25 Exotic Baby Names That Any Little Girl Would Love

Since no individual is necessarily stuck with his or her birth given name forever, everyone has the option of changing his or her ordinary or weird sounding name upon reaching a certain age. However, even those with ordinary names don't want to go through the hustle of changing their names later on in life. One of the reasons for this is that it is tasking to inform everyone you know that you have changed your name. With this in mind, it is important that parents take enough time to select cool names for their kids so that as they grow, they get to appreciate their unique names. Furthermore, a good name can also instill more confidence in a child.

As parents decide on what name to give their children, pressure from other parents and social media to give their newborn babies interesting names is real. Other parents, friends, and family are also eager to know what name a couple’s new baby will go by. Therefore, parents have little choice but to choose a good name that will live up to everyone's expectations including their own.

As a result, parents are going for exotic names to give to their children, especially those that have profound meanings. Most of these parents hope that their children will grow up and live up to the meanings of the beautiful names they choose for them.

Here are 25 names with an exotic ring to them that any little girl will love to go by.

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25 Alyona

Via: missmalini.com

This exotic Russian name comes from the ancient Greek name Helene. It means light and has the variant, Alena. Alyona is an adorable substitute to the even more popular name, Elena. This name is unique, sounds beautiful to the ear and is full of love. Any little munchkin will love to have this name.

This name is not commonly used. There are very few famous people who go by it like; model Alyona Osmanova, TV correspondent Alyona Minkovski, gymnast Alyona Shchennikova, and figure skater Alena Kostornaia. It is also often in use in Russian fairytales, so you can have your own little princess even if you are not of Russian origin.

24 Ingrid

Via: cafemom.com

Ingrid is a unique baby girl’s name of Scandinavian origin and means fair or beautiful. Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman made this name popular in the 1940s due to her fame and beauty. Other famous namesakes include; singer Ingrid Michaelson, actress Ingrid Chauvin, singer Ingrid Alberini and singer and rapper Ingrid Burley.

Use of the name began in the early 1900s. The name’s popularity continued to soar with Bergman’s success in America filmmaking until it reached its peak in the 1960s. Ingrid is now not as popular in America as it is in its native country but it is still pretty, exotic, classy and an elegant choice that any baby girl will love.

23 Amaya

Via: rediff.com

Amaya has two origins. This is a transferred Spanish surname meaning a pleasant place. In Arabic, it means night rain. Amaya, which has an exotic feel to it, is now as a stand-alone name. A popular variant to this name is Amaia and their commonly used nicknames include Amy, Ama, and Maya.

A few famous people like; singer Amaya Uranga, singer Maja Keuc, basketball player Ashraf Amaya, and actor Amaya Forch go by this name. Amaya is now moderately popular and girls born as Amayas will be super proud to have this rare but unique name.

22 Claudia

Via: pinterest.com

Claudia is one of those exotic names that have been in use since the 1940s that means lame or enclosure. The word lame may put off some parents but they can choose to look at its other multiple positive meanings. Despite its popularity declining over the years, Claudia still feels strong and is a beautiful choice for a girl. It is also a nickname for the name Claudette.

Actress Claudia Ann Christian, supermodel Claudia Schiffer, TV presenter Claudia Ann Winkleman, and comedian Claudia O’Doherty are some of the few famous Claudias. Claudia is a fun and edgy name; it is baffling how more parents have not found this gem of a name.

21 Aviva

Via: femalefirst.co.uk

The name Aviva is from the Russian language and means spring-like or fresh. It offers a fresh spin to the commonly used names, Vivian and Vivienne. Aviva’s masculine version is Aviv, which can also be a good nickname option. This name is on the rise and many parents are choosing it for their daughters.

A few famous people with the name include; actress Aviva Baumann, journalist Aviva Chomsky, TV personality Aviva Drescher, painter Aviva Uri, and filmmaker Aviva Kempner. This name is exotic and unique and very few people go by it, another reason why your baby girl will love it for herself.

20 Esperanza

Via: elwebdesants.com

This stunning name is of Spanish origin meaning hope or expectation. Its use in America began in the 1900s. Its popularity has been steady over the years but since the turn of the century, its popularity has taken a downward momentum. Its potential nicknames include Essie, Ranza, Espie, and Zaza.

Jazz singer Esperanza Spalding is just one of the people who has shed light to the name. Other bearers of this name include Spanish actress Esperanza Roy and secretary of State of Texas, Esperanza Andrade. This beautiful exotic name although neglected and under-appreciated has a lovely meaning to it that any girl will appreciate being associated with.

19 Sinead

Via: picgra.com

Sinead pronounced as shi-NAYD is a beautiful Irish name meaning God’s gracious gift. This name became popular in America thanks to Spanish singer Sinead O’Conner and Sinead de Valera, the wife of Ireland's President Eamon de Valera who goes by this name.

Sinead is cool, fresh and modern; any little princess will love to have it as a name. Irish actress Sinead Moira, soccer player Sinead Louise, singer Sinead Harnett Sinead, and ice dancer Sinead Houston Kerr are some of the other notable bearers of this name. For parents searching for a distinct name for their little girl, Sinead is a brilliant choice.

18 Penelope

Via: parents.com

This darling name belongs to the famous Spanish actress Penelope Cruz who greatly shed light on it when she started her career in Hollywood back in 2001. Penelope also belongs to famous people like Penelope Disick, daughter of TV personality Kourtney Kardashian, novelist Penelope Fitzgerald, and director and producer Penelope Spheeris.

Penelope is of Greek origin meaning weaver or faithful wife. It is one of those first rising names. Its use in the US began in the 1880s. In 2001, its popularity started rising. A lot of parents and little girls will love this name, especially if its meaning is appealing to them.

17 Yara

Via: buzzfeednews.com

Yara is one of those chic and exotic ‘Y’ names that any little princess will love and be proud to go by. It gained a lot of popularity in the 1990s, especially in western countries. In America, parents are still discovering it, so its usage is minimal.

It has Arabic origins meaning small butterfly. Brazilian goddesses, with green hair and fair skin, have adopted this exotic name. Famous bearers of this name include; actress Yara Goubran, actress Yara Martinez, model Yara Lasanta, actress Yara Shahidi, and actress Yara Martinez. Yara has an unusual spin compared to names like Sara or Mara and will be perfect for any little girl.

16 Nadia

Via: hellogiggles.com

Nadia is a beautiful and rare baby girl name, which originated from Russia and Slavic. Its meaning, Hope, is part of why the name is so popular. Parents in America began using this name in the mid-1970s. During that time, a 14-year old gymnast named Nadia Comancie greatly popularized the name with all the media attention she got after winning the 1976 Olympics.

Some of the few famous people who go by this name include actress Nadia Wayans, footballer Nadia Gomes, and tennis player Nadia Echeverria Alam. Parents who are in love with the Russian culture should definitely consider this one. Its popular diminutive is Nadya.

15 Allegra

Via: pinterest.com

Allegra is a beautiful exotic baby girl name with Italian origin, it means joyful and lively. The name in music is a tempo that signifies music performed in a fast or lively fashion. Variations of this pretty name include Allegro, Allegretta, and Alegria.

Famous poet George Gordon, film director Jane Campion and TV journalist Jessica Rowe's daughters are some of the famous people who go by this name. Other bearers include the daughter of Donatella Versace Allegra Versace, writer Allegra Huston and ballet dancer Allegra Kent. Allegra is such a strong and graceful name that any girl will love to go by.

14 Maeve

Via: mirror.co.uk

Maeve, pronounced as Mayv is a staggering feminine name of Irish origin meaning she who intoxicates. It has been popular for years in countries like Ireland. Maeve’s usage in America began in the late 1990s. It is not a popular name making it a unique choice.

Maeve is such a charming and sweet name that any baby girl will love. It only has one-syllable and two adorable nickname options, May and Mae. Author Maeve Binchy and actress Maeve Dermody are all well-known bearers of the name.

13 Danique

Via: pinterest.com

This adorable name is a hybrid of the names Danielle and Monique. It offers a unique twist to the two names. Danique’s usage began in 2017 but for some time, parents favored the Daniqua spelling. The popularity of this variation has drastically dropped but the name is worth considering if you are looking for something less popular.

Danique is a great option for parents looking for an exotic, stunning and different name. Their baby girl will love to go by this name. Swiss football defender Danique Stein is arguably the most famous person named Danique. This name also has two cute nickname options, Dani and Danny.

12 Imani

Imani is a splendid girl’s name originally of African origin, more specifically, the Swahili language. It means faith. Imani is a great alternative to the popular name, Iman. Imani will make any baby girl proud of her name.

Imani first appeared on American charts in the 1990s and quickly climbed up the charts because it was a virtue name. Today, it maintains moderate levels of usage and is perfect for parents looking for a not so popular but exotic name. Actress Imani Hakim and jazz singer Imani Uzuri are two famous bearers.

11 Soraya

Via: dailymail.co.uk

Soraya is an exotic Arabic name meaning jewel or gem. Its sister names include Sarai, Zahara, and Zara. Soraya’s popularity began in the west in the mid-20th century thanks to the fame of the late wife of the last Shah of Iran, Princess Soraya,

Many girls all over the world would love to go by this unique name. Famous people who have proudly taken up Soraya as their name include; Spanish singer Soraya Arnelas Rubiales, English actress Hayley Soraya Tamaddon and English professional wrestler and actress Saraya-Jade Bevis. Soraya is uncommon but dramatic and not easily forgotten.

10 Aiyana

Via: hollywoodlife.com

Aiyana is a lovely name meaning always blooming or eternal flower. Aiyana made it to America charts in 1999 where its popularity grew steadily. However, as much as its popularity was growing, it was and is still not a top choice for parents despite it being a rare and unique name. It has a variety of nickname options to choose from like Yana, Yaya, and Aiya.

Parents looking for something a bit more popular but also exotic should go with this bold choice. Their blossoming young girls will love them for choosing this name for them. Aiyana is also considered a modern spelling variant of the Somali name Ayanna which also means a beautiful flower.

9 Marisol

Via: nextshark.com

This remarkable Spanish name, Marisol, means our lady of solitude. Its popularity began in the 1960s where it quickly climbed up the charts. Spanish singer and actress Josefa Flores Gonzalez who was also popularly known as Marisol influenced this name's fame.

Although that has been steadily losing popularity over the last couple of years, it is still a great option for any parent looking for an exotic name. Notable bearers include; actress Marisol Nichols, sculptor Marisol and miss Mexico 2002 Marisol Gonzailez. Marisol is also a popular fictional name that has appeared in shows like American Girl Doll and The Cheetah Girls 2 movie.

8 Asia

Via: businessinsider.com.au

Asia is a remarkable name for a baby girl. Its usage began in the late 1970s and soared up the charts quickly. However, since the turn of the century, this exotic name has fallen out of favor. Asia is now rare and not commonly used.

This name certainly packs a punch. Asia is strong, feminine, and only four letters long. One of the best-known bearers of this name includes Italian singer and actress Asia Argento. Asia has also been used by celebrities like Italian Fiat Giovanni Agnelli and Spanish footballer Xavi Hernandez to name their daughters.

7 Ciara

Via: complex.com

Ciara is a gorgeous feminine Irish Gaelic name meaning little dark one. Its usage began in the 1980s and quickly became popular thereafter. R&B singer and dancer Ciara Princess Harris greatly popularized the name when she first came to the spotlight. The name reached its peak popularity in 2005. Today it is not a commonly used name.

Its variants include Sierra, Cierra, Ciera, and Ciarra. A few famous celebrities who go by this name include actresses Ciara Quinn Bravo, Ciara Chantel Hanna, Ciara Baxendale, and Ciara Renee Harper. This name will definitely make any baby girl fall in love with her name.

6 Annora

Via: privzgram.com

Annora is a stunning baby girl name of Latin origin that means honor or grace. It is a combination of two popular names Ann and Nora. The two, of course, make good nickname options for the full name. Its common variants include Honor, Honora, Anora and Anorah. There is no evidence that the name’s popularity is rising but it is a classy, exotic and beautiful.

Annora is a nice choice that parents need to consider for their little princess. It is fun and edgy with a nice ring to it. All girls who will go by this name will love it. One famous bearer of the name is miss world Canada 2014, Annora Bourgeault.

5 Larissa

Via: zumi.co.ke

This pretty female given name is of Greek origin. Larissa, which belongs to the category of similar sounding names like Marissa, Karissa, and Clarissa, is sometimes written with a single S. A few famous people who go by this name include; Brazilian actress and singer Larissa Manoela, Austrian fashion model Larissa-Antonia Marolt, Olympic volleyball player Larisa Bergen, and Romanian artist gymnast Larisa Lordache.

Larissa’s popularity was, however, short-lived. Its use reached its peak popularity in 1994 after people started using it in 1990. It is now hardly ever used. Nevertheless, with fewer parents choosing it for their daughters, Larissa is now a rare precious name. Any baby girl will love it, as it is cheerful, exotic, and outstanding.

4 Jules

Via: stuff.co.nz

Originally, from the Italians and Greek, Jules is the French form of the Latin name, Julius. It means youthful, downy-bearded or devoted. Jules is used often as a nickname for names like Julian, Julia, and Juliana. However, it is now a standalone name.

In the past, Jules was a boy’s name but with time, girls have dominated it, making it more feminine. A few celebrities own this remarkable name like; French author Jules Gabriel Verne, cartoonist Jules Ralph Feiffer and French composer Jules Emile Frederic. Jules is currently an underused name that any girl will love for herself.

3 Zulema

Via: essence.com

Zulema is originally from the Spanish language and means full of beauty. This meaning has greatly enhanced its popularity among parents. The name is sassy and exotic, a great choice for a little miss diva. Zuli, Zulie, or Lemmy are just some of the adorable nicknames of Zulema.

A few notable bearers include singer Zulema Cusseaux, Spanish composer and pianist Zulema de la Cruz and Colombian Senator Zulema Jattin Corrales. Daughter of the former first lady of Argentina Zulema Yoma also goes by the same name as her mom, Zulema Maria Eva. Parents looking for a different yet exotic name should go for this one.

2 Milagros

Via: pinterest.com

This beautiful name is of Spanish origin and means miracles. Usage of the name began in the 1950s. It was not so popular after that and therefore fell out of favor after a few years. Milagros attempted to make a comeback in 2008 but still did not do as well. Today, it is still an attractive, yet underused classic name, that deserves a comeback.

Milagros is one of those exotic and super cool sounding names that any baby girl will love to own. Famous Milagros include; Argentine model Milagros Schmoll, Dominican Olympic Volleyball player Milagros Cabral, Cuban volleyball player Milagros Victoria Crespo, and Dominican actress Milagros German.

1 Madeleine

In Touch Weekly

Madeleine is one of those exotic French feminine names with several meanings like great, tower, and magnificent. Madeleine is not popular like its variants Madeline and Madelyn but it is still fun and fresh and many parents are choosing it over the commonly used Magdalene.

Madeleine has been in use in America since the 19th century, but with mild popularity. It fell out of favor for a while but made a successful comeback in the 1980s. Actress Madeleine Stowe, and jazz singer Madeleine Peyroux are some of the notable bearers of this name.

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