25 Gorgeous Baby Girl Names That Suit Any Personality

Having a child is a blessing and when it's a girl, Mom feels at the top of the world. The softness and tenderness of all the world seem to snuggle in her arms. Each baby is unique and is born with some special traits. Some girls grew up as the life of the party and when she is in the house, her chatter never stops. Some discover their love for silence and are mature right from the beginning. So every person is different and Mom doesn’t know whether her angel will be a chirpy sparrow or a wise owl!

To solve this problem, we have come up with 25 gorgeous baby girl names that will suit both these personalities and many others. You just need to choose your favorite one from this and voila, you have completed one of the most tedious tasks in the world! Each name listed here has a beautiful meaning, is unique and popular among the European audience.

Every parent aims for a name that gathers compliments and on which their child will be proud of. The ones that make your kid stand out in the crowd are the best names. Make sure you keep the name simple, easy to pronounce and avoid any unnecessary spelling additions as they will just add to the trouble. We have saved you from all those troubles here. Just dive in and pick the best unique name for your little angel.

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25 Estelle

Estelle, pronounced as ‘es-TEL’ is a very famous French name. Estelle means ‘star’. The name is on number 791 in the US popularity meter as per nameberry. The girls named Estelle are the real stars, for their friends, family as well as the community. They are of humanitarian nature and are sensitive as well as affectionate in nature. You don’t need to think twice about this heavenly name for your lovely daughter.

24 Rayne

Rayne means ‘rain’, this water name is among the most unique yet beautiful names. It is being pronounced as ‘RAYN’. The origin of this name is from English and French roots. Rayne is very elegant and cool at the same time.

Sorcher famed Rayne Marcus, NFL player Rayne Dakota and singer Saigon’s daughter Rayne Dior are some of the great contributors towards its popularity. The girls named Rayne tend to be multi-talented, idealistic and philanthropic in nature. They are very compassionate and courageous too, they stand up for themselves as well as for others. If you love water or nature names, then Rayne might be a good choice.

23 Maliah

Maliah is another distinguished name that means ‘beloved’. It is an  name and it's a spelling variation of Malia. 

Girls named Maliah tend to be born problem solvers, which makes them a perfect person for a CEO and other leadership jobs. They have all the materialistic facilities in life, they are great organizers and authoritative in nature. So a Maliah has everything to be a perfect leader who works very hard and settles for nothing but perfection. Are you ready for this powerful name?

22 Ailani

Ailani is a Hawaiian name which means ‘chief’. This name has gained popularity recently and is on the number 943 on nameberry. The name Ailani is a very feminine name that has elegance attached. The variations of Ailani are ‘Ailana and Aelani’ and some of the most popular nicknames are ‘Ali, Ally, Aila, Ani and Lanie’ etc.

The is another leadership based name and if you have a liking towards Hawaiian names then you must grab this one. Ailani is delicate, girly and is one of a kind name. Also, it gives you a wide choice of nicknames, after all, you want to call her something really good once you have crossed the threshold for ‘Pumpkin and Angel’!

21 Kailee

Kailee is the variation of ‘Kylie or Kaylee’. It has recently been climbing the popularity ladder and is on number 944 currently. Actress Kailee Velasco (known for lost), singer Kailee Morgue and actress Kylie Bauer (known for Yappie) are some of the best known Kailees in the celebrity world.

The name Kailee is pronounced as ‘KAY-lee’ and it is of American and Gaelic origin. Kailee means ‘fair and slender’ thus making it the perfect choice for a beautiful female. Girls named Kailee are intelligent, quite spiritual and philosophical in their personality. They have an inner urge to unfold the mysteries of the universe and beyond.

20 Joslyn

Joslyn, being pronounced as ‘JOSS-lin’ which means ‘flowing water’. This name is of English origin. Joslyn is easy to pronounce, easy to spell and is the best suited for every kind of personality.

Host Joslyn Davis and basketball player Joslyn Tinkle are some of the most famous Joslyns around. The name is residing on number 926 right now on nameberry but it will definitely shoot up the ladder. Kids named Joslyn tend to be easy going, change-embracers and quite progressive in nature. They live the life as it comes and loves to live it fully. Care to have a full-of-life Joslyn around!

19 Saanvi

Saanvi is a beautiful Indian name which is now gaining fame throughout the globe. Saanvi is a Hindu name which is named after Goddess Lakshmi. Goddess Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth and luxury, she sits on a lotus and blesses her devotees with lots of wealth as a common belief in India.

The name is on number 991 on Nameberry popularity meter thus proving it’s growing charm in the USA. The girls named Saanvi has some divinity quotient in them which is why they carry an unbreakable aura which attracts people towards them. They are generally happy, cheerful and wise in nature.

18 Sunny

Sunny is a very cool name that is a breeze to pronounce. Sunny used to be more of a nickname but it has now gained a place among the top 1000 names in America. The name is on the number 984 on the nameberry popularity meter currently.

Actress Sunny Mabrey, celebrity chef Sunny Anderson and daughter of actress Summer, Glau Sunny Isabeau are some of the most famous Sunnys in the celebrity world. Adam Sandler also named his daughter, Sunny Sandler. So if you are into weather names, then sunny is, well pretty sunny and positive as compared to the names like Stormy and Windy. Do give it a thought for your sunshine!

17 Renee

Renee, pronounced as ‘re-NAY’ means ‘reborn’. This cool, girlish name has its origin from French culture. Actress Renee Zellweger and Renee O’connor have contributed well towards the fame of the name. Rob Kardashian has also named his daughter Dream Renee Kardashian thus proving the scope of the name for the middle name as well.

The girls named Renee are highly spiritual truth seekers who delight the world by their presence. They have diplomatic skills and they use it for their peace-making purposes. The nicknames variations are ‘Rene, Ren, Reny and Enne’ etc. This amazingly simple yet unique name will suit a girl of any personality and will make her feel confident too.

16 Caylee

Caylee is the American variation of Kayla which means ‘laurel, crown’. This beautiful name has that X-factor and is among the modern names in demand. Wrestler Caylee Turner and daughter of NFL player Glenn Cadrez, Caylee Cadrez are some of the most famous Caylee’s for the good reasons.

Girls named Caylee are loving, caring and idealistic in nature. They are great achievers in life which is a result of their hard work. They are authoritative as well as sensitive thus making their priority towards human relationships than the materialistic objects.  The name Caylee is on the 969 number on the Nameberry popularity meter. 

15 Ellison

Ellison simply means ‘son of Ellis’. It is a unisexual name that is popular for girls as well. It is on number 970 on the popularity list on nameberry. TV Journalist Ellison Barber, daughter of actor Brandon, Ellison Jane Fehr are some of the well known Ellison girls in Europe.

The name also means ‘son of elder’. The name is of English origin and is in vogue since 2010. The girls named Ellison are intelligent, curious and religious in nature. They are also very imaginative and artistic. So if you want your baby girl to be a creative person then Ellison might help her in that.

14 Raylee

Raylee is a very unique baby girl name that needs no introduction. It is a compliment magnet among the audience. Your little angel will be receiving lots of admiration for this beautiful yet uncommon name.  It is on the number 881 on the US popularity list. 

The girls named Raylee are courageous and compassionate in nature. They are also very idealistic and have great intuitive powers. You have a wide nickname choice too, such as ‘Ray, Lee, Rayl, Aylee’ etc. This feminine and trending name is an amazing choice that your baby girl is definitely going to love. You must give a serious thought to this adorable name.

13 Sariyah

Sariyah is the Muslim variation of the name Saria. This Hebrew name Sariyah means, ‘princess’. Sariyah is on the number 868 on the nameberry popularity list. Sariyah sounds like a heritage name and is very elegant to pronounce. You can also change its spelling to make it a little easier to spell, such as Sariya or Saria.

The girls named Sariyah are multi-talented yet compassionate and sensitive. They never tolerate injustice and have the courage to speak up and stand against it. They strive for perfection and eventually succeed in that. If you are fond of heritage names that end with ‘yah’ then Sariyah will be an apt choice.

12 Danica

Danica is a Slavic name that means ‘morning star’. It is being pronounced as ‘DAN-ih-ca’ and is on number 870 on the US popularity list. This splendid name gives some lovely traits to its bearer. The girls named Danica are adventurous, social, intellectual and progressive in nature.

Actresses Danica Mckellar and Danica Stewart share the credit to take the name to the limelight. Tennis player Welsie Moodie’s daughter Danica Jade Moodie is among the youngest famous Danicas in the celebrity clan. Danicas are said to be born with a silver spoon, they still know how to value people and the relationships. Worth a thought!

11 Celia

Celia is a Latin name that means ‘heaven or heavenly’.Celia is on number 887 on the nameberry popularity meters. Celia Adler, Celia Weston, and Celia Rubin are the famous actresses in the Hollywood industry, thus contributing to the fame of the name.

This name is topping the popularity meters in Rhode Island and the nearby areas, as revealed by babynamescience.com. The girls named Celia are very expressive, very jolly and are of loving nature. They are forever young and keep the child in them alive. They are emotional, popular and very witty too. 

10 Lilian

Lilian is a very English name and it also has its roots in French culture too. This makes it even more apt for the French-names-lover parents. Lilian means ‘Lily flower’, it also means ‘God is my oath’. This spiritual meaning makes the name very special.

Lilian has been the prompt choice of many prominent people in Sweden, as two princesses of Sweden have been named as Lilian till now. They are Lilian May Davies and Leonore Lilian Maria. This makes the name more special and can be an elegant choice for your little princess. The girls named Lilian love to live in the present, they hate to regret the past and are very spontaneous in nature.

9 Kallie

Kallie is a mixed origin name (American, Greek, Latin) which means ‘fairest, most beautiful’. The name Kallie is on the number 834 on the nameberry popularity meter. Actress Kallie Flynn Childress is one of the most popular Kallie in the US.

Kallie is quite stylish and gives you a fair choice of variations such as ‘Kally, Callie, and Cali’. Some more exotic variations are ‘Calliope, Kalliope, Kallisto, Calleigh’ etc. Kallie name bearers are risk-takers, rebellious, adaptable and travel lovers too. They are quite energetic, fortunate and very persuasive in nature. So, what do you think? Can you handle a Kallie?

8 Pearl

Pearl is a Latin gem name which is on 652 number on the American popularity meter. It is a very humble name which gives a feeling of beauty and simplicity at the same time. Pearl is in vogue but not very common yet.

Some famous celebrities named as Pearl are novelists Pearl Buck and Pearl Cleage, actress Pearl Bailey etc. Youtuber Louise Pentland also named his daughter, Pearl Pentland recently in 2018. The females named Pearl are blessed with some unique traits such as mystical nature, strong imagination powers and their love for solitude etc. This feminine name has a fair share of beauty with brain.

7 Alaia

Alaia is more popular than you think! This Basque name has its own charm and magnetism. Alaia means ‘joyful, happy’ thus making it a positive emotion name. It is pronounced as ‘ah-LYE-ah’, which gives you a choice of some more obvious spellings like ‘Aliya and Aaliyah’ etc.

Alaia has been the celebrity favorite since ages, they have chosen it time and again for their kids. Some parents who fall in love with this name for their baby girl are actor Stephen Baldwin, singer Marvin Humes, F1 driver Nico Rosberg and footballer Roque Santa Cruz etc. All these celebs have named their daughters, Alaia. What are you waiting for?

6 Cynthia

Cynthia is a Greek name that means ‘Greek goddess of the hunt’ and ‘woman from Mount Kynthos’. It is being pronounced as ‘SIN-thee-ah’ which is a breeze. The name has got the 637th rank on nameberry popularity meter.

Some proud name bearers of the name Cynthia are ballerina Cynthia Gregory, actress Cynthia Nixon, and writer Cynthia Ozick. They have contributed in all different fields but have achieved heights. The girls named Cynthia are active, hard-working, successful and goal-oriented. They are blessed with all wealth and resources to lead a comfortable life. Going to be a good choice if you love sophisticated names.

5 Lylah

Lylah is another name from diverse roots, such as American, Arabic and English origin. It is a variation of the name Leila. Lylah is being pronounced as ‘LIE-lah’ thus giving it an uber feel. The name is climbing faster on the popularity ladder and is now on number 640 among the whole USA.

Lylah means ‘amusement and dark beauty’. According to ohbabynames.com, this name is governed by the master number twenty-two (22). The owner of the name has some extremely amazing qualities. They are considered as the master builders, innovative leaders, great thinkers and pure genius in proper terms. They love to live in harmony and work towards the betterment of mankind.

4 Anahi

Anahi is a Spanish name that is pronounced as ‘ah-nah-EE’. The admirers of this name are growing at a fast pace in the US too, it's position on number 619 on nameberry proves it. The meaning of Anahi is ‘immaculate & pure’.

Anahi name bearers are the beholders of great looks and charismatic behavior. Singer and actress Anahi Giovanna has the crown to provide the well-deserved recognition to the name. The girls named Anahi are homely, loving, caring and affectionate in nature. They are givers and strive for maintaining balance in all aspects of life. Anahi will suit any personality and make it shine too!

3 Tinsley

Tinsley used to be an Irish and English surname but now it has made its way to the front. The meaning of Tinsley is ‘Tynni’s Meadow’ and it is pronounced as ‘TIN-zlee’. The name has made its place in the hearts and the popularity meter of US audience thus gaining a position of number 837.

Socialite Tinsley Mortimer, actress Tinsley Grimes and the daughter of baseball manager Billy Beane, Tinsley Beane are some of the most known faces carrying the name with pride and fame. This name also gives you some of the cutest choices of the nicknames for your pumpkin, such as ‘Tin, Tin-Tin, Tinsel, Tinny and Tinsy’ etc.

2 Zelda

Zelda is a name of German origin, which means ‘gray fighting maid’. Some people believe that it is a Yiddish cognate of Salida which means ‘happiness’. The name is currently sitting on the position number 649 on nameberry.

Novelists Zelda Fitzgerald and Zelda Popkins have blessed the world with their mesmerizing writing skills. The credit of Zelda’s popularity in the visual world goes to actress Zelda Rubinstein, Zelda Harris, and Zelda Williams. Daughter of Emma Bloomberg, Zelda Friisberg is among the youngest famous Zelda of her time. The nickname choices for this quirky name are ‘Zel, Zellie, Zizi and Zeldie’ etc.

1 Zahra

Zahra is an Arabic name which means ‘flower’. The name ‘Zara’ is a shorter version of this name with easier spellings but if you want the pronunciation with an ‘h’ then ‘Zahra’ will be the best choice. It is currently ranking at number 655 on the US baby name popularity list.

The most common variations of this name are ‘Zara, Zuhra, and Zahrah’. The girls having this distinguished name are blessed with some amazing qualities, ohbabynames.com reveals. They are enthusiastic and very entertaining, which makes them a great company to hang out with. They have a beautiful aura, they are loyal and loving towards their loved ones. Doesn't Zahra sound like that perfect name you have been searching for till now!

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