25 Gorgeous Baby Girl Names Inspired By Our Favorite Divas

Choosing a name for a child during pregnancy can be quite challenging at times. Moms often tend to look wherever they can for inspiration. They sometimes look toward family and friends for help and suggestions. They may turn to baby name books or online articles. In some cases, they may even perhaps look toward their favorite celebrity.

Moms who are expecting a beautiful baby girl that may need some inspiration on choosing the perfect name for their little one has come to the right place. Plenty of our favorite divas have some extremely gorgeous first names that any child would be proud to own and flaunt as they grow older. Starlet’s from the past and present can be found in this article. While some of these names are considered common, others are rather rare. There is something for every mom to choose from on this list.

When a mom adopts a name for her daughter, such as Hayden, Keira, or Kylie, it can help ensure that her baby girl will stand out from the crowd. The divas who inspired this list are all also very respectable in their own way. Please continue reading to see which gorgeous diva inspired names made the cut!

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25 Demi

Via Unsplash

Demi is a very rare name with only about 8,000 people in the US with this first name. It is a wonderful name for a baby girl and many people tend to think of the actress Demi Moore or the pop princess Demi Lovato. Both women are true beauties. Demi simple means “earth mother.” People with this name tend to be leaders and not followers. They are also usually very confident individuals. Demis are often filled with wisdom and can organize just about any mess.

24 Audrey

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Audrey is a lovely classic name, it is an Old English girls' name meaning "noble strength." Many think of the British Breakfast at Tiffany’s actress Audrey Hepburn when they hear this name. Shakespeare even named one of his characters Audrey in his As You Like It. There are approximately 280-thousand baby girls named Audrey in the US since 1880. Girls with this name tend to be highly intuitive and uplifting. Audrey is number eight on the Vintage Girl Names list, according to Names.org.

23 Marilyn

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Marilyn is a lovely vintage name for a little girl. Most people tend to think of the late beauty, Marilyn Monroe when they hear this name. There are about 371-thousand babies who have been born in the US who all share this fabulous first name since 1880. Marilyn is a combination of the two names Mary and Lynn. This name means, “Wished-for child; bitter; rebellion.” People with this name are often extremely bright, highly intuitive, and are usually incredibly inspirational. Baby girls with this first name will stand out from the crowd.

22 Mila

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If you haven’t seen the movie Bad Moms, you are really missing out! The name Mila happens to be inspired by the beautiful lead actress of this movie, Mila Kunis – whose real first name is Milena. Both Mila and Milena are highly gorgeous names. Mila is also quite rare with only about 33,000 babies who were born with this first name in the US since 1880. People with this name can achieve just about anything they can dream of and they are also very hard-working individuals.

21 Madonna

Via Unsplash

Madonna was a household name while I was growing up. Most Millennials can recite at least one song by the Queen of Pop. So, naturally, this diva inspired name had to be added to our list. Madonna is a rare name with only about 10k babies in the US since 1880 who all share this wonderful name. It means “My lady.” People with this name are usually very powerful and find themselves in an abundance of wealth. Wealth doesn’t always have to mean money, it could also mean a wealth of love, understanding, and respect from others.

20 Britney

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Britney is a spelling variation of the once popular name Brittany. This name was inspired by the gorgeous “Oops… I Did It Again” singer Britney Spears. Britney means “from Briton.” There are only about 35,000 babies who share this same name in the US since 1880. People with this name are often popular, creative, and optimistic. However, they can also sometimes be a bit on the dramatic side. If you have followed Britney Spears’ fabulous lifestyle, the dramatic side may be slightly evident; hence, her famous breakdown.

19 Cameron

Via Unsplash

The gorgeous blue-eyed Cameron Díaz inspired this next fabulous name. The name Cameron happens to be gender-neutral. This means that regardless of whether mom is having a girl or a boy, this name would be a perfect fit. There are about 300-thousand babies who were born in the US who all share this lovely first name. Cameron means, “crooked nose.” Although this name does not have the most attractive meaning, please do not let that hinder your decision on choosing this name for your daughter. People with this name are family-oriented, loving, and affectionate.

18 Halle

Via Unsplash

Halle is a rare name that you could choose for your precious daughter. This name is inspired by the beautiful Gothika actress, Halle Berry. There are only about 13,000 babies who were born in the US since 1880 that all share the same first name. Halle means, “little rock.” People with this name are loving, caring, nurturing, and compassionate. They often tend to have a sensitive side as well. Halles are well-balanced and strive for harmony. There were almost 1,000 babies with the name Halle who were all born in 2002, making that the most popular year for this name.

17 Isla

Via Unsplash

Isla is yet another rare name for a baby girl with only about 19,000 babies who were born in the US who share this beautiful name. This name was inspired by the actress Isla Fisher. Isla means “Rocky place.” People with this name are adventurous, freedom-loving, and easygoing. They can also sometimes tend to be risk-takers who are not fond of having to sit still for too long. Isla’s are often known for embracing change since they tend to be very versatile.

16 Hayden

Via Unsplash

Hayden is a gorgeous gender-neutral name inspired by the actress and PPD (Postpartum Depression) advocate, Hayden Panettiere. There are about 122-thousand babies who have been born with this first name in the US alone since 1880. People with the first name Hayden tend to be popular, social butterflies who are usually very optimistic and happy. They also have a massively creative side to them. Haydens have such a wonderful personality that it is hard not to soak up some of their cheerfulness.

15 Keira

Via Unsplash

Keira is a wonderful name for a baby girl. This name is inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean actress Keira Knightley. Keira means “Little dark one.” It also happens to be a rare name since there are only about 29,000 babies who have been born with this first name since 1880 in the US. People with this name make excellent problem-solvers. They are often tough and can handle their own. Keira’s are often natural born leaders as well.

14 Reese

Via Unsplash

Reese is a lovely name that many people associate with the actress Reese Witherspoon. The name originates from the male name Rhys and means “ardor, passion.” It is listed at 156 on the Popular Girls Names list. People with the name Reese may tend to be a bit of a loner and will feel like having her time to herself, but will be very outgoing at times too. She may also be a bit eccentric. Along with being philosophical, intuitive and creative.

13 Khloé

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When you hear the name Khloé, there is a good chance that you may think of the Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s starlet Khloé Kardashian. The meaning of this name happens to be “young green shoot.” Try not to let the strange meaning of this name change your opinion of it. It is still a lovely name. There are only about 37,000 babies who were born in the US since 1880 who have this same first name. It is also commonly spelled as Chloe. People with the first name Khloé tend to be family-oriented, community-minded, loving, and affectionate.

12 Angelina

Via Unsplash

When you hear this name, you may think of Angelina Jolie, the famous mother and actress from the movie Girl, Interrupted. This name ranks 147 in popularity on ohbabynames.com. It also means "angelic messenger." Angelinas often tend to be a very independent, intuitive, and Idealistic kind of people. Along with being humanitarians, compassionate and sensitive people. These traits are surely authenticated by Ms. Angelina Jolie actions of being a mother who has adopted kids from Cambodia, Ethiopia, and Vietnam. She is also involved in many charities.

11 Scarlett

Via Unsplash

Scarlett is a beautiful, elegant name that you could choose for your daughter when she is brought into this world. It is also commonly spelled as Scarlette. Scarlett is inspired by the gorgeous actress Scarlett Johansson. There are about 59k babies who were born with this first name since 1880 in the US. According to OhBabyNames.com, people with this name tend to be “blessed on the material plane” and often find themselves surrounded in an abundance of wealth. Scarlett means “rich cloth.”

10 Kiiara

Via Unsplash

Kiiara is a very rare and unique name that you could choose for your little girl. In the US since 1880, there have been less than 100 babies who were born with this as their first name. It is pronounced as Key-r-ah. This name was inspired by the “Gold” singer who simply goes by the name of Kiiara. When Kiiara is spelled as Kiara, it means “bright.” The highest recorded use of this name was in 2016 when there were seven babies born with the name Kiiara in the US.

9 Avril

Via Unsplash

One may associate this name with Avril Lavigne who became one of the youngest pop stars to hit the UK charts in 2013. In France, the name means "April." In 2019 it was #2,457 in popularity. There is not a lot of information on this name. So, when it comes to personality traits, we are basing this information more on the name of April. They may tend to be extremely idealistic and intuitive. They may gravitate to being a little insecure and not realizing they have far more potential than they give themselves credit for.

8 Eva

Via Unsplash

Eva is a vintage name, it has many notable divas associated this name. Eva Hart was a Titanic survivor. However, most Millennials may think of the gorgeous actress Eva Mendes. Eva is the Latinate word for Eve – a scriptural name. Females with this name are survivors who are able to take on hardship and prevail. They seem to hold a leader quality, are very strong-willed and competitive. I would say that all the Evas I mentioned have proven that in their life by their actions, wouldn’t you?

7 Beyoncé

Via Unsplash

When we hear the name Beyoncé, a majority of us tend to think of the gorgeous multi-talented actress, singer, and mother Beyoncé Knowles. According to thenamemeaning.com, Beyoncé means “beyond others.”

This name happens to be quite unique with less than 2,000 babies who were born in the US since 1880 with this exact same name. 2001 was the most popular year for this name when there were 353 babies who were all born that same year with the first name Beyoncé. If you choose this name for your daughter, she is sure to outshine everyone else just like the diva herself.

6 Mariah

Via Unsplash

The diva who inspired the gorgeous name Mariah is none other than the beautiful “Obsessed” singer Mariah Carey. There are about 107-thousand babies who were born in the US since 1880 who have been gifted this lovely name at birth. Mariah means “beloved, drop of the sea, and strong waters.” People with this name are freedom-loving and adventurous. Sitting still can bring on strong feelings of boredom which can sometimes cause them to stir up a little drama of their own. They are intellectuals who also happen to be very easygoing.

5 Alyssa

Via Unsplash

Alyssa has been found to be an alternative to the name Alice. It is ranking at #57 popularity in the US. When you hear this name, you may think of the beautiful Alyssa Milano, the actress from the TV series Charmed. She is also an activist, producer, and former singer. There seem to be quite a few actresses, social media personalities, and reality stars associated with this name. As far as personality types, they love freedom and they tend to be adventurous and love to travel. They seem to be easily adaptable to new surroundings They are also great at making friends along the way by their easygoing yet progressive attitudes.

4 Kylie

Via Unsplash

Kylie is such a gorgeous name which was inspired by the TV personality and self-made billionaire Kylie Jenner. Kylie simply means “boomerang.” There are about 108-thousand babies who were born in the US since 1880 who all share this beautiful name. People with this two-syllable name tend to be very authoritative, tough, and powerful. According to ohbabynames.com, Kylie’s often find themselves surrounded in an abundance of wealth. They are also natural born leaders who can handle their own. If you choose Kylie as your baby girl’s name, she will surely grow to adore it.

3 Miley

Via Unsplash

When you think of the name Miley, you may very well think of the beautiful singer and actress Miley Cyrus. Miley simply means, “smiley.” What a great meaning for a baby girl who is sure to smile her way into your heart the day you meet her, don’t you agree? People with this name are independent and strong-willed individuals. They are often very successful in everything that they do; just look at the talented singer. Miley is a rare name with only about 11,000 babies who were born in the US who all share this wonderful name.

2 Kendall

Via Unsplash

Another diva from the Kardashian-Jenner clan added some inspiration to this list and we are talking about the gorgeous TV personality and model Kendall Jenner. There are only about 94,000 people who share this beautiful name in the US since 1880. Kendall is also a gender-neutral name. So, mom, if you are unsure of your baby’s gender there is no need to fret because this name can work for either a little boy or girl. Kendall means “Valley of the river Kent, Valley of the spring, and Archetype.” People with this name always strive to move forward and are very adventurous individuals.

1 Jada

Via Unsplash

You most likely have heard of the dynamic duo and power couple the Smiths. Yes, we are talking about Jada Pinkett Smith and her wonderful husband Will Smith. Jada is well known for the TV series A Different World and the drama TV series Gotham. The name Jada means "the knowing one." It is ranking at number 248 on the popularity charts in the U.S. When it comes to natural attributes that identify with the name Jada, they may gravitate to being wise and intuitive. They may also be eccentric and imaginative. They enjoy their alone time in order to be creative and philosophical.

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