25 Flower Child Names For Free Spirits

The seventies was a decade that many Millennials can only dream of growing up in. It was a decade of 8-track tapes, shag carpet, macrame, station wagons and protests. Some trends from the seventies are making their way back into our current culture. More and more one can spot bell-bottoms, floral headbands, french braids and lots of graphic tees with the iconic groovy seventies font on them. It’s no wonder Millennials are trying to replicate the style and peaceful vibes of the seventies!

"Flower child" originated as a synonym for hippie, especially among the idealistic young people who gathered in San Francisco and the surrounding area during the Summer of Love in 1967. It was the custom of "flower children" to wear and distribute flowers or floral-themed decorations to symbolize ideals of universal belonging, peace, and love. The mass media picked up on the term and used it to refer in a broad sense to any hippie.

Signs of belonging, peace and love, are signs many Millennials are searching for these days and they are using it as inspiration for everything. In fact, more and more Millennials are turning to the decade of nature-loving hippies to draw inspiration for baby names. Below is a list of 25 flower child baby names for free spirited babes. Keep reading for some dreamy baby name inspiration from Luna to Briar to Poppy, this is one nature infused baby name list!

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25 Cedar


Most commonly used for a boys name, but certainly one that is gender neutral, the name Cedar kicks off our list of flower child names. According to Nameberry.com, “Cedar is, like Ash, Oak, Pine and Ebony, one of the new tree/wood names that parents are starting to consider; this one is particularly aromatic.” Aromatic indeed, you can’t even say the word without the scent overtaking your brainwaves. The Cedar tree is the perfect inspiration for your nature loving babe, boy or girl! Plus, you can rest assured that it’s not too common. BabyNamesPedia.com states that it is not ranked in the top 1000 names.

24 Phoenix


A name all Harry Potter fans will swoon over, Phoenix is another name to consider for a boy or girl. According to NameBerry.com, “Phoenix rolls a lot of cool trends into one: it's a place-name and a bird name, it ends in the oh-so-hip letter x, and as the mythic bird that rose from the ashes, it's a symbol of immortality.” Growing in popularity, the name is rated at number 268 for boys names as of 2017. It is rated at number 363 for girls names. Another bird inspired name to consider that is not as trendy would be Sparrow.

23 Meadow


It does not get much more free-spirited than Meadow! Meadow evokes images of frolicking amongst rolling hills and wildflowers and getting in tune with nature. This makes Meadow perfect for any baby girl who will grow up spending lots of time outdoors. According to NameBerry, “Meadow is of English origin and it is also used mainly in English. It is from meadow ; maedwe which means 'meadow'.The name is derived from the common English word and ultimately of the Old English maedwe.” OhBabyNames.com suggests that characteristics of the name Meadow include mystical, wise, imaginative, eccentric, intuitive, philosophical and solitary.

22 Luna

Have a baby girl born on the night of a full moon? Luna would be the perfect name! Is Luna not the sweetest name ever? It’s perfect for any flower child baby, as the meaning of Luna is moon. According to NameBerry.com, the name Luna is of Italian origin. Luna happens to be another name Harry Potter fans are sure to love, thanks to Luna Lovegood. Additionally, John and Chrissy Teigen named their first child Luna, and the name has seen a rise in popularity ever since. It is currently ranked at number 37 on popularity charts, according to NameBerry.com. Despite its popularity, it’s a darling name that you likely won’t regret.

21 Briar

A name that is actually more common for a girl, but would work for a boy too, Briar is next on the list! This nature inspired name literally means a thorny patch. It’s an interesting meaning for a name, but you can’t deny that it sure sounds sweet! On the popularity of the name, BabyNamesPedia.com writes, “Briar is somewhat popular as a baby name for girls. The name's popularity has been growing since the 2010s; before that, it was of infrequent use only. Its usage peaked modestly in 2016 with 0.018% of baby girls being given the name Briar. Its ranking then was #799. Among all girl names in its group, Briar was the most popular in 2016. The name Briar has predominantly been a girl name, though it has also been given to boys in the past century. In 2015, 71% more girls than boys were given the name Briar.”

20 Atlas


The name Atlas can be used for a girl or boy, and it’s a super cool name either way! An Atlas is a book of maps, making it the perfect name for any little adventure baby. OhBabyNames.com states that characteristics of the name Atlas include; authoritative, powerful, tough, tenacious, wealthy, problem-solver and achiever. Need I go on? According to NameBerry.com, Atlas is of Greek-origin and is ranked at number 329 for boys names. Atlas as a girls name is much less common. Keep Atlas in mind while making your baby name lists if you want to raise a mighty little explorer.

19 Ivy


The name Ivy is another name for any outdoors loving parents to consider. The name is inspired by the green leafy plant and is actually an old and still relatively common name for a girl. NameBerry.com states, “Ivy -- associated with clinging vines -- also has an interesting history: ancient Greeks presented an ivy wreath to newlyweds as a symbol of fidelity. And in the language of flowers, Ivy signifies faithfulness.” The name has seen a rise in popularity ever since Beyonce and Jay Z named their daughter Blue Ivy in 2012. It is currently ranked at 108 on popularity charts, according to NameBerry.com.

18 Silas


Any kid with a name like Silas is sure to be a free-spirited, flower child babe! NameBerry.com states, “The name Silas is a boy's name of English, Latin origin meaning "wood, forest". Silas is ranked #120 on our popularity charts.” Most commonly used as a boys name, Silas is one seriously cool name for any child. OhBabyNames.com writes, “Early evidence of the name Silas can be found in the Bible, specifically the New Testament, and is a name of Greek and Latin origin. The Greek Σιλας and the Latin Silvanus literally translates to “of the forest” or “living in the woods,” derivative of “silva” meaning “wood.” I mean, can you get much more free-spirited than that?’

17 Cypress

Another name that is simply too cool, the next name on our flower child name list is Cypress! A Cypress is actually an evergreen tree, making the name perfect for any child who will be spending a lot of time exploring in the woods! It’s an uncommon name, not listed on any popularity charts for boys or girls, according to NameBerry.com. It is certainly one to consider if you are looking for something uncommon, but obviously super cute and earthy. If you like tree inspired names, you might also consider Oak and Juniper and the next name on the list!

16 Willow


Willow, perfect for any sweet Bohemian babe! The name has a seriously awesome meaning. OhBabyNames.com writes, “Willow is the English vocabulary word for the tree of the same name. The name comes from the Olde English “welig” which would morph into “willow” in modern English. The willow tree is known for its graceful elegance and its pliancy of wood. Willows grow in cold and temperate climates throughout the Northern Hemisphere and often near water. The tree’s branches can bend into unbelievable poses without breaking. In Celtic mythology there is a strong association between the willow tree and the moon/water, and as such connected with the metaphysical and encouragement of intuition and imagination. “ With multiple meanings, and all of them connected with the Earth, Willow is the perfect name choice for any little flower baby. Most commonly used for a girl’s name, it’s an interesting and uncommon name idea for a little boy as well!

15 River


A name that literally could not be more perfect for this list, River is an uncommon and charming name idea for a baby boy or girl. OhBabyNames.com writes, “River is the English vocabulary word for a ‘flowing body of water’ from the Old Anglo-Norman word “rivere” meaning the same. As a given name, River’s usage was inspired by the “hippie” generation of the 1960s when names like River, Rainbow, Sky, Summer and Echo came into vogue. The “peace, love and freedom” subculture of the 1960s and 70s choose names for their children which reflected their values embedded in pureness, oneness and nature.”

14 Lotus


Lotus is just one of the most darling names around! Much more commonly used as a girl’s name, Lotus is of Greek origin meaning “Lotus flower,” according to NameBerry.com If you need any more nudging to add this name to your list, google images of the Lotus flower. It is truly stunning inspiration for a little nature loving girl’s name. NameBerry.com writes, “Lotus is one of the most exotic and languorous of the flower names, with intriguing significance in both Buddhism and Hinduism, symbolizing purity, grace and spiritual growth--not to mention a familiar yoga position.” If you choose the name Lotus, you could also get a really cool lotus tattoo to commemorate the birth of your child. Again, turn towards Google for some seriously awesome lotus flower tattoo ideas (Do it even if you don’t like the name!)

13 Sage

An earthy choice for either gender, Sage is next up on the list! It’s a dainty name, and one you don’t hear all too frequently. It is ranked at number 309 in popularity for girls and number 472 in popularity for boys, according to NameBerry.com. OhBabyNames.com states that characteristics of the name Sage include; freedom-loving, adventurous, adaptable, intellectual, and easygoing. If you choose the name Sage, be sure to plant some in your own garden or even pot some to place in the nursery of your little one! Nothing clears a room of bad or negative energy like sage!

12 Aura

Aura, a name that is light, airy and magical. The name sounds as if it has been inspired by a woodland fairy. NameBerry.com states, “In Greek mythology, Aura was the Titan of the breeze and the fresh, cool air of early morning. But at odds with her peaceful, well, aura, the mythological Aura is a tragic figure, ultimately transformed into a fountain by Zeus. Aura is most commonly used as a girls name and is not currently present on any popularity charts, therefore you could rest assured your little Aura would likely not have any duplicates in her classroom!

11 Ophelia


I bet you already have that song stuck in your head don’t you? Thanks to the Lumineers, we’ve been hearing this name more and more, but with good reason! NameBerry.com suggests the name is of Greek origin and also writes the following in regards to its popularity, “Off the list since 1958, Ophelia reentered the US Top 1000 in 2015, and rose almost 400 spots in a year (the fourth-most of any girls' name) to reach Number 580 in 2016.” As of 2017 it was sitting at number 416. It’s a darling little folksy name that deserves it’s rise in popularity!

10 Journey


Don’t stop believing...in the possibility of the name Journey! Charming for a boy or girl, the name Journey is definitely derived from era of flower children. NameBerry.com writes, “One of the new word names, appealing to parents attracted to the idea of a spiritual -- or even an actual -- voyage. The Journee spelling is also being used.” Additionally, OhBabyNames.com writes, “Journey is the English vocabulary word for a trip or expedition. More specifically, however, journey implies a quest of some sort – the gradual passing from one state of being to another more advanced state (such as a spiritual journey).”

9 Paisley


Another dainty little name, Paisley draws inspiration from one groovy fabric print! Additionally, NameBerry.com states that The name Paisley is a girl's name of Scottish origin meaning "church, cemetery". Paisley is ranked at number 45 on popularity charts for girls and is not listed on popularity charts for boys names, according to NameBerry.com. According to OhBabyNames.com, characteristics of the name Paisley include; humanitarian, loving, community-minded, compassionate and sensitive. It’s truly a darling name option for a nature loving, boho little girl! So be sure to jot it down on your list of possible girls names. If you’re looking for a less popular option, you can opt for a double ee spelling, Paislee!

8 Indigo


Indigo is one of the most appealing and evocative of the new generation of color names. Color names have joined flower and jewel names -- in a big way -- and Indigo, a deep blue-purple dye from plants native to India, is particularly striking for both girls and boys,” writes NameBerry.com. Ranked at number 857 for girls names in popularity, and not making any boys popularity charts, it’s certainly an uncommon option, but an appealing one at that. Even if you don’t opt for the name Indigo, you can use the color for some serious nursery decoration inspiration. Look up indigo nurseries on Pinterest, add some batik pattern items and you have one boho nursery!

7 Oak

Super sweet and charming for a little girl, yet strong and sturdy for a boy, the name Oak is another gender neutral, free-spirited name for the list! NameBerry.com writes, “Oak, a symbol of solidity, strength, and longevity, is joining Cedar and Pine as a viable name, one that would work especially well in the middle.” Oak is not a common name, so if uncommon is what you are looking for, it’s a good option. A longer version, and more popular option, is the name Oakley. Oakley is still a free-spirited name if you’re looking for something a little more common.

6 Hazel


The name Hazel is a timeless option for any worldly little one with globe trotting parents. OhBabyNames.com writes, “The name Hazel originated from the English vocabulary word signifying the tree and the light reddish-brown nuts it produces (from the Olde English hæsel). The formation of the tree is one of crazy contortions and wild curly-Q branches with inconspicuous flowers and nut-like fruits. In Celtic legend, the hazel tree symbolized creativity and infinite knowledge, and provided an inspiration for art and poetry.” It’s definitely a nature inspired name, and one that is growing in popularity. NameBerry.com writes that it was ranked at number 43 for girls names in 2017.

5 Solar

Inspired for this list by the solar system, it’s a far-out name! In fact, it was ranked at number 18,432 as of 2017, according to BabyCenter.com. So if you are looking for a radical and unique name, look no further than Solar. It’s super cute and one-of-a-kind for either a boy or girl, and should definitely be a contender for that baby name list you are working on. Other more common names inspired by the solar system include Apollo, Orion, Nova and Luna. The vast solar system brings us tons of name inspiration for adventurous little babes with bright futures ahead of them!

4 Rowan


“Rowan is the name of a tree with red berries that's commonly found in Scotland (and said to ward off witches). Some scholars say this name has been used for girls as well as boys since the Middle Ages, though no Rowans are found outside literature until modern times,” writes NameBerry.com. The name Rowan is indeed charming for both a boy and a girl. The name is growing in popularity and is ranked at number 212 for girls names and number 140 for boys names, as of 2017, according to NameBerry.com. It’s a nature-inspired name that is perfect for this list, and a perfect possibility for your own list of possible names!

3 Wren


A name with an enchanting meaning, Wren is next on the list of free-spirited names! NameBerry.com writes, “Wren, a lilting songbird name, could be the next Robin. It makes a particularly pleasing middle name choice, as does her newly discovered cousin Lark. Wren entered the Top 1000 for the first time in 2012. This petite bird was regarded in Ireland as the "magician of the birds" and the Druids considered it a bird of prophecy. Thanks to an early fable, it has also been known as King of the Birds.” It’s another uncommon name, which makes it a great option if you’re looking for unique names!

2 Poppy


A fun, colorful and literally floral name, Poppy is a name not to be overlooked. Most commonly used as a girls name and inspired by the flower, OhBabyNames.com writes, “A poppy is a type of flower from the Papaveraceae family – a bright, colorful, happy looking flower that also (in some species) happens to produce opium from its seed pods. The name is derived from the Olde English “popæg” (poppy), probably borrowed from the Latin root “*pap-“ meaning “to swell”, perhaps in reference to the swell of the flowers’ gorgeous, ornamental blooms.” It ranks in at number 689 in popularity, so it is yet another unique name!

1 Iris


And to wrap up our list, we have one more floral inspired girls name, Iris. NameBerry.com writes, “Iris is one of the bouquet of turn-of-the-last-century flower names that is gradually beginning to regain its appeal: it is now at the highest point it has been since the Thirties.” The name currently ranks in at number 149, according to NameBerry.com. Additionaly, according to OhBabyNames.com, characteristics of the name Iris include; independent, individualistic, ambitious, strong-willed, inventive and successful. Aren’t those traits everything a Mama could dream for her daughter?! Iris is a great option for any free-spirited, flower baby!

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