25 Feminine Baby Names Girls Will Thank Their Mothers For One Day

When it comes to becoming a parent to a brand new baby there are a thousand things that women and men are understandably concerned about. And while there are so many different new things to handle and enjoy when it comes to impending new parenthood, it can be even more overwhelming to think about all of the things that mom will have to handle, or that her baby will have to handle, throughout their entire lives. And when it comes to naming a baby, it sometimes can seem like mom is trying to navigate a mine field.

Mm might fall in love with what she might think is the perfect name, only to send her kid off to kindergarten and realize that there are five other kids in their class with the same name, and they'll spend the rest of their years being known as Chris S. or Jessica R. Some names seem ultra cool at the time, but as time goes on it falls out of trend or worse, gets a negative stereotype associated with it. Or sometimes mom can think of the most precious name for her newborn baby girl, only to realize that once she enters the double digit ages, it's the kind of moniker that every kid feels embarrassed by and that no adult will ever take seriously.

So, when considering the girliest of girl names for a new baby girl, take into consideration how well that name is going to age with her, and take a look at these gems that most ladies would love to be called at any age!

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25 Aurelia

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For any parent who is looking for the kind of name that can easily transition from a cute little girl's name to an elegant adult woman's name, it's hard to imagine anything prettier or more appropriate than Aurelia. It's an ancient Latin name that means the golden one, And it is a name that has been in use from the age of the Roman Empire (even Julius Caesar's mom was named Aurelia) until now.

But it's still unusual enough to stand out while being classic enough to not be "fashionable", and at the very least you'll know that this millennia years old name won't go out of style in your daughter's lifetime.

24 Nereida


If you're looking for a super feminine name that is strong while being super girly, then something along the lines of Nereida is a real beauty. If you're hoping for a water baby or just feel inspired by all things oceanic, then Nereida is a unique choice among the more common Rivers and Rains of the world.

A Spanish name, Nereida actually draws it's meaning from the Greek Nereids, which were a collection of minor female deities that are somewhere between a goddess and a mermaid. So while it's a super cute name for a little girl, a name that means ruler of the sea is definitely worthy of an awesome woman too.

23 Daphne

Daphne is a beautiful and elegant name that seems appropriate for females of all ages, and this Greek gem of a moniker has the legendary street cred to back up it's surface beauty. According to Greek mythology, Daphne was a water nymph and the daughter of the river god Peneus. And she was beautiful enough to catch the unwanted attention of the god Apollo, so her father transformed her into a laurel tree to hide from the overly keen god pursuing her.

So if you admire all things Greek, watery, or floral, this seems like an ideal match for your baby girl.

22 Nicolette

Young Girl Playing By Herself --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Variations of the name Nicholas or Nicole have always been and probably will always be popular, and with understandably good reason. Originating in Greek, the name roughly translates to victory of the people, which is definitely a strong and inspiring name for men or women. But if you're looking for a name that comes from these super common monikers but isn't quite as overused, then something like the French variation Nicolette might be the perfect choice for you.

Strong but ultra feminine, this is a great name if you're simply inspired by that names meaning, and if you're looking for a unique way to pass on any Nicholas/Nicole names without going for something overplayed, Nicolette is a perfect choice.

21 Eleanora


Old school baby names have had a massive resurgence in the past few years, so while names like Eleanor or Nora are still eternal classics they're unfortunately not the kind of names that will be super unusual in your daughter's kindergarten class. So why not go for a classic name that is also a portmanteau of these two beautiful names?

Eleanora is another classic name that had it's heyday ages ago but hasn't been overused in the vintage baby name boom. And for those parents who like to pay attention to possible nicknames, having a daughter called Ela or Nora is just as graceful and classic as the full Eleanora.

20 Delphine

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Delphine is a beautiful and unusual name that is actually ancient, and that borrows it's meaning from a variety of different inspirations. One of the clearest roots of Delphine is the more literal interpretation, which is literally woman from Delphi. But unsurprisingly, the name also draws it's inspiration from the Greek word for dolphin, and it's also the name of a beautiful blue flower that is also reminiscent of a dolphin.

Writer Honore de Balzac was also a big fan of the name, which made this originally Greek name a hit in France, but it's still unusual enough to make your child stand out from the crowd.

19 Lorelei

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For any parents who are looking to name their daughter something literally legendary, then something along the lines of the German Lorelei is sure to be a moniker that works beautifully for a young girl as well as an adult woman. In old Germanic legends, Lorelei was a kind of mythical siren who sang along the Rhine river and who's beautiful voice would lead sailors to wrecking their ships.

So if you're the kind of parent who has an interest in mythology, is looking for a beautiful feminine Germanic name, or likes water inspired names, then Lorelei is a can't miss option.

18 Bianca


Bianca is a melodious and beautiful Italian girl's name that has waxed and waned in popularity over the years but has always endured as a favorite feminine name. The most well known fictional Bianca is probably the character in William Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew, but this name, which means white or fair, has a lot of popular variations in different countries and languages.

One of the most popular American versions of this name is Blanche, which is a cute but distinctly old lady like name. So if there's a Blanche in your life that you would like to name your newborn child after, going for the more unique Bianca might be a good choice.

17 Noelle

When it comes to names for newborn baby girls something like Noelle seems like a pretty obvious fit for Christmas babies (after all, it literally means Christmas), but this French name is really a beautiful choice any time of the year. It has an ultra feminine sound to it, and for those moms who are looking for a religious themed name that is more unusual then this seems like a perfect choice.

And of course, if Noel happens to be a family name that parents would like to take inspiration from, then Noelle is a very pretty and feminine choice.

16 Solange

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Solange is another beautiful French name for girls that is both beautiful and cute for a baby girl as well as strong and powerful for an adult woman. Although the name is reminiscent of the sun, it's actually a name that means solemn, religious, and devout, which makes it a very unique option for parents who are looking for a religious inspiration for their baby names that aren't going to be as common as something like Mary.

And while most people are familiar with the name because of Beyonce's baby sister, Solange Knowles, it's actually the name of a martyred saint.

15 Lily

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For parents who are looking for a floral baby name for their children, it's pretty hard to go wrong with Lily. There are plenty of flower names that also make beautiful names for baby girls and women, but Lily has a natural grace that some other names just can't muster. And aside from being the name of an exceptionally beautiful flower, the lily is considered to be a symbol of many wonderful virtues like innocence, purity, beauty, friendship, and wealth.

So if you're looking for a name that transitions well from girlhood into womanhood and that will hopefully bestow eternal luck on it's owner, Lily is really the way to go.

14 Helena

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Helen has been a perennially popular name for girls and women for literally thousands of years, and it's easy to see why. The legendary Helen of Troy was said to be the most beautiful woman who ever lived, a woman who's beauty was so great that it was literally worth waging a war over.

But besides being a kind of old fashioned name, it's a name that is pretty common and over saturated. So for parents who are fans of the name (which means light in Greek) there is Helena as another option, which adds a touch of femininity and uniqueness from the original name.

13 Leilani

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For parents who are fans of floral names for their baby girls but who are looking for a more unusual iteration of that kind of feminine flowery beauty, then something like the Hawaiian name Leilani might be just the ticket. Roughly translated, Leilani means something along the lines of heavenly flower or royal garland, which is most definitely a beautiful meaning for a beautiful name for a beautiful girl!

Aside from being a somewhat unusual choice, Leilani is a very strong but feminine name, and is especially great for American parents who want to go for a pretty quintessentially American name.

12 Vivian


Vivian is an extremely girly name that just drips with old Hollywood glamour, which makes it a perfect choice for a baby girl who will inevitably transition into a force to be reckoned with adult. Surprisingly, Vivian is a name that originally was used more for boys than girls, but as time went on and the name gained in popularity it became a moniker that was totally associated with femininity. And it's easy to see why, aside from being the names of famous leading ladies like Vivien Leigh, it was also the name of the Lady of the Lake in Arthurian legend.

11 Desdemona


Most of the ultra feminine baby girl names out in the world are inspired by all things happy and light, so for parents who are looking for a more gloomy and dramatic name for their new daughters might go for something like Desdemona. The most famous fictional Desdemona has got to be Othello's ill-fated wife in the Shakespeare play Othello, so it's incredibly appropriate that the name actually draws it's inspiration from the Greek word that literally means ill fated. But her character was ultimately an innocent woman, and her beautiful and girlish name is beautiful enough to endure beyond bad luck.

10 Fleurette

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When it comes to the girliest of baby girl names it seems like the French language has the market kind of cornered. And that's really no surprise considering how melodious and feminine the French language sounds in general. But one of the more ladylike names that has seen a slight rise in popularity is Fleurette, a French girl's name that translates to "little flower".

It's hard to imagine a sweeter name for a baby girl than little flower since most young ladies seem like the embodiment of little flowers, and this pretty moniker is still rare enough to make your daughter always stand out from the crowd.

9 Juliet

Via: WeNeedFun

Of course most parents are familiar with the name Juliet because of the titular heroine in William Shakespeare's classic play Romeo and Juliet, but the name Juliet has a lot more heft behind it than just the universally known story of this love struck teenager. Juliet is the diminutive form of the even more popular Julia, and it means youthful. And on top of that, Julia was a name typically given to women in the house of Julius, as in Julius Caesar. So if you're looking for a name that is worthy of an empress but want to go for something a little more unusual, then Juliet is a perfect choice.

8 Calliope


For the parents who like to draw inspiration from art and music, an unusual name like the Greek name Calliope is an ancient melodious title that will definitely set your baby girl apart from the crowd. Calliope was the Greek muse of epic poetry and was supposed to be well known for her elegant speech and beautiful voice.

It's hard to think of a cooler inspiration for a name than a literal goddess of inspiration, and Calliope is a great classic name that can easily be shortened to the more easygoing Callie or Cal, and it's always nice to leave your kids with options.

7 Freya


If you're looking for a baby girl's name that is perfect for a cute as a button baby but transitions amazingly into a strong name for an adult woman then picking something like Freya, the name of the Scandinavian goddess associated with love, fertility, war, and death, is kind of a no brainer. The warrior women of Scandinavia are quite literally legendary, so while Freya is a very pretty and feminine name it is also strong as steel.

Freya is a name that is growing in popularity but still hasn't reached the top of the popularity charts, so you can feel confident in your daughter being the only Norse goddess in the room.

6 Belle


If you want your daughter to share her name with any Disney princess, then it's pretty easy to make an argument that the brilliant bookworm Belle is the one you would choose. But putting that aside, Belle is a beautiful name that really has nothing but positive vibes about it.

It's no surprise that names ending in "belle" like Isabelle and Annabelle are seeing a burst of popularity, but if you're looking for a moniker that will distinguish your daughter from the crowd then choosing something that is equally as beautiful (I mean come on, it literally means beauty!) but isn't quite as common then Belle is a perfect choice.

5 Elodie


When most people think of feminine names they like to think of something light and musical, which fits the classic French name Elodie to a T. Although the moniker literally rhymes with melody, it comes from the Greek "Alodia" actually means "foreign riches".

But for those parents who are looking for a pretty name that also sounds classy and worldly, something like Elodie seems like a perfect match. And while it's obviously a very sweet name for a little girl, it's also a name that transitions very gracefully into adult womanhood, which I'm sure any daughter will be happy for.

4 Marguerite

If you're looking for a quintessential feminine name, then something like Marguerite really checks all of the boxes. It's French, it means pearl, it's also the name of a flower, it has been a name in French royalty for centuries, and it's even Maya Angelou's given name.

Margaret is an undeniably classic and girly name, and Maggie is an always pretty nickname, but for those moms who want to pick something classic that their daughter doesn't have to share with eight of her classmates then something like Marguerite might be just the ticket, and surely the women who grow up with the name will be happy to straddle the line between familiar and exotic.

3 Aria

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With the sudden popularity of girls named Aria in fiction, namely from one of the main characters of Game of Thrones as well as the lead character in teen drama Pretty Little Liars, it's no surprise that Aria is also growing in popularity in the real world. But this hot name is no flash in the pan either.

The moms who were looking for a name that could both be sweet and melodic as well as powerful and dramatic, it's hard to imagine a name better than this Italian opera term, and no doubt their daughters will be grateful for the girly but powerful name.

2 Sadie

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For those parents who were looking for a classic girl's name that had a bit of extra punch and attitude, a name like Sadie seems like a pretty clear choice, which might explain the name's sudden burst in popularity. The name originally comes from Sarah, a Hebrew name meaning "princess", and it's long history in addition to it's burst in success makes it a rare moniker that can both be classic and be totally in style.

So those girls who grow up wanting to be treated like a princess but are willing to go out and do the work themselves a la Sadie Hawkins will certainly be thankful to their moms for that name.

1 Luna


For those moms who are into nature related names without getting super literal, a girly name like Luna could be the perfect choice for mother and daughter. "Luna" is the Italian word for "moon", which is presumably derived from the Roman goddess of the moon, who was also known as Luna.

While the classic name has recently grown in popularity it's easy to see why, and it doesn't just come down to it's use in a lot of current popular fiction. The name is exceptionally feminine to be sure, but it's also a very dark, mysterious, and ethereal name.

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