25 Feisty Girl Names That Are Actually Super Cute

When Shakespeare said that "a rose by any other name would smell as sweet", he was obviously not talking about the oh-so-important first name for that little bundle of joy. Last names are fine and all but when it comes to choosing a first name, a name is the first and the ever-lasting gift that parents can give their baby. So it has to be good.

Did you find out your baby is going to be a girl? Congratulations! One of the most fun things about finding out it's a girl is picking out that gorgeous girl name that will match her fun personality. If nursery colors, types of strollers, and cute little dresses are occupying most of that mommy-to-be thought space, chances are cute little names are too.

And while saying the same name over and over for a while can be one way of finding one that will stick, with so many fun and quirky names, it can be hard to narrow it to just one. Landing on that "perfect" baby girl name can be even harder, even if there are a few top contenders.

Need some help deciding? We have narrowed down the endless sea of names to a list of just 25 that are guaranteed to have sugar, spice, and everything nice, just for that little beautiful baby girl.

25 Juniper



Looking for a baby girl name that is as young and refreshing as you imagine your daughter to be? Why not go with Juniper?

Juniper comes from the Latin word Juniperus, meaning evergreen or youth producing. Its uniqueness brings out a little bit of edge that will be great for a little girl with a few fun quirks of her own.

Heidi decided to name her daughter Juniper and never regretted it, "She's almost two years old now, and I get so many positive comments on her name. I really loved the references to Saint Juniper, and my husband is also really into gardening and nature, so... Juniper was a natural fit. The nicknames are endless! We usually go with Junie."

24 Reagan


If you're looking for a strong name to give your little girl consider calling her this classic Irish name befitting for a girl with just a little bit of pep in her step.

Reagan means noble, or spiritual strength. Political associations aside, Reagan is a great name for a little girl, the name Reagan used in a feminine context also has a literary origin from King Lear.

Not to mention that this fun spelling is bound to get a few compliments from teachers and peers alike. Finding a fun nickname for this one may be the only hard part, but that just gives us moms more reason to get creative.

23 Athena


Looking for a name that will turn heads and command an entire room, think about naming your little one Athena. This name is found both in Greek mythology and pastoral poetry.

Athena is the perfect name for a skillful, curious little girl since Athena is known as the goddess of wisdom, skill, and warfare, according to Baby Center. Though the name Athena has no known origin, one can imagine that the Greeks thought of it first.

This is the perfect name that will help your little one transition into adulthood. With a name like Athena, you can expect her to be running her own Fortune 500 by 30.

22 Antonia


This precious baby girls name comes directly from Spain, meaning priceless one.

According to Behind The Name Antonia has dropped in popularity over the past 50 years, meaning that your little one will more than likely be the only one with her beautiful name in her class.

Try out the androgenous Toni as a nickname, or Annie and Nia are great options too with this fun a free-spirited name for girls.

Many moms love it. Anna told us, "This is such a beautiful name! I wish I could succeed in selling this name to my husband. It sounds beautiful, strong and capable like a city woman turned pioneer."

21 Monroe


This modern-day edgy girls name is bound to add some spice to your life. Whether you are inspired by the late Marilyn or you just like the way it sounds, Monroe is a great option for a girl with a little personality. The name Monroe comes from Scotland and means "Mouth of the Roe River."

Although the Roe River is a river in Ireland, the Scots have been known to have the surname Monroe more than any other people. This little girls name was used less than 1 percent of the time in 2017, meaning this could be a great way to go if you're looking for that unique something for your little girl.

20 Olive


This unique baby girl name is the perfect female equivalent to the male, Oliver. This name is both French and English and its one syllable makes for a super cute given name and nickname all in one.

Moms who chose this name love the originality that comes with it. Jenna confided, "As I was sorting through names I came across Olive and I loved it more than any other name so I named my baby, and she's 8 months but the name suits her perfectly and I can't imagine her being named Olivia which wouldn't fit her tiny cute grumpy personality AT ALL. Olivia is pretty but so overused and not as classic."

19 Poppy



Poppy, like the seed, right? Well, not exactly. But at least that's how your little girl can tell people her name when she grows up. Poppy is a baby girl's name of Latin origin that means flower, according to NameBerry.

I personally love this name, it is so different and eclectic. For this one mother, Poppy was the obvious choice, "My daughter's name is Poppy Fleurie and for me and her dad, it's the most beautiful name in the world. We chose this name as together you can translate it as Poppy flower in blossom. The Poppy is such a strong plant that it could grow even on bare soil and bring spark and color into greyness.

After years battling with infertility and my partner's cancer, we have her now and she is Poppy who has grown on bare soil and brought this color, love, and hope into mine and my partner's lives."

18 Magnolia


Magnolia is a French girls name meaning flower. This name hasn't been in peak popularity since the early 1900s, meaning you can be sure your little one will be one of few with the name, and you may even influence a comeback!

For this one mom on the name hunt "Maggie" was just whimsical enough to make her possible name list, "I find the name Magnolia quirky, elegant, beautiful, and whimsical. It's a new favorite of mine (so new I just added it to my list last night!). I think Maggie is a precious nickname, and Nola is sweet, too."

17 Alaska

Your little one does not have to be born in Alaska to sport this awesome name. The name Alaska is so different and there is just enough spice.

From the Aleut–the language spoken by Eskimos–"aleyska," means "the mainland" or literally "the object toward which the action of the sea is directed," according to Nameberry.

Another meaning for the name Alaska is "great land" as Alaska is the 49th state of America. This name is not very common, but there are a variety of nicknames to choose from, Allie, Laska, and Al are all suitable for a cute little girl.

16 Cornelia

If you want to travel back to Ancient Roman in your name search for your little girl, consider Cornelia. The name is Latin by origin and is the feminine form of Cornelius, meaning horn or person directed by angels.

In Roman history, Cornelia is seen as the ideal woman, she was a famous bearer in the 2nd century BC and was the mother to the two Roman tribunes known as the Gracchi. Over time, the name has been adapted to many other cultures, for Americans Cornelia now means strong-willed or wise, according to NameBerry.

This is another rare name and has pretty much gone unused since the 1960s, so if you want something one of a kind this may be the way to go.

15 Saffron


Nothing says spice like a name like Saffron. This wonderful baby girl name is actually a spice.

Spice names are increasingly appealing to the senses of prospective parents; this one comes from a spice used mostly in Spanish rice dishes, it's derived from the crocus has a vaguely orange-scented way about it.

Historians say the name is Old French and Arabic زعفران (za'faran) and was probably at its peak during the Algerian war. In Persian, the name means "gold leaves."

If you want something truly unique to pass on to your baby girl, look no further than this fun multicultural name that will be sure to get some compliments and eyebrow raises.

14 Lucienne

Lucienne, pronounced loo-see-enne is the French female equivalent to the male Lucien, meaning light. It is not too popular anymore, in fact, many moms have never even heard of it, despite being a very popular name between 1900 and 1940. In 1920 over 6,000 babies had the name.

So if you want something vintage and completely classic French, calling your little one Lucienne is a sure way that she will be the first in her class with this lovely name. This name could even serve as a great alternative to the American name, Lucy.

And regardless of its drop in popularity from over a century ago, this classic name deserves a comeback.

13 Faye

This name is a little more popular than some of the other names on the list. In the past few years, the name has increased in popularity around the world.

Faye can also be spelled Fay or Fae and means loyalty and belief, according to Behind The Name. This name will always be beautiful and has had ongoing popularity in England and the Netherlands, while in the United States the name is still increasing popularity, some 345 girls born in the United States were given the name in 2016.

Regardless of how you choose to spell it, Faye is an exceptional option for a cute little girl.

12 Luna

Directly derived from Latin, Luna means the moon. Luna was known as the Roman mythological goddess of the moon and is equated with the Greek Selene.

For moms who appreciate astrology, Luna can be used as an astrological name for those born under the sign of Cancer, which is ruled by the moon.

Luna has rapidly increased in popularity within the united states and is now ranked number 37 of the top 100 most popular baby names according to Behind The Name. If you are looking for a name for your baby girl that has grace and a little sass but it easy enough for everyone to recognize and pronounce, consider Luna.

11 Fleur

Fleur, meaning flower in French has really grown in popularity in the recent years in countries all over the world, but shockingly enough remains a pretty rare name in France.

If you want to give your little girl a name of a delicate nature with still a bit of spice, Fleur is your way to go. The only drawback of a delicate name like fleur is the potential problem of mispronunciation. Here Fleur is pronounced "FL-eh-ure" and should not be said like, "fluuur" if not it's bound to make a few people cringe.

One mom who thinks she's got a decent handle on the name says, "Beautiful. Makes me think of some medieval Norman beauty."

10 Dillon

Into music? Huge Bob Dylan fan? Naming your little girl Dillon will get you pretty close. Even if you're not, Dillon is an old Gaelic girl's name meaning "loyal" or "faithful."

Many parents of boys choose to spell their son's name, Dylan, and although the sound is the same, their origins are completely different. Dylan is Welsh and often used as a surname.

Some parents choose Dillon as an exclusively male name but if you have a little girl with a bit of a spark, why not give her a name that shows she can do things just as well as any boy?

9 Circe


Whether you love Game of Thrones or are super into Greek mythology, Circe is a beautiful little girls name all the way from Greece. Little Circe is sure to be an adventurer and fly off on her own, with such a unique name, that means bird.

In Greek mythology, Circe, the daughter of Helios, the sun god, was a sorceress living on the island of Aeaea, who could turn men into animals with her magic wand.

And if you are just hoping your little one will be a bookworm, the name has appeared in numerous literature and plays like The Odyssey, Ulysses, and Song of Solomon.

8 Annora


Tired of the typical Nora or Honor? This Latin name meaning Honor is a nice little change of pace. Annora is a noble name that is bound to get your little one a few compliments.

In fact, the name is so rare, Behind The Name says that only 98 girls were given the name in the entire United States in 2017. One mom loves how original this name is, "This name is a rare beauty indeed. It is beyond gorgeous and has a wonderful meaning. I'm shocked it's not used more."

So for a very precious name that's a worthy addition to any family, see, Annora, it has a nice ring to it.

7 Gray


This fun color name has no known origin, but it is increasingly growing in popularity amongst celebrities. Though you may not be a celebrity, give your little one a name with celebrity status that has a name befitting for the VIP.

Gray is perfectly androgynous but sounds particularly cool for a little girl, thinks one mom, "I find this name to be simple and cool sounding on either [gender]. Like the name of a leather-wearing bad boy/girl. I much prefer it over Grayson."

So if you are fed up with the norm and looking for a color outside of the lines, check out Gray your baby girl will one day be glad you did.

6 Zola


Zola is a baby name of Italian, South Africa, and American all with different meanings. The Italians say Zola means "ball of the earth," while the South Africans of the Zulu tribe say it means quiet and tranquil. For their parts, Americans have just stumbled upon this name in the late 19th century.

This name is steadily growing in popularity in the United States and has gone up to number 314 of the list of common names of 2017, according to the Social Security Administration. Though not many people have this name, you may want to consider it since it is so culturally diverse.

5 Noelia


Your little girl does not have to be born on Christmas like the meaning of this lovely name. Noelia, the name of Spanish origin is perfect for all little girls and it means Christmas.

Similar to Noelle, the Latin name, this name used more frequently in Spanish or Italian will turn heads and get compliments. Only a little over 100 people are given the name Noelia in the United States each year, the Social Security Administration reports, so your little girl will love how unique her name is.

Eva sure does, "I think that the name "Noelia" sounds nice and natural, so it is recommended for a girl's name. It is a very uncommon name too, so it will kinda make the person special!"

4 Mireille

This beautiful French name means to admire and is actually pronounced Meer-Aye. It's a beautiful alternative to Mary.

Though the name is a bit dated in France and has gone practically unused in the United States, there is no reason moms around the world can't revive it. It was relatively common at the beginning of the 20th century, got really, really popular in the 1940's, and by the 80's it was practically unused, Behind The Name says.

So if you value uniqueness and beauty with a bit of spice, why not give your little one a name all will admire, she's worth it after all.

3 Donatella

Via: milkmaidgoods.com

Is there another name in existence that says diva as much as the name Donatella?

The name actually means "a beautiful gift," but for any fashion lover, Versace might be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name.

This name exudes luxury and beauty. But weirdly enough, despite its pleasantness and the extensive universal knowledge of the name, it goes widely unused. Only 15 girls in the United States were given this name in 2015, according to Behind The Name. This fun Italian name probably was not on your list of possible baby girl names, but it should be.

2 Isa

Via: iBaby Labs

Some say Isa is just short for Isabella, but the name Isa can also stand alone. Isa is of Duch, German, and Swedish origin and it means beautiful. Though the initial reaction is to pronounce the name (i- SSa) It is actually pronounced, (eye-suh) or (EE-sah).

In Arabic and Germanic Cultures Isa can also be used for little boys, making this a great unisex name if closing the gender gap is of importance when choosing a name for your little girl. So if you want to go a little Northern European with your name choice look no further than this fun monosyllabic name that is far off the beaten path.

1 Mohini

If you are really looking for a name that's off the beaten path take a trip to Southern Asia. The name Mohini is of Bengali and Hindi origin.

Meaning enchantress, bewitching and mesmerizing, the sense behind the name is just as beautiful as it sounds.

This name is truly one of a kind, it will ensure your daughter will never be forgotten. According to Behind the Name, In Indian culture, there is a story behind the name, old adages say that the god Vishnu, adopted this beautiful name when he took the form of a woman.

Now that is cool.

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