25 Floral Baby Names That Are Super Girly And Sweet

In this day and age, when parents do not have to choose traditional names and can come up with their own unique names to give to their children, their babies get to make the names cute or butch. Celebrities are famous for making up names, which become trendy baby names fast, because regular parents start to adopt such names for their children.

However, parents who never want to go wrong when choosing a name for their baby girls should always go for floral names, because these have been tried and tested. Floral names have a way of retaining their cute appeal, and a baby girl will always grow up feeling cute and confident.

The biggest mistake a parent can make when choosing a name for his or her baby is choosing one that sounds like something unappealing, or one that has an unpopular nickname, because bad nicknames take ages to get over. The nickname a child will get the first day of school is sure to be the same he or she will have by the time he or she is leaving the school. Therefore, the least a parent should do is choose a cool name that their baby, as well as everyone around him or her will love.

Here are 25 floral baby names that are super girly and sweet, the kind that any parent would never go wrong giving to his or her baby girl.

25 Acacia

Acacia is the name of a spiky tree or shrub that has clusters of yellow and white thorny flowers mostly found in dry areas. It also makes a very beautiful name for a baby girl. Since this name is a symbol of resurrection and immortality, it is perfect for girls born during the Easter holiday.

Acacia is an attractive, sweet, and beautiful name that is not so overused. Soon-to-be parents will definitely like it, in addition to its adorable nicknames, which include Kay, Ace, Asia, Kaysha, Aysha, and Casey. Famous people who go by the name include Tal and Acacia, the contemporary Christian musical duo from Portland and Acacia Brinley, a YouTube star and lead singer of the band Watercolor.

24 Lily

Just like the flower, Lily is a beautiful name ideal for a cute baby girl. It has alternate spelling variations like Lilly and Lillie. This name became popular among English speaking countries in the late 20th Century, and it comes from the flower whose meaning is pure, passion, and rebirth.

Lily has been a diminutive for names such as Lillian, Liliana, and Lilith. Famous people named Lily include actress Lily James, singer Lily Allen, fashion model Lily Cole and actress Lily Tomlin. Lily is also a famous name among authors and scriptwriters since the lead characters in books and films such as The House of Mirth, The secret life of Bees, and the Harry Potter Series go by this name

23 Daisy

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Daisy is a wonderful floral baby name that has continued to be popular for decades now. It is a feminine given name borrowed from the actual flower, which people also refer to as 'day’s eye' because the flower opens its petals at daybreak. It is also a nickname for Margaret because the French name Marguerite means flowers.

Daisy has been in use since the 20th century because it is cool, fresh and elegant. Celebrities such as Iraqi writer, poet, and novelist Daisy Al-Amir, Ugandan singer Daisy Ejang, English actress Daisy Bevan, and silent film actress Daisy Campbell among many others go by this name. Actress and producer Meg Ryan and English chef Jamie Oliver gave their daughters this beautiful name.

22 Marigold

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Marigold is a beautiful English name ideal for a baby girl. It comes from the flower that goes by the same name, although people also consider it a combination of two names, Mary and Gold. This beautiful name was borne to Marigold Frances Churchill the daughter of Lady Clementine and Sir Winston Churchill.

Marigold is a unique name with a sunny golden feel to it and has been in use in English novels and children’s books for ages. It has also been part of the world of fiction with characters in movies and movie titles going by the same name. It's popular in English speaking countries and mildly used in other parts of the world.

21 Violet

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Violet is one of those floral names that any mom-to-be will fall in love with. Flower names where popularly used in the early 1900s, though during the 20th century their popularity began to slow down significantly. However, these names are fast regaining their glory and Violet appears to be on the forefront. Violet is another name for purple, a color that is without a doubt the indication of royalty.

Actress Jennifer Garner and Actor Ben Affleck chose this sweet name for their baby girl. Other notable Violets include television presenter Violet Berlin, actress Violet Mathieson, painter Violet Hopkins, and many more. This name is strong and has a ton of character, making it easy to fall in love with.

20 Rose

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Rose is a lovely name borrowed from one of the most elegant flowers out there. It is an old-time sweet smelling flower name commonly used as a first name and in some instances as a middle name. It has a long list of cool nicknames like Rosa, Rosie, Rosina, Rosalie, and Rosaria. Famous people who had the name include Countess Rose Kennedy and actress Rose Byrne.

It has also been popularly used as an on-screen character name in shows like Two And A Half Men, Titanic, 7th Heaven, and Downton Abbey just to name a few. Rose has a feminine flair to it, and parents can be sure that it will never go out of style.

19 Bluebell

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Bluebell is a girl’s name derived from a delicate flower with a dainty and divine smell. The name is not very popular worldwide except in Britain where it is quite common along with its beautiful variation Bluebelle. This is indeed a very pretty and stylish name.

Celebrity Geri Halliwell, commonly known as Ginger spice named her daughter Bluebell Madonna. In addition, the television show Hart of Dixie greatly enhanced the name’s popularity by using it as a name of a place. It has likable nicknames like Blue, Bella, and Belle. Parents should definitely consider this distinct and beautiful name; they will hardly hear other kids going by this lovely name.

18 Dahlia

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Since the flower that goes by the name Dahlia is a symbol of elegance and dignity, every soon-to-be mom should think about using it for their baby girl. The flower got its name from the Swedish botanist Anders Dahl. One famous bearer is Dahlia Lithwick, a writer and journalist.

The name first appeared in the female name chats in 2006 thanks to the film The Black Dahlia. It is bold, elegant, sweet, unique, and not so over-used; therefore, parents looking for a fresh name for their little one should consider Dahlia as an option. It is the spelling variant of Dalia and has a cute nickname, Lia.

17 Camellia

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Just like the flower, Camellia is an exotic baby girl's name commonly used as a first name. The flower got its name from Carl Linnaeus after the Moravian Jesuit botanist Georg Joseph Kamel. It has several variations like Camelia, Camille, Camilla, and Camella.

In the mid-18th century, the name’s variant Camille was associated with the heroine of the novel The Lady of the Camellias by Alexandre Dumas. Camellia is not popular in the United States, making it a rare and underused name. It lends itself to equally beautiful nicknames like Mel, Millie, Ellie, and Lia. Camellia is unique and perfectly awesome in its own way.

16 Tulip

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Tulip is a beautiful name with roots in the Turkish language. This name is a cool and rare girl’s name that parents give their girls as a given name or a surname. With nicknames like Tutu, Lip, or Tutsi, parents will fall in love with this name. This adorable name is fresh, different, and rare, your little diva will love it as her name.

Famous notable bearers of the name include writer Marie Tulip, Bollywood actress Tulip Joshi, journalist Tulip Mazumdar, politician Tulip Siddiq, and the former football player Bill Tulip. Furthermore, singer Tiny Tim and actor Jerry O’Connell named their daughters Tulip.

15 Azalea

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Azalea is a gorgeous name that many soon-to-be parents should seriously consider giving to their daughters. Azalea is one of the freshest flower names out there is not so commonly used and has a modern flair to it. Its popularity is very recent since it first appeared on chats in 2012.

Arguably, this name is so popular thanks to rapper and singer Iggy Azalea. Azalea is also the name of a lead character in the 2011 novel Entwined. Parents looking for floral baby names and don’t want to follow the masses of Rose and Daisy should definitely consider Azalea as an option.

14 Saffron

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With nicknames like Saffy, Saffi, and Saff, Saffron is a spectacular name for a little girl. It is a beautiful name derived from a flower known as saffron crocus. Saffron is quite modern and thanks to Saffron Monsoon, a character in the 2011 sitcom Absolutely Fabulous who goes by this name, the name is very popular today.

This name is spicy and definitely appealing to prospective parents looking for a sweet and sassy name. A few famous bearers of the name include actress Saffron Burrows, English fitness model Saffron Sheriff, and actress Saffron Coomber. Daughters of musician Simon LeBon and musician Tony Kanal also go by this name.

13 Jasmine

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Jasmine is a floral feminine name of English origin that means gift from God. It is also an aromatic Persian flower of the same name. This name’s fame is arguably the result of the popularity of the character called Princess Jasmine in Disney’s animated fantasy film Aladdin in the 1990s. Other real-life bearers include actor Jasmine Armfield and singer Jasmine Van den Bogaerde.

Jasmine has multiple variations like Jasmin, Jessamine, Yasmin, Jazmyn, and Jasmyn, and it has a cute spunky nickname, Jazz. The name is popular in America, making it trendy and downright lovely. Celebrities like Martin Lawrence, Nigel Barker, and Michael Jordan have picked this name for their daughters.

12 Ivy

The climbing evergreen plant known as Ivy makes a simple and sweet name for a girl. Notable people such as Korean Singer Ivy, women’s rights Ivy Bottini, Duchess of Portland Ivy Cavendish-Bentinck, Taiwanese actress Ivy Chen, and many others go by this beautiful name. Ivy is short and sweet and it will surely never get old.

Celebrity couple Beyoncé and Jay-Z greatly enhanced the name’s popularity when they chose it for their daughter Blue Ivy. It is a popular name with spelling iterations like Ivee, Ivi, and Ivie. Authors and scriptwriters have also made use of it on several TV shows, films, and novels.

11 Rosemary

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Rosemary is a combination of two commonly used names, Rose and Mary, and it is an old-fashioned feminine given name. It is also the name of a flowered scented herb. This name has been around for centuries now. In recent years, it has been making resurgence but still hasn’t managed to reach its past peak popularity. Meaning this name is beautiful and rare.

A common variation of the name is Rosemarie, and it comes with a variety of cool nickname options such as Romy, Rose, Mary, Rosie, and Ro. Famous people who go by the name include Rosemary Bailey, a statistician, Rosemary Aitken, an author, and Rosemary Harris, an actress, and many others.

10 Magnolia

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Magnolia is a flowering plant species that got its name from French botanist Pierre Magnol. The flower lends itself to a sassy and bold baby girl's name. Magnolia is of Latin origin and it means 'from a flower'. It was popular in the late 1800s and early 1900s, though it thereafter declined. However, it is now making a comeback.

Your daughter will probably be the only Magnolia in her class, and she's sure to leave a lasting impression simply because of her name. It has nicknames like Meg, Maggie, and Nola. The character Magnolia Breeland in the TV series Hart of Dixie and the 1999 epic drama film Magnolia greatly enhanced the name's popularity.

9 Iris

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Iris is one of those flower names that are simply blooming because it is gradually beginning to regain popularity since the 1800s. This current popularity may be the result of couple actor Jude Law and actress Renee O’Connor and actress Leslie Mann naming their daughters this gorgeous name.

Iris is from the Greek language and it means rainbow. In Greek mythology, Iris was the goddess of the rainbow. Notable bearers of this name include actress Iris Apatow, German fashion designer Iris von Arnim, designer and model Iris Chung, and singer Iris DeMent. For parents searching for a simple yet extraordinary name, Iris is a brilliant choice.

8 Lavender

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Lavender is a great option for the two flower names, Violet and Lilac, which all share the same meaning. Back in the 18th century, the name was a boy’s name but currently, it is a unique girl’s name. Lavender is also a flowering plant in the mint family. Jimmy Lavender, a famous major league baseball pitcher back in the late 1800s, had this name.

Lavender has a charming retro appeal to it. Character Lavender Brown in the Harry Potter series and Lavender in the book and film Matilda, arguably made this name to become as popular as it is today. Parents will have nicknames like Lavy, Venny, and Lav to choose from.

7 Heather

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Heather is a girl’s name derived from a small shrub with pink or white flowers. It is a lovely female name of English origin meaning a flowering evergreen plant. The name was quite popular in the 1970s but its popularity slowly declined over the years. Today, Heather sits at an all-time low making it a unique name.

Heather belongs to famous people like English actress Heather Angel, volleyball player Heather Bown, model Heather Marks, and singer Heather Small among others. Heather is a delightful choice for a girl and perfect for parents looking for a unique floral baby name.

6 Olive

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Olive is the evolution of the older and now unused Latin name Oliva which means a type of tree. Though it competes with the name Olivia, it has a quiet subtle appeal of its own. In the Bible, the olive branch was a symbol of peace. The name was popular in the early 20th century but quickly went out of fashion as the decades progressed.

It made a comeback in 2007 when actress Isla Fisher and husband Sacha Baron Cohen gave their daughter this name. In addition, the comedy-drama film Little Miss Sunshine that starred the character, Olive Hoover contributed towards making it popular. Parents looking for an alternative option to Olivia that is less vintage should definitely consider this name.

5 Hazel

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Hazel is a girl’s name of Old English origin meaning hazelnut. Hazel is also the name of a tree with long yellow flowers. It was a common name in English speaking countries in the late 1900s and early 2000s but currently, it's not as popular as it was.

A few celebrities have tried to revive it, in 2004, actress Julia Roberts named one of her twins Hazel, and more recently, actress Emily Blunt and actor John Krasinski picked it for their daughter. Other bearers include bluegrass actress Hazel Dickens, children’s author Hazel Hutchins, and actress Hazel Keech. Hazel has a lovely vintage feel to it and is perfect for a little girl.

4 Holly

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Holly is a flower-inspired name popular as an English or Irish surname and given name. Most people use this name as a given name for girls born during the Christmas festive season. Its variant is Holley and Hollie. Holly was quite popular in the 1970s and 1980s following a great decline. Its 1970s popularity was arguably the result of a character called Holly Golightly in the novella and film Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Holly is the name of famous people like fictional writer Holley Rubinsky, actress Holly Marie Combs, comedian Holly Walsh, and singer Holly Miranda. Holly is a perfect choice for December babies and it should definitely make a comeback.

3 Poppy

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Poppy is a girl’s name that comes from a flower that goes by the same name. While the name is not so common in the United States, it is a very common name in the United Kingdom. Arguably, this popularity stems from Poppy Honey Rosie, the daughter of the celebrity chef Jamie Oliver.

Other bearers of this name include television documentary director Poppy Adams, English actress Poppy Jhakra, actress Poppy Montgomery and English director and photographer Poppy de Villeneuve. It is also quite common as a fictional character name. Unlike most of the overtly sweet floral names, Poppy carries a lot of spunk and style to it.

2 Clover

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With nicknames like Clove, Coco, or Chloe, Clover is a charming and bold female name. It is of English origin and it means meadow flower. The name was very popular in the late 1800s and has continued to be in use over the years. Clover will make a unique choice for parents who want a perky name for their little girl.

Actor Neal McDonough and actress Natasha Gregson Wagner used this adorable name for their daughters. Actress Angelina Jolie even used it as a character name in the movie, The Good Shepherd. It is usually associated with good luck and prosperity and will definitely be a favorite among prospective parents.

1 Indigo

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Arguably, the number of girls with the name Indigo is far much greater than that of boys, despite the name being gender-neutral in most countries. Indigo is a plant from India that creates a deep bluish purple dye that is jewel-like in tone and depth. It is also one of the new and most appealing color names. Indigo has cute nicknames like Indi, Indie, Digo, Dee, or Diggie.

This name is unique, artistic, and different. Famous people who go by the name include actresses Indigo Rael, Indigo Carey, Indigo Evans, Indigo Sweet, producer Indigo Anton, and Artist Indigo Davis among others. Indigo is a brilliant choice for parents aspiring to have artistic and creative children.

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