25 Gorgeous Baby Names That Will Make Moms Smile

Choosing the perfect name for the beautiful newborn baby girl is a difficult task for many parents. The name has to be unique, yet enchanting. The name should reflect the personality and appearance of the child as she grows up. Names can define a person, so parents should run a thorough search on the origin and meanings of various names before deciding which is most suitable for their adorable baby girl.

They should catch everyone's attention because of how amazing and fun they are to pronounce. The ideas for naming a child can be found from different sources including films, books, older family members, religion, and so on. Choosing unique names is important if parents want the child to stand out. But, the name shouldn't be so "out there" that others might laugh.

 We make matters more simple for everybody with this list of 25 most splendid and delightful infant names that all the mothers will love! Regardless of whether the child grows up to be a space traveler, a dancer or a pastry specialist, we have names that will fit everyone, regardless of what occupation they will have or who they will resemble. Mom may have heard some of these gorgeous names before, but some names may be totally new to most. These cute names will surely make all the mothers smile. 

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25 Evelyn

Evelyn is a unisex name that is more common for naming baby girls than boys. It is pronounced with two syllables, EHV-eh-lyn in the United States though it is EVE-lyn, in the UK. The French version of Evelyn is Aveline. In Latin, the name Avellana takes on the meaning 'hazelnut'.

The name Evelyn is so popular that it has been used in various songs and stories over the past few decades. Evelyn Nesbit and Evelyn Keyes are the well-known identities with this beautiful name. Despite the fact that it is an old name, this lovely sounding name still makes moms smile even today.

24 Amara

Stylish, appealing, and strong, Amara is a genuinely multicultural name choice that is gaining fame in both the US and the UK. Amara is said to be Sanskrit name meaning "unfading" or "immortal". It is also considered as a Mongolian name which stands for "quiet" and "peaceful".

Amara may be from Italy with the meaning 'bitter', with roots from names such as Mary and Miriam. Amara was also the name of a Cretan goddess. Amara Miller and Amara Karan are the two popular actresses bearing the same name. 

23 Fiona

Fiona is a Scottish name which means “fair” or “white”. Fiona is considered one of the best Gaelic names, which is quite ironic because it is the only name without certified customary roots. Its ongoing spike in popularity owes a lot to artist Fiona Apple and furthermore to Princess Fiona in Shrek. 

The name Fiona was first discovered in James Macpherson's Ossianic ballads and after that, it was promoted in the nineteenth century as a female pen name for a Scottish male essayist. Fiona Apple McAfee Maggart, Fiona Victoria Gubelmann, Fiona Eve Facinelli, Fiona Luna are some of the popular namesakes.

22 Charlotte

Though an old and classic name, Charlotte is by all accounts a lovely, exquisite, and ladylike name. Charlotte is the female variant of the male name Charlot, a short frame for Charles. It is of French name which has meanings such as "petite" or "free man". This classic name dates back to the early fourteenth century.

Various pretty nicknames for girls named Charlotte include Lottie, Charlie, and Carlota. Well-known celebs with this name include Charlotte Perkins Gilman, the humanist, Charlotte Armstrong, the writer, and Charlotte Rae, the US performing artist. Princess Charlotte is the daughter of Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton.

21 Blossom

The baby girl name Blossom is from the English word 'blossom' which means “to bloom”. It also has the meaning “a cluster of flowers”. The meaning of this name is also said to be “thriving and flourishing”. Bloom is the name of one of the Powerpuff Girls, so your little girl is going to be proud to bear this adorable name. 

Blossom Dearie, the jazz singer, and Blossom Rock, the actress are some of the well-known people with this name. Blossom seems to be quite a flowery name which indeed makes this a great choice for your little girl.

20 Leon

Leon is a name that originated in France. The meaning of the baby boy name Leon is 'the Lion'. The lion is a symbol of royalty, courage, and grandeur. Boys named Leon tend to be quite focused on their goals. Winning is important to them. They are bold and adventurous. You can expect a boy named Leon to be a rule breaker who forges his own path.

Leon is also said to be of Greek origin though the meaning remains the same. The name Leo is said to be derived from the name Leon. Leo also makes a rather cute nickname for a boy named a brave little boy name Leon.

19 Sapphire

The name Sapphire is taken from the Hebrew origin. This is a precious gemstone meant for the September babies. Sophia or Sophie may be an alternative name to Sapphire. Saffy, Fire, Fie, Phi, and Saf are some of the cute nicknames for your baby girl. The name is also very common in various cultures and languages.

Sapphire is the name of a popular US author and poet who is best known for her novel called "Push". The Oscar-nominated film named "Precious" was made based on this novel. Your daughter would love to be called on the name of this unique and pretty gemstone.

18 Jasmine

Jasmine is one of the most aromatic flowery names that is quite popular in the Asia Pacific regions and also the Middle East. Jasmine is derived from the name of a tropical plant which is famous for its bright, white and fragrant blooms. The Jasmine flower is used for making scents and teas.

The baby girl Jasmine is taken from the Persian name Yasmin or maybe its vice versa. Jazz, Minnie, Min, and Jay are some of the beautiful nicknames for your sweet baby girl Jasmine. The US actress, Jasmine Guy, Jasmine Ines Barker, and Jasmine Villegas, the US singer are some celebrities with this lovely name.

17 Ethan

Ethan is a Hebrew baby boy name which stands for firmness and strength. It is said to be the English variant of the Hebrew name Eitan, which is an old Hebrew word that describes the light from an oil lamp that lasted 8 days, instead of the expected one day. So Ethan also takes on the meanings 'enduring or lasting'.

Boys named Ethan love being the center of attention. They tend to choose vocations that place them in the spotlight. They are adventurous and choose activities that challenge their energy levels. There are various personalities with the name Ethan including Ethan Coen, Ethan Erickson, Ethan Hawke, Ethan Peck and so on.

16 Natalia

Natalia is a French baby girl name. It is the short version of the Portuguese name Natalie. The name actually represents the birthday of the Christ. Girls named Natalia tend to be very talented n the art forms such as music or dancing. They love to talk and are rarely found sitting quietly.

Nat, Nana, Lia, Lili are some of the absolutely prettiest pet names for sweet little girls named Natalia. We especially love this pretty name as it is associated with Christmas, cheerfulness, and positivity.

15 Felicity

The baby girl name Felicity finds its root in the Latin Felicitas which has the meaning of happiness or joy. It is derived from the English word "felicity" which means favorable luck, fortune,  or satisfaction.  As a girl name, Felicity is associated with the virtues of faith and hope. 

A name having such deep meanings and significance is surely a great choice for your little one. Here are few real-life people bearing the same name- St. Felicity of Rome; Felicity Huffman, actress; Felicity Kendall, actress and Felicity Jones, the popular actress from "Like Crazy" and "Theory of Everything". 

14 Eliza

Eliza is the short version of the name Elizabeth which actually signifies 'God is my promise'. Eliza is a classic name which has become even more famous the release of the movie Frozen though the main character in that is named Elsa.

In prominent writing, Eliza Dolittle was the name of the central character in George Bernard Shaw's play Pygmalion The outstanding melodic and film 'My Fair Lady' is based upon this play. Liza, Eli, Ellie, Liz, Lizzie, and Izzy are some great nicknames for your little baby Eliza. Celebs with this name include Eliza Dushku, the US performer, and Eliza Snow, the Mormon writer.

13 Arthur

The baby boy name Arthur is of Celtic origin. It is derived from the Roman clan name Artorius which means noble and courageous. The name Arthur was borne by the famous King Arthur, the pioneer of the knights of the Round Table.

Boys named Arthur tend to be bold and daring. They tend to choose professions where they can display their courage and strength. There are are many well-known people with this name including Arthur, the Prince of Wales who was the older brother of Henry VIII. Arthur Balfour, a UK Prime Minister; and Arthur C. Clark, the author.

12 Amelia

The baby girl name Amelia is an English variation of the Germanic Amalia, which in turn is derived from the word 'Amal' meaning work. On the other hand, it might be a variation of Emilia meaning rival.

The eighteenth-century English writer Henry Fielding used the name Amelia for the title character in his famous novel, that was also titled "Amelia".  As natural explorers, girls named Amelia tend to flourish with new and unexpected occurrences in their lives. They are hardworking and responsible in nature.

11 Calista

Calista is a baby girl name with two conceivable origins, one is Greek and another one is Latin. The Greek word "Kallistos" signifies "most attractive, most delightful" in reference to a fanciful fairy named Kallisto. The Greek god Zeus is said to have fallen in love with this mythological nymph.

Calista Flockhart is one of the popular actresses with the same name. Girls with this name tend to become mediators or diplomats. They are not pioneers or leaders, but they are not meek followers either. They are the peacemakers. 

10 Helen

Without any doubt, Helen is an extraordinary gorgeous name. The name Helen has continued to remain a piece of the mainstream culture and legend. It is derived from Helenē, which is taken from the root ēlē meaning 'light'  The name is borne in Greek legend by the beautiful companion of the leader of Sparta.

Her kidnapping by the Trojan ruler Paris began off the Trojan War. Obviously, Helen has remained a prominent name since the old ages and at present, we have a few well-known personalities with the name Helen such as Helen Keller. Think about it, you may be pleased to name your child as Helen.

9 Aaron

Aaron is a baby boy name which means 'exalted'. It is a Hebrew name. Aaron is the Older brother of the Biblical figure, Moses. Aar, Arnie, Aro, Airhead, Ron, Arab, are some of the cute nicknames for your baby. Aaron Eckhart, Aaron Copland, Aaron Burr, Aaron Neville, are some well-known personalities with this name.

Boys named Aaron tend to be an amazing force in the lives they touch. They are admirable pioneers who frequently embrace difficult tasks with extraordinary achievements. They value truth and discipline.

8 Azalea

Azalea is a Greek baby girl name which means to “dry”,  Azalea is actually the name of a beautiful flower that blooms in shades of red or pink. The name of this flower was coined by Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus. He chose the name Azalea based on the Greek word 'azaleos 'meaning "dry" as the plant bearing azalea flower thrived in well-drained soil.

Girls named Azalea do not like being confined by traditions and rules. They tend to be optimistic, and enthusiastic. They make companions easily. Azalea Mendez, Azalea Stanley, Azalea Davila are some of the popular personalities bearing this name. There was also a short film named “The Azalea” which makes the name even more popular.

7 Sophia

This is a baby girl name gained from the Greeks, Sophia is derived from the name Sophie. Women named Sophie are known for their wisdom, fitness, and knowledge. This name became very popular in England since the seventeenth century, when it was used for the daughter of James I.

A really cute and adorable name Sophie suits any little girl who grows up to be a fine and elegant lady. This name is thoroughly astounding for your infant. Soph, Sophie-bear, Sophers, Phee are a portion of the lovely sounding epithets for your daughter. On-screen characters like Sophie Tucker, Sophie Turner have added to the popularity of this name

6 Dahlia

The baby girl name Dahlia is taken from the flower name Dahlia. As a flower, Dahlia is said to be named for the eighteenth-century botanist Anders Dahl. The baby name Dahlia has different origins though. This name is said to be of Swedish and Scandinavian origin, and for them, Dahlia holds the meaning "valley".

Women named Dahlia tend to be skillful and pragmatic.  Dahlia Lithwick is one of the popular namesakes. She was a journalist covering the legal issues in the U.S. courts. Doesn’t Dahlia sound a cute name for your baby?

5 Sahir

Sahir is a Muslim baby boy name which means 'wakeful'. It also has the meanings enchanting and charming in Arabic. Sahir also has the meaning 'a magician'. The Indian meaning of the name Sahir is ‘friend’. Though this name is quite popular in Arabic countries, it is lesser known in English speaking countries.

Boys named Sahir tend to be independent and determined. They are born leaders who can win in any given situation. They have a charismatic personality. Naming your baby boy with such a beautiful and meaningful name would definitely bring a smile on everybody’s face.

4 Emily

Emily is a Latin baby girl name with the strong meaning "industrious or striving'. This gorgeous name is a variation of the popular name Amelia which implies equality. It is derived from the name Aemilia, which is the feminine version of the Roman name Aemilius.

Exemplary, complex, magnificence, and astute are the words that strike a chord when you meet a woman named Amelia. They tend to be unique, imaginative people though they do have a streak of stubbornness. They are goal centered and will work hard to achieve what they set their minds on. 

3 Hazel

The baby girl name Hazel is based on the name of the hazelnut tree. The name is derived from the Old English name hæsel. The Hebrew significance of the name Hazel is 'God sees.' It became a popular name in English-speaking countries in the late nineteenth century.

That was an era where names of plants and trees were commonly used to name baby girls.  Elle, Hallie, Hazey or Haze are probably the cutest pet names you can choose for baby Hazel. The name Hazel has been found in different pop cultures since ages which make the name more well known.

2 Selena

Selena is a Greek baby girl name which refers to the moon goddess. Girls with this name are very much spiritual in nature and have a tendency to inspire others with their works. Girls named Selena will, in general, be calm, agreeable, well-adjusted, though they can be quite shy and modest.

They make great diplomats, life partners, and mediators. They like everything to be in a detailed and arranged manner and often worry about new changes in life. They may often seem uncertain about their life decisions, but these plans usually work out well for them. Selena Gomez is the popular celebrity with this name.

1 Yazmin

Yazmin is a Muslim baby name that is said to have originated from Persia. It is a variant of the name Jasmin. The Jasmine flower is well known for its amazing fragrance, so girls named Jasmin or Yazmin are expected to be as beautiful and pleasant as the flower they are named after. 

People with this name have a magnetic and dynamic personality. They are broadminded and loving in nature. Yazzy and jazz are two nicknames that you can call your baby Yazmin. It is a name that's quite popular in the Asia Pacific regions and the Middle Eastern countries. 

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