25 Fresh Names Inspired By Spring

Spring is all about birth and rebirth. The days get longer and the sun seems brighter, maybe this is because expecting parents, and everyone else feels, like they can get more done with a little extra sunshine in their pockets. Ducklings, and baby moo cows reproducing on farms aren’t the only ones showing off their adorable new kin.

As the weather gets nicer, and people begin to wear short sleeves and expose their baby bumps. Let’s face it moms to be, we all know what was going down when it was cold outside, to keep a certain cute couple warm as soon as we see that baby belly emerge from under the bulky winter parka.

Spring is about opening up our windows and cleaning out the old to make room for the new, and in some cases the new might be the latest addition to a cute little family. People can play outside, and not worry about their little ones getting frost bite, as joggers, bikes, and our walking shoes make their way out of storage.

In spring everything is renewed as grey and brown turns to green. In fact, a 2012 study revealed that people who saw green before completing a challenge were able to come up with more creative solutions, so what a perfect way to explore some fresh and unique baby names inspired by spring!

These names have been inspired by nature and the weather, so have a look at the cute and inspiring names to find something familiar, new and definitely not worn out to name the coming bundle of joy after.

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25 April

The month of April screams spring, and so does this simply adorable girl's name. April means open, which is perfect for new parents who are going to be opening up their homes and hearts to a beautiful new child. April is the fourth month of the year in the Gregorian calendar and the very first month of the year to have 30 spring filled days.

In the Northern Hemisphere April is right in the thick of spring, where it is autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. A number of the Roman months were named to honor specific divinities, and April is no different, the month of April was sacred to goddess Venus, also known as Aphrodite in Greek mythology.

This little girls name currently ranks 744 in terms of popularity on Nameberry.

24 Attwell

Water is a big part of what brings us life, and what could be more refreshing than a baby name that means live by the spring or water? Attwell is a name that is English in origin and comes from atwell, meaning literally at the well.

This name first became known among the Anglo-Saxon tribes of Britain since the early middle Ages, most notably in the areas of Oxfordshire and Cambridgeshire. This rare name is a good fit for a little boy or girl with nicknames including Attie or Welly.

The Soul Urge Number for Attwell is six and people with this name are believed to have a deep seeded desire for a stable loving family and community. They also thrive when they are able to work well with others and successfully collaborate.

23 Aviv/Avi

Aviv is a name that is Hebrew in origin and means spring. It is strongly associated with the city of Tel Aviv, so those with family roots that connect to Tel Aviv may want to pay tribute to their heritage with this name.

Aviv is considered a baby girl's name, and a rare one at that, and is currently ranking 8695 on Nameberry in popularity, so girls with this name aren’t going to have to worry much about a classmate or colleague ever having the same name. A much more popular variation of this name for little boys is Avi, which means my father in Hebrew.

Avi is a short form of Avraham, and also makes a solid name choice on its own, most popular in Israel. The name Avi entered the top 1000 in the US for the very first time in 2015 and currently ranks 2026 on Nameberry.

22 Birdie

Birdie is a chirpy little girl’s name that is English in origin. The name means little bird or birdlike, and until fairly recently was seen as an outdated name, most known amongst little old ladies and their friends (think Ethel, Millie, and Hazel, many of which are all making a comeback).

This name was most common in the 1880’s and was even a top 100 name. Actors Busy Philipps and Maura West named their daughters Birdie, with the name inspired by the First Lady Bird Johnson. Since this name is a little off the wall, some parents may prefer to use it as a middle name, or even a nickname instead of a first name.

This name may be making a big comeback, ranking higher than it has in a long while at 464 in popularity in 2017.

21 Bluebell

Bluebell is a perfect middle name for a hint of spring in your little girl's step. This flower name is far less common than the Roses and Lillys of the world, but has a freshness to it that could make it a contender to become a classic favourite one day. Bluebells are known as the fairy flowers, perfect for your little pixie!

There is a myth that if you wear a bluebell around your neck you will always tell the truth. Bluebell is also a small suburb of Dublin City Ireland for anyone who wants a name tying their babe back to Ireland. This name gained some press and notoriety when Geri (aka Ginger Spice) named her daughter Bluebell.

While some people prefer this name for pets others find it quite charming and it’s not nearly as rare as most would think. It’s currently ranking 547 in popularity on Nameberry.

20 Bradwell

Bradwell is another unusual English name that means from the broad spring. This is another name that can be associated with running water and streams that can all be associated with a rainy spring. Bradwell is of Anglo-Saxon origin and people with the name were most commonly from Chester or Derby.

This surname was first recorded in Suffolk where a family seat was held as long ago as ancient times. The name Bradwell has an Expression number of five and people with this name are believed to be excited by change and adventure. They are interesting, dynamic, visionary and flexible, thriving with a sense of freedom.

People with this number tend to be eternal optimists, a key contributing factor to what people love about spring. They have a great energy and make friends very easily. Nicknames or variations from this sweet boy's name include: Bradley, Brad, Radler, and Welly.

19 Brooke/ Brook, Brooks

Brook is another water name for spring that can be used for both boys and girls as a stylish choice made popular by Brooke Shields who took it on as her celebrity persona. Shields was originally named Christa and borrowed this name from a young socialite named Roberta Brooke.

Although Brooke peaked in popularity well over a decade ago, the name currently ranks 782 on Nameberry for little girls. Characters named Brooke are commonplace in popular soaps like The Bold and the Beautiful, All My Children, Melrose Place, and One Tree Hill.

For a boy this name is often used without the E, or even better with the addition of an S for the more masculine version of this name, Brooks. Chynna Phillips and Billy Baldwin named their girl after a babbling spring Brook.

18 Bud

Bud is often a nickname, and rarely a first name, but still a fine tribute to spring and the budding leaves and flowers. Bud is an English baby name and derived from the term buddy meaning friend. Even comedian Bud Abbott wasn’t really named Bud, he was named William Abbott.

Bud is a rare boy name currently ranking 2942 in terms of popularity on Nameberry, so even in the spring plants are named bud, not babies. Some parents who grew up watching the popular show Married with Children may connect the name negatively with perpetual loser character Bud Bundy and want to skip it.

Other Notable people who share the name (or nickname) include actor Bud Cort, MLB commissioner Allan Huber “Bud” Selig, and NFL Football player and coach Harry Peter “Bud” Grant.

17 Caldwell

Caldwell is another family surname that’s meaning can be figured out by simply breaking it down. The name combines cald (cold) and well or spring and stream and is English, Scottish and Northern Irish in origin. This is a fantastically fresh and unique name that can be used for a little girl or boy and is really uncommon.

This name has an Expression number of nine, and people with this name are passionate, compassionate, and romantic people with magnetic personalities that draw people in. They are generally open-minded and generous and do best when they follow careers where they are able to help people.

Because they are so giving they may be taken advantage of. They are sensitive souls who are quick to fall in love, and have fiery tempers.

16 Claire

Claire means bright and clear, like the perfect crisp spring day or wonderful small child. This little girl's name comes from the French name Clara. People love this name because it is distinctly feminine, but not overtly frilly, and is a modern classic that will never be mistaken for a trendy name choice.

This name is currently popular, ranked 49 in 2015 and has continued to climb the charts reaching the top 20 at 19 in 2017. The name can also be spelled Clare, Clair, and some even like the Italian version of the name Chiara.

Notable people who share the name include Medieval Saint Clare of Assisi (the patron saint of television because of her power to see events from afar), Claire Danes, Claire Forlani, and Footballer Claire Rafferty.

15 Daisy

Daisy is a lovely flower name that is diminutive of Margaret. Simple, fresh, and often wholesome this is a perfect “All American” name that takes its meaning from the expression “day’s eye” since the flower’s petals open up at daybreak. Daisies belong to one of the largest plant families and are found everywhere on earth with the exception of Antarctica.

Daisies represent purity and innocence, with edible leaves and have a number of medicinal properties which might be why we sometimes see them in salads.

Daisy is a well-used name in popular culture including characters like, Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby, Donald Duck’s love interest Daisy Duck, the girl next door Daisy from The Dukes of Hazard, and elder lady legend Driving Miss Daisy. Today Daisy is a top 100 name, currently ranking at 99 on Nameberry.

14 Denver

This is a place name, which also means green valley, and was once a popular name. It can also mean “from Anvers.” At its peak, in the roaring 1920’s, Denver ranked 422 for little boys. Today it’s an uncommon 2574. This name is a great retro throwback that is cute on a baby girl or boy.

The name is of French and English in origin. Denver Colorado is known as the Mile High City with over 200 peaks visible in the skyline. In 2016, Denver Colorado was ranked as the best place to live in the US by US News and World Report, it’s also among one of the thinnest cities in America.

Notable People with the name include: Toni Morrison character Denver from the book Beloved, and singer John Denver.

13 Easter

Sheryl Crow once sang about someone having a daughter named Easter who was born on a Tuesday night in her song “Every Day Is a Winding Road”, so why not consider this name for your little girl? This holiday celebration name has been used for hundreds of years and is English in origin, coming from the German Goddess named Eostre.

This is the perfect name for your spring time baby for anyone who likes the name Esther, but wants something a little more seasonal. Easter hit the top 1000 for the first several decades of the 20th Century, but has become a rarer name selection in recent years.

Jasmine Guy plays a character named Easter in the TV miniseries Queen. Today the name Easter ranks 2716 in popularity on Nameberry. Nicknames could include: East, Terry, or Aster.

12 Green

This color inspired name is perfect for anyone who loves that vibrant shade that comes out this time of year. The name has English and Germanic roots and comes from the word “grene” with the same root as the associated words grass and grow.

This name could also pay tribute to a family name, and would make a wonderful middle name for both little boys and girls of nature loving parents. Green is one of the most common English surnames. This rare name ranks 4710 on Nameberry in popularity for little boys, and 6844 for little girls.

Surveys show that the color green is associated most often with nature, life, health, spring, hope, and envy. People who like this name might also enjoy the name options of Forest, Amethyst, or North. Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke’s son’s middle name is Green.

11 Indigo

This deep rich color is associated with blue and ultramarine and one of the seven colors in the rainbow, so why not name your daughter or son after this bright and vibrant colour! This is also associated with the name of the indigo dye coming from plants from India, which we often associate with blue jeans.

The first known tracking of the word Indigo as a color name in the English language was in 1289. This name is a rare one ranking at 1056 for girls and 1578 for boys on Nameberry, although some think that it has joined flower and jewel names in terms of its simple vibrancy.

Cultural references to Indigo include folk duo The Indigo Girls and the classic Duke Ellington jazz number “Mood Indigo." Actor Lou Diamond Phillips named his daughter Indigo.

10 Kelby

Kelby is a Teutonic baby name (a Germanic branch of the Indo-European language family) that is primarily used for little boys. The name means from the farm by the spring, and seriously what says spring more than a day at the farm with this sweetly unusual name?

The name Kelby is an expression number one and people with this name tend to become leaders instead of followers because of their powerful personalities. They are goal oriented and are creative with an ability to implement their novel ideas well. They are often seen as brave, but sometimes a little aggressive.

Because they are creative and leaders themselves they tend to resist authority. They are also proud, and sometimes impatient. This is another first name based on British last names, and many feel it is a solid and more masculine sounding alternative to the similar name Shelby. Kelby ranks a rare 3785 for boys on Nameberry.

9 Laurel

This sweet and romantic little girl's name is a refreshing alternative to the more common Laura. The name is after a laurel tree, and is seen as a gentle plant based name option. In Ancient Rome the laurel wreath was used to signify success and peace and the Ancient Greeks used crowns of laurel leaves to honor the winners of the Pythian Games.

Later on crowns of laurel were used to denote academic successes and continue to have an Ivy League feel. Laurel tresses can grow as high as 50 feet (the shrubs 15), and sassafras, cinnamon, and avocado trees all belong to the laurel family.

The name Laurel peaked in popularity in 1956 when it ranked 241 in popularity, currently it’s seeing a resurgence in ranking at 226 so far for 2017 on Nameberry.

8 March

The great thing about March is that it’s one of the only months that also works for little boys, and is the only name that will. March marks the equinox on the 20th or 21st each year. This name is much more unique than other name months, perhaps because it seems a little harsh compared to April, May, and June.

This short and simple name is worth considering as a first or middle name. Fans of literature may swoon at this name as it is the surname of the girls from Louise May Alcott’s novel, Little Women. Others may think of the March Hare from Lewis Carroll’s stories of Alice in Wonderland.

This name currently ranks 5082 for little girls and 2348 for little boys on Nameberry in 2017. “Springtime is the land awakening. The March winds are the morning yawn.” Lewis Grizzard

7 May/Mae

The month of May was named after a Greek Goddess named Maia, the Goddess of Fertility. The Romans also had a similar Goddess who went by the name of Bona Dea and the name evolved over time. May was first known as May in the Middle Ages in the 1400’s. Origins aside, this is such a sweet name for a little girl born in the spring.

In the 1880’s May ranked 57 in popularity on Nameberry and started as one of the number of pet forms of the names Mary and Margaret.

"The world's favorite season is the spring. All things seem possible in May." Edwin Way Teale. The name May is popular among celebrities with Emily Morton, Madeline Stowe and Jodie Sweetin using May as first and middle names for their daughters.

6 Maxwell/Magnus

Maxwell is a Scottish little boy’s name that means great stream or Magnus Spring. Many people like this name because it’s a little less formal than Maximilian and can be easily shortened to Max. The name saw a brief revival thanks to television and movie character Maxwell Smart.

Lance Armstrong named his son Maxwell, and Jessica Simpson used this usually male name for her daughter. Some parents prefer to skip Maxwell and take the alternative Magnus, which celebs Kristy Swanson, Elizabeth Banks, and Will Ferrell selected for their sons. Magnus remains a popular choice in Scandinavia, and was the name of a number of kings from Norway and Denmark.

Today Magnus remains a top 10 baby boy name in Denmark and Norway.

Anyone who loves literature can take pleasure in the fact that Charles Dickens approved of their name as he wrote in The Pickwick Papers, "'Magnus is my name. It's rather a good name, I think, sir.”

5 Midori 

While many may think of the bright pinks and purples of blooming cherry blossoms in the spring in Japan, a fantastic name choice for a baby comes from the Japanese Midori, meaning green. The color has been described as a bright and true green, the essence of spring.

In Japanese culture names of colors are meant to symbolize human qualities. Green is connected to fame. In North American culture green can be connected to energy, excitement, and action. Midori is the name of a sweet, vividly green colored melon flavored liqueur, that is made in Japan, USA, Mexico and France, although was strictly a Japanese product until 1987.

Midori is a beautifully rare name choice reflecting the crisp lushness of spring. It currently ranks 2442 on Nameberry in Popularity. Notable people who share the name include elite Japanese Violinist, Midori Goto.

4 Rain

A light spring shower is the perfect name for a little girl or boy born in the midst of April showers or a dewy May or June morning. Rain can symbolize cleansing and rebirth. This nature name is a fantastic middle name, and has many different spellings and versions including Raine, Raina, Rainn, Rayne, Reine, or Reign.

Some prefer to connect it with the bright and colorful Rainbow. Rain currently ranks 1152 in popularity on Nameberry for girls and 2083 for boys. Although the name is usually given to little girls actor Rainn Wilson has helped to give this traditionally female name a more masculine context.

“Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.” John Ruskin.

3 Spring

While Spring as a name may not have the modern edge of the name Winter it is still a fantastic name for a little girl. Spring is a symbol for rebirth and a new life, rejuvenation, regrowth and renewal. What better way to celebrate this new season within your own family?

The name Spring is a relatively new name and did not begin ranking in the top 1000 names until after 1975. The first day of spring is known as the Vernal Equinox, and Equinox is Latin for equal days since the first day of Spring provides us with 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of night everywhere on earth with the two being almost equal.

The Vernal Equinox happens when the tilt of the earth’s axis in neither facing towards or away from the sun. Spring currently ranks 1456 in terms of popularity for little girls.

2 Verna

Verna is a more sophisticated and formal way to say spring, as it is a Latin word that means spring time. It is a strong and powerful sounding name.

The first day of spring is Persian New Year, called Nowruz or “The New Day”, a celebration which lasts 13 days and is celebrated in Iran, the North Caucasus, and Kurdish parts of Turkey, and Northern Iraq, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and other scattered populations in Central Asia.

For those looking for a lighter floral based middle name to accompany Verna, perhaps select one of the first spring flowers like Lilac, Iris, or Lilly.

Notable people who share the name include: Italian actress Virna Lisi, author Verna Allette Wilkins, Operatic Soprano Mary Curtis Verna, and Argentine politician Carlos Verna.

1 Weldon

Weldon is an English name well-suited for a little boy. It means hill near a spring. Weldon is a locational surname that has been around since before the Seventh Century and comes from Olde English "waella" which means a spring and "dun," a mound or hill or even possibly "dene," a valley.

These names were usually given to the Lord of the Manor and his kin, and even to people who left the village to roam elsewhere. The first known written recording of this name was in 1273. People named Weldon have a Soul Urge number of 11 are said to want to inspire others towards their higher cause.

People named Weldon are also believed to be intensely spiritual people. This rare choice of a name currently ranks 3453 in popularity on Nameberry.

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