25 Gorgeous Baby Girl Names That Will Make Her Unforgettable

Naming a baby girl is one of the most cherished tasks of parenthood. It requires a lot of brainstorming to come up with a sweet and meaningful name that can become the identity of a beloved daughter. More than an identity, parents desire their daughter's name to be something unforgettable... a name which can become a symbol of the baby girl's character and personality.

Parents seek a perfect name for their daughter based on many aspects. Firstly, parents look for a name that can stick easily to the tongue, as well as the memory. The other aspects may be what it sounds like, what it means, or how relatable it is, in one way or another. After all, it is a precious daughter's name, it must be special enough to hold onto for a lifetime.

Parents reading this post must be very concerned with naming girl with a name that will make her unforgettable. A daughter is a blessing and to name her is undoubtedly a real pleasure. Here is a list that includes almost every amazing baby girl name moms and dads must be looking for. Read ahead to find out why these names are so special enough to remain unforgettable in the sands of time.

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25 Isla

Isla is a sweet sounding baby girl name from the Scottish origin. It is derived from "Islay", which is an island off the west coast of Scotland. According to en.wikipedia.org, it is also the name of two Scottish rivers. Isla is one of the most popular names in Scotland, England, and Wales.

It has also ranked as a top girl name in the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand and the Isle of Man. One of the famous name bearers is Isla Fisher, an Australian Actress who is renowned for her roles in Hollywood movies like "Definitely, Maybe."

24 Ivy

Pisces mom daughter

Ivy is a feminine name of English origin. It is also the botanical name of a "Climbing vine plant", Hedera. According to nameberry.com, Ivy is ranked at number 108 on the popularity charts and is also one of the favorites in the list of "Flower names for girls". Additionally, Ivy is a sign for 'faithfulness' in the language of flowers.

If you would like to name your girl after a celebrity daughter name, then Ivy is the name of the famous singer couple Jay-Z and Beyonce Knowles' daughter, Blue Ivy. Ivy sounds a cool name with a nice ring to it.

23 June

June is a female given name of Latin origin. It is derived from the name of a month as well as Juno, the name of a Roman goddess. June is also the short form of the name Juniper. According to ohbabynames.com, the name June ranks 364 in popularity and holds the characteristics of a freedom-loving, adventurous, intellectual and easy going person.

If you wish your daughter to bear any of such traits, then this name can be an ideal choice. With its less certain ancient etymology, June is also said to mean "youthful", which gives this name an energizing meaning too.

22 Rose

Holding the stature of the world's most renowned and beautiful flower, Rose is a baby girl name of Latin origin. The name is primarily derived from 'Rosa', which means Rose in English. According to en.wikipedia.org, Rose was originally the Norman form of the German name, Hrodheid, generally spelled as 'Roese' or 'Rohese'.

It is also a nickname for the names like Rosanna, Rosamund, and Roseanne. The Greek equivalent of this name is Rhoda. With its popularity ranging through too many languages and almost throughout the globe, Rose is a synonym for beauty and charm. If you are willing to name your daughter with a truly beautiful name, then Rose is the best resort.

21 Ella

Ella is a feminine name of German and Hebrew Origin. It is a related name for Eleanor, Elizabeth, Ellen and Germanic short name, Alia. Ella means 'goddess', 'light' and 'beautiful fairy woman'. According to en.wikipedia.org, Ella was also the name of the daughter of Athamas and Nephele in Greek Mythology.

The famous name bearers include the Jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald and Irish Poet Ella Young. If you wish for your daughter to have a beautiful name with characteristics of pure liveliness and knack for joy, then Ella is the most suitable name for your sweet little baby girl.

20 April

April is a feminine name from Latin origin. It is derived from the Roman month name 'Aprilis', which is primarily derived from 'aperire'. It means 'to open', which relates to the fourth month of the year when the trees and flowers begin to open up.

According to ohbabynames.com, this name holds the popularity rank of 423, and its name bearer reflects the personality traits of being inspirational, highly intuitive, extremely bright and truth-seeker. April is a name that reflects a positive meaning of opening up, which might be a spark for in your daughter's personality. If you are seeking a positive yet cool name, then April is a nice option.

19 Ruby

Ruby is a female name of Latin origin. It is popular for the gemstone it is called after. Ruby is derived from the Latin 'Ruber', which means 'Red'. According to en.wikipedia.org, Ruby came into wide use as a girl name during the Victorian Era as girls were named after jewels.

It is a quite popular name in all English speaking countries including the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, and New Zealand. It is also the nickname for Reuben. Ruby is said to influence the characteristics of power and straightforward attitude in its name bearers. If you are willing to raise a daughter with strength in her character and firmness in personality, then Ruby can prove a too good choice.

18 Elora

Elora is a baby girl name of English Origin. It is a blend of El and Lora which means God gives Victory or God is Victory. It is also a related name to Eleanor and Laurel. According to sheknows.com, girls with Elora as their name have a deep desire to create and express themselves.

Elora name bearers are artistic in nature and desire for the beauty around them. If you wish for your baby girl, which you surely do, to have a harmonious life with positivity for everything, then Elora is a name you should choose for your daughter.

17 Paris

Paris is a given name for both males and females, but its usage holds majority as a female name. The first occurrence of this name was in Greek mythology when Paris was the name of Trojan prince. According to Nameberry.com, Paris ranks at 303 in the popularity charts.

It is also a favorite girl name amongst the 'Place-names for babies'. This name is famous for its ancient origin and relevance, but it is a quite popular name in modern times too. The famous name bearers include the Socialite and Heiress of Hilton Worldwide, Paris Hilton and daughter of the King of Pop, Paris Jackson.

16 Amélie

Amelie is a baby girl name of French origin. It means 'work' and is derived from the Germanic name 'Amalia'. According to nameberry.com, Amelie is ranked at number 685 on popularity charts. This name is quite popular due to its resemblance with other female names like Emily, Emma, and Amelia.

Amelie sounds a perfect name for girls with its meaning reflecting a bright concern towards work. Girls bearing the name Amelie are said to be focused and dedicated towards their direction in life. They are a passionate seeker and have a strong willpower to follow what they want with all their heart.

15 Arabella


Arabella is a feminine name of Latin Origin. This name is derived from the word 'orabilis', which means 'yielding to prayer'. With its ancient like sound, Arabella is a quite attractive and influential name. According to en.wikipedia.org, the earliest name bearer was Arabella de Leuchars, the granddaughter of Scottish King William the Lion.

Another famous person who bears this name is the daughter of John F Kennedy, Arabella Kennedy. If you are looking to give your daughter a name which sounds rare and impressive at very first instance, then Arabella is a name you should choose without another thought.

14 Aurora

Aurora is a baby girl name of Latin origin. It was the name of the mythical Roman goddess of Dawn, which make its meaning 'Dawn'. This name became quite famous after the central figure in the fairytale 'The Sleeping Beauty' by Charles Perrault.

Aurora is also a famous name because of Aurora Borealis, which is a name given to colorful streamers that appear in the sky. According to nameberry.com, Aurora is ranked at 51 on the popularity charts. So if you are looking for a popular and one of the most talked-about name, then Aurora is the end of the search for your daughter's name.

13 Autumn

Autumn is a female girl name derived from the Latin word, Autumnus. It means 'fall' or 'autumn'. Autumn is also a season's name which is the symbol of serenity and peace. According to nameberry.com, Autumn ranks at 75 in the popularity charts of baby girl names.

For its calm and soothing color, Autumn is a favorite for many. The name bearers of Autumn are believed to have a crisp and colorful persona and reflect the characteristics of a thinker and a humble person. If you are willing to name your daughter with a soft feeling name, then Autumn is an amazing option.

12 Azalea

Azalea is a baby girl name based on a well-known flower. It is derived from the Greek word 'azaleos', which means 'dry’ because the flower grows in a sandy soil. According to ohbabynames.com, Azalea was first coined by botanist Carl Linnaeus in the mid-18th century.

The characteristics of this name include independent and ambitious nature. The name bearers are focused to thrive for inventiveness and success. One of the popular name bearers is the Australian Rapper, Iggy Azalea. If you are looking for a really charming and a rare name, then Azalea is undoubtedly a perfect fit to satisfy your search.

11 Violet

Violet is a feminine name of Latin Origin. It is the diminutive form of ‘Viole’ with its French Variant as 'Violette', and English-German variant as 'Viola'. According to nameberry.com, Violet ranks at 48 in the popularity charts for girl names, as well as it also ranks in the top among 'Flower Names for Girls'.

Violet as a color is also known as Purple. Girls named Violet, just like the flower by the same name, reflect the tender and impressive personality traits. If you are interested in naming your baby girl with a gentle name, then Violet is one you've been looking for.

10 Elodie

Elodie is a popular baby girl name originated from an ancient Germanic phrase meaning 'foreign riches'. Elodie is basically the French form of 'Alodia'. According to en.wikipedia.org, Elodia became a popular name through veneration of Saint Alodia, a ninth-century Martyr.

Other famous name bearers include the French Actresses, Elodie Bouchez and Elodie Yung. Elodie is a popular name in French, England, and Wales. It is also considered as one of the Cool names for girls throughout the world. If you wish your daughter bears an ancient and rich-meaning name, then Elodie is a name that she'll also love for sure.

9 Ivory

Ivory is a feminine name of English origin. It means 'white'. It is derived from a white material extracted from the tusks and teeth of animals, which is creamy-white in color. According to first-name-meanings.com, girls named Ivory are said to have an authoritative personality.

Name bearers of Ivory are believed to possess courage and capability to place considerable efforts to achieve what they're after. Just like Ivory is used to make beautiful ornaments and jewelry, your daughter will reflect the grace and also showcase the inner strength. Naming your baby girl as Ivory is something that you won't regret at all.

8 Jayla

Jayla is the feminine variant of the Hebrew name 'Jay', which means 'God will protect'. It is also said to have derived from Sanskrit, in which it means 'Victory'. According to mom365.com, Jayla also has a Greek meaning, which is 'to heal'.

With so many beautiful meanings of one name, Jayla is a top contender for the best meaning name. It is a name which has already caught too much attention and will keep gaining it with time. If you wish to name your daughter with a super positive name with a cool ring to it, then Jayla scores full to be the best option.

7 Lillian

Lillian is a baby girl name of Latin origin, meaning 'Lilium'. It is the name after a beautiful flower 'Lily', which acts as a symbol of purity and innocence. According to nameberry.com, Lillian ranks at 27 in the popularity charts for girl names. It also holds a strong position in the list of Vintage Baby Names for girls.

Being such a famous name, Lillian has always remained a favorite girl name for all times. Lillian is a popular name which reflects freshness and purity at its core. Naming your baby girl as Lillian might bring the liveliness and charm of a Lily flower.

6 Saffron

Saffron is a feminine name based on a flower as well as one of the most expensive and precious spice. Based on the spice itself, its color is also known as Saffron, which resembles a dense blend of orange and yellow. Saffron is a rare and unique name, used almost everywhere on the globe.

The meaning of Saffron in Arabic is 'gold feather'. With it's strong relation to intense color and incomparable spice features, Saffron is a name with too much charm. A flower which blooms in cold places, Saffron can be a truly special name for your sweet daughter.

5 Scarlett

Scarlett is a female name of English origin. Basically an occupational surname for a person who sold cloth of scarlet, it means 'bright red'. According to namesberry.com, Scarlett is ranked at 18 on popularity charts of girl names. It is a widely used first name for girls, also used with a single 'S' as 'Scarlet' for color.

Scarlett is a quite popular name from years till present due to many famous associated personalities like the character Scarlett O' Hara from Margaret Mitchell's novel 'Gone with the wind' and Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson. Scarlett is a perfect name for your little baby girl to grow up as a charismatic personality.

4 Sydney

Sydney is a baby girl name of French origin. It means 'Saint-Denis'. It is a quite popular Australian name with its usage spread throughout the world. It is also said to be derived from Old English elements meaning 'wide meadow'. With its dual interesting meanings, Sydney ranks as an attractive name for girls.

The personality traits of Sydney named girls are idealistic beliefs, intuitiveness, and spirituality. Sydney is a cool and appealing name with so many positive personality traits assigned to it. It can prove to be a really nice choice to name your baby-girl as Sydney alongside any surname that can fit best with it.

3 Tinsley

Tinsley is a feminine name of English Origin. Basically an English surname, it means 'Tynni's meadow'. Although it was used as a surname, Tinsley sounds a cool girlish name which makes it a quite popular one. Even though Tinsley is in wide use for many years now, it feels like a modern name like Lindsay and Ashley.

Tinsley has a countryside feel to its pronunciation, which makes it a sweet and trendy name. If you are looking for a name that people would love to appreciate, then Tinsley is a fair choice to name your daughter with a lively first name.

2 Florence

Florence is a female given name which originated from the Latin word 'Florens', which means 'blossoming' or 'to flower'. It was later adapted in French and English as Florence. Florence has many related names like Florentina, Florencia, and Floria. One of the most renowned name bearers was the founder of modern nursing,

Florence Nightingale. Another famous celebrity is famous vocalist Florence Welch. Florence is also the name of a city in Italy. It is a widely used name for girls and is quite popular throughout the world. Naming your daughter as Florence will give her a harmonious as well as mature personality.

1 Mathilda

Mathilda, also spelled as Matilda and Mathilde, is a feminine English name. It is derived from the Germanic female name 'Mahthildis', which means 'mighty in battle'. This name is quite popular in the Scandinavian countries alongside its consistently rising popularity in European countries.

The ancient touch in its pronunciation and the strengthening meaning make it a charming name for girls. Mathilda was the name of the character played by Natalie Portman in the film 'Leon: The Professional'. Mathilda is a lovely name which can induce the traits of a strong and firm character in your daughter's personality.

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