25 Gorgeous Baby Names From India We Can't Wait To Steal

India is a nation with a population of over 1.3 billion people. Located right in the middle of South Asia, it's a country with so much history, beauty, character, and spirit. Any mom-to-be who's searching for the perfect baby name will enjoy checking out these 25 gorgeous baby names from India. Some are for daughters and others are for sons. All are outstanding options that are beautiful and traditional.

Whether a new mom chooses Priyanka for a daughter, Abdul for a son, or any other name on today's list, she'll love the meaning and significance of the baby name. Baby names from India also make for great middle names. This list features baby names of different lengths, so there's a name that's just right for any surname. In general, a shorter first name will pair best with a longer last name. Longer first names are ideal choices for shorter surnames. No one should be afraid to break the rules, though.

What's most important is just loving the baby name. Expectant mommies should adore the way their baby's name sounds. They should also appreciate their meanings. This list does include fascinating information about what these baby names from India mean, so that the name isn't just pretty — it's meaningful.

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25 Padma


Another famous baby name from India, which is just right for a daughter, is Padma. It's currently a popular baby name for daughters because it's the first name of Top Chef host and cookbook author, Padma Lakshmi. This baby name means "lotus," according to Nameberry.com, and it has Sanskrit origins.

Padma is very easy to spell and say and it sounds lovely. It's a short and sweet first name that is also an ideal middle name. Since its meaning is a gorgeous flower, it's quite enchanting. This flower blooms from mud, as though rising above the earthier aspects of existence.

24 Binal


This elegant and appealing baby name from India means "princess," according to Kidpaw.com. The regal meaning of this name really makes it stand out. If you're interested in choosing a shorter first name for your daughter, you may want to consider this one. Binal sounds so pretty and it's not hard to spell or pronounce.

Pair it with any longer last name for a gorgeous baby name. This name is just right for a little princess who is the apple of her mom's eye. Bindal has a nice, soft sound and it's very feminine.

23 Kajal


This baby name from India has so much drama. It's a great choice if you want a striking baby name for your daughter. Kajal means "kohl" or "eyeliner," according to Babynamewizard.com, and it has Sanskrit origins. If you're into beauty and love experimenting with eyeliner and other beauty products, this baby name may be just right for your infant.

Kajal is a name that sounds exotic and beautiful. It's different enough to stand out, without being too hard to say or spell. This baby name is a fine choice for a baby daughter. It's a strong name that's really glamorous.

22 Mihira


This pretty name means "life," according to Nameberry.com. If you want your daughter to develop a vivacious spirit which allows her to appreciate everything that life has to offer, you may want to call her Mihira. When your daughter is old enough to understand, you can explain to her what her first name means. This is definitely a baby name with a positive and inspiring meaning.

This beautiful baby name has three syllables. It's a great choice if your baby's last name will be on the shorter side. This striking baby name from India is really something special.

21 Meera


Meera is a wonderful choice because it's simple. It sounds amazing and it isn't too long or complicated. According to Thenamemeaning.com, this name means "prosperous," so it's a great choice if you want your daughter to do well in the world.

Meera is such a pretty name for a baby daughter. It's not really uncommon, but it's not run of the mill, either. It will stand out, without standing out too much. If you want to find a shorter middle name for your daughter, Meera may be an ideal pick.

20 Vanani


This beautiful female baby name means "forest," based on information from Babycenter.in, and its origins are Sanskrit. Vanani is a soft and lovely baby name and its woodland meaning is also appealing.

If you love nature and want to enjoy the splendors of nature with your daughter, this name may have just the right meaning. With three syllables, this name does have a fancy vibe. It's long enough to be really elegant; pair it with a one or two-syllable last name.

19 Priyanka


Actress Priyanka Chopra just tied the knot with "Jonas Brother" Nick Jonas. This cute couple had two wedding ceremonies in India. One ceremony honored Priyanka's spiritual beliefs, while the other honored Nick's.

Since Priyanka is in the news so much these days, you may expect more moms-to-be to choose her beautiful first name for their babies.

This name means, "amiable," according to Nameberry.com. Since this baby name meaning is such a friendly one, the name, Priyanka, does come with good vibes. It's a three-syllable name which is a great choice with a shorter last name.

18 Rhia


This name means "stream" or "poppy flower," according to Bounty.com. It's a name from India, but it appears with different spellings in other countries, including Wales. Rhia has a couple of syllables and a musical sound. It's a genuinely pretty name that isn't too long-winded.

If you prefer shorter baby names, this one may steal your heart. It's important to fall in love with any baby name that you choose. If you love the way that Rhia sounds, why not choose it for your daughter?

17 Nita


I love this pretty baby name! Nita is such a cute baby name from India. It means "bear," according to Nameberry.com. The meaning of this name is a bit unusual and might please you...or not!

Bears are very strong — they are powerful animals. If you like the symbolism of the name, Nita, along with the way that the name looks and sounds, and you want your daughter to be a powerful person, why not choose it for your daughter's first or middle name?

16 Amba


This gorgeous baby name from India means "mother," according to Nameberry.com. If you want your daughter to have a nurturing spirit, you may find that this name's meaning is perfect. Amba sounds a lot like Amber, which is quite a common name in the US and Canada. However, Amba is shorter and a bit more exotic. Its origins are from India and that's one reason why it's so special. Since Amba has just two syllables, it's a perfect fit for a longer last name.

15 Gita


Another two-syllable baby name from India to consider is Gita. It means "song," according to Sheknows.com. This is a beautiful baby name meaning. If you love music and want your daughter to appreciate it, too, be sure and consider the name Gita. It's short, simple, and so lovely.

Since it has such a lyrical meaning, it's very special. Once your daughter is old enough to understand what her name means, she may become interested in writing songs of her own.

14 Janna


This stunning baby name from India has a very special meaning. According to Sheknows.com, it means, "paradise." If you're a dreamer and you want to give your baby daughter an idealistic name that has plenty of magic, this name may be perfect. Also, Janna is a name that most people will have no trouble pronouncing or spelling. This name has so many good points. It's a name that is just right for a beautiful female baby. Is it right for your baby daughter?

13 Rana


Kate Hudson recently named her new baby daughter Rani, which sounds a lot like Rana. If you prefer Rana to Rani, you should know that this baby name from India means "royal," according to Sheknows.com. Rana is elegant — it's fit for a queen (or a little princess!).

Rana is a baby name with timeless beauty. So, why not use it as your daughter's first or middle name? When you choose Rana, you'll be choosing a refined name that is simple to spell and say.

12 Shashida


This name means "witness," according to Moonastro.com. It's the perfect name for an observant little newborn daughter. This baby name from India has a fancy feel, thanks to its three syllables. Longer names do tend to stand out. Shashida is a beautiful name that definitely isn't basic. If you want something with more impact, this longer baby name may be right up your alley. Pair it with a short middle name for perfect balance. The "sh" sound of this name is soft and soothing.

11 Abdul


This name's origins come from India or Arabia, and this name is typically considered to mean "knowledge," according to Indiachildnames.com. Abdul is a very classic and traditional name. It's an old school choice for baby sons. If you prefer baby names that have stood the test of time, you may love this one. Abdul is a name that most people know how to say and spell. It's a fine choice if you want something attractive that isn't too far off the beaten track.

10 Rishi


This attractive name for baby sons means "ray of light" or "sage," according to the Everydayfamily.com website. Both of these meanings are very positive. A ray of light is like a burst of golden sunlight; a sage is a wise person.

Rishi sounds great and it's simple to pronounce and spell. Since it isn't too long, it's a good choice to pair with a long last name. If you name your baby son Rishi, you won't regret it. This wonderful baby name from India sounds amazing. It's a name that you'll never tire of.

9 Samar


This exciting and appealing baby name from India is perfect for a baby son, but it's actually gender-neutral. The name means "battlefield commander," according to En.wikipedia.org, and it has Sanskrit origins.

If you want your child to be a leader, this name may be the ideal choice. Its meaning is all about strength, power, and leadership. Samar has a soft sound, despite its strong meaning. It's a wonderful name that isn't too long or complicated. Is it right for your baby?

8 Zayan


Names that start with "Z" are always exciting because they aren't too commonplace. If you love "Z" names, why not call your baby son Zayan? This name means "bright," according to Babycenter.in. That's a nice, positive baby name meaning.

If you want to modernize this baby name from India, consider choosing a shortened version, such as Zayn. You may know a famous Zayn who was once a member of One Direction! For a traditional feel, stick with Zayan. It's a special name that you will be proud to give your baby.

7 Jai


This name is so cute and it means "victorious" based on information from the Babynamewizard.com website. Every parent wants their child to be a winner, so the meaning of this name may be very appealing to you. I like the simplicity of Jai. It's one of the only one-syllable names on today's list. It's short but sweet. Since it is short, it's a good choice as a middle name. However, you may like it so much that you choose it as a first name.

6 Neel


Neel is simple, just like Jai. It's a single syllable name. Neel is an attractive choice for baby sons. This name is really classic and its various meanings are interesting. According to Moonastro.com, this name means "cloud," "blue," "passionate," or "champion." That's a lot of meanings for one short baby name.

While baby name meanings are important, what's most important is just loving a name. You'll be saying your child's name all of the time. Make sure that you choose the perfect name.

5 Dev


Dev is a very popular baby name from India. It's a name that is definitely trendy and happening right now. Although it's a traditional name, it's short and stylish enough to appeal to modern moms-to-be.

According to Babynamewizard.com, this name's origins are Sanskrit and it means "god." If you love simple names that are so easy for people to say, spell, and remember, then Dev may be perfect for your son. It's a name that is so attractive and masculine.

4 Kabir


This name means "great," according to Babynamewizard.com. If you want to give your baby son an auspicious name that's prevalent in both India and Arabia, then Kabir may be the baby name of your dreams. With just two syllables, it's not a challenging name to spell or say and it sounds absolutely fantastic. Naming a baby is often a tough decision. Kabir is a good option if you want something traditional that will be timeless, rather than a passing fad.

3 Om


This simple and attractive baby name means "sacred syllable," according to Moonastro.com. You may already realize that the word, om, is often repeated during chants. It may be used to center the mind during meditation. This name definitely has a vibe that is all about peace and love. If you want to inspire calmness and tranquility in your baby, consider calling him Om. He may just live up to his namesake. This name is great because it's so meaningful. It's different and special.

2 Rohan


Rohan is a very nice name for a baby son. It's really a beautiful name and there is something old-fashioned about it. It has a bit of a formal feel. According to Babynamewizard.com, this name means "to ascend." The name's origins are Sanskrit. If you love this name's meaning and the way that it looks and sounds, you may want to put it on your short list of baby names. If it doesn't become your first choice, you might want to use it as a middle name.

1 Pranav


The last name on our list is Pranav. This name means "sacred sound and symbol," according to En.wikipedia.org. In fact, this name means "om," which is the sacred syllable. We just mentioned Om as a unique baby name choice, but Pranav is also a good option if you're looking for the same type of baby name meaning. If you fall in love with the baby name Pranav, we're so glad! We're here to help moms-to-be find the very best baby names!

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