25 Futuristic Baby Girl Names That Are Actually Gorgeous

Times have indeed changed! Gone are the days that parents would name their children after their favorite characters in the Bible or name them after relatives. The most common practice used to be naming children after their grandparents, uncles, and aunties. However, today's parents are more daring, creative, and versatile. They are adopting hip names and making an effort to look for different and exciting names for their little ones.

The Internet has played a major role in helping parents come up with audacious names. Thanks to the Internet, many parents can now search for trendy names for their young ones. They are able to connect with other parents online and discuss current cool baby names. Moms and dads to be can also search for the latest celebrity baby names and adopt some of these names for their newborn babies. Another trend in use today is to pick names from things or words from other cultures and languages that symbolize or mean something dear to the parents.

Children are thus becoming more and more appreciative of the names their parents are giving them. There are fewer and fewer cases of children applying for their names to be changed once they become much older, a process that has in the past proven to be cumbersome and unnecessary had the parents taken more interest in giving their children unique names.

Below are a few gorgeous baby girl names we think baby girls will be glad to go by that are hip and will remain trendy even in future.

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25 Bijou

Via: elitedaily.com

Bijou pronounced as Bee-Zhoo is a gorgeous girl’s name. It comes from the French and means jewel. Some people also spell it as Bijoux. This name is currently not overused and will make a great name for future parents looking for a pretty and sassy name for their young ones.

Bijou is already a familiar name in the US, singer John Philips' daughter who is now a famous actress is called Bijou Lilly Philips. Other bearers of this name include stage actress Bijou Fernandez and daughter of TV Host Daphne Oz, Philomena Bijou Jovanovic. Bijou will definitely be a hit in future with the little jewels sure to shine so bright in their future.

24 Aisling

Via: AliExpress.com

Aisling is a beautiful Irish name for girls, which means dream or vision. Pronounced as ASH-ling, its use began in the 20th century. Aisling is a modern name derived from two commonly used names, Ashley and Lynn. Aisling is being used sparingly in the US and will make a great name choice for future parents looking for a unique and pretty name.

With variants like Ashling, Aisleen, Aislinn, and Aislene, Aisling has a unique feel to it that will make it popular in the future. Very few celebrities go by this name like Irish comedian Aisling Bea, Australian Olympian Aisling Jones, and Irish-Italian actress Aisling Franciosi.

23 Nisha

Via: hollywoodlife.com

Nisha, which has a beautiful sound when pronounced, is a new and modern Hindu name. The name means night and does not necessarily belong to baby girls only born at night. Nisha’s popularity began in the late 1990s and its popularity is still on the rise. It has spelling variants like Neesha, Nishaa, and Neesha.

Famous people who have made the name even more popular include Nepalese actress Nisha Adhikari, Indian actress Nisha Agarwal, British actress Nisha Nayar, and South African blogger Nisha Varghese. Nisha will make a gorgeous name for an elegant and cool young lady who we are sure will live to love her name.

22 Aria

Via: pintrest.com

Aria is one of those short and classy names that begin and end with the letter A. It has various meanings. In Italian it means air, in the Albanian language it means gold, and in Hebrew it means lioness. When it comes to music, an aria is a self-contained piece for one voice.

Use of the name began in the 1990s and with its current rising popularity; it will be a fast choice among parents in the future. A few famous Aria’s include  actress Aria Wallace, Filipina singer Aria Clemente, opera singer Aria Tesolin and singer and actress Aria Johnson. Aria will definitely remain a timeless and adorable name for a girl.

21 Ciel

Via: dhgate.com

Ciel is a cool French name that means sky. Usage of the name began in the 19th century and has never been quite popular. It is a rare and unusual name but in a good and different way.

Ciel will make a perfect choice for future parents looking for that unique name for their daughter. Supermodel Niki Taylor chose this simple yet evocative name for her daughter. Another popular bearer is Ciel Bergman a painter of Swedish origin. Ciel has also been used as a fictional character name on the small screens. We hope the sky will be the limit for all the girls who will go by this name.

20 Tessa

Via: independent.co.uk

Tessa is a remarkable feminine name that means to reap or to gather. Believed to be a more modern version of the names Tess and Theresa, it is of Greek origin. Tessa was popularly used as a diminutive for Theresa but now stands perfectly on its own as a modern invented name.

Tessa is both pretty and full of spunky vibes perfect and lovely for any little girl. Because of its awesomeness and nice meaning, Tessa will likely be popular in the future. A few famous Tessas include actress Tessa Lynne, a poet Tessa Allen, and Canadian Olympic ice dancer Tessa Virtue.

19 Stormi

Via: pintrest.com

Stormi is an adorable baby girl name. Stormi is the calmer version to the two spelling variants Storm and Stormy and is both unique and different. This name's popularity began in 2018 and is likely to remain popular in the future.

Stormi was barely used or known to many as a name until recently when television reality superstar Kylie Jenner and rapper Travis Scott named their daughter Stormi Webster. Another famous bearer is Miss Teen USA 2009, Stormi Bree Henley. Stormi is likely to remain popular in future especially among parents who are not afraid to take on celebrity baby names.

18 Yareli

Via: mysocialmate.com

Yareli is a gorgeous name used among Spanish speaking communities in America. It simply means lady of the water. Yareli is also a variation of the commonly used name Yara and makes a great substitute for it. Yareli usage in America began from around 2000. It made a sudden climb on the charts of baby names and shows no signs of slowing down in the future.

A few famous people who have shed some spotlight to the name include actress Yareli Arizmendi and model, Miss Mexico 2014, Yareli Carrillo. Yareli is quite original and fresh; it will definitely be a hit in future.

17 Alma

Via: twitter.com

Alma’s origin is not quite known but it has cultural ties to the classical goddess's Alma mater. It gained popularity after the battle of Alma in the 19th century but decreased in usage in the 20th and 21st centuries. Alma is way past its prime, but in more recent times, the name has seen a revival of sorts owing to an increase in its usage in TV shows and movies.

Alma’s popularity is catching on and there's no reason why it should not be extremely popular in the future. Famous Alma’s include painter Alma Thomas, Mexican actress Alma Leonore, and English pop singer Alma Angela. Many celebrity babies also bear the name.

16 Charis

Via: askideas.com

Originally from ancient Greek, Charis pronounced as Har-ees is a stunning name meaning grace or kindness. In Greek mythology, a Charis is a Greek term for any of the three goddesses of charm, beauty, and fertility. The name has several variants like Charisse, Charice, Chareece, Charlize, and Karis.

It is unique and charming and because of its humble meaning, it will be popular among parents in the future. Famous bearers of the name include model Charis Boyle, and actress Charis Elisa. French journalist Audrey Pulvar’s daughter is also called Charis. Charis will definitely get a second look from anyone who encounters it.

15 Zaira

Via abcnews.go.com

Zaira is a sweet name with several origins. In Italy Zaira means dawning, in Persian it means pilgrim and in Arabic it means rose. This name's only variant is Zaire. Zaira’s popularity is now catching on in English speaking countries and is sure to be a hit in the coming years.

This name has been made popular by a few famous people like Filipino ballerina Zaira Cosico, Spanish beauty queen Zaira Bas, Venezuelan supermodel Zaira Lopez and Argentina model and television host Zaira Nara. Parents looking for a name starting with the letter 'Z' for their girl should consider this as an option.

14 Sidra

Via: intouchweekly.com

Sidra is a splendid choice for parents waiting to meet their new bundle of joy. It is an Islamic name meaning ‘of the stars’ or ‘like a star’. Sidra is also a distinct given name shared by a gulf on the northern coast of Libya. In the Quran, Sidra is the name of a tree in heaven.

Famous people with the name Sidra include Pakistani cyclist Sidra Sadaf and Canadian football player Eddy Sidra. Sidra will be a marvelous option for parents looking to raise a star. It is quite uncommon in America and is therefore very unlikely that your kid will have a namesake.

13 Dream

Via: people.com

Dream is an adorable name borrowed from the English word dream, which means a series of thoughts or images that occur in someone’s mind while asleep. In America, the name Dream has hardly been made use of except recently as a celebrity baby name and is therefore likely to be a popular name in the future.

Arguably Dream Kardashian, daughter of Rob Kardashian is the only known famous bearer of the name. The name’s easy charm and simple spelling will find several takers in parents of all ages. Dream is a unique name on its own and is one of those names that don't have nickname options, which can sometimes be a good thing.

12 Gaia

Via: rollingout.com

Gaia is an amazing Greek name that means earth mother. It has variations like Kaia, Gaya, and Gaiea. It became popular in the 19th century but was very rare until actor Emma Thompson named her daughter Gaia in 1999. Since then, Gaia has been on the rise. It has been adopted by famous people like Gaia Weiss, an Italian actress, Gaia Cauchi, a Maltese pop singer, and Gaia Vince, a journalist and author. Gaia is also a popular name in the fictional world.

Gaia has different pronunciations in the various languages but whichever girl gets this name forever remains associated with the goddess of Earth in Greek mythology.

11 Melora

Via: seekingjoyalways.com

This gorgeous name is of Greek origin and it means golden apple. It is believed to be a hybrid of the commonly used names, Melissa and Laura. It is unique and not overused, making it a great option for future parents looking for that one of a kind name for their daughter.

Famous people who have increased the name’s popularity include actress Melora Hardin, musician Melora Creager, actress Melora Walters and voice actress Melora Harte. Melora has nickname options like Mel, Melo, and Lora. It is also making its way into the fictional world and will likely retain its popularity in both worlds.

10 Taylor

Via: thegrio.com

The remarkable name Taylor is derived from the English word tailor, which means to cut. Taylor’s usage as a girl's given name began in the 1980s. The name made its way up the charts so fast and is still very popular to date. It appears it will even stick around in the future.

With a charming nickname like Tay, the name Taylor has been given to famous people like singer Taylor Alison Swift, TV personality Taylor Armstrong,  actress Taylor Dooley, and model Taylor Beck. A lot of celebrity kids also go by this name. Taylor is super trendy and will be perfect for a little girl.

9 Phaedra

Via: people.com

Phaedra, pronounced as FAY-drah is a lovely feminine name of Greek origin. It means bright or glowing. In Greek mythology, Phaedra was a Cretan princess. Phaedra’s popularity began in the 21 century. It is not a commonly used name giving future parents something different and unusual.

Phaedra is a variant of Phaidra. Reality TV star Phaedra Parks, actress Phaedra Nielson and casting director Phaedra Harris are some of the famous people who have been bestowed this name. Phaedra is not a name many have thought to use but this will change over the next few years. It is one of those names that any girl will love going by.

8 Sapphire

Via: pintrest.com

Sapphire is a beautiful girl’s name of Hebrew origin, which means jewel, as well as a precious gemstone that is classy and elegant. It is used as a birthstone for September babies. Sapphire’s usage is slowly catching on to other gemstone names like Ruby and Pearl and will likely do well in the future.

Parents who love the color blue and are looking to raise a precious jewel may opt for this name for their baby girl. English actress Saphhire Elia is one known bearer of the name while novelist and poet Romana Lofton and  pro wrestler both use Sapphire as a pet name.

7 Astra

Via: shareably.net

This charming name is of Latin origin and it means ‘of the stars’. Notable people who go by this gorgeous name include documentary filmmaker Astra Taylor and contralto Astra Desmond. It has also been featured as a character name in X-Men comics and DC universe.

Astra has variations like Astra, Astria, and Asteria. Its popularity is still growing thanks to the fictional world, making it a viable option for a baby girl in the future. It is strong and sassy and full of attitude. Astra will certainly give your little one a personality befitting such as cool and elegant name.

6 Nebula

Via: pintrest.com

This beautiful name is of Latin origin and it means misty. A Nebula is an interstellar cloud of dust, hydrogen, helium, and other ionized gases. This name has recently gained a lot of popularity thanks to characters in films like Guardians of the Galaxy, Zenon: Girl of the 21stCentury and TV shows like Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.

Nebula is likely to become increasingly popular in the next few years among parents who are not afraid to take on fictional character names for their kids. Either way, Nebula is a strong and vibrant name that will be perfect for a little princess.

5 Lyra

Via: AliExpress.com

The name Lyra is originally from Greek, meaning lyre, a medieval instrument similar to a harp. It is also the name of a small constellation. This name has recently appeared in baby names lists in the US and will most likely still be there in the future. It is a fun and edgy name, adorable for a baby girl whose parents fancy music and astronomy.

Celebrity Couple Jamie Cullum and Sophia Dahl are somewhat responsible for increasing the name’s trendiness by naming their daughter Lyra. Other famously known Lyra’s include Indonesian actress Lyra Virna and New Zealand lawyer Lyra Veronica Taylor. Popular TV show His Dark Materials may also have contributed to the name’s newfound popularity.

4 Cora

Via: pintrest.com

This lovely name is of Greek origin meaning maiden. The name’s usage began in the late 1980s and has been fluctuating over the years but has never been completely gone out of favor. It is gradually coming back into style with every indication that it will continue to rise in future. Cora is one of those short and sweet names that parents will fall in love with instantly.

A few famous people go by this name like Norwegian novelist Cora Sandel, pro wrestler Cora Combs and French model Cora Emmanuel. Televangelist T.D Jakes and U.S congressman Jared Polis daughters both have this remarkable name.

3 Farrah

Farrah is an Arabic feminine name, which means joy or happiness. Its spelling variant is Farah. This name was largely unnoticed in America until the mid-1970s when actress Farrah Fawcett debuted her career in the hit TV series Charlie’s Angels. This name totally came out of nowhere and soared up the charts thanks to the celebrity influence.

However, its popularity dropped as the years went by but re-emerged back in 2010 and parents have been choosing it ever since. This name is strong and beautiful and has a gorgeous meaning that parents will love for their daughters. This name will definitely make it to the future.

2 Sonya

Via: pintrest.com

This beautiful Ukrainian name means wise or wisdom. It is derived from the popular name Sonia. A few notable people who have influenced the name’s popularity include Canadian tennis player Sonya Jeyaseelan, Russian screenwriter Sonya Levien, Venezuelan actress Sonya Smith and country singer Sonya Isaacs.

Sonya has been popularly used in the screens giving it a boost in popularity. It is considered a variant of Sophia and Sonja. Parents will likely retain this name because no one can go wrong by naming a person a name that means wise. It is strong, feisty but still elegant a name, that will definitely do well in the future.

1 Ursa

Via: pintrest.com

This exotic Latin feminine name is unique and unusual in a good way and is one of the few names beginning with U that exist. It takes after Ursa Major, the name of a major constellation in the northern sky. It has a few variants like Usa, Ursi, and Ursah. In Hebrew, Ursa means God is my light.

Ursa is not a common name making it a good option for folks looking for that unique name for their daughter. A few TV shows have also shed some light on the name like; Ursa the bear in the children TV series Bear in the Big Blue House and Ursa, Prince Zuko’s mother in the show Avatar: The Last Airbender.

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