25 Glorious Baby Names For Mommy’s Little Hero

Most mommies believe their sons are destined for greatness. This isn't necessarily an egoic thing. After all, a mom would have to be pretty disconnected to not want her child to be the best they could possibly be. One of the ways that a mom attempts to guide their son to greatness is by giving him a name that will set him up for life. Names have the power to instill a sense of pride and joy in a child. They are also the first identifying detail that others use to relate to us. This means that they're also one of the most important. A name is basically a first impression, and we all know what they say about first impressions.

Some male names instill a sense of strength in a child and allow them to transfer confidence to those around them. These are typically described as "hero names," which is precisely what we'll be getting into in this list. Here, mommies will find names that will make their child sound like a Norse God, an Arthurian soldier, a mysterious man that comes into town, and even a full-blown superhero. But don't worry, some of our names, provided by Nameberry, have a heroic value that may not fall under the classic stereotype. Without further ado, here are 25 glorious baby names for mommy's little hero.

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25 Laurent

Via: Pinterest

Laurent is a name that seems far less stereotypical than the rest on this list. This name of French origin has a certain tenderness to it that threads itself through the strong, guttural sound of the final syllable. It's almost as if this name was designed for a vampire in the Twilight series period, of course, Yves Saint Laurent is the most famous person to use this name but it could easily be used by any mom who wanted to make their son sound like a French hero that was equally romantic as he is a fighter.

24 Xavier

Xavier is a name that's used by famous parents such as Donnie Wahlberg and Tilda Swinton. Perhaps this is because this name, which feels equally intelligent as it does powerful, is also straight out of the comic books. Of course, Xavier isn't a name that active superheroes use. Rather it was used by the leader of these heroes in the X-men comics. This name has become increasingly popular over the years as it sounds somewhat futuristic but also has strong ties to the past.

23 Azriel

The name Azriel has ties back to the Jewish and Muslim faiths. Of course, in both religions, the name has a bit of a negative connotation as it essentially used for the Reaper. But in the Hebrew origin, the actual means "God is my help". It's a pretty unusual name, however, it does sound particularly masculine and cool. Nowadays, parents are using names such as this one and "Damien," which has similar connotations in Christianity and flipping them on their heads. Essentially making the negative, positive.

22 Ambrose

Via: Jestpic

This name of Latin origin means "the immortal one", which is a pretty appropriate name for mommy's little hero. It's been added to lists of rare and somewhat unusual names over the years, however, it is gaining a bit of popularity in the west. It has an air about it that makes us feel of an upper-class charmer. And yet, it also feels as if it suits the stable-boy who everyone becomes infatuated with. Essentially, it has a strong romantic connotation that is suitable for any hero.

21 Jupiter

Not all heroes need to come from the history of the comics. Some actually come from space. Of course, Jupiter is best known as the largest planet in our solar system. But it's also a very strong sounding name. Space names, such as Orion and Mars, have become increasingly popular as what has been considered "nerdy" in the past has been given new power. The name Jupiter actually comes from a supreme Roman deity, which gives it a level of grandiose suitable for any hero.

20 Cassian

Via: Five Prime

Rogue One fans have been considering Cassian as a name for their child as it's used by one of the heroes in that film. But the Latin meaning is far less appealing, "hollow". Still, it's becoming pretty popular because it sounds strong and is very flexible for interesting nicknames. The name has also been used by a group of Saints in the fourth and fifth century. It's also one of those names that works just as well for a last name as it does for a first. This makes it even more appealing to moms who want their child to bare a trendier name.

19 Horatio

Via: Pinterest

Horatio is a name that goes back nearly a thousand years. It's one that's doused in romanticism and strength. It's also the name used in Shakespeare's masterpiece, Hamlet, by the loyal friend of the titular character. Therefore, Horatio has a number of qualities that make a true hero. The name also sounds particularly dashing, which would make every other girl and boy swoon. It's also the name of the protagonist of a long-running series of naval novels that were written by C.S. Forester. Oh, and it's the name used by the main character in C.S.I: Miami.

18 Archer

It's easy to see why this name was used for heroic characters hundreds of years ago in England, Scotland, and Ireland. Although, it was mostly used by the Anglo-Saxons as a surname, and even was a nickname for people with the name Archie/Archibald. Nowadays, it's a very trendy name used only by the coolest moms and dads who want their kid to sound as heroic as possible. That, or they just really like the hilarious animated television show with the same name.

17 Romulus

Via: Picgra 

Romulus is an incredibly cool name, although it sounds more like something used for a diabolical villain. Still, we are in an age where we can take back the negative connotations of names and make them what we want them to be. However, the original meaning of the name isn't the most savory. Romulus is a boy's name of Latin origin and means, "citizen of Rome" because it was the name of one of two brothers, the other being Remus, who discovered the city. However, Romulus ended up turning on his brother and taking all the credit for himself.

16 Jude

Hey, Jude, you have a name that reminds us of one of the greatest and most hopeful songs in history. It sounds active and likable while maintaining a level of sensitivity and heart that only the best heroes have. The name is shared with a famous celebrity, Jude Law from Captain Marvel. But it's also used by Kelsey Grammer for his son, as well as Martha Stewart's granddaughter. The name of Latin origin means "praised," which is something that anyone with the name Jude should be.

15 Ronan

Via: Twitter

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will dislike this name almost as much as Thanos, however, it actually has a really sweet meaning. In Ireland, it means "little seal", which isn't negative at all. And though the meaning isn't heroic by any means, the name itself does sound like something from a Medieval tale. It's also a name used in Harry Potter for a Centaur that lives in the Forbidden Forest outside the grounds of Hogwarts. It's also a name used by intrepid journalist, Ronan Farrow, and even is the name of Daniel Day-Lewis' son.

14 Nolan

Via: Pinterest

Christopher Nolan! How could you get any cooler than the man responsible for the best Batman films, Interstellar, Inception, Dunkirk, and the totally undervalued Momento (which can be seen on Netflix)? But Nolan isn't just a good surname, It's actually an awesome first name. In Ireland, it means "champion", which any hero has to be. Of course, they can only be a champion after they've made a few mistakes. The name has been used on serval television shows and even is shared with a few celebrities, namely Nolan Gould who plays Luke on Modern Family.

13 Kit

Even with the odd spelling, "Jon" (of Jon Snow) doesn't quite cut the mustard. This is why Game of Thrones fans are leaning toward "Kit", which is the name of the actor who plays the heroic Stark/Targaryen on HBO's mega-hit show. With the series coming to an end, this name is bound to become even more popular than it was. Of course, the name has its origins in England and could also be used for a girl. These are just some of the reasons why it's the perfect name for mommy's little hero.

12 Atlas

There was a time when many people thought that Atlas was just too big of a name for a child. It's why it took way too many years for it to become anywhere relevant for a baby name list. Atlas is a boy's name of Greek origin and is actually the name of a God. One who had the entire planet on his shoulders. That's a lot of responsibility. So, it sort of makes sense why people shied away from it. However, in 2015, it made the top 500  on Nameberry. So, moms should take note and definitely consider it for their kid.

11 Hawk

One has to be very careful when calling their kid "Hawk". This is because it could easily sound a bit pretentious. It would also definitely suit the mean guy in the playground that everyone dislikes. However, seeing that the name is actually shared with a majestic and beautiful raptor of the sky, we shouldn't have such a negative feeling about it. Of course, it's a name that many famous people have as a surname. But it's totally suitable for a strong, alpha male type who knows when to swoop in and save the day.

10 Inigo

Via: Babble 

Fans of the Princess Bride are more than aware of this name as it was endlessly repeated in the brilliant Rob Reiner film. It was used by Mandy Patinkin's more-than-heroic character who wanted nothing but to avenge his father. Inigo is a boy's name with origins in Spain and the Basque region and means "fiery". It's romantic, as many names out of Spain are. But it's also upbeat and creative while sound evocative and strong. It's a name that feels directly from the Sixteenth Century but could easily be used today.

9 Lucien

Via: Ginger Mum

Lucien sounds particularly sleek, sophisticated, and intelligent. These are qualities that many great heroes have to have in order to become influential. But the name, which is of French origin and means "light," does also sound particularly strong. This name may appeal to those who like Lucas and Like, but want to go down a more creative road. And, after all, the name Lucien definitely is suitable for someone who is creative. And creativity is the door to divinity; what could be more heroic than that?

8 Andreas

The name Andreas is of Greek origin and means "strong and manly". Therefore, it does have a very stereotypical connection with the word "hero." However, Andreas is also a name that reminds us of tenderness and beauty, which are equally important qualities for a hero to have. After all, a hero, regardless of gender, needs to have a balance of biologically male and female traits in order to do their job effectively, rationally, and with care. Andreas is a good name because it's flexible enough for a variety of nicknames that moms will adore calling their child.

7 Zeus

Okay, so how could we a child be any more heroic than being named after one of the most famous Gods in literature and culture. Zeus is an absolutely massive name only suitable for a family who really likes to push the envelope. This isn't a name that should be used lightly. But because of the grandiose nature of it, it does have a very heroic quality that a child could very well live up to. Obviously, this name is of Greek origin and was used for the supreme Olympian God who enjoyed tossing around lightning bolts.

6 Constantine

Via: Twitter

Constantine is a name of Latin origin and means "steadfast." This meaning was particularly apt for the Emperor of Rome who shared the same name. In literature, it was used as the surname and nickname for the detective that could travel between worlds and capture the monsters who traveled from the land of Hades. Oh, and it also was used by an Idol finalist, but that's neither here nor there. Point is, this utterly cool name is one of the strongest around and is perfect for mommy's little hero.

5 Indiana

Via: Twitter

Indiana Jones may just be one of the likable, capable, and intelligent heroes in cinematic history. Of course, Indiana took his name from his family dog, as his real name was Henry, we can easily take the name from him. Indiana is perfect for the name of an adventurous, humorous, and quick-witted young man. Of course, it's also the name of a State, and therefore is used a bit by Westerners. Some famous celebrities have also used this name for their children, such as Casey Affleck.

4 Alexander

Via: Twitter

Of all the names on this list, Alexander may just be the most mainstream. After all, many women and men across the globe go by the name Alex. But it has to be included on this list because it is the name of one of the most famous heroes in history, Alexander The Great. The name's historic pedigree is one of the things that parents are attracted to. Those who know anything about Alexander understand that he wasn't just a hero, but also a very tender man who has a sensitive side. Alexander is also a name used by many important people throughout history, such as Alexander Graham Bell and Alexander Hamilton. Additionally, this name is perfect for nicknames such as "Zan."

3 Santiago

Via: Pinterest

Like most names with origins in Spain, Santiago is equally heroic as he is romantic. It's a cool and spirited name that has great cross-over potential. After all, it is also used in Latin is a city in Chile. One of the most heroic, if not slightly edgy, writers of all time, Ernest Hemingway, used the name for his protagonist in his masterful story The Old Man and the Sea. Also in literature, it's used by Paolo Coehlo in his work, The Alchemist. Because of this, Santiago makes us think of a multi-dimensional, sensitive, and mysterious hero.

2 Balthazar

Via: People

Although it doesn't sound like it, Balthazar is a boy's name with origins in Greece. It means "Ball protects the King," meaning that it's perfect for mommy's little hero as many of these characters lived a life protecting those they saw as more important to society. Balthazar is also the name used for one of the Three Wise Men, although it's spelled slightly differently, and is even the name of prominent philosophers and distinguished artists, all of whom were heroes in their own right. Therefore, it should be a name that moms consider when naming their kid.

1 Calum

Via: People 

Calum (or Callum) is an effortlessly cool name, with an origin in Scotland, that means "dove." Of course, doves are the symbol of peace and tranquility in many cultures, making the name a prime candidate for a hero. After all, the job of a hero is to stand up for and help create peace and tranquility. Kyle MacLachlan chose Callum for the name of his son, and it's shared by multiple celebrities such as Calum Worthy and outlandishly talented Calum Keith-Rennie, from Momento, Californication,  Jigsaw, Jessica Jones, Born to Be Blue and Impulse. For all these reasons and more, it's an awesome name for mommy's little hero.

Sources: Nameberry

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