25 Feisty Baby Girl Names That Are Full Of Attitude

Choosing a name for a baby girl who is just about to be born is a noble task that every soon-to-be parent should take seriously. Since a name is something someone carries around for the rest of his or her life, then choosing the right name is very important. Although many communities have different ways through which they choose a baby's second name, since the surname is almost always the dad's name, parents have the task of choosing a really cool first name for their babies.

Even before the baby is born, a soon-to-be mom can tell whether she will give birth to an active baby or a baby that's cool and laid back, largely based on the baby's movements in the womb. Therefore, it's possible for a mom to know where to begin when choosing her baby girl's name, especially if she wants to choose a name that will fit her little princesses' personality.

Arguably, some of the best names out there for baby girls are those that are full of attitude, and new parents all over the world seem to be embracing this thought. Most of the baby girl names we all consider to have attitude usually have a new sound to them, they might have unique pronunciations, and they are almost always inspired by accomplished women.

Here are 25 feisty baby girl names we can all agree are full of attitude.

25 Chanel

Chanel is a bubbly first name that evidence points towards it having a French origin. It means "Canal". Chanel has been in use since the 1970s. The French company Chanel that specializes in couture clothing, accessories and perfumes only for women, has greatly influenced the name. This name's spelling variations include Channel, Chanelle, Channell, and Shanelle. Chanel is not as common today as it was a few years back, and this makes it unique for a feisty baby girl.

Notable bearers include French designer Coco Chanel, reality star Chanel West Coast, model Chanel Iman, fitness model Chanel Brown, and actress Chanel Celaya. Soon-to-be Parents looking for a classy and spicy name should look no further than Chanel.

24 Andrea

Andrea is the English feminine form of the Greek male name Andreas and is also the feminine version of Andrew. Back in 2006, the name was used as the only boy's name ending with an "a" but in recent times it has been popularly used as a girl's first name.

Famous people who have made the name even more popular include Hungarian race walker Andrea Alfoldi, American actress Andrea Anders, American singer Andrea Brown, Canadian water polo player Andrea Dewer, and many others. Andrea is one of those fun, lively, and edgy names. Since it has likable nicknames like Andre, Andy, or Andie, parents should definitely consider it for their baby girl.

23 Bianca

Bianca is a charming name from Italy that means "white". It has variations like Bianka, Blanca, and Branca. It is also the Italian cognate of Blanche. Bianca has been in use in the US since the 1990s with famous people like Italian singer Bianca Atzei, Canadian model Bianca Beauchamp, American actress Bianca Collins, and Filipina TV personality Bianca Gonzalez among others.

The name is also popular as a character name in the world of fiction with a great example being a character called Bianca who was in two of Shakespeare's plays. The name is strong and feisty and has a ton of character, making it easy to fall in love with.

22 Annalisa

Annalisa is a delightful Italian first name. Annalisa is a combination of two commonly used names Anne, which means "Gracious" and Lisa, which means, "God is my oath". The combination of the two names makes it unique and not so overused, giving parents two likable nickname options to choose from. Annalisa is quite popularly in Italy and moderately used in other parts of the world. It has variations like Anerlisa, Analisa, and Anelisa.

Notable holders of this name include Italian tennis player Annalisa Bona, Italian kickboxer Annalisa Bucci, Italian actress Annalisa Insarda, and Swedish actress Annalisa Ericson among many others. Annalisa is zestful and will be perfect for a feisty little girl.

21 Chantelle

Chantelle is a fierce name for a baby girl. This name means "singer". The name has been very popular among Black-American females in the United States and is fast spreading across the globe. It has variations like Chantal, Chantall, Shantel, Shantelle, and Chantelle.

Celebrities who have further enhanced the name's popularity include director and producer Chantelle Kadyschuk, American singer Chantelle Paige, and British basketball player Chantelle Handy just to name a few. If parents foresee their baby girl being a singer, they should definitely choose this name for her and with nicknames like Telli, Chan, Chanty, and Channa; it is without a doubt a great choice.

20 Kendra

Kendra is a feminine first name with several origins. It is from Scottish Gaelic, Welsh, and Anglo-Saxon origins. The name also has several meanings like "greatest champion," "wise ruler" or "enthusiastic power". Kendra is moderately popular and has been in use since the 1980s. In the last few years, celebrity Kendra Wilkinson has greatly popularized the name as she has appeared in multiple reality television shows.

Other famous namesakes include American Athlete Kendra Harrison, American model, actress Kendra Jade Rossi, and American jewelry designer Kendra Scott. The name is also very popular in novels, films, and television shows. Kendra definitely has an edgy flair to it.

19 Anika 

Anika is a beautiful name with multiple origins. It is from German, Dutch, Hebrew, Latin, and Sanskrit cultures and has variations like Aneeka and Annika. The name has several meanings but the majority of the languages translate it to mean "grace". Anika is a rarely used name that is full of attitude making it perfect for a feisty girl.

Recently American Actress Grace Byers acted as Anika Calhoun on the musical drama series Empire boosting the name's popularity. Other renowned bearers of this name include German singer Anika, New Zealand musician Anika Moa and African-American singer and actress Anika Noni Rose. Anika's uniqueness brings out a little bit of edge that will be great for a little princess.

18 Phoebe

Phoebe is the feminine counterpart of the masculine name Phoebus. Phoebe means "bright and shining". It has its roots in ancient Greece and is moderately popular in the United States and in different parts of the world. It is also popular among Christians because Phoebe, a woman in the Bible, was a church deaconess.

Phoebe has variations like Febby, Phoibe, and Phebe. The famous Bill Gates and Melinda Gates chose this adorable name for their daughter. This name will be difficult to pronounce at first but since its hip and trendy, your baby girl will appreciate having it as her name. It has cute nicknames like Fi, Fifi, Phoebs, and Bee.

17 Maya

Maya is a girl's name of Hebrew, Hindu, Spanish, Japanese, and Greek origin that has different meanings across all languages. In Hebrew it means "spring," in Japanese, it means "night rain" and in Greek, it means "mother of Hermes". It has several spelling variations like Maia, Miya, Maiya, Maja, and Mya.

Notable Maya's include Olympic medalist Maja Wloszczowska, Swiss actress Maya Stojan, and American singer Maya Days just to name a few. The name is popular as a character name in books, films, television series, and games. Any girl with the name Maya will be cool and sassy just like the name.

16 Kyrah

15 Agency

Kyra is a vibrant girl's name meaning "Lord" or "the sun" and it is originally from Greece. It has spelling variations like Kyra and Kaira. Kyrah is quite popular in the Mediterranean, though it is not so popular in the United States or in Britain, so your little princess will definitely have a unique name. Kyra, a fictional character in the supernatural TV drama series Charmed arguably made the name extremely popular among the children born at the time.

Famous people, borne Kyrah include YouTube Star Kyrah Stewart, novelist Kyra Davis, Finnish dressage rider Kyra Kyrklund and American actress Kyra Sedgwick. Parents looking for a name with a lot of attitude for their baby girl should definitely go with Kyrah.

15 Matilda

Matilda is one of those vintage girl names originally from Germany. It means "mighty in battle". Its spelling variation includes Mathilda. This name is quite popular in Scandinavian countries and its popularity in Europe is slowly growing. In the US, Matilda was very popular in the 1800s, and despite its fame slowly dying down over the years, the name is slowly making a comeback in recent times.

Back in 1996, the name gained popularity thanks to the character of one mischievous girl called Matilda Wormwood in the novel and film Matilda. Famous queens, countesses, duchesses, and actresses have been borne Matilda making it a perfect choice for a sassy little queen.

14 Ruby

Ruby also spelled as Rubi is a first name from the gemstone ruby. The name of the gemstone is Latin and it means "red". Ruby is quite popular in English speaking countries. Some people use this name as a nickname for the masculine name Reuben. Ruby sounds mystical and slightly exotic. It's feisty and filled with attitude, perfect for a miss diva.

Popular persons named after the gem include Australian MTV VJ Ruby Rose, American wrestler Ruby Riott, Australian footballer Ruby Schleicher, Chinese-American Filmmaker Ruby Yang among others. Authors of the book called Baby Name Bible describe this name as sassy and sultry.

13 Magnolia

Magnolia is a sweet southern belle name full of attitude. The name is sassy and bold and any girl who goes by it will always be leaving a lasting impression. Magnolia is of Latin origin and it means "from a flower". It was very popular in the late 1800s and early 1900s, and although its use declined, it is now making a comeback.

Your daughter will probably be the only Magnolia in her class. It has nicknames like Meg, Maggie, and Nola. The character Magnolia Breeland in the TV series Hart Of Dixie and the 1999 epic drama film Magnolia have played a huge role in making the name so popular.

12 Erika

Erika is a pleasant Italian and German name. Erika is the feminine form of Eric. It means "eternal ruler" or "ever powerful". Its variation is Erica. Erika has been in use since the late 1950s. Both spellings with a "c" and "k" are popular in America. It is also a popular first name in Japan.

Parents looking for a bold name with literally a powerful meaning should look no further. Erika is spunky and Nordic looking and is definitely one of those girl's names full of attitude. Famous people going by this name include Mexican singer Erika Alcocer Luna, Italian race walker Erika Alexander, and American actress Erika Christensen among others.

11 Nicole

Nicole is originally from Greece and it means "victory of the people". It's the feminine form of Nicholas. Its spelling variant is Nichole. The name has popularly been in use in the English speaking world since the 1950s. This beautiful name lends itself to equally likable nicknames like Nic, Nikki, Cole, and Nico.

Celebrities who have further enhanced the name's popularity include American-Australian actress Nicole Kidman and TV personality Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi. This name is quite popular among famous actresses. Parents who want to steer their daughter towards an acting career should probably name them Nicole. This name is playful and edgy suitable for a little star.

10 Roxanne 

Roxanne is a feminine first name of Persian origin which means "Dawn". Roxanne is one of those names whose popularity was short-lived. Its usage began in the 1930s and by 1950s, the name had already reached its peak. Its popularity then dropped to moderate. In the 1990s and even in the 21st century the name's popularity has dropped immensely. Parents who will call their daughters Roxanne will definitely be at the forefront of its revival.

To top it up, Roxanne has a feisty nickname Roxy, any little girl with the name will grow up to be sassy. Notable Roxanne's include film producer Roxanne Avent, Filipino-American actress Roxanne Barcelo, and Canadian musician Roxanne Constantin among many others.

9 Brooke

The name Brooke became popular in the 1950s and people still love it to today. It is of Irish origin meaning "water" or "stream". In the 1980s, an American actress called Brooke Shields arguably made this name to become even more popular. Brooke is bold and feisty and many parents will fall in love with it.

Popular bearers of the name include actress Brooke Alexander, news anchor Brooke Baldwin, American figure skater Brooke Castile, and English actress Brooke Vincent among others. Even television characters given the name Brooke portrayed a feisty role in shows like One Tree Hill, Melrose Place and The Bold and the Beautiful.

8 Scarlett 

Scarlett is a beautiful name of English origin and it means "seller of cloth of Scarlett" or "a seller of a rich and brilliantly colored cloth". The name is correct even with a single "t" at the end as well. The name was immensely popularized by the character Scarlett O'Hara in the novel and it subsequent film Gone with the Wind. In recent years, actress Scarlett Johansson got her career breakthrough and this has arguably made the name even more popular.

Other notable namesakes include German tennis player Scarlett Werner, English actress Scarlett Alice Johnson and television personality Scarlett Moffatt. The name has an edgy flare to it and any little princess will love it.

7 Aurora 

Aurora is a stunning name for a baby girl. Aurora is of Latin origin and it means "dawn". The name has been on the popular names chats since the 1800s with its popularity fluctuating over the decades. Today, its popularity is at its highest though not commonly used. Aurora is classy and elegant. Parents looking for that unique and feisty name should definitely consider this one.

Disney Princess Aurora greatly popularized the name in the film Sleeping Beauty. Notable bearers of the name include Spanish actress Aurora Bautista, Norwegian singer Aurora Aksnes, and Mexican supermodel Aurora Robles among others. Aurora will be a lovely choice for a baby girl. It has two cute nicknames, Rory and Arora.

6 Peyton 

Peyton is originally from English speaking countries, and it means "Fighting man's estate". Variations of this sassy name include Payton and Peytin. Notable people who bear the name include American wrestler Payton Banks, basketball player Payton Pritchard, and American actor Payton Haas among many others.

The film industry has played a big role in influencing the name's fame. The 1960 television show Peyton Place greatly enhanced the name's popularity. In recent times, characters Peyton Sawyer on the TV series One Tree Hill and Peyton Kelly in the film Game Plan have also boosted the name's popularity. Peyton is a perfect choice for a princess.

5 Georgina 

Georgina is a girl's name of Spanish and English origin meaning "farmer". Along with its variants Georgia and Georgiana, Georgina is the feminine form of George. This name is moderately popular in the US and mildly used in other parts of the world. It has cute nicknames like Gigi, Georgie, and Gina.

A few famous bearers of the name include Argentine swimmer Georgina Bardach, British actress Georgina Bouzovu, New Zealand politician Georgina Beyer, and Hungarian tennis player Georgina Pota. Georgina is also a popular fictional character name that has been in use in books, television shows, and films. This name is an exceptional choice for a girl full of attitude.

4 Blair 

Blair is a stunning girl's name, which means "dweller of the plain" or "battlefield". It is of Scottish Gaelic origin. Blair is a girl's name although some people consider it a gender-neutral name in some countries. A variant of the name is Blaire. Blair's popularity in America is growing but it is still rare in England and Wales.

Blair Waldorf a sassy character in the TV series Gossip Girl and Blair Warner in the show The Facts of Life really gave this name a boost. Blair is one of those sassy and spicy names that will be appealing to parents looking for an uncommonly used name for their little divas.

3 Raven 

Though many people consider this name to be gender neutral, Raven is a popular girl's name, borrowed from a large black bird of the crow family. Books such as the Bible have made mention of this bird many times. Raven can either be a first name or a surname. It is quite popular in the US ranking among the top 1000 feminine names. It has adorable nicknames to choose from such as Rae, Raves, Ray-Ray, and Ven.

A popular Disney television show called That's So Raven greatly enhanced the name's popularity. Other popular fictional Ravens include Raven Darkholme of marvel film X-Men, Raven from the TV series Teen Titans, and Raven Madison from the series of books "Vampire Kisses".

2 Riley 

Riley is a dashing girl's name, which means "valiant" or "rye clearing". It has variations like Rylee, Rylie, Ryleigh, and Reily. This name came from the Irish Gaelic language and can be great for either gender, although it's commonly used for girls. Riley is one of those girl names full of attitude but has few people using it.

Popular Riley's include American Canadian actress Riley Voelkel, Canadian soccer player Riley O'Neill, volleyball player Riley Salmon and American gymnast Riley McCusker. Riley is a very popular name in the world of fiction, since many characters in books, TV series, films, and soap operas go by this name. It is such a great choice for a little miss diva.

1 Zara 

Zara is a girl's name of Arabic and Hebrew origin meaning "blossom" or "princess". Its popularity began in the 21st century. Today it is mildly popular making it another rare name that is not too common. It has spelling variations like Zahra or Zarah. Zara is an evocative name that will definitely leave a lasting impression on anyone who meets them.

Princess Anne's daughter Zara Philips and the Spanish fashion store Zara have greatly influenced this name's popularity. Other notable people who go by this name include Filipina celebrity Zara Aldana, Swedish singer Zara Larsson, and Russian Pop Singer and actress Zara, and British actress Zara Turner among others.

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