25 Feminine Baby Names (That Are Better For Boys)

Everything right now is gender-neutral. Angelina Jolie's daughter, Shiloh-Nouvel insists on being called "John," as E Online reported. This girl has feminine genes, but the jeans she wears come with a #GenderNeutral.

Back in the day, baby names followed strict rules. Little girls came with pink dresses and bows in their hair. They also came with a "girl-approved" list of traditional names like Rosie, Samantha, Jessica, or Jennifer. It was a similar deal for boys, where names like John, Jack, Patrick, or Matthew dominated charts for decades.

Celebs have proven pretty useful when it comes to showing us how gender-neutral baby names are done. Blake Lively has chosen James for a girl. Mila Kunis picked Wyatt, not for a boy, but for a girl.

Interestingly, some boy names actually seem to fit a girl better. Likewise, some super-girly names just seem to work better with boys. It's time to turn everything on its head. While the world hasn't yet reached the point of naming a boy Isabella (or a girl Paul), things have come a long way.

Nobody is expecting regular moms to pull a Cardi B. Kulture might be gender-neutral, but it's pretty "Hollywood." Then again, some celeb moms have picked names that are so beautiful, it's hard to ignore them. Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian, Nicole Richie, and Gwen Stefani have all played around with gender-neutral names.

It's time for the feminine baby names — but not necessarily for a feminine set of chromosomes. Here are 25 feminine baby names (that actually work better for boys).


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Yes, you'll need to tear your eyes away from those two little munchkins. Addison is the gender-neutral name that has long been chosen for girls, but mommies to boys are crushing on this name like crazy. "A" baby names are super-popular anyway. Addison is unusual with its double "d," but there's a ton more beauty to this name. "Son of Adam" is the meaning of this name, but shorten it to Addie, and you've got your #2019-ready name. We fell in love with this one.


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Avery was chosen exclusively for girls for quite some years. Oddly, nobody was thinking about how stunning this name is for a boy. With its wide, open vowels and unusual "v," Avery has a fresh, modern feel, but it isn't "wacky." The meaning of "ruler of the elves" is also beyond gorgeous. After all, that tiny baby will be old enough for elf Halloween costumes in no time. The name has featured in Charlotte's Web and Nashville for boys, as well as Harry Potter.


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Playful, but solid, Bailey is the baby name that was once #GirlsOnly, but times have changed. This gender-neutral name has the prestige of Old English origins, but something about it feels brand new. Put it this way — it'll be the name that the teacher reads out in class (while everyone wishes it were them). Bailey feels fresh, the letters aren't cluttered, and for a feminine name, it works remarkably well for boys. Finding Dory had a Bailey for a boy (and they picked well).


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Everyone remembers Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl. While Blake Lively made this girl's name iconic, it's worth remembering that the actress herself has chosen James for her baby girl. Blair has a British grandeur to it, but this name doesn't come off as pretentious. "Dweller on the plain" is the powerful, almost wild meaning to this name, but it's an outdoor wilderness. We all know what that means. It's called beauty. Blair can be known as a last name, but as a first name, it works beautifully.


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With "ana" as its ending, you'd think that Dana would be exclusively for girls. Homeland chose this name for a girl, but the gender-neutral name that means "from Denmark" actually works as well for boys, too. The name is also pretty unusual. It ranked 940th as the most-chosen baby name of 2017. With Celtic origins, there's a worldliness to Dana, but the four, short letters keep things simple. Instead of going traditional with Dana and picking it for a girl, why not consider it for a boy?


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Leslie definitely has a girly ring. That is, until you realize how perfect it is for a boy. This name from Scottland was chosen for a girl in Parks and Recreation and Friends (one of Phoebe's triplets), but let's remember how that show brought us "Chandler, the girl!" Leslie has a beautiful meaning of "garden of holly." It's fresh, upbeat, definitely cheerful, and if you can picture that little baby smiling, it just feels right. Of course, Leslie is on this list because it works great for boys.


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Reese Witherspoon basically put this name on the map. Once only considered for girls, Reese is now the gender-neutral name that's trending all over the place. With a soft sound, but something super-steady about it, Reese is one of those names. The more you picture a baby boy with it, the more it fits. "Ardor" is the meaning of this Welsh name, where it takes the alternate spelling of Rhys. Malcolm in the Middle and ER both had a male character named Reese.


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Anyone watching Teen Mom will be more than familiar with Cheyenne for a girl. As one of the most stunning names around though, we knew it wouldn't be long before mommies to boys realized that they could get in, too. This Sioux name has a super-unique sound, and the meaning is actually "people of a different language." Prepare for your baby's own language in the first year (it's called babbling), but this name isn't one to overlook. "Shy-en" is the pronunciation.


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Just how much we're crushing on Emerson? Well, enough to put it on this list. Emerson is a name originating from Germany, and it has a beautiful sound, with elegantly-placed vowels, and yes – it kind of works better for boys. Despite the feminine sound, the name holds strong for boys. What To Expect When You're Expecting might have had a girl named Emerson, but this is just one of those names that work beautifully for boys. Pushing Daisies chose it for a boy, as did The 100.


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2019 mommies are all about the cool names. With a ton of swag, Riley is the slightly girly name that's now being rocked by the trendiest babies around. "Courageous" is the meaning of this name from Ireland. To be fair, that baby will be inheriting the courage from you. Ranking 253rd as the most-chosen baby name for boys in 2017, Riley isn't so wildly popular that everyone has it. At the same time, it won't be one of those names that nobody can pronounce.


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While Angelina Jolie chose Shiloh-Nouvel for her girl, Made for Mums reports that this celeb kid now insists on being called "John." Brad Pitt has even admitted that Shiloh asks to be called by a boy's name when she wants juice. Shiloh is the gender-neutral, slightly feminine name that has enough timeless beauty to work for boys. With Hebrew origins and a meaning of "tranquil," there's also an incredible sense of peace to this name. For a boy? We think it's perfect.


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Upbeat, outdoorsy, and straight-up fun, Piper is the gender-neutral name that might just prove the trend-setter for 2019. Having two "p" letters is pretty unique, but the meaning of "one who plays the pipes or flutes" is even more unusual. Come to think of it, that'll come in handy come those bedtime lullabies. With Old English origins, Piper has a ton of class, but it doesn't feel stuffy. Sons of Anarchy chose Piper for one of their male characters (and we think you should too).


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We came across Eden, and our jaws dropped. When it comes to stunning names that work for boys, not many names can top Eden. Especially given the slightly feminine ring to this name, Eden is one of those names that just works for a baby boy born in 2019. With Biblical links to The Garden of Eden, the meaning of this name is "place of pleasure, delight." While a ton of mothers used to pick Biblical names for religious reasons, there's been a shift. They're now on-trend.


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If you spent your pregnancy applying shea butter to that bump, you'll be more than familiar with the word. As a name, though, Shea is often overlooked. Kind of girly, but totally rocking the gender-neutral swag, Shea is a name coming from Ireland, with a meaning of "stately, dauntless one." Well, we already know that baby will be stately. It's called sitting in the high chair, flinging food everywhere (because the spaghetti wasn't "right"). We love this name for boys. #Perfect.


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Back in the day, Ambrose had too many links to Ambrosia to be considered for boys. Much less common than Amber, but not so girly it sounds like Rose, Ambrose is a perfect balance. This name has the meaning of "immortal one." Talk about a powerful meaning. Prestigious writers like Evelyn Waugh and P.G. Wodehouse chose this name, and they chose well. There was also a Saint named Ambrose in the fourth century. We simply adore this name for a boy.


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Given that the world's highest-paid supermodel, Kendall Jenner is a girl, everyone's opinion has kind of shifted on this name. Kendall is actually gender-neutral. Kendall Jenner might be fronting those Vogue magazines in girly gowns, but her name reflects a tomboy personality. "K" names are super-popular right now. "Valley of the river Kent" is the meaning of this old English name. From someone who is from Brittain, you have it on good authority. Kent is called "the garden of England" for being so beautiful. Just like the name is.


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Ashley is a name that definitely sounds girly at first. Ashlee Simpson made it even girlier with the "ee" ending, but it's worth remembering how beautifully this name works for boys. "Dweller near the ash meadow" is the beautiful meaning of this name, and the outdoorsy feel adds loads of appeal. Gone With The Wind had a male Ashley, as did the TV show, Castle. As far as feminine baby names go, we love this one for a boy. "Ash" also makes for a great nickname.


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#MicDrop. You're literally landed on one of the most stunning names ever. Pronounced "Sa-koy-a," this name might have been joked about as Ross and Rachel picked baby names on Friends, but it's a high contender. Ross made fun of the free-spirited sound of this name, but we honed right in on the beauty. With no known meaning, there's an openness and freedom to Sequoia. It can mean anything you like. Despite the girly ring, we love it for a boy.


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Interestingly, Robin has had a double reversal when it comes to gender. Christopher Robin was the childhood character from Winnie The Pooh that came with the biggest #Boy ever, but this name quickly shifted to girls. With the actress Robin Wright from House of Cards, people associate this name with girls. It works just as well for boys, though. "Bright frame" is the meaning of this name, although it does have a bird-like ring. A Midsummer Night's Dream and Buffy The Vampire Slayer both chose it for boys.


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Here's something neat. British people are completely obsessed with the name Skylar. Basically, they wish it were more popular over in the UK. Skylar is a girly name that we saw picked for a female in Breaking Bad, but the free sound to this name works better for boys. "Scholar" is the meaning of this name coming from Norway. If you're looking at a smart baby, this might just be the one to go with. The name also shortens beautifully to Sky. One for the list, right?


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If you're thinking trees, you're not wrong. Laurel is the botanic-centric name that has a girly sound, but it works even better for boys when you think about it. "Laurel tree" is the meaning of this name. It isn't the world's most-picked name, but that's precisely why it's worth considering. Laurel might be popular for girls, but it's going to be the boys named Laurel who turn heads in 2019. All My Children and the DC Universe both have Laurel characters.


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Kris really goes either way, right? Just look at the Kardashians. Kris Jenner might be a woman, but Kim Kardashian married a guy named Kris Humphries. This gender-neutral name might feel feminine, but use it for a boy, and you're really looking at something great. The "k" letter takes the more-common name of Chris and makes it unusual. It also sounds way trendier. The girly feel with this name will disappear the minute you start picking blues (or soccer balls). We love it.


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Definitely unusual, and with a slight mystery to it, the name Quinn is one to keep an eye out for. If you watched Homeland and loved Peter Quinn, you'll be throwing a #WellPlayed to the producers – "chief leader, intelligence" is the meaning of this cute name. Quinn definitely has a feminine feel. Then again, picture a baby boy named Quinn, and you may just have landed on the perfect name. Not many names have both a "q" and the signature double "n," but Quinn is a game-changer of a name.


Location baby names are all the rage. Whether it's Kim and Kanye's Chicago, Victoria Beckham's Brooklyn, or Paris Hilton, celebs are loving naming their kids after places. Not many seem to have considered Sydney, though. With a touch of a girly feel, this city name from Australia, nonetheless, finds itself on this list for sounding a little better for boys. "Saint-Denis" is actually the meaning. It's super-unusual, it feels trendy, and it's nowhere near as pretentious as Paris. "Syd" would also make a great nickname.


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Hayden Panettiere is the actress who seems to have taken this name and earmarked it as a girl's name. Hayden is actually gender-neutral. This Old English name has a meaning of "fire," so don't be fooled by the soft sounds. You're looking at the power of a baby, here. If you feel that your little one is inheriting your own strength and fire, this might just be one to consider. Hayden also manages to sound fresh and outdoorsy– basically, a ton of reasons to pick it.

25 names. Each one of them perfect in its own way. Move over, stereotypes. These girly names are working way better for boys.

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