25 Flower Baby Girl Names That Will Make Every Boy Want To 'Pick' Her

Expecting women go through a lot of exciting things before their baby arrives. One of those things is picking a name for the unborn child, which is not exactly as easy as it sounds.

Choosing the name that a future child will go by for the rest of their life is a huge deal, so many moms feel some pressure when trying to decide which one they are going to go with.

There are a lot of things that have to be taken into consideration when parents-to-be are deciding what to name the new addition to their family. For example, according to Today.com, some moms want to pick a name that is not already common. In cases like that, there are some websites that can help, as they can show expecting parents how popular some baby names are at the moment.

Also, it is fun to get creative. Moms-to-be can get inspiration for their baby’s name pretty much anywhere. As a matter of fact, there are quite a few baby girl names that were inspired by the great outdoors. Many of the prettiest names for baby girls were actually inspired by different types of flowers, making these names both stunning and unique.

25 Jasmine


There are a couple of really awesome reasons why any little girl would love to have this name. Firstly, it is inspired by a flower. Secondly, Jasmine is the name of a Disney princess.

According to Theflowerexpert.com, there are many different types of Jasmine flowers. Some of them have white petals, while others are a bit more on the colorful side.

This is a fairly popular name around different parts of the world. Jade, Amber, and Celeste are a few names that are similar to Jasmine.

24 Holly


When we hear someone say this name, there are a couple of things that usually come to mind. Holly makes many of us think about the holidays, and it also makes us think about the plant, or any people we might know that are named Holly.

Holly flowers are subtle, and yet beautiful. Furthermore, a character from the film Breakfast At Tiffany’s is named Holly, according to Nameberry.com. There are some names that are similar to Holly, such as Noelle and Mary.

23 Daisy


Daisy flowers look extremely sophisticated, which is part of the reason why Daisy makes such a great name for any little girl. In addition, the meaning of the name Daisy is “pearl.”

This type of flower is very meaningful in some areas. According to Theflowerexpert.com, daisies are supposed to be a symbol of new beginnings. Perhaps that is why daisies are decorations at many events, such as weddings. Daisy is also thought to be a different version of the name Margaret.

22 Violet


There are usually a couple of things that come to mind when the name Violet pops up. A lot of people think about the color or even the flower.

Violet is one of the most beautiful names there is, at least among the ones that were inspired by flowers. This name is a great choice for any little girl.

According to Nameberry.com, it was a popular name many years ago, but its popularity died down a bit for a while until recently.

21 Orchid


This name is definitely one for those who do not want to give their child a name that is already popular. Much like the flower it is based off of, Orchid is a gorgeous name for any little girl.

According to Flowermag.com, these flowers are absolutely bursting with soft and subtle hints of pink and purple, which makes these flowers look pretty unique, much like the name they have inspired. The name Orchid has not been plucked by many parents in recent years, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome.

20 Lily


Lilies are some of the most beautiful flowers out there, so of course, any parent who is interested in a name inspired by flowers might at least consider giving this one to their daughter. According to Nameberry.com, Lily was a name that was used by a lot of parents in the 1800s.

However, its popularity started to dip in the 1900s. But in the 1980s, many parents started using this name again. Lilies are stunning, so it is easy to see why so many people like this name.

19 Carnation


These flowers have a very bold color to them, which probably means this name will make any little girl stand out from the crowd. Some people refer to the carnation flower as “Dianthus,” which is a name that was given to it by a botanist, according to Theflowerexpert.com.

The name Carnation is very unusual. It is a rare one to hear, but it certainly is an awesome name for little girls. In addition, there are little to no names that are much like it.

18 Poppy


Some names are a bit delicate, while others have a lot of spunk to them, which is the case for this name. There are a few different types of poppy flowers, and their colors can range from a pale shade of pink to a dark crimson red.

Anyone named Poppy is likely to be an energetic and independent person. After all, poppy flowers require very little care and attention. According to Nameberry.com, Poppy hasn’t been used as a name for very long, but it has been a bit popular since parents began using it.

17 Iris


This is a fairly popular first name in some parts of the world. Apparently, this name is associated with quite a few beautiful colors, and the meaning of it is “rainbow.”

That is not really a big surprise, though. The flower that this name comes from actually comes in many different colors. According to Theflowerexpert.com, some of those colors are blue, white, purple, yellow, pink, orange, brown, red, and black. There are some names that are similar to this one, including Hazel and Ivy.

16 Lavender


Nearly everyone is familiar with lavender flowers. That is because they are not just beautiful. They are also incredibly useful in a number of ways, according to Gardendesign.com.

While the name Lavender is not getting as much attention from a lot of parents like other similar names are, it does seem to be gaining more popularity. Some names that are similar to it are Lilac, Clover, Amaryllis, Juniper, Olive, and Emerald.

Lavender flowers are usually associated with the color purple. But they also can be pink and white.

15 Begonia


Initially, this name might not sound that appealing. But anyone who has seen begonia flowers knows how gorgeous they are, which makes this name appear to be a great choice.

Begonia is a good name for a little girl with a bold and brave personality. The flowers that inspired this name are usually somewhat large, and they come in a variety of stunning colors.

For example, some of them are white or pink. Also, according to Theflowerexpert.com, others can be pink, red, or yellow.

14 Rose


Some of the names that have been inspired by flowers aren’t really that popular, despite how beautiful they are. But on the other hand, some of them have been incredibly popular, and that is where the name Rose comes in.

Rose is great for a couple of reasons. It is a pretty name, and it is also versatile. According to Nameberry.com, Rose can be used as either a first name or a middle name. A cute nickname for anyone named Rose is Rosie or Rosy.

13 Amaranth


Amaranth flowers go by a few different names. According to Plantcaretoday.com, some people call them amaranthus, while others refer to them as pigweed. However, amaranth sounds so pretty that some people have used it when choosing a name for their daughters.

Typically, this flower is associated with the bright fuchsia color it usually has. Furthermore, some awesome nicknames can come from the name Amaranth. Those who have this first name can shorten it to Amm or Mara if they want to.

12 Calla


A big part of what makes names so interesting is their history. While some names, such as Calla, might seem relatively new, that doesn’t mean they don’t have a fun and intriguing background attached to them.

Calla lilies have a connection to some ancient mythological tales. Additionally, they are very beautiful. In fact, the name Calla actually means “beautiful,” according to Nameberry.com.

One of the benefits of having this name is that not many others share it. But, it used to be a little bit popular in the 1800s.

11 Camellia


This name sounds similar to a few others, such as Amelia and Camila. Additionally, Camellia is a type of flower, according to Nameberry.com.

These flowers come in different shapes, and they also come in a variety of colors as well. Camellia flowers often come in shades of white, red, and pink. They can also have different color combinations as well.

As beautiful as this name is, it has not been used as much as some of the others that are similar to it. So that means this is not only a beautiful name but also a very distinct one.

10 Primrose


This name might sound at least a little bit familiar to fans of The Hunger Games book and film series. That is because Primrose is the name of the main character’s sister.

But another fun fact is that it is also a type of flower. These flowers usually bloom in the spring, and they often come in a variety of shapes and colors.

The meaning of the name Primrose is “first rose.” Also, according to Nameberry.com, this name has not been used in many different locations, which makes it quite unique.

9 Petunia


There are a few alternative versions of this name. A couple of them are Petal and Posy, according to Nameberry.com.

Additionally, petunias are a kind of flower. There are a couple of different types of petunias, and they are grandiflora and multiflora petunias. Grandiflora petunias have large flowers, while the other kind produces flowers that are actually a little bit smaller.

The name Petunia means “trumpet-shaped flower.” A few names that are a bit similar to Petunia are Topaz, Petula, and Blossom.

8 Dahlia


Dahlia is a gorgeous name, and it is also a type of flower. There was some negative publicity attached to this name years ago, which might have been what kept it from being very popular in the past.

But these days, the name is seeing a bit more use as more parents are choosing it for their daughters. As far as the flowers go, the best time to plant them is in the spring. According to Longfield-gardens.com, dahlias bloom in the summer and they continue all through the fall.

7 Zahara


This name comes from the Zahara zinnia flower. Also, anyone who is a fan of actress Angelina Jolie might think this name sounds a little bit familiar.

The actress gave this name to one of the children she adopted. The name Zahara has a couple of different meanings. One of them is “flower,” and the other one is “to shine,” according to Nameberry.com.

Despite the fact that this name is awesome and it belongs to Jolie’s child, it is still not very popular. Two other names that are similar to this one are Sahara and Zahra.

6 Heather


Heather seems to be a pretty common name, but the popularity of it has actually gone down in some parts of the world in recent years. However, it was massively popular between the years 1950 and 2000, according to Nameberry.com.

Heather is also a kind of flower as well. Heather flowers usually come in either pink or purple shades. Also, there are a lot of names that are very similar to this one. Some of the names that are similar to Heather are Dawn and Amber.

5 Magnolia


This is another stunning name inspired by plant life. Magnolia trees are known to grow some very beautiful white flowers.

In fact, these flowers are so pretty that they are often used in floral arrangements. One fun fact about these flowers is that they do not actually produce nectar. But, on the other hand, they do create a lot of pollen, according to Theflowerexpert.com.

Apparently, there are a few names that some people think are similar to Magnolia. A couple of them are Aurora and Opal.

4 Azalea


This name is another one that came from a flower. However, there is also another reason why it might sound familiar to some people.

Fans of music might know this name because of rapper Iggy Azalea, although her real name is Amethyst Amelia Kelly. According to Nameberry.com, this name means “a flower.”

Azalea isn’t used in many parts of the world. But it is somewhat popular in a few areas. This name has a new and fresh vibe to it.

3 Zinnia


This name is positively full of spunk, which isn’t surprising since the flower it is based off is usually extremely colorful. According to Nameberry.com, Zinnia is not exactly one of the most popular names out there.

That means that pretty much no one will forget hearing a name like this one. In addition, though this name might not be used much these days, there are some that are a bit similar to it. Some of the names that are like Zinnia are Clover, Oona, and Thora.

2 Marigold


Marigold flowers are as beautiful as their name makes them sound. They bring a little bit of sunshine with them wherever they are, which means that this is a great name for a parent to give to their little girl.

Any little girl with a name like this one is sure to be remembered and adored by anyone she meets. According to Nameberry.com, this name has appeared in a few books, including Once Upon A Marigold and Quartet In Autumn.

1 Kalina


This name is a bit different than some others that were inspired by flowers. Kalina itself is not the name of a flower, but the name means “viburnum.”

A viburnum is a plant that grows flowers. In fact, the flowers grow right above the leaves. According to Nameberry.com, there are some interesting variations of this name that parents might like if they want something that is similar to Kalina, but also a bit different. They are Kaline, Kalene, and Kalena.

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