25 Gorgeous Baby Names That Start With The Letter T

Choosing a name for a precious unborn child is exciting as well as daunting. The lists of names are, and everyone and their mother has an opinion as to what mom-to-be should name their bundle of joy and what they most definitely should not call their kiddo. Choosing the perfect moniker seems like an impossible task for some, and we get it.

The key to choosing a name that you will love almost as much as you love the little person carrying the name is to pick something that makes you smile. Choose a name that feels special to you whether it's because the name holds particular significance or you think it's fetching. Don't let anyone tell you that your name is less than par. Heck, don't even tell anyone the name you picked out. Let everyone know what to call your infant once he or she has arrived. They won't dare stick their noses up at your decision to name your daughter after your husband's great-great-grandmother once they lay their eyes on her.

If you are in the market for a delightful girl name that begins with the letter "T," check these 20 beautiful names out and see if any of them bring out a smile.

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25 Tavia

Tavia is mysterious, unique and feminine and it rolls right off of the tongue. You don't run into too many Tavias these days, so your bundle of sweetness won't be just another Maddie or Addison, she will have a name that screams special. This name has Latin origins and comes from the better-recognized moniker, Octavia. This name also has Scottish roots, and in that land it means twin. If you gaze upon your newborn baby girl and know that she indeed is your other half and your little soulmate, Tavia would make a beautiful tribute to your bond.

24 Tahlulah

This unique name was first brought into the light by Hollywood actors Demi Moore and Bruce Willis when they decided to gift baby number three with this exciting title. Since then it has gained some notoriety and has become a slightly more common name than it was years ago. The name Tallulah has native American roots and means "leaping waters." You can be sure that whatever your daughter chooses to grow up and be, she will definitely not be a wallflower.

23 Teagan

If you think that you might be in the running to birth a fair-skinned, red-headed beauty of Irish descent, then the name Teagan might be the one for you. This interesting name hails from Ireland and means "poet" In Gaelic, but it can also mean beautiful. Naming your sweet, little lamb after a beautiful, Irish poet seems like a winning combination to me. I love the name Teagan because it doesn't feel overly feminine. A Teagan could totally rock the boardroom!

22 Trisha

Trisha used to be the jam back in the 80's! I think that I knew at least five or six Trishas in my graduating class alone. The popularity of this name has fallen by the wayside in recent years to make room for the Hannahs, the McKenzies, and the Madisons, but Trisha still has it. The great thing about this name is you can pay homage to your Great Aunt Pat or St.Patricia and not be stuck with a kid nicknamed Pat Trisha is still darling, but Pat...not so much.

21 Taylor

The name Taylor had its moment in the sun and then started to peter out. Along comes a sixteen-year-old blonde, country singer with a guitar and all of a sudden the name Taylor is back in fashion and hanging off the tip of everyone's tongues. Taylor is a somewhat ambiguous name and is a pretty equally popular name for both and girls. If you think your baby already has the cool factor on day one, consider naming her Taylor.

20 Tamara

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The name Tamara has biblical roots, stemming from the word Tamar, meaning date palm tree. While many people here in North American think of Tamara as a relatively new and modern name, especially compared to names like Alice, Mary, and Elizabeth, it's been making it's round for years in other parts of the world. In countries such as Georgia, Macedonia, Russia, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Poland, and Ukraine the name has been fairly common for hundreds of years.

19 Tatianna

Well hello fierce, sassy and exotic. No one will mistake any little lady named Tatianna for a mousy wallflower. The Tatiannas of the world are meant to take the bull by the horns and the world by storm. The name initially came from Russia and was derived from a family clan name, Tatius. If you plan on raising a Tatianna, you better take caution mama. This little one is bound to give you loads of fun as well as a run for your money.

18 Temple

The word temple, of course, refers to a sanctuary of sorts. Often times as parents, we look to our children as a sanctuary from the often cruel world. Kids are about as innocent and pure as it gets, and this name reflects that. Temple first popped up on name popularity rankings back in 1936 and peaked in popularity in the early 1970's. Even in its heyday, Temple would have been considered a unique name. If going against the grain is your thing, look to Temple.

17 Tyra

This is a name that is meant for a beauty. Is it just me or are all Tyras a little bit extra? This Scandinavian name stems from Tyr, the God of Battle. If you give birth to a little girl and instantly know that she is fierce and frankly the most beautiful thing you have ever laid your eyes on, then you might just want to consider naming her Tyra. With this name, she will undoubtedly be ready to take on the world.

16 Tabitha

Tabitha is a sweet and classic choice to name your baby girl. In Hebrew, this lovely moniker means beauty and grace. Who wouldn't be okay with those origins? In terms of the American language, Tabitha translates to "gazelle." If you think your child might grow up to be a graceful little gazelle someday, perhaps Tabitha is an excellent choice for you. We love this name because of its feminity and its ability to be both unique and recognizable at the same time.

15 Taryn

The name Taryn is really starting to hit its stride and has been gaining traction in recent years after being virtually unheard of here in the States. Although to the majority of us Americans, the name Taryn seems like a modern age moniker, it is actually a very old Irish name that means the hills of Ireland. This is another beautiful choice for a little girl whose ancestors hail from the Emerald Isle. It's the perfect combination of fierce and feminine, which is precisely what we want our daughters to be!

14 Tamsyn

Tamsyn is a definitely a unique name, so you can be sure that your little lady won't be sitting in her kindergarten class surrounded by three or four other Tamsyns. Chances are she will be the only one with this lovely name and will most definitely stand out in a crowd.  Nobody outs a Tamsyn in a corner! The name has both Greek and Latin roots and is considered to be the feminine form of the ever so traditional name, Thomas. Even though it feels funky, it has a traditional male twin name, so it's bound ot be a win between the war of edgy and traditional.

13 Tatem

The name Tatum is so sweet and cheerful, and you can't help but smile when you think of raising a little Tatum yourself. The name Tatum comes from the Old English language meaning, "Tate's homestead." It also means "cheerful bringer of joy. This is a fun choice for a sweet little girl who is destined for happiness and light. The name was made popular by actress Tatum O'Neal and is an excellent option if you want something bubbly, but not too girlie.

12 Temperance

If you believe that you have birthed an old soul, then look towards the name Temperance. It most definitely has that old-fashioned feel to it and for a good reason. The old English name stems from the Puritan faith following the reformation. The term "temperance" means to show restraint, which is something that people of the Puritan faith indeed valued. This is a rich name, with meaning and history behind it, and you will be able to give your daughter an entire world history lesson based on her name alone.

11 Thea

I love this name and threw it around as a possibility when I was expecting my twins. Thea is a simple, sweet, vintage name that will certainly pair well with any darling baby girl. In Greek, the name Thea means Goddess, which is pretty fitting, just ask any mother to girls. The Greek Goddess Thea was the Goddess of light and the mother of the sun, the moon and the dawn. You could always elongate this name and make it Theadora, and Thea for short, giving both you and your little girl some options down the line.

10 Theresa

Theresa is a timeless and classy name to give to your little girl unless you are giving birth to a New Jersey baby. If that's the case, then I'll be the first to admit that "classy" isn't the first word that comes to mind when I think of the name "Theresa." This Greek name that means "to harvest" has a feminine touch, but it also says, "Don't mess with me because I am a little bit hardcore." It's hard not to think of Theresa not being a touch as nails name after watching roughly ten seasons of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

9 Thessaly

Thessaly is an ancient region of Greece, so basically, names don't get more authentically Greek than this one. This is a truly rare gem of a name, with only five or so females donning the title back in 2013. Even though this moniker is Greek through and through, I can't help but think of a little Southern Belle named Thessaly, probably because the name reminds me of the monikers Tess and Cicely, which also feel very Southern to me. I'm just going to put this out there; I think 2019 should be the year that Thessaly gets the credit it deserves.

8 Tillie

Well, folks, names don't get much cuter than this. Tillie is one of the most adorable little names I can think of. You can either go straight for Tillie or try it's lengthier version, Matilda, on for size. The beautiful thing about the name Matilda is that the baby can be a Tillie or a Mattie depending on which suits her fancy. It isn't often that one name ends up giving you three equal beautiful choices. Regardless of whether you are referencing the Germanic or English origin of the name, the meaning is the same: mighty battle. This might be an excellent pick for anyone who had an arduous labor only to come out on top with a sweet bundle of baby.

7 Tristan

I have heard of Tristan as a boy's name but never considered it to be a little girl's name as well. To be honest, I think I like it on a female more than on a male. The name stems from Arthurian legend, and while it refers to the mighty night in the tale of Tristan and Isolde, it's kind of fierce on a little girl, but still has a flair of femininity, much like the name Kristin or Trista. This one is worth considering, it as interesting origins and it's relatively common with males at least for the time being. Let's make Tristan a popular female name as well because it's a little bit amazing.

6 Truley

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The name Truley is truly too cute for words. I'll admit that when I first heard this name on the reality television show, Sisterwives, I couldn't get down with it, but it has certainly grown on me over the years. It's sweet and to the point. Considering Khloe Kardashian named her tiny princess True, we have a sneaking suspicion that Truley is about to become a very popular and trendy name here in the next year. Kardashians are nothing if not trendsetters after all.

5 Tully

Thanks to the new Charlize Theron movie of the same name, we will likely be hearing a whole lot more mothers calling for their "Tullys" on the local playgrounds and in the local parks. Movies have a way of bringing the rare and uncommon into the spotlight, and we are sure grateful that this name is getting its due diligence. It's pretty darling if you ask me. Box office movie aside, this name in its native Irish means peaceful, which is a lovely nod to any baby.

4 Trudy

The name Trudy is unusual, spunky and unapologetic. Trudy hails from Germany, where it means universal strength. If this name is up your alley, then you are bound to raise a strong-willed cookie with one of the cutest names around. If you happen to be one of those people who doesn't sit well with a shortened name or nickname as a full name, then you might look at Gertrude. This way you could go with either Trudy or Gertie as abbreviated versions of the original. Both are pretty adorbs.

3 Trina

This lovely name actually stems from its lengthier counterparts, Katrina and Catherine, which are both equally beautiful names to call your girl. The name Trina is pretty common in the Scandinavian countries, but here in the states, it isn't heard all that often. It lends itself to an air of mystique and has an exotic feel to it without being so far out of the box that people will wonder what planet you were on when you named your kid.

2 Tori

The name Tori is definitely not your run of the mill girly-girl name. If you plan on raising a bad-mama-jama of a female and want her name to reflect her warrior-like personality, well Tori is it! This name is derived from Victoria, which means conqueror or warrior in Latin. There is no way that you will be raising anything but a Queen if you choose this name. She would share a name with some celebrities too, like actress Tori Spelling, and musicians Tori Amos and Tori Kelly. I think it's fair to say that she would be in good company.

1 Talia

What a beautiful, vibrant, feminine name to give to your little princess. Talia just feels regal and divine, doesn't it? The name Talia is a Hebrew name in origin that is actually a combination of two other words, loosely translating to the term "the dew of God." It is deep, and it is gorgeous, so keep it in mind when you are choosing a name for your precious one. With a name like Talia, who is sure to turn heads someday.

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