25 Fresh Names That Are On The Rise

2019 is just around the corner and we are ready to welcome in a brand new year. There are a lot of babies set to make their debut in the final year of the 2010s and as such we believe they ought to have names that are just as fresh as them. Many new parents are on the hunt for a name that will leave them excited for the arrival of their little one. Though popular names will always have a place in mom and dad's heart, names that are original and unique with a touch of timelessness will always get the final approval.

What makes a name fresh is its ability to stand out; to have certain letters that aren't commonly used and that will make those who hear it do a double take. They are often transferred surnames; names plucked from nature or cities on a map. You'd be surprised at the treasure chest of names waiting to be discovered by spinning through a globe. These 25 names are names mom and dad have rarely heard or haven't heard at all. They are beautiful and full of sparkle that there is no doubt they will be topping charts in the new year.

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25 Roman

This is one of the traditional names on the list but it is still as fresh as the day it made it's baby charts list debut. Roman has Latin origins and dates back to the Roman empire. The name comes from the Latin word Romanus which means of Rome or a citizen of the Roman Empire.

Classic names associated with power is a favorite amongst parents today putting this name in high demand. Roman is currently in the top 100 on popular baby name charts. It's also pretty popular amongst celebrities with actresses Cate Blanchett, Molly Ringwald, and Debra Messing choosing the name for their little boys.

24 Greyson

Surely, you've come across this name once or twice during your search for the right name for your baby boy. This is a fresh name that follows the trend of transferred surnames. Greyson has English origins and means gray-haired, son of the Gray family or son of Gregory. Greyson is a popular pick for parents today.

Sitting in the top 100 on popular baby name charts, this name has been rising on the charts since 2017. Little boys named Greyson are believed to be dependable, hardworking, and studious.

23 Axel

Axel is a name that you can't help but do a double take when you see it. This name is short, packs a lot of spunk, and is one of the freshest names on the list. Axel has Scandinavian and Hebrew origins. There's the illustrious "x" letter in the name that is oh so appealing to parents in search of a name that stands out.

Axel is also perfect for parents who want a name that offers a different sound than the norm. Especially if those parents are hard metal rock fans since this name is no doubt popular because of the lead vocalist Axl Rose of Guns N' Roses. Axel continues to grow in popularity on baby name charts.

22 Kinsley

We love this name for its originality and simplicity. It doesn't sound like any other girl name and it's great for parents of baby girls who want a name that isn't too feminine. Kinsley has English origins and has a surprisingly simple meaning.

Kinsley means king's field. This name is considered to be a unisex name but parents expecting little girls have been turning to this name more than for boys. Currently, Kinsley is in the top 50s on popular baby name charts.

21 Ava

There's something lovely about a name that is short and sweet. And this seems to be the trend in baby names. Gone are the days of long spelling names that will take a little one eons to master spelling. Short spelling names are the go-to pick for a lot of parents and Ava is one of the top picks. Ava has Hebrew origins.

There are many guesses as to where Ava originated from. Some believe it is a derivative of Avis which means bird. Many believe Ava is a shortened form of Chava which means life or living one and is the Hebrew form of Eve. Little girls named Ava are believed to be humanitarians, loving, and compassionate.

20 Camila

It's pretty difficult not to be drawn to a name like Camila. It's soft in sound and beautiful without knowing what it means. Camila is such an elegant name. It's gentle on the eyes and very easy to say. Camila has Italian origins. It is currently in the top 50s on popular baby name charts and continues to grow in popularity amongst parents. It is believed to have originated as the feminine form of Camillus relevant to ancient Roman religion and was an old Roman family name.

19 Esme

Without going any further we can tell that Esme is different, a lovely different. Definitely one of the names on the list for parents of baby girls who want something nott too feminine. Esme has French origins and means esteemed, beloved. Derived from the French Esme which means love.

Some believe that esme is a variant of Aime which means beloved which isn't hard to see the correlation. Like many names that grow in popularity, people believe that Esme has grown in appeal because of its appearance as a character name in the Twilight Saga.

18 Riley

Riley brings to the list that fresh sound to a girl's name. Although considered to be unisex, Riley has been growing in popularity as the perfect name for baby girls. Riley has Old English origins. It is believed that Riley is from the Old English ryge leah which means wood clearing and also means valiant. Riley is also considered to be a transformed name from the Irish surname Reilly.

Transferred surnames are very popular and are a fresh approach to selecting a unique name for babies born in the new millennium. Riley is presently in the top 100 on popular baby name charts.

17 Charlotte

Believe it or not, vintage names are making a comeback on baby name charts. While many parents are seeking the help of the cosmos and nature to assist in finding the perfect name, sometimes taking a quick glimpse of the past can be an ideal source.

Charlotte has German origins. It is believed to be derived as the feminine form of the male Charlot which is a diminutive of Charles. Charlotte means free man or petite. The name Charlotte dates back to the 14th century. Little girls with the name Charlotte are believed to be creative, happy, and social.

16 Oakley

Names with unconventional letters in their makeup are beginning to trend. They are different and stray away from the traditional starting and ending "a." Oakley has Anglo-Saxon origins and is believed to be a habitational name that means field of oak trees. According to numerologists, children with the name Oakley are believed to have a deep inner desire to create and express themselves. Often this will be through acting, writing, or singing. Not as present on baby name charts like the other names on this list, Oakley has been growing in popularity since 2017 and it is believed to be one of the popular names picked for 2019.

15 Easton

This is another name that is perfect for little girls with parents who want a name that has a touch of femininity. Easton has English and Scottish origins and means from east town. It's a unique name making it less likely that your little one will share this name with a classmate when they finally reach school age. Easton, like many of the names on this list, was originally a surname. This name is considered to be a gender-neutral name but many parents are turning to this name for their little girls.

14 Nova

Short spelling names as mentioned earlier in this list is becoming a favorite amongst parents. Nova has Latin origins and means new. The native American meaning for Nova is "chases butterflies." Nova even has a magical meaning associated with the name. In astronomy, Nova is a natural occurrence where a star suddenly becomes a thousand times brighter and then fades to its original brightness. Currently, Nova is a popular name on the baby name charts and is currently in the top 100.

13 Aurora

Aurora is a stunning baby name for a little girl and it is also very fresh sounding. No matter the time, we are sure that Aurora will continue to have all the qualities of a show-stopping name. Aurora has Latin origins and means dawn.

In mythology, Aurora was the name of a mythical Roman goddess of the dawn. The name grew in popularity after it appeared as the main character's name in the fairy tale The Sleeping Beauty. Little girls given this name are believed to be destined to be visionaries and to inspire others.

12 Frankie

Masculine sounding names for little girls is all the rave and is a fresh take on baby naming. It goes against the grain and questions the status quo. And what results is a transferred cute nickname which becomes the perfect pick for baby girls. Frankie has French origins and means free. It is actually a nickname for a young Frank.

Frankie is considered to be a unisex name so it's perfect for little boys too. But we just love it as a little girls name since it is adorable and has just the right amount of girly.

11 Liam

Here's a name that is very modern but has a touch of the classics too. Parents have fallen in love with the name Liam and for good reason. Besides the short spelling, Liam has taken a name that is very common and offered a fresh twist that is unforgettable.

Liam has Irish origins and is believed to be a shortened version of Ulliam and William. The name Liam means strong-willed warrior and protector. Liam made it to the number 1 position on popular baby name charts.

10 Hazel

Some names are pretty in sound and take your breath away no matter how long they've been in existence. And Hazel is that name. Color names and names related to nature are very popular these days among parents. Hazel has English and Hebrew origins. The name Hazel is taken from the name of the hazelnut tree.

Hazel is believed to mean God sees in Hebrew. Currently, Hazel is in the top 50s position on popular baby name charts. Little girls given the name Hazel are believed to grow up and be wise, intuitive, and imaginative.

9 Meadow

As mentioned, nature names are a wonderful pick for babies born today. They're associated with a feeling and because they are related to nature, they have staying power. Meadow is one of those nature names with a simple meaning.

The name Meadow means a grassy field. It has English origins and is considered to be an earthy name. Meadow is not as popular as a lot of the names on this list but it is still just as appealing and fresh as the others.

8 Xavier

Xavier has that prestigious ring to it. It has the alluring "x" letter at the start of the name making this a fresh pick for a lot of parents in search of a standout baby name. Xavier has Spanish, Arabic, and Basque origins. It means bright; splendid; new house. This name holds ties to the near and distant past.

The name Xavier originated as a Basque place name during the middle ages. It was also the name of a Spanish-Cuban bandleader who introduced Latin American dance music.

7 Jolene

Elegant, simple, and refined are the descriptions that come to mind whenever we see the name, Jolene. The name Jolene has Middle English origins. For parents in search of a name with meaning may frown at the fact that a name so pretty doesn't really have a solid meaning. Jolene doesn't have a meaning of its own since it is considered to be a modern name.

Name experts believe that the name Jolene was derived from the name Joseph which in Hebrew means he God will increase. Many parents like to shorten this name and call their little one Jolie.

6 Oliver

This is one of those names that are timeless and a pick for parents who love vintage baby names that are still relevant today. The popularity of this name has made it clear that Oliver is here to stay. Oliver has English origins and means the olive tree. This name is literally a name surrounded in peace.

The olive tree, in which Oliver originated from, in the bible symbolizes fruitfulness, beauty, and dignity. In modern times, extending the Oliver branch is a symbol of peace. Much like its feminine counterpart Olivia, Oliver is currently in the top 10s on popular baby name charts.

5 Jaxson

We love Jaxson because it's like a reincarnated baby name. The trend in baby names are names that are repurposed so to say. Born from traditional names and even surnames. Jaxson is a perfect example of this. Jaxson has English origins and is a modern version of the old surname Jackson which means son of Jack.

This lovely spin on a classic is a win-win for parents who want that vintage sound with a millennial twist. Young boys with the name Jaxson are believed to grow up to be compassionate, loving, and kind.

4 Aubrey

This is a beautiful pick for little girls and perfect for parents looking for a light-airy name for their baby girls. Aubrey has English origins and is believed to be a derivation of the German name Alberic. This name has such a lovely ring to it that it's almost surprising how modest the meaning of Aubrey is.

The name Aubrey means elf ruler and is considered to be a unisex name. However, many will agree that Aubrey makes for an elegant little girls name and is the perfect pick for daughters.

3 Kennedy

What makes this name great is that it's different but still familiar. We're used to seeing this name attached as a surname and not really a given name. Today, things have changed. Parents are getting creative with available names and making it their own. Kennedy falls in that fresh new category of transferred names.

Kennedy is believed to be an Anglicized version of the Irish Gaelic name Cinneidigh which means helmeted chief. It's also considered to be a unisex name. As you may already know, Kennedy is a popular surname thanks to the well-known Kennedys.

2 Willow

The name Willow is a name that is easy to fall in love with. There is so much relevant symbolism in one name that it's almost amazing how many parents aren't flocking to this name. Willow has English origins and means slender, graceful.

Inspired by nature, Willow is a name of a tree that is known for its slender and graceful branches and leaves. According to experts, characteristics of little girls named Willow includes them being dependable, studious, and hardworking.

1 Luna

Luna has become a favorite amongst parents of little girls. This name has a short spelling with stylish feminine appeal. For parents who are looking for a name that is literally out of this world, Luna might be the pick you've been searching for. Luna has Latin origins and means the moon. In mythology, Luna was one of the names of Artemis the moon goddess. Luna is a popular baby girl name and is currently in the top 20 on popular baby name charts.

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