25 Girl Names That Mean Love & Hope

One of the most exciting moments when planning for a baby's arrival is deciding what you will name your baby. Once parents are told what gender they will be expecting, the process becomes even more exciting. Choosing the perfect baby name is a top priority for most soon-to-be parents. Many parents have names picked out for their little ones long before their little ones are even conceived. A name is a really big deal and for good reason.

A name can shape the personality of a person and can even determine what professions or desires they have in life. When it comes to choosing a beautiful baby girl name, the options are endless. There are far more little girl names than there are boy names to choose from so the choices are endless.

But there is just something about a name with a beautiful meaning that makes a world of difference. Love and hope are one of the two most treasured things on this planet. We've got 25 baby girl names that all mean love and hope or are associated with the meaning of love and hope. Read on to find the next favorite.

25 Arabella

Just by the sound of it, it isn't hard to see why parents are falling in love with this precious baby girl name. Arabella has Latin origins and is derived from "orabilis" which means yielding to prayer or obliging.

This name is ultra-feminine and is attractive to parents of little girls who are looking for something just as pretty as their little one. Arabella also means beautiful, loving, lovable, graceful. Currently, Arabella is in the top 200s position on baby name charts and is growing in popularity every year.

24 Kalila

This is probably a name that you've never heard before but we're sure you'll fall in love with it today. Kalila has Arabic origins and means sweetheart; beloved. What's great about names that are uncommon is that it has the power to give your little one they're own identity.

Many parents search high and low for a name that their little girls won't have to share with a classmate and Kalila is definitely one of those names. Kalila, though not at the top of any charts, has been growing in popularity since 2013.

23 Vida

If you're looking for a unique baby girl name that doesn't sound too uncommon, this name may get your attention. Vida just sounds like a fun name and oh so lovable. It has Scottish origins and means beloved or friend. This is a name you've probably heard once or twice and surely when you did it piqued your interest.

It is different and soon-to-be parents adore diversity; Vida is said to be the feminine form of David. Children with the name Vida are believed to have a deep inner desire to use their leadership abilities.

22 Esme

This is probably one of our favorite names on this list. It's diverse and has this thing about it that's not too feminine but made just right for precious little girls. Esme has French origins and means esteemed, beloved. This name was derived from the French esme which means loved.

Some people believe that Esme is a variant of Aime which also means beloved. Like many names that suddenly grow in popularity, name experts believe that Esme has appeared on many parents' baby name wishlists because of its appearance as a character name in the Twilight Saga.

21 Femi

This is definitely a name that is short and sweet. Even more than that, it's a name that is unique and will make some people do a double take. And not only because of the spelling, but also the simple meaning; Femi has Egyptian origins and means love.

Because it's a name that you are probably unfamiliar with, it shouldn't surprise you that this name has yet to top any baby name charts. But the beautiful sound and genuine meaning of the name makes up for that.

20 Amia

What's wonderful about names that mean love and hope is that you can travel the globe to find different variations. With Amia, we go to France where the name originated. Amia means beloved and dearly loved. This name is perfect for parents who want to have a bit of the classic with a touch of the modern.

Amia sounds a lot like Amy just with a twist. So this is an ideal pick for parents who want a name that sounds like the usual but has it's own spelling. Little girls with the name Amia are believed to be destined to live harmonious and balanced lives and have a desire to inspire others.

19 Love

We couldn't have a list of names that mean love and hope and leave out the obvious. Many parents are turning to the simple word Love and transforming it into, well, a lovable name.

Love has English origins and is considered to be a word name. It simply means love. This name is currently rising in popularity and currently in the 800s position on popular baby name charts. Babies with the name Love are believed to be multi-talented, independent, and intuitive.

18 Venus

This name is a powerful name. When you first read it, your mind probably roams to mystical thoughts of a goddess so unearthly she simply takes on the vision of beauty. This makes it the perfect name for a little girl, right? Venus has Latin origins and the Latin meaning of Venus is Goddess of love and beauty.

Venus is also the name of a heavenly planet; it's an intimidating name to most parents but it's so beautiful in essence and style. This is the perfect name for little girls born under the sun signs Taurus and Libra since the planet Venus rules those signs.

17 Faith

This one is a classic that will probably always be around because of what it represents. Faith has Latin roots. It was one of those names that were popular among 16th-century puritans. Faith is considered to be a Christian virtue name which is perfect for parents who follow that faith.

The name is derived from Faith which means unquestioning belief and trust in God. Little girls with this name are believed to be destined to have an inner desire for leadership and personal independence.

16 Asha

What is so beautiful about the name Asha is that you instantly want to know what it means. There's a little mystery cloaked around this name, one that is intriguing, and that you can't help but remember.

Asha has Indian origins and comes from the Sanskrit word for hope or desire. This name also has Swahili origins derived from the name Aisha which means life. Little girls with the name Asha are said to be highly intuitive, extremely bright, and natural born truth-seekers.

15 Cherelle

This is a wonderful name for parents who want a name that is uniquely spelled but sounds a lot like a name that is commonly used. Cherelle has English origins and means beloved of God. Some believe this name is a derivative of the French name Cheri which means beloved, dear.

Cherelle has the very high-in-demand elle ending, making it perfect for lovers of that ending and who want something feminine but a bit vintage too. Little girls with the name Cherelle, according to numerologists, are destined to be adventurous and future visionaries.

14 Hope

Hope is one of those names that will forever be a mainstay. Because of the positive charge that is associated with this name, parents love it and often turn to it when they are looking for a name with a loving meaning. Hope has English origins. It is considered to be a Christian virtue name, one of the three theological Christian names.

The other two are Faith and Charity. Hope experienced a dip in popularity in the late 90s but has been rising in popularity as of late and is currently in the 200s position on baby name charts.

13 Kalei

Now, this is a name we believe will grow in popularity the more people hear it. Kalei is a beautiful name with cultural elements. It has Hawaiian origins and means flower wreath; the beloved. This is the type of name that is different but intriguing.

This may be the first time you are seeing it but depending on where you go in the world, such as Hawaii, it is very common. Kalei is believed to be a variant of the name Kalea. Kalei made its debut on baby name charts in 1997.

12 Amora

Word names are pretty popular today. For parents who are looking for names that are different and have meaning, they are finding that word names are a lovely compromise to settling for what's popular. This can be said about the name Amora. Amora has Spanish origins and means love.

Little girls with this name are believed to be creative and really good at expressing themselves. They have a deep inner desire to lead as adults. Although this name isn't very popular, only ranking in the 600s on baby name charts, it's a refreshing twist for parents who are looking for a name that pops.

11 Milena

More and more parents are looking outside of the states for names that have significant meanings and sound great. Milena is one of those names that has a pleasant meaning, literally, and that sounds nice on the ears. Milena has Slavic origins and is derived from the word "mil" which means gracious, pleasant, or dear.

Name experts consider this name to be a feminine version of Milan. Little girls with this name are believed to be creative, naturally happy, and very optimistic.

10 Nadia

Nadia is a name that is considered to be a classic. It's sweet and a little vintage. This name has French origins and is believed to be the French form of the Russian Nadya, a nickname of Nadezhda which is derived from hope. Nadia made its debut in France during the early 20th century.

As beautiful of a name as it is, Nadia isn't as popular as it once was which can be seen as a plus for parents who want to give their baby girls a name that is familiar but not often used. Nadia is currently in the 300s position on popular baby name charts and slowly rising in popularity.

9 Cara

Short and sweet names are becoming the first choices for soon-to-be parents. Selecting a name that is simple and easy to spell can be a huge benefit when it comes time for your baby girl to learn how to spell her name. Cara is one of those short and sweet names with a lovely meaning.

Cara has Latin and Celtic origins and means beloved; friend. This name was very popular from the 1970s through the 1990s. Currently, Cara isn't as popular as it once were, but as mentioned this can be a plus for parents looking for a classic name that isn't in high demand.

8 Ashia

When it comes to baby girl names, the options are endless. As you can see from the list, there are several baby names to choose from for little girls but some names just standout. Ashia is one of them. Ashia is a lovely addition to any baby name consideration list and one that may win you over easily.

It's unique, cultural, and full of sparkle; Ashia has African and Arabic origins and means hope. This name is believed to be a derivative of Aisha. Numerologists believe that little girls with the name Ashia have a deep inner desire to inspire others.

7 Aimee

If you are searching for something different yet classy, Aimee may be what you're looking for. This name is elegant and the spelling is eye-catching. On a list of baby names, most people's attention can't help but go to Aimee. And then their curiosities draw them in further in search of what this name means. Aimee has French origins and is derived from the French Amee which means beloved. Aimee is a variant of the more common Amy. Little girls named Aimee are said to be loving, compassionate, and family-oriented.

6 Charity

This name is one of our favorites because of what it represents. Charity has French and Latin origins. The name made its chart debut in the 1800s. Considered to be one of the three Christian virtue names, many believe Charity to be the most important. Charity, as guessed, means charity, brotherly love.

Although this name is beautiful and is considered to be the most important out of the Christian virtue names (which also includes the names Faith and Hope), it isn't a very popular name today.

5 Mina

Mina almost sounds like a nickname. It's nice and short but it's meaning makes it all the more appealing for parents looking for names associated with love. Often, names that are short like Mina are combined to form new names that go on to be very popular on baby name charts.

This name has many known origins, at least five, but the most common is German. In German, Mina means love. Although in some cultures Mina is used for little boys, it is more common as a little girl's name.

4 Valentina

We love the name Valentina. It's actually a very easy name to fall in love with because it sounds a lot like Valentine, often associated with Valentine's Day. Valentina has Latin origins. The name is derived from the Latin word Valens which means healthy, strong. Valentina is considered to be the feminine form of the name Valentine, a saint's name. Valentina may have a very nonromantic meaning but because the name rolls off the tongue so eloquently and reminds us of Valentine's Day, it is easy to see why this name is often linked to thoughts of love.

3 Amala

This name is naturally beautiful. It's amazing how this name, though not consisting of many letters, has such a rich sound when it is said. Amala has Arabic origins and means bird; beloved.

Because of its rich Arabic background, this name is perfect for parents who want to give their little ones a name that sparkles with cultural elements. Numerologists believe little girls with the name Amala are destined to have powerful personalities and are likely to be natural born leaders.

2 Imani

In the late 1980s and most of the 1990s, the name Imani showed up often on popular baby name charts. Full of cultural light and deep meaning, many parents fell in love with this name as soon as they saw it. Imani has Swahili origins and means faith; belief. It is also the seventh principle during Kwanzaa.

The name Imani is currently rising on the charts and is in the 400s position on popular baby name lists. Little girls with this name are believed to grow up to be independent, ambitious, and successful.

1 Vera

It's interesting how names that were popular many, many years ago are reappearing on baby name lists by the droves. Vintage baby names are becoming more common to see these days. Often they reappear on baby name charts after parents decide to name their little ones after a deceased relative who may appear far up their family tree. And what results is the resurgence of a name that was otherwise forgotten. This is the case with Vera. Vera has Russian origins and means faith and truth. This name appeared in the US Top 100 from the 1890s through the 1920s. After experiencing a dip in interest in the early 2000s it is back and rising in popularity again.

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