25 Girl Names That Will Make Her Stand Out From All Of The Rest

Naming a child is the most exciting task for any parent. But the more a parent thinks about it, the bigger the realization becomes of the humungous responsibility laid upon their shoulders. After all, the child and the parent will have to deal with the name for a long time to come. Experts say that bad baby names can lower the self-esteem of the person, making them end up resenting their parents.

Don't be in a hurry to name your child. Think it over, run it in your head, choose the name carefully. Run it by a primary school kid and you will be surprised at the different versions of rhymes he comes up with, for that one single name you loved so much.

You don't want your child to be a laughing stock at the playground, just because you were careless about choosing her name.

Every child wants her name to be a striking one. Making it too exotic could run a risk of her being bullied in school. Make it too plain, and they may never feel special. The best way to do this is to make a list of names with your spouse and do a research on them. You may find that some names that sound good may not carry a good meaning and some others which have a good meaning may sound bland. Here are a few striking names that will help her stand out from all of the rest.

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25 Isolde

Via: dhgate.com

Isolde was a beautiful Celtic princess who symbolizes undying love. Isolde’s origins have been attributed to many different languages such as Irish, Welsh, French, and German. This name is one of the most widely and perplexing debated names from Celtic mythology. This 6 letter two-syllable feminine name is pronounced i-SOLD (English) and ee-ZAWL-du in German. From its Germanic origins, it means ‘Fighting the Ice battle’.

The name could be from Essylt (Old Irish), it could be from Iseult (Old French) or Yseult (Old French) which means ‘Beautiful, Fair’ in Celtic. Regarding its usage, britishbabynames.com says that Isolde became quite common in the Middle Ages thanks to Tristan and Iseult. The different variants of this name include Iseuda, Isott, Isowde, Ysolt, Ysout and (Latin) Isolda.

24 Jacinta

The given name Jacinta is the feminine form of the masculine Spanish and Portuguese name Jacinto which means Hyacinth in English. The correct Spanish pronunciation is ha-SEEN-ta though many English speakers would say ja-SIN-ta. This three-syllable 7 letter feminine name has its origins in the Old Greek language and is largely used in Spanish, Portuguese and English.

As reported in Babynamespedia, Jacints has 14 variants that are used in different languages including English. These names include Juscinta, Joscinda, Jascinda, Jascindah, and Jacent. The foreign forms used include Jasinna and Jascinth (Spanish), Jascintha (Dutch) and jacinthe (French). The shortened Cinta is another Spanish form.

23 Langley

Langley is a 7 letter two-syllable name that can be used for both boys and girls. This name has its origins in English and it means ‘Long Meadow’. It is pronounced LAE-NGLiy. The variant forms of Langley includes names like Langlea, Langlee, Langleigh, Langli, and Langly. This name is an Americanized spelling of the French Langlais.

Langley is a great choice for parents looking for a unique name for their children says ourbabynamer.com. Langley would be a standout and a distinctive name selection. Its highest popularity ranking of #3945 was achieved in 2015. Langley became more popular as a girls name in 1990.

22 Saffron

Spice names are increasingly appealing to ‘would be’ parents, this one belonging to a precious spice derived from the crocus has a vaguely orange-scented-incense sixties feel. Saffron can also be considered a color name through its distinctive yellow hue. It is a very strong feminine name - ‘spicy and strong’.This 7 letter two-syllable baby girl name is pronounced SAAFFR-ahN. The 20 variant forms of this name include Saffran, Saffren, Saffie, Saffrey, and Saffy.

Some interesting facts about the meaning and history of this name is given in behindthename.com. It is derived through Old French from Arabic Za’faran, which itself might come from a Persian meaning “gold leaves”.

21 Lucienne

Lucienne is a beautiful vintage French name. This name is a soft and ultra sophisticated french accented option in the Lucy family which could a fresh alternative to other regular choices. This rare and old-fashioned name is pronounced LUY-SYEN. This 8 letter and two-syllable name has its origins from French and is extensively used in French and German. This standout name has reached its highest popularity ranking of 1111 in 1914.

The expression number of these individuals is 11 and they are exceptionally intuitive and insightful, as per ourbabynamer.com. Born charismatic leaders, they are socially conscious and have an inclination towards our environment and anything related to its progress.

20 Marlin

Via: My Modern Met

Marlin is a 6 letter two-syllable name that is used for both and girls and is pronounced as MAHR-lin. The ‘name’ and the ‘fish’ both find their roots in ‘Marlin’, a shortened form of “marlinspike” which is a pointed iron tool which is used by sailors to separate strands of rope. Marlin’s language of origin is predominantly English and Germanic and it is extensively used in English.

From sheknows.com, we know that Marlin has expression number 4 and these individuals tend to be orderly and dedicated to building their lives on a solid foundation of order and service. They value truth, justice, and discipline and may be quick-tempered with people who do not have these values. Marlin has attained the highest popularity of #296 in 1935.

19 Zora

Zora is a meaningful, literary, heroine name as well as a biblical place name. This two-syllable baby girl name has Slavonic origins and is widely used in Czech, Slovak, Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian, Slovene and Bulgarian.

The meaning of this name is ‘dawn, Aurora’. It has to be mentioned that the Spanish meaning of this name is ‘prostitute, slut’. Zora has an African-Hausan origin as well which is used in the Hausan language and which means ‘a bargain’. Today, the most popular form of this name in Balkans is Zorana. It is a female form of the name Zoran that means the one who is like dawn.

The different variants of this name, as listed out in Babynamespedia, include Zoran (Slavic feminine equivalent), Sora, Zorana, Zorane, Zore, and Zorya. A Hausa derivative of this name is Zorra.

18 Bonita

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This is a 6 letter three-syllable baby girl name which is pronounced as Baa-NIY-Taa. Bonita’s language of origin is Spanish and Scottish and is predominantly used in English and Scottish languages. It is also used commonly in Spanish speaking countries where it is pronounced as BO-NEE-TA.

It is linguistically related to Bonnie which means ‘pretty’ in Scottish. This name first appeared in 20th century America, as a feminine form of the Spanish word Bonito, which in turn is the Latin variant of Bonum.

As noted by Babynamespedia, Bonita is a derivative of the English and Scottish Bonnie. Some of the other 12 derivatives of Bonita includes Bonah, Bonetta, Bunie, and Bunita. Foreign variants include the Spanish Bo, Boni, Bonie, and Nita.

17 Ellie

The name Ellie is a feminine name of Germanic, Old Greek, and Hebrew origins. Its usage is in English and Scottish and means ‘bright, shining one’. Ellie also means ‘brightness of the sun’ from ancient Greek.

This name can be from the ancient Greek name ELLH that is pronounced Elle in Greek. This name consists of 5 letters in two-syllables and is pronounced ell-ie.

The very popular name Ellie had attained its highest popularity ranking of #43 in 2016. This name’s popularity has been soaring upwards for a while now. As detailed in sheknows.com, this name has an expression number 7 and such people are excellent at analyzing, understanding and learning.

16 Keva

The name Keva is of Irish and Gaelic origin. This 4 letter two-syllable Irish name is pronounced KEE-VA and it means ‘gentle, beautiful, precious’. It shares the same root as Kevin and this name has become very popular with the original Irish spelling. In 2003, it was the twelfth most popular Irish girl name for baby girls.

As per ourbabynamer.com, Keva is quite a rare name and was a natural choice for parents seeking a unique name for their baby. It had achieved its highest popularity ranking of #1927 in 1974. While this name is mostly unused, it has recently started to show a rise upward.

15 Lillie

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The name Lillie has a Latin, American and English usage. In Latin and American, the meaning of this name is Lily (after the flower) and it means ‘pure’. The English meaning of this name is associated with the flower Lily which is a symbol of innocence, purity, and beauty. Lillie is generally used as a feminine name and has English origins and usage. This 6 letter two-syllable name is pronounced LIL-ee.

According to ourbabynamer.com, this name has had the highest popularity ranking of #33 in 1881. However, this name could not keep up its popularity and has recently started to drift downwards.

14 Snow

This name is derived from the English word ‘Snow’ referring to the frozen crystalline state of water that falls as precipitation or a shade of the color white. Snow is predominantly a girl’s name of English origin, although there have been numerous instances of this name being given to boys as well.

According to Nameberry, there’s definitely a cold front of names moving in with Summer, Spring and Autumn, giving way to Winter; then comes North, January, Frost and now, Snow. This name feels brisk, fresh, pure, evocative and definitely magical. Sno, Snowdrop, Snowie etc are all different variants of this name.

13 Mabel

Via: AliExpress.com

This name consists of 5 letters and two-syllables and it is pronounced MAY-bel. The Czech pronunciation is MAH-bel. Mabel is an English and Spanish name of Old French and Spanish origin. Older forms of the name include Amabilia, Amabilis, Mabilia, Mabillis and Mably (Latin). The name is derived from the Old French Amabel which is of the root word Amare.

The ‘A’ syllable was first dropped in the 12th century and the current pronunciation arose from a revival of this name in the 19th century. As stated in Babynamespedia, Mabel is a shortening of the Spanish name Maria Isabel. This popular name attained its highest position of # 15 in 1891, this name still has a solid footing and may continue to rise in popularity.

12 Orabelle

Via: Pinterest

Orabelle is an 8 letter three-syllable name that is given to girls and pronounced as AORAHBAHL. This name has an English and French origin and it means ‘Golden, beautiful’. This name is a derivative of the English, German and Italian name Arabella. According to some, this name also has a meaning of ‘seacoast’.

This delightful, yet valiant name is a great blend of character and flair, as reported in ourbabynamer.com. This name will definitely be a standout and a distinctive name selection. Its highest popularity ranking of #2148 was reached in 1920. This name is mostly unused and will probably continue to plateau at its present level.

11 Rosaleen

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Rosaleen is an 8 letter three-syllable baby girl’s name that is pronounced ROWZaa-LiyiyN. The English and Latin meanings of this name are ‘Rose’, the flower. The German meaning of this name is ‘noted protector’. It also has a meaning of horse, fame.

According to Babynamespedia, this name developed from Rosalyn under the influence of the suffix ‘een’, which itself had been originated from the Irish Gaelic diminutive ‘in’. Rosaleen is a variant transcription of Rosalind and Rosalyn. This name is going to be a standout distinctive name selection. Its highest popularity ranking of #1667 was reached in 1927. It is still a unique name and is showing an upward curve in popularity.

10 Lynne

This name consists of 5 letters and one syllable and is pronounced LIN. This baby boy name is also used as a girls name with the latter form being much more common. Lynne has an interesting Chinese origin. Besides this, Lynne also has an Old English origin. From its Welsh origin, the meaning of this name is ‘Lake’.

As per Behind The Name, we know that Lynne is a variant of the name Lynn (English and Welsh). The other variants of this name include Lindy, Linnie, Lyn, and Lynna. The diminutives of this name include Linnette, Lynnette, and Linet. The related names in other languages include Linda and Linza (Ancient Germanic). Linda is a widely used name in different languages.

9 Trixie

The name Trixie is of Latin origin which means ‘bringer of joy’. It is also of English origin where its meaning is ‘Voyager’ (through life). This feminine name consists of 6 letters and two-syllables and is pronounced as TRIK-see. Trixie is mainly used in English and Latin.

Trixie is a diminutive of the English, French, German and Italian Beatrice in English. Trixie is also a diminutive of Beatrix in English and Latin. As per expert comments given on Nameberry, this is a sassy and spunky name for a bold parent. This unique name reached its highest popularity ranking of #1128 in 1901. While this name is mostly unused, it is still showing an upward rise in popularity.

8 Fayre


This rare American name is mostly used in girls. This name has its origins in Greek and it means ‘beautiful’. This 1 syllable 5 letter name is pronounced FEY-R. Fayre also has an English origin and it means ‘light haired’. This name has 17 variations that are used in different languages and these names include Fair, Faira, Fairy, Fari, and Phayre.

This wonderfully distinctive name is used quite rarely and does not feature in the top 1000 names. It is listed in sheknows.com that Fayre has an expression number 1. People with this expression number tend to initiate events and are leaders in their own right with powerful personalities. They tend to be focused on the set goals and have the ability to materialize these ideas with efficiency and determination.

7 Iowa

Via: fecou.info

Iowa is a 4 letter three-syllable baby girl name that is pronounced AYAHWAH. It has its origins in Native American and has a modern American usage. This name’s usage is of the Iowa tribe; from the state of Iowa. This name is very rarely used as a baby girl name. It is not ranked within the top 1000 names.

Baby names that sound like Iowa include Leisha, Ikea, Isoka, Izusah and A’isha (Arabic and English), Acasiah and Acaysha (English), Accacia and Achuza (Hebrew), Aeesha (Arabic and English) and French Agace. According to Etymonline.com, Iowa was organized as a union territory in 1838, admitted as a state in 1846, named the river from the native people of the Chiwere branch of the Aiouan family.

6 Tulip

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Tulip is a 5 letter two-syllable baby girl name that is pronounced TOO-lip or TYOO-lip. This name has been derived from the name of the flower, which is ultimately from Persian ‘dulband’ or “Turban” which is from the shape of the open flower. As a given name, it has occasionally been used from the 19th century onwards.

There are different claims regarding its origin which is still unclear, it could be from French or Turkish, the meaning is ultimately that of a flower. The names Tullip and Tullop are derivatives of this name. Another variant of this name is the contracted form Tuli. Ourbabynamer.com says that this name is a possible choice for parents seeking a more unique name. This rare name had attained its highest popularity ranking of #5981 in 2017.

5 Amabel

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This 6 letter three-syllable name is pronounced AEM-aa-BHel. Amabel is a feminine name of French and Latin origins and which means lovable. This rare name is used in English speaking countries. This name is a variant of the English, German and Italian Annabella. Amabel is also an English form of the English and Spanish Mabel.

According to Nameberry, Amabel is an older name than Annabel and a lot more distinctive. Amabel was a very common name in the 12th and 13th centuries and then revived during the 19th century. Amabel’s shortened from Mabel overtook the mother’s name early on.

4 Celestia

Via: AliExpress.com

This is an 8 letter 4 syllable baby girl name that is pronounced SEH-LESTiy-aa. The French and American meaning of this name is ‘heavenly’. The Latin meaning of this name is ‘Of the heavens’. While this name's origin is in Latin, it is extensively used in English speaking countries. Celestia is a variation of the name Celeste (English and French). Celestia is also the feminine form of Caelestius.

Ourbabynamer.com states that Celestia is quite a unique and stylish name. It falls in the ‘cool’ name category and had reached its highest popularity ranking of #639 in 1886. However, parents selecting this rare name has come down and it remains mostly unused.

3 Blanche

Via: DH Gate

Blanche is a 7 letter 1 syllable baby girl name that is pronounced in English as BLAENCH and in French as BLAON-SH. Historically, this name is derived from a medieval French nickname that means ‘white, fair’. Blanche can also mean light-colored.

This name and its variants in other languages are ultimately derived from the Germanic word Blanc. As stated in Babynamespedia, this name was borne by several members of the royal family. This name was also originally given to blondes.

2 Cornelia

Via: SoliDrop

This three-syllable baby girl name Cornelia is pronounced KAHR-NiyL-Yah (English), KaoR-Ley-Liy-aa (Dutch) or KaoR-Neh-LiY-aa (German). This name is of Latin origin and it is used mainly in Dutch, English, German, Italian, and Romanian. This name means ‘war horn’. This is derived from cornu, which means horn and belli, which means war. This name is a feminine form of Cornelius.

According to Nameberry, in Ancient Rome, Cornelia was considered the paragon of womanly virtue, making it a beautiful name with an excellent pedigree. The name of the mother of the famous second-century Roman reformers, Cornelia emerged in England in the seventeenth century.

1 Tessie

The baby girl name Tessie has its origins in Old Greek and Latin and is used largely in English speaking countries. This 6 letter two-syllable name is pronounced TES-ee. The meaning of Tessie is "harvester, reaper".

As detailed in Babynamespedia, Tessie is a derivative of the English Quintella and also a familiar form of the English and the German Theresa. Tessie is also a diminutive of Tessa. This rare name Tessie had achieved its highest popularity ranking of #311 in 1917. According to ourbabynamer.com, Tessie has an expression number 5 which denotes that these individuals are blessed with versatility and multi-talents. They love to explore and be free.

References: ourbabynamer.com, behindthename.com, babynamespedia.com, sheknows.com

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