make a comeback. Your little Fozzy could transition nicely to the more adult name “Foster” as he grows up. We think it’s a great pick.

5 Major

Major sat nestled in the rankings at #360 in 2015. It has German and French roots and was born from a surname. It’s been up and down quite a bit in the rankings since the early 1900s and has never been more popular than it was in the year 1900, ranking at #291.

4 Ward

Ward is a nice solid name that you don’t hear often. It was derived from a surname given to “a watchman”, which was based on the Old English word “guard”. Even today, it’s more common to be found as a last name. It hasn’t been in the top 1,000 boys’ names since 1972 when it finished at #835

3 Scout

You might be more likely to find a dog name Scout than a little boy, but we think it’s a cute name for a baby. It means “first explorer” and might be well-suited to your little adventurer.

2 Art

Art is short for “Arthur” but was used as a standalone first name for the first two-thirds of the 1900s. Its most popular year was 1942 when it ranked at #567 out of 1,000.

1 Dash

Dash ranked at #766 in 2015 and we bet it’s going to keep climbing! It’s cute and spunky and very fitting for a busy little boy. Plus, we think any little Dash will exude confidence.




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