25 Fierce 'Game Of Thrones' Baby Names Nerdy Moms Will Fight Over

Fantasy has long been a super source for parents to come up with names for their children once they find out that mom has a bun in the oven, and George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire book series, which was adapted into HBO’s hit television show Game of Thrones, is no different.

Even though Martin has yet to release the sixth book, The Winds Of Winter, and Game of Thrones is about to air the eighth and final season, both the original novels and the television show have provided parents all over the world with some really awesome name ideas for their progeny.

The Independent reports that ever since A Song of Ice and Fire and its television adaption, Game of Thrones, have become incredibly popular with modern audiences, there has been a trend of parents naming their children after some of mom and dad’s favorite characters.

For example, The Independent adds that in 2014, there were 17 boys named after Peter Dinklage’s character Tyrion Lannister and four boys named after the surly Sandor “The Hound” Clegane, who is portrayed by Rory McCann in the show.

That year also saw four girls being named after Gwendoline Christie’s character Brienne, and 53 babies were named Khaleesi in honor of Emilia Clarke’s Daenerys Targaryen.

Read on to get inspired by other characters from Martin’s popular series.

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25 Arya Howls With Glee

Via: Pinterest

Everyone loves strong female characters, and what better namesake for a little girl to have than to share a name with Arya Stark?

Game of Thrones Wiki notes that Arya is a skilled warrior that has a direwolf for a companion, thanks to her time spent with the Faceless Men of Braavos and her fencing master Syrio Forel, which makes her a fearsome opponent. She also managed to avenge the tragic loss of her eldest brother Robb Stark and managed to get revenge on the scheming Walder Frey for orchestrating the wedding that led to Winterfell being taken over by Roose Bolton and his illegitimate son Ramsay.

24 Jaime Is A Fierce Warrior

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Thanks to popular television shows such as Outlander and Game of Thrones, Jamie/Jaime is becoming a cool name again.

Westeros.org points out that unlike the dashing Highlander from the hit series Outlander, Jaime Lannister is a bit more of an anti-hero. At first glance, he seems like a total jerk that gives in to his twin sister Cersei’s every whim, but he’s matured into a complex character that is starting to see how dysfunctional his family really is and bucks the idea of following his father Tywin’s plan for him. For parents looking for a normal sounding name, “Jaime” has a unique spelling and won’t garner any weird looks from future classmates.

23 Naming A Child After Cersei Guarantees That Your Little Girl Will Grow Up To Be Bold

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Game of Thrones fans love to boo at Cersei, but she’s actually a pretty compelling and complex female character. Westeros.org points out that Cersei acts boldly as Queen regent because she was resentful of the fact that her father always ignored her good traits as a child due to her gender and focused his time and attention on her younger twin brother Jaime instead.

Cersei is a beautiful name for a little girl that isn’t too difficult for other people to pronounce and  Behind The Name adds that this name has its roots in the Greek myth of a sorceress named Circe who turned the crew members working on the ship of the famous adventurer Odysseus into animals.

22 Tyrion Is A Great Name For A Snarky Little Boy

Some parents can just tell when their little one is going to grow up into a smart aleck; if you suspect that your son is going to be a master at snark, then naming him after the witty and hilarious Tyrion Lannister is a great idea.

Even though Tyrion isn’t a fearsome warrior like his big brother Jaime, he is well-educated and loves to read. Westeros.org points out that his intellect makes him an opponent to be feared, which is why it is interesting to see if he’ll stay on the side of Daenerys Targaryen in the final season of Game of Thrones and help her conquer Westeros or if he’ll wind up siding with his family once more.

21 All Hail Queen Daenerys, Mother Of Dragons

Okay sure, Daenerys is a total mouthful and you’ll probably have to use “Dany” as a nickname until your little girl is old enough to correctly pronounce her own name, but what child wouldn’t want to share a name with a cool warrior queen that has not one, but three dragons for pets?

Aside from having cool pets and having her sights set on conquering Westeros to regain the Iron Throne, Game of Thrones Wiki adds that Daenerys is also extremely kind-hearted and often does her best to alleviate people’s hurt when she makes her way with her khalasar across the country in search of resources to finance her campaign.

20 You Know Nothing, Jon Snow

Via: Vox

Practically every kid has at least several classmates named John in their grade, but if you’re a Game of Thrones fan and don’t want to go with a name teachers will stumble all over themselves to pronounce, why not name your son after Jon Snow?

Jon is a pretty cool character, after all. Cosmopolitan writes that he goes from thinking he’s Ned Stark’s illegitimate son to becoming the new Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch and making sure his fellow “Crows” are ready to fight against the White Walkers. In the previous season of Game of Thrones, the audience also discovers that Jon is Dany’s nephew and the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, which means he is also a contender for the Iron Throne.

19 Name A Flame-Haired Baby Girl After Sansa

Via: Nerdist

Let’s face it, when people see a little girl with red hair, they immediately think that she must have some Irish heritage somewhere in the gene pool because of the stereotype that all folks of Irish descent have flaming red hair and therefore have names like Bridget, Aine, etc.

If you have a little girl with hair like flame, why not name her after Sansa Stark? Sure, Sansa was a bit immature in the television show’s first season, but she’s grown into a formidable player in Westeros and as Game of Thrones Wiki points out, she’s also become a fantastic leader since she was named the new Lady of Winterfell.

18  Ned's A Good Alternative For Edward

Via: Bustle

It has become a joke amongst fans of the actor Sean Bean that his characters in movies and television shows always get written off in tragic ways. As Boromir in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, he was dispatched by a group of Orcs and as Ned Stark in Game of Thrones, King Joffrey Baratheon was responsible for his untimely demise at the end of the first season.

Even though Ned only made a brief appearance in the show, Entertainment Weekly writes that Bean recently mused on his character and pointed out that the head of the Stark family was “fair-minded” and a “man of integrity” that stuck to his principles no matter what. Now that’s a good namesake for a little boy to have!

17 If You're Sick Of Katherine Being A Popular Name, Use Catelyn Instead

One of the most common names for a little girl is Katherine and no matter how you decide to spell it (for example, such as “Katheryn”) or shortening it to something like “Katie” or “Kate,” there’s always going to be at least five or six other girls in your little one’s class with the exact same name or nickname.

For a more unique take, why not name your little girl after Catelyn Stark? Westeros.org notes that even though Catelyn was tragically written off, she was a warm-hearted mother that was fiercely protective of her children and a wise councilor once her son Robb was crowned the King in the North.

16 Oberyn Is A Unique Name No One Else Will Have

Via: HBO.com

Despite the fact Oberyn didn’t last long in both Martin’s original novels and the television show, he was one of Game of Thrones’ most compelling and fascinating characters. Besides, you can practically guarantee that if you name your son after everyone’s favorite Red Viper, he won’t have to share his unique name with dozens of his classmates in the future.

According to Westeros.org, not only was Oberyn handsome and a cunning warrior, but he was also devoted to his family. He’s also a good father to his daughters with Ellaria Sand and taught the “Sand Snakes” (as his girls are called) how to be fearsome warriors too—just like daddy dearest.

15 The Name Bran Appeals To Irish Mythology Geeks And Game Of Thrones Nerds

Bran Stark has had one of the most interesting character arcs in both the television shows and the books because as Esquire writes he goes from a frightened little boy with only a direwolf for company to being the apprentice to the Three-Eyed Raven and eventually taking his mentor’s place as the Three-Eyed Raven himself.

Bran is also a name from Irish mythology and Behind The Name adds it means “raven” in Gaelic. In Irish myth, Bran was a famous mariner that had plenty of adventures in his time — very much like his literary namesake in George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones.

14 If You Value Loyalty Above All Else, Pick The Name Samwell

It seems as if every hero in a fantasy series has to have a loyal best friend named Sam to help them out on their adventures to defeat the villain that is threatening their entire world; in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Frodo Baggin’s BFF is Samwise “Sam” Gamgee and in Game of Thrones, Jon Snow’s best buddy is Samwell “Sam” Tarly.

Game of Thrones Wiki points out that in the beginning, Sam wasn’t exactly brave when he first joined the Night’s Watch but as the years went by, he became more courageous and was the one to find out Jon’s secret parentage in the previous season.

13 Margaery Is A Nice Twist On The Name Margaret

Via: Slate

Naming your little girl Margaery after everyone’s favorite Rose Queen is a great idea because as Westeros.org notes, not only was the young ruler popular amongst the smallfolk for her generosity in giving away free food and alms for the poor, but she was also cunning enough to go up against Cersei Lannister herself and almost win the race for the Iron Throne.

Margaery is also a nice alternative to the common name “Margaret,” but it’s not as eyebrow-raising as some of the other character’s names in the series, such as Lysa Tully or Alerie Hightower (Margaery’s mother in the books).

12 Prince Doran Approves Of Naming Your Son After Him

Via: Fanpop

Oberyn Martell might have been the flashier of the Martell brothers, but Doran is definitely the one with a heck of a lot more patience and far more cunning.

Westeros.org adds that in the fifth book A Dance With Dragons, Doran winds up confiding to his daughter Arianne and her cousins the Sand Snakes that he has concocted a plan to unseat House Lannister and get revenge for the loss of his sister Elia. This is a surprise to the Sand Snakes and Arianne, since they previously believed that the Prince was too cautious to risk his country of Dorne in a plot to take down the Lannister family.

11 Loras Is A Perfect Name For Those Parents That Who Grew Up Reading Fairy Tales About Knights

Via: Reddit

Many parents grew up reading stories about chivalrous knights that rescued damsels in distress when they were children, and there’s no better way to honor those tales than by naming a child after one of the best knights in the Game of Thrones series.

Westeros.org writes that not only is Loras considered one of the country’s best knights, but he’s also a complex character who tragically lost the love of his life and has stuck true to his love’s memory after the red priestess Melisandre used magic to help Renly Baratheon’s older brother Stannis gain an advantage in the long game to win back the Iron Throne.

10  Olenna Can Be Shortened To Lena For A Nickname

Actress Dame Diana Rigg brought the character of Olenna Tyrell to life so well that Vanity Fair adds that Game of Thrones fans were utterly heartbroken when she met her untimely demise at the end of the previous season—although she did go out with a bang by managing to one-up Cersei Lannister even at the bitter end like the boss she was.

If you’re a fan of snarky, witty characters that rock of political intrigue, name your daughter after the matriarch of House Tyrell. It’s also a good name because you can shorten “Olenna” to “Lena” as a nickname if you don’t want your little girl’s friends to get tongue-tied trying to pronounce her name.

9 Stannis Is The Man

Via: Medium

According to Game of Thrones Wiki, Stannis Baratheon was one of the most fascinated characters to watch on the series before he met his demise because he’s full of internal conflicts. He’s a no-nonsense man, but he meets his downfall because he puts too much trust in his friend Melisandre’s prophecies and ultimately loses his daughter Shireen because the Red Priestess made a huge mistake trying to figure out what her premonitions were saying to her.

Another advantage of naming your son after the eldest Baratheon brother is that you can shorten it to “Stan” as a more normal-sounding nickname.

8 Be Bold And Snarky Like Renly

Via: Gameofthrones.fandom.com

Westeros.org notes that Renly was the exact opposite of his older brothers Stannis and Robert. Unlike Robert, Renly was actually pretty intelligent and unlike Stannis, Renly actually had a sense of humor and knew how to wield sarcasm to his advantage.

While some characters in the series derided Renly for being very ostentatious (for example, his version of the Kingsguard was known as the Rainbow Guard in honor of their brightly colored outfits) and bold, he was also slow to anger and if he could have defeated both the Lannisters and his big brother Stannis, he would have been a judicious and patient king.

7 Melisandre Isn't Boring Like The Name Melissa Is

Via: MovieWeb

One of my childhood friends was named Melissa, and she often lamented how annoying it was to have several other girls in her grade with the exact same name; she often had to find a unique nickname to be known by so that the teachers wouldn’t get confused as to which student they were calling on.

If you want a more unique name, Melisandre is the perfect choice. Westeros.org writes that in the Game of Thrones series, Melisandre is a Red Priestess and able to use magic. At first, she aligns herself with Stannis because she erroneously believed that he was the hero that could save the world from the White Walkers, but she later realizes that her premonitions were wrong and all the signs point to Jon Snow as being the prophesized hero that can defeat the White Walkers.

6 Name Your Child Asha After Everyone's Favorite Pirate Queen

Via: IGN

Thanks to Disney’s hit franchise Pirates of the Caribbean and the character of Captain Jack Sparrow, there are plenty of adults and children alike that are fascinated by swashbuckling characters that buck the rules and have a roguish charm to them.

Westeros.org notes that Theon Greyjoy’s little sister Asha could give Captain Jack Sparrow a run for his money because she’s bold, fearless and a fantastic warrior who is a match for any man. She even tries to take the throne from her villainous uncle Euron at the traditional Kingsmoot, although her plan doesn’t work and she’s taken captive by Stannis Baratheon in the fifth book, A Dance With Dragons.

5 Call Your Little Girl After The Wolf-Hearted Nymeria

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Casual viewers of the Game of Thrones television show would immediately think of Arya’s loyal direwolf when they hear the name Nymeria, but Oberyn’s daughter Nymeria Sand is a formidable character in her own right and deserves to have a little girl named after her.

Westeros.org writes that Nymeria Sand, or Lady Nym as she is called, is a fierce warrior just like her dear old dad. She excels in using hidden blades to defeat her enemies and often has a whole bunch of daggers squirreled away in her outfits, just in case she needs to defend herself, her other “Sand Snake” sisters or her cousin Arianne Martell.

4 Fight Like Brienne

Via: Popsugar

Pretty much every fantasy series has at least one or two female characters that are fierce and renowned warriors. J.R.R. Tolkien had Eowyn, the White Lady of Rohan that took down the head Ringwraith with the help of her friend Meriadoc “Merry” Brandybuck in The Lord of the Rings while George R.R. Martin gave Game of Thrones fans characters such as Arya Stark, the Sand Snakes and Brienne of Tarth.

Game of Thrones Wiki points out that Brienne is stubborn, loyal and pretty much one of Westeros’s best knights ever. She starts out by swearing allegiance to Renly Baratheon, but after his demise, she pledges her fealty to Catelyn Stark and winds up befriending Jaime Lannister before becoming Sansa Stark’s personal guard.

3 Theon Can Be A Unique Alternative To Naming Your Son Thomas

If you’re bored by common names such as Thomas, why not name your son after Theon Greyjoy? He is a fascinating character that managed to redeem himself for his less-than-noble actions in previous seasons of the television show and he’s had a riveting story arc in the original books too.

Game of Thrones Wiki points out that while it’s easy to dismiss Theon as a villain, he’s actually quite a sympathetic character and he only made mistakes because he felt pressured to live up to his foster brother Robb Stark’s image and his biological family’s Greyjoy legacy and pirate traditions.

2 Make Iwan Rheon Laugh By Naming Your Kid After Ramsay

Via: Vulture

Every book and television show has a character or two that fans love to sneer and jeer at; in both the later books of Martin’s and the later seasons of Game of Thrones, that character was Ramsay Bolton.

Iwan Rheon would probably be delighted if Game of Thrones fans named their sons after Ramsay because as Game of Thrones Wiki points out, even though he was a villain, he was still a formidable foe and a pretty good warrior. He almost bested Jon Snow in battle, although Ramsay’s ex-wife Sansa Stark managed to one-up him by calling in reinforcements from her cousin Robyn in the Vale and saved her adopted brother.

1 Move Over Ellens Of The World And Make Way For An Ellaria

Via: Imgur

Why name your little girl a boring name like Ellen when you know there’s going to be plenty of other little girls running around with the exact same name when you could go for a cooler name like Ellaria?

Game of Thrones Wiki notes that Ellaria Sand is the widow of Oberyn Martell and the biological mother to some of the Sand Snakes. She’s a bold, flashy woman that makes nobles like Cersei Lannister uncomfortable with her free-spirited personality but she is also loyal to both the memory of her late significant other as well as her children—both biological and adopted.

Sources: Game of Thrones Wiki, Westeros.org, Entertainment Weekly, Esquire, Cosmopolitan, Vanity Fair, The Independent

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